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Our secret deal

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What did I get myself into this time?
Sometimes, I don’t mind the heat. Its only when it’s humid that I truly dread it. As soon as I woke up I could feel the sun kiss my face, almost viciously trying to pull me from my sleep so I could acknowledge its presence. It was my own fault, the night before I was out with my girlfriends and must have left my blinds open by mistake. I could have also been that I was so drunk that I completely forgot about them when I stumbled into my room and crashed like a ton of bricks. I don’t know what’s been wrong with me lately; I’ve been living the night away like there was no tomorrow. I’d dance the until the sun came up, fueling my knavish escapades with alcohol and booze. I’d do whatever I could to keep myself out so I didn’t have to come home. Usually my poor friends were the ones who took the responsibility of carrying my lifeless mass inside my house. If it weren’t for their selfless efforts, I’d probably learn my lesson rather quickly. I guess the reason I didn’t want to go home was the fact that my mother ‘s live in boyfriend had been driving me crazy for months. Not so much because of his wretched appearance but because of his sudden inclination to act like my father. That was far from reality. In fact, I didn’t even think of him as a father figure. I was already 25 years old and well on my way through adulthood. It really bugged me how he was so utterly timorous and mettlesome. He was always trying to poke his nose in my business. I couldn’t stand how he always followed me around the house to talk about my poor choices and wasted potential. He’s even tried several times to follow me into my room and finish conversations I wasn’t even attempting to acknowledge. I guess it serves me right though. I mean I’m a grown woman and I’m still trying to mooch off my mother and Craig. If I had even a minute amount of ambition like my older sister, Leah, I’d get my act together and move out already.

Anyways with that aside, the week has been phenomenal. Everything but the  humidity and heat. It’s been driving me wild. Making me even more restless than I’ve been. My mother refuses to use the air conditioning because she thinks it’s too expensive. Now I’m forced to sweat to death in a large oversized oven we like to call our home. Thank goodness for tiny shorts and tank tops. If I didn’t have those to prance around in at home, I’d be dead for sure.

My girlfriends and I decided since the weather was so warm, we’d go out again to see if we could get ourselves into a bit of trouble. Once again, I managed to by drinking myself senseless before the night was even halfway over . The lights and smoke from the club, danced above my head, warping the lights and the lasers strobbing across the ceiling. I could feel the room start to spin and had to get some fresh air before I lost my lunch. As I raced outside, I grabbed my purse so I could get some tissue in case I made a mess of things. The night air seemed so tangy and thick. Beads of sweat instantly poured down my neck and across my back. Luckily I was wearing a short skirt that would help my temperature drop to a comfortable level. My shirt was backless and I was glad for it because the wind gently massaged my back as it kissed my skin. From that exact moment, as I stood outside to get a fresh breath of air, I suddenly went blank. The only thing I could remember was the fact that I had crashed my mothers new Jaguar on my way home. She would be livid. I never even asked for her permission to use it. I thought since she was gone on a business trip, she would never know. I guess now she would. I started to panic over the circumstances. There I was, only a couple blocks away from home and there was no one I could call to bail me out. I couldn’t call Leah; she would just badger me for hours about being irresponsible and careless. I definitely couldn’t call my mother because she would be furious. For a second I thought I would just run, leave the car and pretend I had never drove it. Luckily I came to my senses, even in my drunk stupor, and realized it would be stupid to run.

After several minutes of running ideas through my head, I finally swallowed my pride and marched myself home. As I looked back at the car, I could see the fluids leaking down the street as it sat there pathetically against the curb. I felt so stupid. This was so childish of me. I could see a teenager having this type of problem but I’d never expect someone my age finding his or her self tangled in such a web of misfortune.

When I got inside, I noticed the lights were off and Craig had already gone to bed. I was relieved, because I knew I could buy myself a few hours before I would have to confess what I did. Maybe I could figure out what to do in the meantime. As I crept up the staircase to my room and turned down the hall, Craig suddenly flashed out of his room and said, “Ashley, where have you been?”

“Craig don’t worry about it. Just go back to bed.”

He raised both of his hands to wipe the sleep from his eyes as he squinted to make out where I was standing. Craig was older, maybe in his 50’s and just beginning to succumb to his older age. As I stood there in the hallway, I noticed Craig staring at me. He was shocked to see what I was wearing. I know he’s seen me prance around the house in my tiny shorts and little midriff shirts but my current outfit was far more revealing. His reaction kind of startled me. He was making me uncomfortable as his eyes scanned my body. I could feel his glare burning into my busom as he moved his eyes up my legs, across my tight stomach and over my breasts. As I turned to walk into my room, he yelled out,

“Ashley! What did your mother say before she left?”

“Oh come on Craig don’t start with that now.”

He could without a doubt smell the alcohol on my breath and my slurred speech was a definite give away.

“No you are going to hear this. Your mother and I are sick of you gallivanting around town into the late morning hours and coming back here smelling like cheap wine and cigarettes.”

“Oh please Craig, I don’t need to hear this okay.”

“No you’re going to listen to this Ashley. I know you’re this grown woman who thinks she’s got everything under control but you don’t. Now what did your mother say before she left for her trip?”

“Are you serious? You’re really going to tell her.”

“Don’t act like I’m the bad guy here. Your mother said if you had another sip of alcohol you were gone. One sip! I highly doubt you’ve had just one sip, let alone one drink over the course of this week.”

“So what! Are you really going to like tell on me Craig? You’re so pathetic.”

“I’m pathetic? Yeah right. You’re the one who looks like hell. And by the way and where’s your Mom’s jaguar at?”

Suddenly my brash and insolent attitude melted away. What was I going to do if he found out? What would I do if my mother found out? I’d be done for sure. I might as well pack my bags because she was definitely going to kick me out of here. I started to panic over the thought of it. I didn’t have a job; I hadn’t worked for almost a year. I’ve been living off of my mother and Craig. Where would I go now? Suddenly I felt my eyes start to tear up and I knew Craig had already surmised that I was the one responsible for taking her car.

“Ashley please tell me you didn’t take her car tonight?”

All I could do was tear up; my lips trembled over the thought of actually admitting I was the one responsible for using it.

“Ashley don’t get so emotional. Just make sure it’s back in the garage where you’re mother left it. The last thing she needs is to worry about her new car.”

I didn’t know what to do. I had to tell Craig what I had done to my mother’s brand new sports car. As Craig turned around to go back to bed I walked over to him and grabbed him by his wrist.

“Wait Craig, I have to tell you something. I did something, I mean something happened to her car.”

Craig poked his head back over his left shoulder and looked at me with a foul look on his face.

“Tell me you didn’t do anything to your mothers car Ashley.”

“Craig it was an accident. I didn’t mean to do it. Please you have to help me.”

“Damn it Ashley, did you wreck your mom’s car?!”

“Sort of.”

“What do you mean sort of? There’s only yes or no, there’s no sort of.”

“Well Craig it’s actually resting against a fence two blocks from here. I think I hit a curb or a fence on my way home. I can’t really remember. “

“You have to be shiting me Ashley. You know once your mom finds out you’re finished. You should just march your cute little ass back to your room and start packing right now.”

I crumbled into a sobbing, wet mass. Tears flooded out of my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I had done. I really screwed up this time. There’s no way my mother could forgive me for this. When I looked back at Craig, he just stood there with a disheveled look on his face. I think he was half furious and half startled over what he had just said to me. I swore he said I had a cute little ass.

“Craig will you help me with this?”

“Ashley I don’t even know what I can do? You’re mom is going to be back tomorrow night. It’s the weekend and there’s no body shop open tomorrow. Even if there was, I’m sure they couldn’t repair your mother’s car that quickly.”

“What can I do then, you have to help me. I’ll literally do anything to fix this. Please you have to help me!”

I saw the gears in Craig’s mind start to turn. He was trying to figure out how he could solve this problem. After several minutes, he looked down at me and said, “I’ll tell her I was the one responsible for wrecking it.”

I couldn’t believe he just said that. He was actually going to take the blame for me. Why would he even do that for me? He hardly knew me. I would never have guessed he would be so caring and understanding. There had to be a catch to this, a reason for his madness. As I sat there on the ground looking up at him, he reached down and ran his fingers through my dark hair.

“Are you serious when you said you’d do anything Ashley?”

“Ummm…yeah I was Craig.”

“I thought so Ashley.”

He just stood there, staring down my top as said this. His eyes were wild and full of desire. A smile slowly spread from ear to ear. I always knew he was attracted to me. I wasn’t naïve. I saw how he looked at me and stole glances when he thought I wasn’t paying attention. Now I think I knew what his plan would be. I only wished he wouldn’t be thinking what I was thinking.

“Hold on Craig, am I getting the wrong idea about something right now? “

“What are you suggesting Ashley?”

“I mean you realize I’m kind of like your daughter right?”

“Please Ashley, you and I know we are in no way related.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I have a plan, something that will work out for the both of us.”

“Craig, I’m getting a weird feeling. Why are you staring at me like that?”

As I said this, I looked down and saw my breasts practically handing out of my top.

“Craig, remember you’re dating my mother.”

“Ashley, do you want me to cover for you or not?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then shut up and go along with it.”

“With what Craig?”

“You know what. Look at how you are dressed. Don’t you think it turns me on? I know you’re not that oblivious Ashley.”

I didn’t know what to say, this was making me sick. Craig was disgusting. His hair was balding, he was heavy set and he wore these thick ridiculous glasses. This was my only option though. I was halfway drunk anyway so I’d probably not even feel a thing. I guess the thought of fucking the same guy my mother was did kind of in a way excite me.

“I haven’t had sex for months now. Your mom is such a prude. I don’t care though because I’d wait a life time to be with you.”

Without even a response, Craig pulled his semi-erect dick out of his boxer shorts and began to stroke it. Once it was almost fully erect he took hold of my arm and directed my hand on it. I shuttered at first touch. This was seriously going to happen. I gripped his penis with my hand and reluctantly wrapped my fingers completely around it. I convinced myself this was my only way out. I’d slept with much worse men. At least I’d do this and my worries would be over. I mean how bad could it be right?

Craig lifted his head back and moaned in pleasure as I began to stroke his cock up and down. I could feel it throb in my hand as blood flooded into and the veins and head. I thought for a moment this would be enough, that Craig wouldn’t let it get too. Maybe all he wanted was a handjob. Would he really let it go this far? I guess he would. He grabbed both sides of my face with his hands as he shoved my mouth over his cock. I tasted his salty member as he used his strength to force my head back and forth along his shaft. My mouth staggered across as my lips softly rubbed along the upper and lower sides of his penis. Hiships began to thrust with such fervor that his dick impacted with the back of my throat. I gagged several times, but this hardly affected Craig’s motion. If anything he seemed to enjoy the sight of me laboring over his cock. Suddenly he lifted me to my toes and pushed me across the staircase railing.

“Ashley I’ve wanted you for such a long time. You have the most amazing body. I can’t believe this is happening right now.”

Before he gave me a chance to answer, he rammed his cock deep between m labia. My slit spread open over his massive cock and barely gave way to his thrusts. He pounded me from behind for what seemed to be hours. Never have I had someone abuse my clit like he has. The sensation of his cock caressing my pussy was amazing. I could feel the juices inside me building as he bent me over the railing and slammed me into the dark, moonless night. His moan was driving me wild. Every thrust was followed by deep gasps of air, billowing out of his lungs. The force of him colliding into my ass cheeks caused me to involuntarily moan out loud. Suddenly he pulled out of my slit and slapped his dick against my ass. The sound of it striking my skin was as loud as a bolt of lightening thundering above. He impulsively picked me up off of the railing and suddenly dropped me to the floor. My breasts squashed in front of me as his body came crashing down on top of me. I felt his dick poke me on my left thigh as he briskly took hold of it and shoved it inside me. I could feel his pelvis resting across my ass as his legs enveloped mine from behind. His right hand reached around my neck as his left hand gripped my shoulder. With an immeasurable amount of force, he began to fuck me from behind as my body rocked against the smooth wood paneling.

“Oh baby, oh baby! You fucking wanted it bad didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes!” was all I could manage to say as he ferocisly rammed my glistening slit from behind. Each time he thrust inside me, juices sprayed out onto his stomach. Abruptly his body tensed up as I felt him reach around and grab both of my breasts with his hands. His fingers completely enveloped my tits as he pulled me toward his chest, completely arching my back. Suddenly streams and streams of cum violently smashed into my cervix. With all of his strength, I could feel him pound me as deep and as full as he could. Within seconds his chest flattened against my back. I could feel his heart beat on my spine. It was so rapid and his breaths were so hyper. I pushed him off of me onto his back so I could see his semi-erect penis.

“You’re not finished yet Craig.”

As I said this I grabbed his dick and stroked it in an effort to get it somewhat hard. I slowly climbed on top of him as I shoved his member inside me. I rode his dick as hard as I could before cumming all over his shaft. As I sat up to my feet, I felt him shutter as his dick came sliding out of me. Craig couldn’t say anything. He just lay there smiling and staring at me as I slid my skirt back on.

“Dang baby, we should have done that a lot sooner.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so Craig. This is the one and only time. Remember our deal.”

“Please baby, just let me get enough strength so I can do you once more.”

“No way, once was it. I’d hate for mom to find out that her boyfriend just fucked her daughter.”

I smiled at him because the thought of such an erotic event drove me wild. I knew his fantasy of being with me was finally reality. The rest of the time I lived at my mothers was utter torture for him. I did what ever I could to tease and torment him. Poor Craig would never have the opportunity to sleep with me again, or would he?  

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