Our weekend

By Ravens3

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Lovers' weekend, Part1
Our Weekend Part 1 - The Greeting

It’s a beautiful warm Saturday morning and neither of us have our children, so it’s special time for both of us. You plan to be at my home around 10:00 am for a "fun filled" weekend. I lay out our toys and place them where they are more easily reached. I also rig the straps for securing you to the bed ...just incase.

You arrive shortly before 10 and surprise me by wearing one of your spring dresses. I help you bring your travel bag in and then wrap my arms around you and give you a long deep kiss, sucking on your lip as our mouths finally draw apart. It’s quiet and sunny, but it feels cool in the house and you suggest we have some tea.

We chat about our week as I fill the kettle and get out two cups for our tea. You call me over to where you’re sitting at the table and as I bend to kiss you you reach out and stroke my penis through my shorts. As our tongues parry you unzip my shorts and free my hardening penis, and slow begin to stroke and squeeze it. Our mouths move apart and you smile and look at my hard cock in you hand. You draw me closer and slowly begin to scroll your tongue around and along my penis, all the while slowly pumping it with your hand. Finally, you suck the shiny purple head into your warm moist mouth and begin sucking and swirling your tongue around the head. Your other hand begins to rub my stomach and slowly wanders up my chest to pinch and rub my nipples.

I let my own hands slowly massage your neck while your head bobs up and down with the rhythm of your sucking. Slowly, my hands glide along your upper chest and begin to lightly knead your breasts and then pinch your nipples through the soft fabric of your dress.

As the kettle comes to a boil, you move your head away, smile and tell me to go make the tea. I tuck my cock back inside my shorts and zip them up. Then I kiss your warm moist mouth and go to make our tea.

You get up and come up behind me, wrap your arms around me and run your hands up under my shirt and rub my chest as I pour the tea. You move away as my free hand moves behind and between us and tries to rub your crotch. You get your tea and I follow you with mine out onto the side porch where you gracefully sit down across from me and put your slippered feet up on the foot stool.

We tease each other from our chairs as we sip on our tea and enjoy the warm relaxing fragrant breeze.

I begin to make suggestive comments to you about what we could do with our weekend. You smile and draw your knees up and apart invitingly as you fluff your dress airily, revealing that you have no panties on and have trimmed your succulent cunt almost bald.

I move forward out of my chair and over to you, ostensibly to give you a kiss, but also for a closer look. As I bend to kiss you, you keep your dress up, hiding from anyone else’s view but mine, your bold slit. My kiss becomes insistent as my hand begins to rub and explore your cunt. You push me away and lower your knees and dress, suggesting that you’d love to lie down and have a massage. You stand and smooth your dress down, and I follow you back into the kitchen.

I draw you into my arms. Our lips slowly begin to caress as our tongues begin to explore each others mouths. We kiss more passionately, rubbing and touching each other through our clothing. My hand gradually pulls your dress up and then works its way up your soft warm skin toward your pussy. You break our kiss and push me away again, then reach out and take hold of my shorts and draw me into the livingroom.

You undo my shorts and letting them fall, draw my shirt up and off. You push me gently so I sit on the sofa. You reach down and grasping the hem of your dress, draw it up and off too. You then kneel naked in front of me and begin to suck and rub and play with my penis. Pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head, then pushing it fully back and licking the taut underside of my cock up to the ridge of the head causing me to moan and thrust my cock up into your warm moist mouth. You then stand and still grasping my cock, kneel astride me and guide me into your warm wetness. You arch forward as I slide deep inside of you.

I lean forward, running my big hands up your back while I suck your left nipple into my hungry mouth. My left hand moves around and begins to knead and massage your right breast, tweaking and pulling the nipple as you grind your cunt on my groin. Slowly I draw my mouth away and swirl my tongue around you nipple as I move to suck on your right breast, my right hand switches from your back to knead your left breast while my left hand rubs your back. As I suck your nipple further into my mouth, you slam your cunt into me and arch your back as an orgasm rockets through you. I look up and watch your facial expressions as your warm cum dribbles down my balls. You bring your mouth down to mine in a deep warm lingering kiss.

Slowly, you draw away and stand. My hard cock glistens with your juices. I stand too. I use my foot to move my shorts and shirt on the floor so they are under you as I draw you into my arms and begin to kiss you passionately. My body pressed against yours. I begin to move my right hand up and down your back while my left holds you firmly against me. My hand cups your bottom, then glides up over your hip and across your belly as I turn you and lower my head to your left breast. My warm breath sears your nipple as I draw it deeply into my mouth. At the same time my hand slides down between your legs and cups your hot moist cunt. My left arm holds you to me as I suckle harder.

My fingers separate between your legs and begin to examine your pussy, spreading your lips and rubbing your clit as they explore your folds. You lift your left leg and place your foot on the sofa offering my inquisitive fingers easier access to your cunt. My finger delves deeply into you and finds your G-spot while my palm craddles your cunt and presses on your clit, you shudder and my hand overflows with your hot juices which begin to trickle down your leg. I drop to my knee and lap up your nectar from the lips of your cunt.

I let my tongue explore you, then, standing up I lift you and place your right leg on the coffee table. I drop back to my knees and begin to assault you clit with my tongue. My hands cup and knead your bum, holding you still and supporting you. My tongue swirls around your clit, then lightly trails along the inner ridge of your lip, left and right, then slowly my whole mouth glues to your cunt as my tongue drives deep inside you. Your hands clutch at me as you fill me with more juices. Your body shakes as ripples of ecstasy wash over it. I slide up your luscious body and holding you in my arms, lifting you off the table and sofa so you can draw your legs together, I lower you so you can stand. You cling to me as your breathing slows and your body stops trembling. I slowly rub your back and hold you, smelling your musk on my face, we sway to our own music like we did our first time together.

I gently kiss you and lower my hands to hold yours, gently stoking your wrists. You wrinkle your nose and tell me I smell like your snatch. Your push my hand away as it drops to pet you and remind me that I’m supposed to give you a massage. We move through the kitchen and into the hall.

Part 2 - The Massage should be ready soon...