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Our First Weekend .... Part 2

This is a continuation of Part 1, best to read the first part of the story first.....

The Shower…..

Walking slowly in a loose embrace he begins kissing her on the shoulders, moving slowly across her back.   She reaches for the glass door, bending slightly to turn the faucet. Seeing her bent slightly arouses him; the sight of her firm round ass is too much for him to handle. He grasps her hips pulling her to him in a playful but serious manner. He begins to rub his hard cock between each cheek, slowly at first until she begins to move with him. The water is coming down but neither are paying attention as they move in unison.

He bends her over just a little more, allowing him access to both areas of pleasure. He chooses to take her anally yet again. He wants to feel her tightness all around him. She is waiting in anticipation, not knowing what his plan is going to be, just knowing that she wants to feel him inside of her. The feeling is overwhelming as she moans for him to take her. She is screams out “Please take me honey, please”.   Answering her screams of wanting he slides his hard cock into her ass. This time with more deliberation and power then he had used before. He feels her muscles tighten around his hard cock and he begins to thrust deeply inside of her. She is moaning with pleasure, having experienced wave upon wave of intense pleasure. She begins to move with him, wanting more, wanting him deeper and wanting him to thrust faster and harder. The sensations of her tightened muscles and her movement are too much for him to bear; he explodes deep inside of her. She can feel his hot liquid flowing through her.

Turning their attention back to the shower, they both step inside and begin to wash each other. She takes the soap in her hands and begins to lather up, looking into his eyes the entire time. She starts massaging his shoulders with her soapy hands, moving lightly down each arm. Taking the soap she begins to rub his chest, moving in a circular motion, watching his expressions as she moves lower down his chest towards his stomach. Her hands are slowly moving over his thigh, caressing and massaging him. She begins to lightly fondle his manhood, making sure to wash it very carefully and gently.   She kneels in front of him so that she can finish washing him, as she does the water streams down his body, rinsing the soap off.   Looking up into his eyes she begins to caress him again, this time making sure all the soap is off of him.

The caressing turns him on and he begins to get an erection, then sensing his desire building, she begins to tease him with her tongue. Slowly moving her tongue over the tip of his penis, she flicks her tongue around the outer edges. Moving her tongue down the length of his hardness, she wants to taste more of him.   Making her way back up his thickened shaft, she places him in her mouth, sucking lightly at first until she hears the intake of his breath. Then she moves him in and out of her mouth faster and faster sucking on him the entire time he is sliding in and out of her luscious mouth. She wonders if it is possible to make him cum yet again only this time with her mouth.   He is moving in rhythm to her mouth, pulling her head closer to him, wanting her to take him in completely; she obliges. While he is moving in and out of her mouth she brings her fingers up and lightly plays with his balls, squeezing lightly, making him feel the pressure of her hands being on him, playing with him; the feeling intensifies his desire, his need to cum in her mouth.   He is moving a little faster now wanting to cum and have her take it all in. Just as he is about to cum, she feels his legs tighten and looks into his eyes, watching his face as she slowly pulls him out of her moth, but not completely. She is still sucking on him, but only the head. Just as he thinks he can’t take anymore she begins to nibble lightly around his head as she is sucking on him. He is so taken by that, that he can no longer handle the intensity of what she is doing; he cums into her mouth and she takes every drop, swallowing as he continues to shoot his hot liquid into her. Afterwards, he cleans her body rather quickly because he wants to take this further into the bedroom, where he can satisfy her needs with his tongue…..


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