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Our Long Awaited Reunion

I've missed you, baby boo...
It had been almost four months since we had seen each other, but as I stood at the arrivals gate of the airport, counting up the days, weeks and months it had been since I was last in his arms, since I last felt his lips on mine, since him... it felt like an eternity. The only thing keeping me sane during all this time that we had spent apart were my fantasies of our reunion.

I stood nervously playing with the hem of my little summery dress that clung tightly to my chest and loosely skimmed my ass, and the butterflies in my stomach reminded me of my excitement and anticipation of the weekend ahead.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down and, as I opened them, I saw the automatic doors open and him stroll towards me, his dazzling smile and clear blue eyes making me freeze.

He dropped his bag as we embraced and kissed passionately, his tongue wasting no time at all in diving into my mouth to entwine itself with my own. He pulled me close against his body, his hands holding my face and slowly making their way down my spine, around my waist and finally down to my ass for a quick squeeze. When we finally pulled ourselves apart, he looked me in the eye and gave me that cheeky grin of his, the one I knew so well.

He pushed my long red hair behind my right ear and whispered, "Home soon?" before lingering there and gently biting my earlobe and breathing on my neck.

Enough to make my knees weak, I replied, "Not soon enough." I bit my lip as I grabbed his hand, indicating that we weren't going to squander our precious forty-eight hours together until his flight home again.

We ran together like giddy children, sprinting to make the metro on time, just slipping through the doors seconds before they closed.

It was jam packed, no room to move and as we held onto the pole in the middle of the carriage for support, he pressed his body against me, pushing his growing erection into my thigh and kissing my neck.

We weren't usually fans of public displays of affection, but after our time apart, we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

Knowing all too well what was going to happen that night, we had decided that we wouldn't make any plans. I had our favourite meal waiting at home to be made, followed by his favourite desserts and snacks, so there was no reason that we would have to leave my apartment until tomorrow.

I luckily lived nearby, and what was normally a quick journey seemed to last a lot longer. When it finally ended, we hopped off the metro and walked hurriedly to my apartment two minutes away.

Part of me had worried that during our time apart, things may have been a bit strange when we were reunited, but as I fumbled with my keys, desperately trying to open my front door while he stood behind me, hands around my waist and gently kissing my neck, the excitement and anticipation hadn't disappeared at all. If anything, it had increased immensely.

I finally got the door locked behind us and was suddenly pushed against it as he turned me round and kissed me firmly on the lips. I pulled away and giggled, slipping my heels off and scampering down the hallway in a race to get to the bedroom.

I reached the bed and turned around to see him standing in the doorway, breathless and looking at me with his big blue eyes, knowing exactly what was on his mind.

He walked towards me slowly, edging me closer to the bed until he had come so close that he flung me down on it. He hovered above me, leaning in and lingering above my lips, teasing me, knowing how much I wanted to kiss him. I impatiently grabbed his neck and closed the gap between us, roughly kissing him, and letting out a soft moan as he bit my bottom lip and slowly pulled away with it still between his teeth.

I grabbed his t-shirt and it seemed impossible for us to stop kissing for a split second to lift it up over his head. Our lips eventually parted as I swiftly removed it, revealing his beautifully tanned torso.

He slid his hand under me, lifting me slightly at the small of my back, just enough to slide my dress up over my hips and past my tummy. Pulling my upright by the arms and raising them above my head, all the while still kissing me, he stretched my dress over my breasts and pulled away to look me in the eye as he pulled it up over my head.

He stood up and undid the belt in his jeans, kicking them off once they reached his ankles I held eye contact as I lay back on the bed, watching him drink in the view of me. I looked the best I ever have, at my fittest and he definitely knew it. As I lay there, in a black lacy thong and matching bra, I could see the realisation in his face as he recognised the lingerie from recent photos he received.

My gaze slowly wandered to the bulge in his grey underwear, his enormous dick attempting to break free from its prison.

I gave him my best 'come hither' glance and he wasted no time in leaping onto the bed, grabbing me by the hips and, in one fluid motion, slipping my thong down my legs and past my feet, manoeuvring me so that I was straddling him. His hands traveled up from my hips and round my back as he unfastened my bra and freed my breasts.

I could feel his dick pulsating under me, and reached to remove his underwear. His cock sprand out to greet me—a sight I had truly missed. I bent down and gave it a long, sensuous lick from the base to the tip before taking his full length into my mouth in one quick movement. I looked up to see his eyes closed as my head bobbed up and down, sucking him gently, seeing him biting his lip. I knew that it was time.

As I returned to straddle him, he gripped his rock hard dick and teased my dripping pussy lips, rubbing it ever so slowly back and forth, each time verging ever closer to my clit, but always stopping short, making my breath quicken with anticipation.

After I had had enough of this teasing, I took control and slid him into position. I lowered myself down onto him, my tight and moist slit surrounding him. We both sighed with pleasure and I wondered how long I would be able to last if it felt so good so soon.

After a few minutes of me bouncing on top, he pulled me down close, taking my left breast into his mouth and flicking his tongue back and forth over my erect nipple, sending shivers down my spine. I could feel him smile as he did this, knowing how much pleasure he was giving me.

My moans indicated that I needed more and, before I knew it, he had me on my hands and knees and he was pushing into me from behind, making my body shudder with every thrust, each deeper and more powerful than the one before. Feeling my legs weaken, he grabbed hold of my hips to support me, reaching around and rubbing my clit rapidly. A wave of pleasure crashed over me, just seconds after his hand crashed against my ass, spanking me hard. The bitter-sweet feeling of my ass stinging and the first orgasm coursed through my body as he pushed me flat on the bed without ever leaving me.

As he continued to pump, I buried my face in my pillow, gasping and almost screaming with pleasure. Our hands entwined above my head, but he freed one of them to pull my face out from my hiding place and turn it towards him. He kissed me deeply, moaning into my mouth with each thrust.

He turned me around so I'm on my back and continued to pump as he lifted my legs up over his shoulders, knowing that this is more than enough to push me over the edge.

Leaning closer and driving further into me, he paused as he kissed me and tensed his dick, making it jump inside me. His cheeky grin edged closed to me until I reached up to run my fingers through his thick dark hair and pulled him closer to kiss him.

Our passionate kiss was cut short as I pulled away gasping, feeling the rush of a second orgasm soon approaching and, as I opened my eyes, I could see it was the same for him. His eyes were closed; he was biting his lip and I could feel his thighs tense and tighten as they pressed against my ass, my legs now pinned behind my head beginning to quiver.

My hands moved down his back, my nails trailing the whole way, until total ecstasy coursed through my veins, making me dig my nails into his ass, pulling him in even deeper. One thrust later, his moaning overpowered mine.

As I lay there, staring up at him as he unleashed and relaxed, I couldn't help but think how lucky I was to have him.

He pulled out and tumbled down to lie beside me, exhausted, pulling me closer towards him until his arms were around me and I was lying on his chest. He pushed my long red hair back from my face and out of my eyes, kissed me and whispered, "Love you, baby boo..."

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