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Our first time

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Craig and Christines first time
I had been going out with Christine since I was fifteen; she was only six months older than me but as the school year went this meant she was a year ahead of me in school. I'd just turned sixteen two weeks ago.

I had just finished playing tennis and was on my way to Christine’s house.

I knocked on the door and Christine answered, I looked into her crystal blue eyes and she smiled back at me, the little dimples on her cheeks deepened.

"Hiya." She said.

"Hiya." I replied.

"Come in then, we've got the house to ourselves until about tenish, mum and dad are away tonight, wedding anniversary and Gill's at work." Christine commented.

Gill was Christine's older sister.

Christine turned and walked into the sitting room, she had her short white skirt and white vest on and her long blonde hair swished around as she turned.

I followed her into the sitting room and sat next to her on the sofa, I placed my hand on her knee.

"So what shall we do?" I asked. "Fancy going to get something to eat?"

"No, just fancy having a quite night." She replied.

This was the code for a bit of kissing and cuddling and if I was lucky I could usually get her down to her pants.

I turned to her and immediately our mouths met, Christine grabbed my head holding my mouth to hers, I pushed my hand up from her knee and up her warm thigh, her other hand grabbed my head holding me close, I returned her kisses just as eagerly, my hand now moved further up her thigh, I was soon hoping to come up against the fabric which was the barrier that I had never crossed.

Christine removed one hand from my head and grabbed my hand, 'game over' I thought, but no, she guided my hand between her widening legs and instead of felling her knickers guarding her pussy I just felt a warm wetness, I pushed my fingers into her pussy.

Christine released me from the kiss and gasped, I pushed my two fingers in deeper feeling her inside, her hand cupped mine holding me inside, she then gently pulled my hand and as my fingers slid out she clamped it just a little, I could feel a small hard point, I relaxed my hand as she started to guide it with hers, as I caressed her, her breathing started to become slightly shallower, I gazed at her beautiful face, her eyes were closed and she biting her bottom lip.

I pulled her skirt up with my free hand and looked down at her naked lower half for the first time, I'd seen pictures of naked women, I'd seen in just her knickers, I'd even rubbed her through her knickers, but this was different, this was the first time I'd seen a live naked pussy, I watched as my busy hand was guided in and out of her pussy.

Christine's legs started to visibly shake, she was moving my hand faster, and then she clamped my hand tight, I could feel her pulsating and it felt as though my fingers were being drawn into her, her legs stiffened but still shook, her back arched and she let out a small squeal, her cheeks had reddened and her boobs seemed bigger, probably as her back was arched, and then she relaxed.

Christine swung off the sofa next to me and stood over me, she hooked her hands into my shorts and pulled them down, she sunk down to her knees and grabbed my throbbing cock, this was enough to nearly make me cum, but then she moved her head forward and kissed the shaft of my cock, her tongue moved up and then the best feeling of my life, her warm mouth closed over my cock, her mouth engulfed the tip, she started to suck.

"Gentler." I whispered.

Christine obeyed, but the excitement was too much, I tried to warn her I was about to cum but she didn't seem to care, I felt my balls tighten and then I exploded, Christine released me probably due to shock, but then she took me back into her mouth, her tongue whipped over my cock.

Christine released me again and stood up.

"Wait here, I'm just nipping upstairs." Christine demanded as she disappeared out the door

I was sat on the sofa now half naked and in a sort of dream world.

The door opened and I was greeted by the sight of the completely naked Christine, I took in all of her, her athletic slim body, her small but beautiful boobs, and her slim hips and now I could see her pussy, she didn't have any hair, and I gazed at the slit between her legs. I pulled my tee-shirt off to mirror her state of dress.

Christine walked over to me and took my hand, I obediently stood, she pulled me too her and I felt her firm tits press into my chest, she kissed me again, I grabbed her firm backside, and felt her naked flesh press onto my rigid cock.

She pulled me to the floor.

"Lie down." She demanded.

I did, she opened her hand and started to unwrap the packet, she then gently placed the condom onto my cock.

Christine swung her leg over me, she was now straddled over my thighs and then she moved up, her hand grabbed my cock and she then positioned herself over my cock, I felt her pussy lips touch my cock and then she lowered further but immediately pulled away, her face was full of concentration and she tried again, a little deeper this time, but again she pulled away, she licked her fingers and pushed them into her pussy, I gazed at the opened flower, and then with one hand holding her pussy lips apart and the other guiding my cock she lowered down onto me and slowly I felt the warmth engulf me, Christine was gasping and squealing until she was then fully impaled on my rigid cock, I could feel her backside resting on my balls.

But then the living room door opened, we froze; we hadn't heard the door open.

Gill was stood at the door, her mouth open, her eyes staring.

She opened her mouth further and began to speak. "I hope you're being careful!" She stated.

Christine immediately responded. "Of course I am, do you want me to climb off to prove it."

Gill paused and smile crossed her face. "I don't think Craig would thank you for that."

"Oh I think he would, I've seen him, and I've currently got him inside me." Christine replied.

"Right, I'm back at ten, either be dressed or be upstairs." Gill said pulling the door shut.

We heard the front door close.

"You alright?" I asked.

"Yep, first time and caught, glad it wasn't mum and dad." Christine laughed.

She fell forward onto me and we started to kiss, my cock felt superb clamped inside her tight warm pussy, as we kissed my natural impulse started to take effect as I slowly thrusted inside her, my pace started to increase, Christine pushed up and was now sitting upright. I grabbed her boobs and massaged hen gently, Christine started to rise and fall in time with my thrusts, my speed increased further, I was about to cum again but tried to refrain but without success I grabbed her hips and held her tight as I exploded into her.

My body was covered in sweat, Christine collapsed onto me, her firm tits pressed into me, my cock started to soften as I slipped from inside her, I rolled her onto her side and pressed my fingers into her, mirroring the guided hand movements from earlier, Christine spread her legs wider, my mouth was pressed to hers, then suddenly she turned her head away and screamed as her legs clamped shut. I clamped one of tits in my mouth and nibbled her nipple gently, this caused another scream, and her hand was clawing at mine.

"No, no, NO." She squealed. "Oh that's it." Her body then slumped and we lay side by side.

"How was that." She gasped.

"Best day of my life." I panted back.

"Shall we go upstairs, there's another one left in the box. I found them in Gill's room earlier on." Christine said.

"Yep definitely." I said eagerly.

We quickly moved to the door, Christine in front of me her amazing firm backside my main focus, I followed her up the stairs, Christine opened her bedroom door and I quickly nipped to the bathroom. I entered her room and she was already laid on her bed, she looked amazing her tits seemed larger as she lay with her arms over her head, her legs were slightly parted which allowed me to get a proper view of that lovely slit between her legs, the lips of pussy looked slightly swollen and I could see the fold of skin that led down to her opening.

I climbed onto the bed and knelt between her legs, I kissed her tits and moved down her stomach and then kissed her pussy lips, Christine gasped, I then pressed my tongue into her trying as hard as I could to pushed into her completely, she tasted slightly of rubber, but as only about ten minutes earlier my condom covered cock had been buried inside her this was to be expected, I continued to kiss and thrust me tongue deep into her, Christine widened her legs, the joys of having sex with an ex gymnast was becoming very clear, she finally settles with her legs over my shoulders, I grabbed her firm backside and pulled her closer, I had found her clit with my tongue and greedily licked and sucked on the little hard nub.

Christine's hips were starting to buck slightly, I continued my task, her hips were now gyrating, her backside tensed and relaxed and her pussy pressed onto my tongue, I could feel her legs starting to shake, her whole body now seemed to shake, my hands were still clamped firmly on her backside.

"Oh yes." She screamed, her body tensed but continued to shake, she pushed my head away halfheartedly, but I resisted as I licked at her tasting her.

"I want you in me now." She said through clenched teeth.

I knelt up and Christine turned over and reached to her bedside table, this view of her on her front with her firm backside leading down to her glistening pussy was driving me wild, she passed me the little foil packet which I ripped open and quickly pulled on, as she made to roll onto her back I grabbed her hips and stopped her, I wanted her on all fours. I pulled her up onto her knees and positioned myself, I grabbed my cock and guided it into her warm wet pussy, I had my hands on her hips and I pulled her to me. I savored the feeling of being buried deep inside her again, and then I slowly starting to pump into her.

I gazed down at her beautiful peach of a backside, up her slim waist and naked back, her long blonde hair covered her shoulders.

The front door opened and I paused.

"Are you upstairs?" Gill shouted.

"Ten minutes." Christine shout back.

I started to pump into her again, but Christine was pushing back onto me, her arms gave way so that only her backside was now in the air, I pumped harder and faster and then the inevitable happened, I pulled her hips holding her, deep inside her as my balls attempted to empty inside her, my balls ached but with a good ache, we collapsed forward, I lay on top of her still buried inside her.

"I really enjoyed that." I whispered in her ear.

"Hmm, yes." She replied.

I looked at my watch. It was after ten.

"My clothes are downstairs." I said to Christine.

Christine climbed off the bed and walked to the door. "Gill can you bring Craig's clothes up?"

I heard footsteps and saw the clothes come through the door. "Does Craig want to stay?" Gill asked. "I'll ring his parents and say I'll drop him off tomorrow."

"Yep." I replied.

"We haven’t got anymore precautions." Christine said immediately.

"You don't have to have things inserted in you to have fun you know." Gill replied.

"But I really like having him inside me." Christine whined.

"I've got some in my room." Gill replied.

"Erm you haven't." Christine said.

"Oh, you found them, and you've managed to go through a full box."

"There was only two." Christine replied.

"Hang on. There you go. See you in the morning.

Christine came back to the bed and threw the box onto her table. We got under the sheets and after a bit kiss and cuddle fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning lying on my side with Christine cradled in my arms, her firm backside was pressed into my groin, this immediately caused my cock to harden.

"Morning." Christine said sleepily, and she pushed back harder onto me, I reached over to the table and grabbed the condom, I slipped it on and from behind guided my cock into her wet pussy, we just lay in the spoons position as I slowly fucked her, after the frantic sex of last night this felt very relaxing, I reached over and grabbed her tits, Christine turned her head allowing me to kiss her, I continued slowly thrusting in and out, as I felt myself approaching the end I started to increase the pace and then with one final push I erupted into her.

We lay for a while kissing and then got up and got dressed. Gill drove me home, but as we still both lived with parents we were going to have to steal our moments.

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