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Sabrina makes her lover eat pussy, and spins his mind out of control in the process.
Sabrina was starting to ask questions slowly, sensing that I was spinning out of control, lost in the intensity of the moment, “Do you have the camera on?”

“...Yes,” I slowly replied. I was hardly able to concentrate. I sat atop my wife’s upper body with my hard cock gently bobbing near her chin.

Again, Sabrina could sense the blood flow was being cut from the less vital parts –like my brain, “Are the headphones still playing the music now?”

I checked the MP3 player. “Yes,” I responded. I was harder than I ever remember and the bobbing must have been caused by my heart pumping, pounding the liquid through my veins.

Sabrina had been working toward this moment for a good six weeks and was definitely ready to hit the start button. I could hear it in her voice, but she patiently continued, “The blindfold is secure?”

“Yes,” I said. She was acting like a pilot riding the checklist before takeoff.

“Now I want you to sit up a bit and give the camera a nice shot of those clean shaven balls. Rest them on her chin for a second and see if she takes the bait. I know I would,” Sabrina’s voice sounded a little throaty, like she too was feeling the pleasure. I think I could hear her breathing a little heavier as she coaxed me.

I held the camera out a bit and aimed down, almost up-side-down for the shot. I never did claim to be a good camera man. I dangled my balls and then placed them gently on her chin and was instantly rewarded, first with a few nudges back and forth. She jostled my balls back and forth snuggling them with her mouth closed by moving her jaw toward me and then side to side. Then, just as predicted, flicked her tongue out and started playfully tasting my smooth skin. We were both, probably all three of us, enjoying a buzz from the alcohol and the palpable yearning desire.

Earlier, my wife had drunk a whole bottle of wine and she was on her last glass when I was finishing a warm luxurious bath. I was cleansing myself well in the Jacuzzi tub we have in our bedroom. I was instructed to shave and clean, while drinking my favorite cream sherry.

The plan had been given to me last weekend. The anticipation of the entire week, going until Saturday night was rough. “No touchy, no feely, all week long,” Sabrina had commanded. My wife had been uncharacteristically horny in the middle of the week and I had to make excuses to hold her off until tonight. It was a week of firsts.

My wife had been lying mostly naked, but for a blindfold, on the bed. She also had an MP3 player with a playlist intermingled with songs and erotic stories. Sabrina gave me the list and told me to set it up to play in the order she gave. Most important was to use my phone’s clock to the second and make a note of the exact time I started it. I wasn’t supposed to listen to it myself, but I wasn’t about to stick something in my wife’s ear from Sabrina without making sure it was safe for me to stay out of trouble. There were some kinky things later on, but nothing I wouldn’t try had I devised the plan myself. So I had just pretended I followed the instructions exactly.

I had taken a fifteen minute soak with the jets on. I was supposed to use a razor on my balls and get cleaned up. Every once in a while I leaned up on the side of the tub to let a jet of water find its turbulent flow scurrying down my hard on. I was supposed to be done in as close to fifteen minutes as I could from when I started the MP3, which had an exact start time of its own. Sabrina was very precise. The time seemed an eternity as I watched the clock, though finally I was able to make the call. She got the exact start time of the MP3 and then slightly adjusted her setup in the background so we would also be able to hear what my wife was hearing. I had seen my wife writhe around on the bed from time to time. I knew she was enjoying it. I had told her she had to wait before she touched herself, and save it all for me. Again, I was following instructions well.

I put my headphones on and strapped the phone to my arm to keep it out of the way when filming. I had everything laid out. I got the camera ready and started filming in HD. My wife had long before agreed to let me film so that when she wasn’t horny I could break out the video. I hadn’t decided if I was going to share it yet with Sabrina. I am pretty sure Sabrina will want a copy, but maybe I’ll just let her watch it once if she promises to give me anal or something. That is one thing my wife will not let me have, but Sabrina has told me she likes it. As far as I was concerned the video was for my pleasure on frigid evenings in the winter when my wife has fallen asleep and I want to get a thrill.

I pointed the camera at her body and could hear the story Sabrina had recorded in a sultry, inviting voice. In it she was describing the ocean sounds and smells and leading up to sex on the sandy secluded beach. My wife was really getting randy. All she had been doing for the last fifteen minutes was rubbing her thighs back and forth. In the story the girl parted her legs, and my wife was totally engaged with Sabrina’s voice and the story that came from her lips. My wife slowly parted her legs and her sexy pink lips spread open, she was dripping wetness from her pussy. She was beautifully full and ready. The HD close-up I was getting was the best shot I ever had of her engorged pussy. She had no idea I was there either, she was on the beach watching some couple get rougher and nastier with each other as the seconds went by.

It was a fun experience to hear exactly what was causing her to moisten up. Sabrina had directed me to sit on her chest with my cock near her face and then tell her when I was ready. We were going to keep the phone conversation on my side to a minimum for obvious reasons. I took my sweet time getting there to make sure it was worth watching later. Nothing sexier than a sweet pink pussy dripping wet at the thought of something about to happen. I also desired sexual gratification. I slowly climbed up and told Sabrina I was ready.

Sabrina started describing how she would lick my delicious smooth balls if they were in front of her mouth, while my wife was now in a zone sucking on the freshly shaved skin. The rush of having Sabrina tell me exactly what she wanted, while having my wife do it for her was the stroke of a master. I have not felt overwhelmed many times in my life. There was my first blowjob with a couple of girls, one teaching the other how to do it. This even before I had truly kissed and made out with a girl. That was overwhelming. I had felt tremendous feelings of pleasure and willed that night, that short hour, to never end. The pain, the longing desire, knowing it would end was unbearable. Instead, I just lived in the moment and enjoyed every second. No planning, no thinking about it, no analyzing, just taking in the moment. It was like giving in to the car that has spun out of control and is a lost cause to recover. Just closing your eyes and thinking I might as well have fun until it’s over...

I was now feeling the overwhelmed sense again. I wanted Sabrina there. She was in my ear, and licking my balls, but I longed to feel her skin and grab her hair. I want to clinch it in my fist as she moves around from my balls to my shaft. My wife is licking my balls up and down now, they are no longer on her chin, they are on her face as she is getting wild and going lower. She isn’t so much trying to please me as she is enveloped in the moment Sabrina has set up for her. Her hands now between her legs, I turn around with the camera to catch her plunging her fingers inside covering them with her juices and then moving up to slide across her clit at a fevered pace. At the same pace her tongue is flashing back and forth.

Sabrina interrupts herself and asks, “How close are you on a scale of one to ten?”

“I am around a five or six but she is at eight and climbing fast,” I am trying to whisper but I don’t think it matters at this point. My wife is not going to hear anything with all the moans and sucking noises she is making.

“Why is she so close? Is she masturbating? Stop her!” Sabrina sounded surprised that a week of holding off and fifteen minutes of torture had brought her so close to the edge. I guess I was not supposed to let her masturbate herself. Sabrina must have imagined it going differently. “Get your balls out of her mouth. Grab her wrists and put them up above her head and get the scarf to tie them up,” she firmly reproached.

I almost fall off the bed as I try to stop her and my phone brushes on her leg. I don’t know how much she can sense at the moment, but don’t want her to have a clue that I am on the phone. I lightly wrap her wrists together and place her arms above her head. I don’t need to tell her to hold them or anything. We have played this game before. If she moves them at all then I just stick them up there again and she will then understand that she is to act as if they are restrained.

“The story is almost over, get back on her like you were, it’s your turn for a little fun now.” Sabrina said, almost sounding upset my wife is enjoying this. Just an undertone in her voice, but it is definitely there. I climbed back up as Sabrina starts telling me how I deserve to have my cock sucked properly. I told her once, in the preceding weeks, that my wife didn’t like blowjobs so much. None the less, that she tried to please me every once in a while. “I think we have her horny enough she will gladly let you fuck her face,” Sabrina said this right as Lady Gaga’s Poker Face comes on.

I took the hint and set the camera on the nightstand and positioned it to get the best angle possible. Then I got in a bit of a push up position and started gently sliding it in and out. I was just taking the head past her lips to start with. Sabrina was in my ear slowing down her words and cooing. The assault on my senses was building fast again with the masturbating fiasco behind us.

Sabrina wanted to be in better control now, “I want you to be rough and start giving it to her harder than you ever have. Barely cross a little over the line though. We want her to get a little better for you, not gag and barf.” Sabrina was talking like the pilot again, “Sweetie, I want you to take it, take it how you like it and get yourself up to about an eight out of ten. Then you need to slow it down a bit like you came back to your senses and thank her for performing. Tell me when you take it out. Then, you will close your eyes and bend down to kiss her mouth... pretend... it’s me you are kissing.”

I can hear the song finish as I am taking my last few strokes, it seems as good a time as any to give her a break. I think I made her gag a couple of times. She took it like a sex fiend though and just kept bringing her mouth up to suck me back in deeper each time. I don’t know what magic Sabrina knows to get my wife all horny like this but I am truly enamored with the new her. I slip out my cock and stringy saliva strands stretch and finally break as I pull away and she can bend no further searching for my cockhead. “OK, it’s out,” I report as I slide lower and move my face closer to make out with this alien that has taken over my wife. She must sense the heat of my face and lunges out wanting more. I don’t know if she thought it was my cock back in her face or what, but the sloppy wet kiss that ensued was electric. Sabrina started making moaning and kissing sounds on the phone. She was right there imagining herself being treated to what she was giving me and my wife. This tigress in my ear and a crazed lover in bed swirling and spinning her tongue around with the taste of the wine on her mouth and the effect of my cream sherry brought back the overwhelmed feeling.

I closed my eyes and swam in the moment. The position of our bodies made us nearly in the position for sex and my wife began thrusting her neatly trimmed small patch of hair and naked lips awash with desire up to make contact with my erection. Sabrina now telling me that I have to make sure the camera is ready for the next part. She wants me to get a clear shot when I go down to, as she put it, “Lick her sweetness.”

“Pretend you are licking my sweet cunny baby,” she is just dripping with lust in her voice now. I can no longer hear the story over the constant stream of dirty talk. I am so aroused. The girl in my ear is one with my desire, she wants me to lick pussy and I want to lick pussy. Even my wife lying in front of me clearly wants her pussy licked. She’s must be feeling deprived since it’s already drenched and nearly flowing. I slide down lower and am forced to rise back up once to put my wife’s hands back above her head. I give her a couple of light slaps on the sides of her tits so she knows she is being “punished” for moving her hands. The last thing I want is for her to reach down and feel the camera in my hands or the phone on my arm. She obeys and waits, hardly able to control the gyration in her hips. Sabrina is bringing her along, with her master plan, to let her primal instincts run rampant.

“Here I go,” I tell Sabrina just before my tongue plunges into her pungent wetness and dives down into her juices. They both moan with pleasure. My wife arches her back and lifts her knees spreading them apart inviting me deeper. Sabrina waited for this moment to slide a vibrator she had left soaking in a cup of hot water. She has a filthy mouth when she gets horny, and a wild imagination, and has not stopped filling my ear with nasty kinkiness. Sabrina continues, “Oh, I can imagine how good you are licking me. Shove that tongue in deep baby. Fuck me with it. I am pounding myself with that hot vibrator, imagining it is you licking me out, as deep as you can go. Oh wiggle it sweetie, wiggle it in there...”

My wife is quickly closing in on her orgasm. I have to stop so she doesn’t yet. I pull up to a whimper of protest and her hands come down again, reaching to push my face back down. She is losing complete control. Usually she plays that game so well. I grab one blanket and wrap it through her arms. I fold the blanket in half and pin it between the headboard and mattress. Sabrina continues on talking dirty keeping me at the height of arousal. Normally fussing with my wife’s wrists would give me a chance to come back down, but Sabrina is still going at a furious pace keeping me maxed out. Now my wife really is tied up and can’t move her arms. I give her nipple a light pinch, lift up one leg and smack her ass, hard. Now she understands.

“What was that,” Sabrina now out of control again, has to ask.

“She started trying to grab me even though she is supposed to be tied up,” I tell her.

Sabrina again like the pilot, but now speaking quickly as if remaining calm in an emergency, “Did she get loose, she still has the blindfold and headphones?”

“I tied he up now for real, she is pinned down and I gave her a little swat to let her know not to do that,” I was pretty sure that was not the right answer, the “for real” part and all, but I was far past reasoning and thinking quick on my feet.

“Sounds like you are the one to be punished, I told you to tie her up,” her stern voice taking me out of the moment.

The fog of the alcohol did not help the thought process as I considered my options. The thought crosses my mind to hang up and get myself a killer sixty-nine, with only two of us.

But Sabrina senses impending disaster in the silence and acts quickly to avoid a tailspin. She first breaks my silence, “It’s all good now?”

“Yes,” I reply, reconsidering the hang-up.

Sabrina attempts to bring me back into focus, “Do you have her juices all over your face? I can tell you I wish they were mine. Would you like to taste my juices too?”

“Mmmm,” I practically moan proving I am calming down.

“I want you to go back now and lick her cunt for thirty seconds, but remember to pretend you are feasting on my bald, hot, wet vagina,” she says forcefully to get me back. I hardly needed that. She had me at “juices”, I dive in again.

She gives me more of the continuous dirty talk, “Oh, sweetie, thrust it in to taste me and then flick around my clit. I want to grab you by the ears and squish my juicy box all over your face. I want to ride it up and down and get my hot wetness all over you. Dig in and eat me sweetie. It feels so good, suck on my clit. Fish your tongue around and between my lips and then suck my clit. Suck my clit, sweetie. Oh yeah suck it.”

I am again lost, no sense of time, just feasting on pussy. Giving out pleasure in a double helping and receiving it back tenfold. I want to fuck now. “I want to fuck now,” I tell Sabrina. My thirty seconds are up and I am ready to take control. I pull my wife’s legs up, with her knees towards her shoulders. As they fall back I push them up again, she gets the drift this time and uses the leverage from her confined arms to hold herself up. “I have your knees up near your face and I am going to bury it in you now,” I practically growl this, certain she can hear me over the headphones, but saying it in a way that won’t matter if she does. I just want Sabrina to know what I am doing. She wanted me to let her know as things change. We seem to be on the same wavelength. She seems to know exactly where I want to go and how to push me there down a path I have never been.

The juices are dripping all the way down my wife’s ass. I briefly consider trying to see if she is horny enough to let me do her anal, but I decide not to ruin a good thing and save it for some other time. I grab the camera and get a close-up of my cock sliding in. Her ability to hold the position is amazing, though I know it cannot last forever. I now have a good minute of her naked lifting her ass up and pulling her knees to her shoulders like some killer yoga move. I am almost looking forward to watching it, but then come to my senses and place the camera behind me to start over and get a shot of me entering her from a different angle. It will be easy to pretend she is Sabrina. This isn’t something I have ever seen my wife do. Sabrina excites me with her voice and some moans of pleasure. Sabrina is exciting both of us for that matter as the MP3 is onto the next story now. Both my wife and I are listening to her, and heading closer to orgasm.

Sabrina has me single-mindedly focused on pumping in and out of her. She is egging me on describing how she is slamming herself with that vibrator. Her sentences are growing shorter as we all near climax, “Fill me up. It feels so good. I want to feel you explode in me. I am going to dip my finger in and taste your cum. Cum for me. I want to taste it.”

I have passed the point of no return. I relax my leg muscles a bit and keep pumping, which helps to prolong it. I slide my whole body forward and back using my arms instead of pumping my hips. The orgasm approaches, but when it feels like it would shoot across the room I can play the tricks that would normally make it subside to prolong it. I start to moan as the feeling builds to the first pulse. A torrent of cum is about to be released with the convulsion shooting my salt-flavored jet into her cunt.

Right before it shoots Sabrina tells me to cum on her face so she can taste it. Lost in the excitement is any consideration of what the chance is that my wife wants that. I pull it out as I shoot. Half is inside while the other half follows the angle upward and streaks across her small patch of pubic hair, her stomach, and between her tits. The last of the solid trail ends on her neck and there is one more glob that winds up on her chin. I begin to move up to get it in her mouth on the next shot. Our legs get a bit entwined as I slide up more. The second and third jets of cum seem to hit her face and then trail off upward getting on the blindfold and into her hair.

My typical orgasm has maybe four shots before the rest just dribbles out spent, but this was double the fun. The amount of cum is nearly unbelievable. I am in extreme bliss before the eighth blast of cum is out. Most all painting the target in one direction or another, more of each shot is hitting her mouth now. I am laughing at what has happened. My wife is not going to be happy about this, and my drop from the heights of pleasure is just causing a crazy laughing reaction. Sabrina is very confused at my laughter which is now being escalated seeing my wife frantically try and get her arms out while I am trying to get the camera and other stuff hidden before she does. I feel like a naughty schoolgirl giggling away uncontrollably as I rush to conceal evidence.

I set the camera on the nightstand so I can get the phone, armband, and ear buds under my side of the bed. I am not even sure I disconnected the phone call. I rush to help my wife so I am not across the room when she gets herself free wondering what in the hell I am doing. I am still laughing as I get her arms out. She rips the blindfold off and with complete disregard for the cum slathered across her face, she lays back and begins mashing her clit back and forth.

“Lick my pussy. Now,” my wife commands. She is on the edge herself and my laughter and cum has not slowed her down. She wants to reach her own orgasm and could care less about anything else. “Now!” she practically yells to get me in motion.

I am no longer on the same plane, but I can see the desperation. The need to help someone that is acting in a purely hedonistic manner is something I can relate to and I get in there to fight her pussy into submission. Turn-about is fair play she must be thinking. I get a taste of my own cum mingled with her juices as I lick, trying to finish her off. She grabs my head and, rougher than she has ever been, begins riding up and down my face as she has a tight hold on my hair. I can hear animal like uncontrollable moans that sound like she is pushing something out in long slow gasps reaching deep for her orgasm. Her stomach muscles are tensed as she is practically tearing my hair out to push my mouth up and down on her pussy. She is wiping my whole face up and down her slippery folds. All I can do is stick my tongue out and close my eyes. Her orgasm has begun and, like mine was, is longer than ever.

She is panting as she finished and releases her stomach muscles and my hair. As I lift my face up to look at the passion and lust in her eye, she is looking down at me and now starts to giggle. The quickness of her quest for orgasm has it removed by a mere fifty seconds from when I was laughing earlier.

Infectious as it builds into a laugh, I now join back in. As I move up from between her legs, she grabs my neck gently and pulls me in for a quick kiss. Again I taste my cum. There must me some good hormones pumping through me at this point. Because there is something about this moment that makes it, OK. The giggling dies down as we come off the plateau and I think about Sabrina, wishing I could tell her how fucking awesome it was.

My wife notices the camera and says, “You got video of my best orgasm in ten years? Nice work.” She cuddles up close and tries to get me to kiss her on the cheek as she giggles once again.

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