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PA goes the extra mile

My female boss helps me find a new PA
My name is Andrew and I am thirty-three. I live and work in Sydney. My boss was Amy, mid-fifties, very attractive and fit! We used to have many work lunches etc. where she would be stuck into the wines and become animated.

She was married with two young children. She would often tell stories about her sex life when she was younger. She and I always flirted a little when drunk but never did anything as I thought it was just innocent fun.

Amy had recently given me a promotion and told me that in my new role, I would need a PA as I would have to do a lot of presentations, would be travelling and wouldn’t have time to scratch myself.

I didn’t have the first idea of what attributes I would be looking for. My first thoughts were to get someone older, very mature and trustworthy, someone who was well experienced in the role so I didn’t have to train them in any way.

It was during work drinks on a Friday evening that Amy asked me how my search for a PA was going. I told her my intentions of appointing someone who was a little older and very experienced.

She looked at me strangely.

“After all my advances, I was convinced that you were not interested in older women?”

I almost dropped my drink. What did she mean? What advances?

I will admit, I was always horny as hell when we were out together, she would always brush my arm, put her hand on my leg when laughing out loud etc. however I didn’t ever take that as her being interested. I would often think about her when I had sex with my girlfriend or had a wank. She was definitely a MILF.

“You don’t want someone older as your PA, they will try and boss you around. You want someone younger, very attractive that you can teach the ropes and hopefully they decide that the only way to get their bonus is to blow you weekly!”

I was shocked, and embarrassed. I did not expect to hear this from Amy; after all, she was my boss! She gave me a kiss on the cheek and winked at me.

“I’ll think of you tonight as I fuck my husband.”

She then turned on her heel and hailed a taxi.

The next Monday I got into the office really early as I knew I had a massive presentation to finalize. When I logged onto my computer, I noticed that Amy had booked in a PA interview from ten until noon.

What had she done? Who had she lined up?

I checked Amy’s calendar and she wasn’t going to be in until around lunchtime so I couldn’t ask her. I was nervous.

At ten o’clock, my desk phone rang and it was the front office. Our receptionist told me my first appointment was here. I asked for them to be sent up. Five minutes later, my office door opened and a young girl walked in she couldn’t have been any more than twenty one years old.

She was attractive, in a professional way, had a black skit on with a white blouse. Hair pulled back and dark glasses.

“Good morning Andrew, I am Mia and am here for the job interview.”

I didn’t know what to ask her. I started a general discussion about the business and what my new role involved. She seemed to be staring straight through me. She seemed really shy and reserved yet not interested. She let me talk for a few minutes before interrupting.

“What do I have to do to get the job? Amy said that you were into older women so I didn’t have much chance.”

I looked at her bewildered.

“This is a PA’s job, it doesn’t matter what type of women I am into.”

Mia then stood up and walked around to my side of the desk.

“Listen, I really need the job and lucky for you, I think you’re pretty good looking and I love to give guys blow jobs.”

I think my face must have given away my intentions at that stage, she dropped to her knees almost immediately and fondled around for my zipper.

Dragging it down and unbuckling my pants at the same time quickly exposed my semi hard cock protruding through the opening in my boxers.

“Seems I have made a good first impression.”

As she took my cock into her mouth she slowly let her lips engulf my shaft. Taking my head into her mouth and circling her tongue over my tip. Her hands cupped my balls as her saliva dripped off my now very shiny cock. I had shivers up my spine, my cock was throbbing and I was totally consumed in the moment.

The spontaneity of her sucking my cock had me twitching and I certainly didn’t want this to end. I could feel my cock swelling in preparation to explode.

I caressed the top of her head as she took me down her throat, gurgling with all the saliva, not once letting me go. I reached down and encouraged her to stand up. She did so, looking me in the eye and then kissing me in the most passive aggressive way.

Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths and our hands were very busy adjusting what clothing wasn’t already disheveled.

I lifted Mia up and sat her on my desk and her parted her legs. Her top was already undone.

I kneeled in front of her and unzipped her skirt. I slid off her undies and she willingly lifted her feet onto the desk, exposing her gorgeous pussy for me to devour.

I love to bury my face into a sweet smelling pussy, covering my lips in her sweet smelling juices. I darted my tongue inside quickly and explored her lips slowly, my hands on her arse pulling her closer to me.

She began to rock her hips, fucking my face with her pussy. It was incredible. She let out a little whimper and slowed down, grinding herself against me very slowly, yet forcefully.

This continued for no more than thirty seconds before something came over her and she went crazy. Grabbing the back of my head and not letting it go.

I was suffocating and she just gripped me even tighter. I slid a finger inside her now pulsating pussy, exploring the outer and then pinching her little pebble between my fingers. She let out a loud moan and screamed.

“Fuck me Andrew!”

I stood up, and she took of her white blouse completely, undid her prudish skin colored bra and exposed the perkiest white tits I had ever seen. My cock was still glistening from the oral work out she had given me five minutes earlier.

Mia reached down and started stroking my cock, then wrapped her legs around me. My pants were still around my ankles. She then started unbuttoning my shirt. I intervened and took it off over my head, and wrapped my arms around her, kissing her neck, nibbling her ear and rubbing my hands through her hair.

I could feel her soft white tits rubbing against my chest. I lowered my hands, grabbed her arse and lifted her slightly with her legs still wrapped around me, allowing my cock to feel the heat of the gorgeous wet pussy I had the pleasure of tasting minutes earlier.

Mia’s soft hands still stroking my shaft guided my cock to her opening.

She adjusted herself and allowed me to enter her. Slowly to start with, I glided my cock in and out of her tight wet love tunnel.

It felt so good, her fingers rubbed through my hair and grabbed my shoulders as she arched her back; I could see my cock sliding in and out.

Mia arched her back. She placed her hands on my desk and was biting her lip. She moaned ever so softly and brushed her hands over her tits, squeezing each nipple before sitting upright again.

“I need to cum,” Mia screamed.

With that, she again went bezerk, sliding forward to the point where her arse was fully in my hands, I was holding her weight as she fucked me like woman possessed.

Bouncing up and down, her tongue deep inside my mouth, I was close to exploding, I could feel her body getting tense and she let out an almighty scream. I could feel her cum explode out of her.

I couldn’t hold back and continued to drive my cock deeper and deeper inside, letting go a river of cum into her innocent young pussy.

I sat her back onto my desk and she lay down, exhausted. I was still insider her when I heard my office door open. I quickly turned around. It was Amy!

“Have you found anyone for the job yet?”

To be continued……

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