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Party Girl (pt 2)

it picks up where it left off, but now Trey is telling the story.
Her adorable underwear was soaked with her sweet juices, that I just could not wait to taste. I removed them by sliding them off her and onto the floor. I could tell it was her first time, so I started out slowly by gently kissing up and down her folds. My tongue broke free and found its way dancing circles on her clit making her back arch upwards as her hips turned downwards. I slid one finger into her.

"Damn, you're tight!"

"Is-is that b-bad?" she sad in an embarrassed tone.

"Of course not. You're beautiful flower just hasn't bloomed yet, but tonight it surely will," I assured her.

I continued. Sliding one finger in and out, I nibbled on her rosy lower lips. I took my finger out completely and decided to try two this time, still biting playfully. I started going faster and pushing in deeper, testing how far I could go with this. You know the saying, third times a charm? Well my third finger was just as far as I needed to go. She was squirming around, moaning breathlessly.

"Mmm, oh yes. Mmmm," she cummed almost instantly, squirting juices all over my fingers. I removed them, and replaced them with my tongue. I stuck it deep in her hole, licking up every last drop of her sweet juice. After I sucked her dry, it was time to turn the tables.

She kissed my stomach as her hands trailed downward very slowly. I was so hard and running out of patience I was about to just undo my pants myself and shove my hot cock in her mouth, but I resisted. Eventually, she undid my belt and slid my pants off not too gently.

"So, like my boxers?" I asked, referring to the colorful martinis and girls in bikinis pictured on my white boxer shorts.

"Like? I love them. They're adorable," she said in a half laugh-half talk sort of way as she pulled them off.

She took one look at my rock solid member and her jaw nearly dropped. I love how my eight 1/2 incher has this effect on women! She wiped some precum from my tip onto my shaft to wet it and went to work. Her little delicate hands couldn't wrap fully around my thick member, but she sure knew how to work them. She started at the bottom and moved in circles, allowing her long nails to tickle my skin as she moved up, down, and all around. I gently pushed her head down, and she licked my head with her hands still at work.
My fingers ran through her glossy brown hair as I pushed her head back and forth, encouraging her to take on more of me. Those pretty blue eyes looked up to grab mine as she took on inch by inch. At first she gagged, but after she got the hang of it she was quite good. I wasn't going to last much longer, but I wanted more of her so I pushed her off.

"Huh?" She looked confused as to why I did that.

"I don't want to cum yet. I want the rest of you," I leaned down and kissed her. And soon our tongues were in perfect sync as I lay on top of her, both of us completely bare. Her tongue darted back into her mouth, so I chased after her. For about five minutes we played tongue tag. I nibbled her lip, she sighed and returned the favor right back. Usually I get bored with kissing, but not with Chavon.

This flame was kindling inside me; soon a fire that has never existed until now. A fire only Chavon could extinguish. I have never had such a strong want for any girl. I wanted-no I needed to have the rest of her. I needed her most precious possession to be mine. Such a beautiful flower would soon bloom. 

"Oh Chavon," I sighed, "You have no idea how long I have had my eye on you."

"You've had your eye on me?"

"Most certainly. Seniors can be attracted to lower class men, you know."

"But how did you...know me?"

"I didn't exactly know you. But I saw you once and knew I had to have you. So I made sure you'd be here tonight. I was just waiting to get your attention."

She chuckled, "Oh, you had my attention the whole night. I didn't kiss Alli and Ronnie because I'm high. I did it because I knew you'd see me."

"Well, that's a relief. I don't want to have to share you with two hoes. I want you all to myself," I smiled at her and leaned in for a long kiss. She struck a match and the fire within me burned brighter.

"God Trey, I need you. Right. Now."
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