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Party Girl, Chapter 4
Master_Jonathan & Poppet

Party Girl, Chapter 4

Contributing Authors: Poppet 
Bailee finally found someone who could tame her wild ways!
Bailee kissed Brad for several minutes, so happy that he accepted her even with her jaded past. Alone there in the back of the storeroom, Bailee felt safe with Brad. As they kissed, Brad slowly let his hands roam over the young girl's body and Bailee moaned her permission to him. His hands found her soft breasts and began to squeeze and play with them as Bailee's own hand found its way to his crotch. Feeling his hard cock, Bailee squeezed it to let him know what she wanted and Brad got the message loud and clear.

Brad broke the kiss and helped Bailee out of her t-shirt. He pulled her towards him and Bailee stood, stepping forward. Brad put his hands around her hips, grabbing two handfuls of her soft, creamy ass cheeks and he began softly kissing her stomach. Beginning just under her navel, Brad kissed his way ever so slowly south, each kiss burning her flesh like an erotic branding iron.

With every kiss, Brad got closer to her core and with every kiss she got wetter, waiting for him. Bailee's legs were trembling and her head was swimming. If he didn't hurry up and take her she would surely pass out! But Brad was very good at building up the suspense and his kisses and teasing were doing just what he wanted.

After what seemed like forever, Brad reached the top of Bailee's lacy pink panties. Bailee went to reach for them, about to pull them down for him, but he grabbed her wrists, putting them behind her back. He looked up and made a tsk, tsk sound, letting her know that he wanted to do everything. Bailee whimpered at his taking charge, and kept her hands back as he directed. Brad went back to his work and took hold of her panties at the hips, pulling them down just a bit before he put his face in her steaming crotch, licking her damp pussy through the lacy panties.

Bailee's knees buckled slightly, and she groaned loudly. She wanted so badly to grab his head and shove it hard into her pussy, but she held her hands behind her, clenching them in fists of frustrated desire. Brad's hot mouth and tongue felt delicious on her anxious pussy, and she closed her eyes to savor the feelings he was producing in her. She swayed softly back and forth as she floated on a river of passion.

Brad paused and looked up at the enraptured girl and smiled. He pulled her panties down further and exposed her wet, blonde slit fully. Bailee opened her legs a little bit further to allow Brad to remove the lacy impediment, and he slid the garment down her legs until she stepped out of them. Then Brad pulled her close to him again, this time diving his tongue into the soft pink folds of her womanhood.

"Ohh goddd, Braaad!" Bailee moaned loudly. Her voice seemed loud in the quiet storeroom and Brad was glad he had locked the store entrance and flipped the closed sign around! Brad licked and lapped at the juicy young pussy before him as his hands kneaded her ass flesh behind her. Bailee parted her legs wider, wanting more of what he was doing to her. Try as she could, she just could not keep her hands behind her as Brad's tongue explored her inner pussy walls. Bailee put her hands on the back of Brad's head shoving his face harder into her as she whimpered her need again.

Brad got up from the box he was sitting on and grabbed Bailee by the hair. At first this startled her, but when she realized what he was doing, it turned her on immensely. Brad was taking control of her and she loved it. Brad took her over to a door laid on a pair of sawhorses that was being prepped for a customer. Using the door as a makeshift table, he bent Bailee over it, face down with her arm bent behind her. Holding her down on the table by her arm behind her, he began fingering her pussy as she moaned and wriggled in pleasure.

As Brad's fingers churned in her pussy, Bailee pushed her ass back at him, wanting him deeper inside her. She raised up on her toes to give him access to her clit, which was screaming for satisfaction of its own. Brad fingered her neglected button and Bailee's legs shook as she struggled to keep from cumming. She wanted Brad to fuck her. As good as his fingers felt right then, she needed to feel his cock inside her.

"Please Brad! Oh god, please fuck me! Please! I need you... I need your cock in my pussy now!" Bailee whined, needfully.

Brad could hear the desperation in her voice. He knew that she was nearing the edge of her mind, so he pulled her hands straight out in front of her and placed them outstretched on the table.

"Keep these hands here. Don't move them," he instructed.

Bailee nodded her head in acknowledgement and lay there panting as Brad stood up and unbuckled his pants, dropping them to his feet and taking them off completely. He walked around to the side of the table and up next to Bailee's face. He held his hard cock out in front of her.

"Is this what you want? You mean this cock here?" he said, wagging his cock in front of her.

"Please don't tease me," she whimpered. It took all the restraint she had to not grab his stiff, meaty cock and shove it into her mouth right then and there. She just laid her head down on the table meekly and waited for whatever he had in mind next.

Brad smiled to himself and moved back behind the girl. He stepped up close to her and took his cock in hand once more, rubbing the head back and forth across her pussy lips.

"Ohhh," Bailee moaned and pushed back again. The girl was almost mad with lustful want.

Brad was finished playing with her - it was time to give her what she needed. "Pull your ass cheeks apart and show me your pussy," he said. She reached back obediently and did as he bade, pulling her cheeks apart and displaying her wet pink interior. He placed one palm on the small of her back and guided the head of his cock into the wet hole. He pressed forward until the tip of his cock rested against the entrance to her tunnel. He grabbed both her hips and pressed forward, slowly pushing into her and stretching her pussy as he burrowed deeper.

"Ohhhgaawdd!" Bailee moaned long and slow. She raised her head as he continued into her from behind. She arched her back and tossed her head back as she felt him plowing her depths, until finally she felt his balls slap against her pussy and she knew he was fully inside her. It felt incredible and she wriggled her ass a bit to see if she could get another precious inch from him.

Brad slapped her ass once hard and Bailee squealed, shocked. Then he began slowly pulling out of her pussy until just the head remained inside. He paused for a long torturous moment, and then pressed back in, quicker this time. When he was buried fully in her tight pussy again and pressing against her cervix, he withdrew once more just like before.

With her used to his size now, he no longer had to be so gentle. Brad began pumping in and out of her with purpose. He grabbed her wrists, holding her arms behind her back and using them for added leverage to pull her back onto his cock as he drove forward, he slammed into her with force now. He watched as Bailee's breasts swayed and bounced. Putting both wrists in one hand, he used the other to reach under her and grab one of her pendulous breasts, pinching and tugging on the nipple and sinking his fingers into the firm, young, tit-meat.

"Ohhh fuck! Yes! Fuck me Brad, fuck me harder!" Bailee cried out. Brad pistoned in and out of her like an oil rig looking for oil. And Bailee moaned and twisted and bucked back at him, offering herself to his plunging cock with every stroke.

Brad was more than willing to oblige her. If she wanted it harder, he was just the guy to give it to her! He began pounding into her roughly, each time burying his cock fully into her then pulling completely out to stab her again with his steel-hard cock. Pulling all the way out of her and then roughly re-entering her like that made Bailee crazy with lust, and her moans and cries took on a noticeably more distressed and urgent tone.

As he skewered her with his cock, Brad pinched and pulled and tugged on her nipples, and mauled her breasts with equal ferocity, eliciting whimpers and groans from the girl as she lay there helpless to resist his attack. Bailee was beside herself, and gripped the edges of the door-table with white knuckles to give her something real to cling to. Her world was rapidly coming apart as sensations flooded her crumbling mind.

Brad's assault continued as Bailee endured thrust after savage thrust. She wasn't going to last much longer, Brad knew it. So with one final onslaught, Brad pinched and pulled hard on Bailee's nipples, slapped her ass, and then grabbed her hair hauling her head back and he shoved deep and hard into her pussy. It was more than the girl could handle. She crested the top of Orgasm Mountain and as she started falling over the edge into the black abyss, he reached under her for the coup de grace - he fingered her throbbing and neglected clit as she came!

"Ohhmyygoddd!" Bailee screamed as the last shreds of her mind exploded in a flurry of swirling lights and thunderous roars. Her entire body went stiff, back arched and her thighs quaking with the strain. Brad couldn't see her face, but if he had, he would have seen her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth open as if trying to scream. Her breath caught in her throat and she just froze in place for several seconds before the first waves of her orgasm passed over her and she was able to subconsciously suck in a ragged breath only to lose it seconds later with the next wave.

Bailee's orgasm lasted several agonizing moments, thanks in part to Brad's fingering her clit and extending her torment. But at last it mercifully ended, leaving Bailee collapsed on the door-table sweat-drenched and gasping for breath.

Brad, however, wasn't finished just yet. While Bailee had just had a tremendous orgasm, Brad stood over her still sporting a stiff and very enthusiastic cock. So after giving her just enough time to regain her breath, Brad grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly off the table and onto her knees on the storeroom floor. Taking a handful of her blonde tresses, he pulled her head back and pressed his hard member to her lips. Bailee knew what she needed to do and she took his slicked cock deep into her mouth. Bailee could taste her own pussy juice on his cock and she gobbled it greedily, sucking and licking him as if it was the last food on earth.

Brad pushed his cock deep down Bailee's throat almost making her gag before holding it there, making her hold her breath until she tapped his leg to let him know she needed air. He pulled out, allowing her to quickly grab a breath before plunging back down her throat again. He throat-fucked her like this for a couple moments and then backed out a bit, letting her lick and suck him easier. He guided her head in the pace and rhythm that he liked.

"Yeah, that's it, baby... suck my cock like you mean it!" he coaxed her. Bailee looked up at him saw how much he was enjoying her mouth and she threw everything she had into her work. She moaned around his thick tool, savoring the taste of him. But her moan also set up vibrations in her mouth that made Brad moan himself. Seeing his reaction, Bailee began humming softly as she sucked and she watched Brad for guidance.

Brad was, himself, about to explode. Between feeling Bailee's tight pussy as she came, and know the humming blowjob she was giving him, he was all but finished.

"I'm... gonna... cum!" he announced and Bailee prepared herself to receive his gift. She braced herself, and as the first hot jets of Brad's semen hit the back of her throat, she began quickly swallowing. He filled her mouth four times before his balls were drained. As he was about to finish he pulled out of her mouth, dribbling a few drops of cum onto her breasts.

When he was finished, he pulled her up off the floor and close to him wrapping his arms around her He reached up from behind and grabbed her hair again pulling her head backwards to look at him.

"Now, you are not just a slut, you are My slut!" he said kissing her deeply. Bailee put her arms around Brad, pushing herself to him and melting into his strong protective arms. Bailee couldn't be happier, she belonged to him. Brad had claimed her as his girl.

While Bailee went into the bathroom to get cleaned up and wash her face, Brad got dressed. When she returned Brad was looking at the clock on the wall.

"Looks like it's too late to go out for lunch!" he said, "I'll go by and get us something and we can eat it here. What do you want for lunch?"

"Oh, just a burger fries and a shake is fine, baby, you already gave me all I wanted for lunch!" Bailee said, smiling broadly.

"Well I gotta admit, you're a lot better tasting than the burrito I had the other day!" he replied chuckling.

Bailee got dressed and Brad went off to get them something to eat. They ate lunch together at the counter since no customers had shown up yet.

Brad and Bailee continued to see each other for a couple months, sharing lunchtimes together, and meeting for clandestine sexual adventures. Bailee was happier than she had ever been back home. She had a great guy who doted on her and whom she belonged to heart and soul. Life couldn't be more perfect.

Then it happened.

Bailee had met Brad one Tuesday afternoon and they had gone to a small park to eat their lunch. Unbeknownst to her though, Aunt Ruth had come by the store shortly after the two had left, wanting to take Bailee shopping. Aunt Ruth walked into the hardware store and, not seeing Bailee at the counter, asked Mr. Johnson, the owner, where she was.

"Her and Brad Cooper went to lunch together," he answered, not thinking anything about it.

That evening, at dinner, Aunt Ruth brought up the subject.

"I stopped by the store today at lunch but you were out. Who is Brad Cooper?" Aunt Ruth asked.

"Just a guy who comes into the store from time to time," Bailee said not looking up from her dinner.

"Hmm, that not what I hear. From what Mr. Johnson tells me, you have been seeing quite a lot of him. He says that you two go out to lunch fairly regularly these days," she pressed.

"I... I..." Bailee didn't know what to say. Aunt Ruth was an old-fashioned woman who didn't go for the, loose morals of today's younger generation, as she put it. She would never understand that Bailee and Brad loved each other.

"You know, that's the reason your mother sent you here to stay with me because you were fooling around with boys and it got you into a real mess back home," she said.

"We're just friends, Aunt Ruth," Bailee said, hoping she wouldn't see through her ruse. But she did.

"Bailee sweetie, you aren't fooling anyone. Mr. Johnson knows better, and so do I," she said. "Now tell me about Mr. Brad Cooper."

So Bailee came clean and told Aunt Ruth all about her beau, leaving out the juicy parts of course! She told her how she felt about him and how he felt about her as well. She told her how they would meet often and go out to lunch so they could have some privacy and talk and get to know each other. Aunt Ruth listened intently to every word, seeing the way Bailee's eyes lit up and the animated way she described the times they had together.

After Bailee got finished telling her all about the amazing Brad Cooper, Aunt Ruth spoke;

"Well he sounds like a wonderful young man, Bailee. But you know I will have to tell your mother about this. She sent you here so I could keep an eye on you and apparently, I haven't been doing such a great job at that," she said.

"Aunt Ruth, you can't! Mom will make me come home and I will lose Brad!" Bailee said, panicking.

"Well, Bailee, you knew that you weren't going to be able to stay here forever. You would have went home in a few months anyway. You were just here to finish your schooling and to get away from those bad influences. But it seems you found another influence here," Aunt Ruth said.

"Brad is more than an influence, Aunt Ruth!" Bailee said, running off to her room and slamming the door. She fell on her bed sobbing uncontrollably. She had just found someone who really cared for her and who she cared for in return and now she was going to lose him! How could she stand it!

Bailee stayed in her room the rest of the night. The next morning she ate her breakfast in the same sullen, despondent mood. She went to work, but her heart wasn't in it. When Brad came by at lunch, Bailee broke down again.

"Oh Brad! What am I going to do? Aunt Ruth is telling Mom about you and she'll take me back home and I will lose you forever! Oh I can't take that! I love you so much, I just can't lose you!" she said between sobs.

"Well, Bailee we will just have to wait and see what happens. I mean you only live five hours away. I can drive over every weekend to see you. That is, if your Mom will let me see you," Brad said.

"Just on the weekends? That's almost worse than not seeing you at all! How can I let you go each weekend knowing I won't see you again for a whole week! That's like dying a little every week Brad! I see you almost every day and now I'm going to only see you once a week? And that's if Mom let's me see you at all!" she sobbed. Bailee was inconsolable.

They ate their lunch together that day, but neither was happy about what was on the horizon.

That evening when Bailee got home, she went straight to her room. Aunt Ruth fixed dinner and called her in to eat, but Bailee didn't come out. Aunt Ruth called her again, but Bailee only yelled through the closed door that she wasn't hungry. Aunt Ruth came to her bedroom and knocked on the door.

"Bailee honey, come eat some dinner. I have something to talk to you about."

Bailee came out of her room, but only because she was obeying her aunt, not because she was anywhere near hungry. Actually, she was almost sick to her stomach over this whole mess. First she lost her friends when she had to come live with Aunt Ruth, and now she was going to lose the one guy who really loved her when she had to move back home!

Aunt Ruth dished up their dinner and came to sit down at the table with Bailee.

"I called your mother today while you were at work, and talked to her about this whole Brad Cooper matter," Aunt Ruth started.

"Yeah, what did she say?" Bailee said, bracing herself for the worst.

"Well, she wanted you to come home. She said that you were getting into the same kind of trouble here that you were back home, so you might as well be home," Aunt Ruth said.

"See! I told you that's what she would say! I knew it, you are all out to keep me from having any happiness at all!" Bailee said, crying again.

"You didn't let me finish, Bailee. I talked to your mother for a long time, discussing all of this. I told her how you felt about Brad, and how you had been doing with your schooling and with work. I convinced her that what you and Brad were doing is not the same as what happened back home. I convinced her to let you stay."

"Really Aunt Ruth? Really? I can stay? Oh, Aunt Ruth you are the most wonderful aunt in the world! Oh thank you, thank you!" Bailee said, immediately feeling the weight of world lift off her shoulders.

"Now I may be an old fashioned woman and it may have been awhile since I last had a male companion, but I haven't forgotten what can happen," she said, reaching into her purse, "So your mother has sent me a prescription for some birth control pills for you, and I picked up some of these for your Brad. If you are going to play, play safe and smart," she said, handing Bailee a box of condoms.

Bailee looked at Aunt Ruth and Aunt Ruth gave Bailee a knowing wink.

"Thank you Aunt Ruth. We will, I promise," Bailee said, blushing a deep crimson. "Can I call Brad right now and give him the good news? I can't wait till tomorrow!"

"Sure. And tell him I want him to come over this weekend for a barbeque. If he's going to be dating my niece, I want to meet him!" Aunt Ruth said smiling broadly.

Bailee ran to the phone, her countenance considerably brighter now.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over sixteen (16) years of age.

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