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Party Girl (pt 1)

I just turned sixteen, and the furthest I've gone was kissing a boy, but this night changed my life. It was a night of many firsts that went like this...

My two friends were frequent smokers, you could say potheads. And I so badly wanted to try it just once, and I'd be satisfied. So they invited me to their party. Not really the sort of party a sixteen year old girl should be at.

I got there in the afternoon, and we hung out outside until dark. Alli's dad didn't get home until three in the morning, so the party would be just starting around midnight. Asher came early. He was a junior in high school, obviously going nowhere in life, but that didn't matter because he scored the best weed according to everyone.
Alli's sisters, Asher, Ronnie, and I sat around the table playing gold fish. Alli was fixing a bowl, I couldn't wait to do the honors of the first hit. My very first hit, felt so damn good.

When we were all giddy and high, the party began. So many faces I recognized walked through the door and it shocked me that they were all stoners. And so many faces I couldn't attach names to came, but only one caught my interest.

He was the last one to come, and by far the most striking. Obliviously legal age. He wore a white polo that looked amazing against his caramel skin that could only be achieved by religious tanning. He had raven hair with curls that fell over his ears. And his eyes...a deep navy blue that I couldn't even begin to describe.

I was determined to make him notice me. So I turned up the stereo, and got up on the table. Alli and Ronnie came up and joined me, and the spotlight was on us. We were grinding each other, and suddenly we were all shirtless dancing in high heels. Everyone gathered around, plastic red cups in hand, screaming for more. So I planted a big wet kiss on Ronnie, and she responded by sticking her tongue in my mouth. They were going mad, but no mysteriously hot boy in sight. So then I pulled Alli into me and kissed her too. Just about when my pants were about to come off...

Fuck yeah! He was looking this way! He pushed his way through our large, screaming audience to the front. Even though I looked away like I didn't care, I could feel the heat of his gaze. I looked up, and his eyes locked with mine. Then suddenly he came closer, reached out his hand to me. He pulled me off the table and I followed him through the crowd to a room that wasn't occupied.

The whole time I followed him, thought after thought raced through my mind. Oh my god! Finally, he noticed me. Hah! After you kissed a girl. Oh shut up! But why me? Why me? I mean, it's pretty obvious I'm a first timer with drugs and crazy parties. And I'm not ugly, but I'm sure as hell not as good looking as Alli and Ronnie, and they were up there with me. I have plain brown hair and light blue eyes, average face. I have an okay body, a little too much curve going on, but guys seem to like it. Ah, after what seemed like hours he spoke.



"What a beautiful name; for such a beautiful girl."

"Oh, come on," I looked at my feet and blushed.

"But it's true. I had my eye on you the whole night. And when I saw you up there, I just knew I had to have you."

I looked up, and once again our eyes locked. I leaned forward a bit, and within seconds our lips smashed together, and I could feel his need for me. I parted my lips, allowing him access inside. While our mouths were occupied, my hands glided over his velvet smooth caramel skin. He removed his hands from my tangled hair and caressed my arms, sending bolts of electricity throughout my entire body.

His kisses slowly moved off my mouth and onto my neck. His lips were so deliciously soft and smooth. He cradled my neck with one hand, and the other wrapped around my waist as he kissed my collarbone. Delicately, he clamped down his teeth on my left bra strap and pushed it down off my shoulder, and then did the same to the other. 

He trailed his kisses across the tops of my breasts. That made my nipples so rock solid and so in need of his touch. His hand resting around my waist moved upward, and fondled with the buckle on my bra strap until it came undone.

"Oh my," his jaw dropped at the sight of my breasts. I did have some damn nice ones. I'm not very big just a B, but they look like perfect big round balls the ones you want to play with so badly.

He kissed one breast, while his other hand still cradle my neck. He planted soft wet ones all around my nipple, driving me insane with want and need for more than this tease. 
"Aah. Oh yes, mmmm," A moan escaped my mouth when finally he reached my rock solid tit. He flicked his tongue over it, then round in circles he moved. His tongue danced to the beautiful melody of sucking and licking and my soft moans.

His fingertips brushed against my stomach, sending chills bolting through me. Trey's soft kisses moved south onto my small abs. He lifted his head, silently asking permission to go further and I nodded yes. Reluctant at first, he moved even further south until he reached the waist of my jeans. Within a minute, he undid the button and zipper with his teeth and I was helping remove them. He laughed.

"What, don't like my panties?"

"No, they're adorable. I love smiley faces," He giggled again.

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