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Our Train Adventure

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having sex on a train
Hornybunny74 and I had just arrived at Schiphol airport. As we were leaving the arrival terminal she gently grabbed my hand and held it tightly. Eventually we came upon the customs queue and as we stopped walking she squeezed my hand prompting me to turn my head and look her in the eyes. She had a shy but horny grin on her face and I could feel my brush tingle and sensed a distinct damp spot in my pants.

Fortunately the waiting time wasn’t too long and we proceeded to walk towards the exit. We bought train tickets since we still had roughly 3 hours to travel before we reached our destination. The express train would take us to Eindhoven where we had to transfer to another express train. Only a minute after we got to the platform our train arrived and we got on board still holding each other’s hand and our eyes glazed over from horniness. Since we were taking an early afternoon train not many people were on it, which prompted me to squeeze Hornybunny74’s hand in anticipation.

We sat down in a two-seater, with hb taking the window seat and me taking the aisle seat, and placed our backpacks under the seats. I leaned towards my sexy girlfriend and kissed her softly. She giggled and passionately kissed me back, her tiny tongue flicking slowly in my mouth. I looked at her lovely white dress and felt my brush throbbing hard in my pants. As both of us looked down towards my crotch we could see a distinct wet spot where I had been oozing. Hb giggled again as she covered the wet spot with her right hand.

My left hand’s fingers travelled over her naked upper legs, stroking them, while making their way to her knees. She was teasingly clenching them together but as my fingers tickled the inside of her knees she moaned softly and opened her legs a bit. As my fingers moved upwards and felt her firm inner thighs I could feel the warmth of her glowing honey cave. I immediately realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties! I chuckled and kissed her again.

I teased her by stopping close to her wetness prompting her to gasp. She turned to me with a slight look of disappointment but right then my fingers touched her slippery pussy lips. Her mouth opened lightly and she let out a soft moan of pleasure. As my fingers traced her lips I could feel how wet she was which made my brush twitch in her right hand. While I inserted the tip of my middle finger and felt how hot her tight pussy was she gently unzipped my pants and pulled out my brush. Feeling her small hand on my cock sent a shiver down my spine and I oozed all over her fingers.

My hot girlfriend’s body pushed against me. I couldn’t resist grabbing her perky tits with my right hand. Her hard nipples were piercing my hand so I gently rubbed and squeezed them. She was having a hard time controlling her moans. She was heaving in my ears, breathing deeply while moaning and whispering “Oooh baby, mmmm, finger my pussy” into my ears. As I pushed my left middle finger deeper into her tight honey cave I started to rub her clit with my thumb. Immediately she moaned out loud...

I quickly looked around to make sure nobody was in our vicinity and could have heard us. The coach we were in was still empty so I turned back to my girlfriend, kissed her with our tongues in a playful embrace. The sight of her small right hand on my throbbing cock was so amazingly exciting and before I knew it she started to stroke my hairy balls with her left hand. By now I couldn’t keep my voice down anymore and between moans told her how much I love her hands pleasuring me to ecstasy.

Just as both of us were slowly becoming louder and getting closer to reaching the ultimate climax we heard a click about 10 meters behind us. Just in time we managed to cover ourselves up, pull our bags onto our laps and were searching by the time the inspector reached our seat. Pearls of sweat were tracing down our faces as we handed him the tickets but he didn’t seem to notice. After tagging our tickets he went on to the next coach without giving our sweaty faces a second thought.

Hb and I exhaled deeply in relief and started exchanging passionate kisses again. We weren’t going to let anyone prevent us from finishing what we started!

Her pussy was still wet, anticipating the return of my finger and as I felt her warm honey enveloping my finger I pulled out her perky boobs with my right hand and started licking them. My tongue flicked and sucked on her hard nipples as my middle finger was fucking her wet cunt deeper and harder. As soon as my thumb touched her throbbing clit she lost control of her moans again. Being nearly caught in the act had made us even hornier than we already were.

I felt her incredible body tensing up, twisting into me and she begged me not to stop. Sucking her nipples deep into my mouth, my finger deep within her tight pussy and her hard clit under pressure of my thumb nearly made me cum on the spot. Her breathing became faster and her body started to shake and tremble. She threw her head back, her eyes glazing over as she moaned, “Oooh baby, I’m going to cum baby, don’t baby, oooooooooooh”. I felt her tight pussy clenching my middle finger strongly as she came hard, all over my hand, drenching the seat.

Her body was still shivering when I asked her to climb on top of me. When she felt the head of my throbbing brush entering her pussy she exhaled loudly and moaned, “So big baby mmmm”. It usually takes a while before her honey cave can take all of my cock in but this time she slid right down to the root.

My hands grabbed her hips as she started fucking my dick with her amazingly tight pussy. I could feel her lips squeezing my brush which made me throb even harder as I started to moan louder. We were looking deep in each other’s eyes and continued kissing with our tongues engaged in a horny wrestling match.

After a few minutes of frenzied fucking she climbed off of me and took my cock in her mouth. As she was sucking me she placed her right hand on the part of my dick which doesn’t fit into her tiny mouth. Jerking me off slowly she looked right into my eyes and whispered, “I want you to cum in my mouth baby, I want to swallow your cum lassi mmmm”.

She started to suck my cock faster as her hand jerked harder. My body started to tense up and my hands which were resting on her head pushed it gently closer. Then she inserted a finger in my ass and I started to moan deeply and felt my paint boil in my balls, getting ready to explode in her mouth. By now my mouth was open wide, moaning uncontrollably and while looking down on this wonderful woman pleasuring me in public I felt my hot cum shoot up… “Oh OH OOOOOOH!!”

I blasted my load deep in her mouth while she kept looking me in the eyes. I could see her throat working hard to swallow my load and not waste a drop mmmm. Once I finished cumming she slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth and kept licking it for a while. I pulled her up and kissed her, tasting my own cum on her lips.

We tried to straighten our clothes and used some tissues to wipe the sweat off of our faces. Hb then leaned into me, wrapped in my arms with our hands entwined. We kissed and lay there in absolute bliss. We felt as one in our own secret world when the train suddenly started to slow down. It took a while before we realized that it was pulling into Eindhoven. When we slowly got up to exit the train we felt like we were walking on air. Once we reached the platform we exchanged understanding looks that wondered whether we should lock ourselves in the connecting train’s toilet to continue our hot train adventure…
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