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Party Story

A true story about discreet sex in a dark corner at a party

This is a story about one of my earlier, more memorable sex experiences, when I was at university during my early twenties and had never had a fuck other than in private surroundings.  It took place in a dark corner at a party with a fairly new girlfriend.  

We had been on our own, smooching and kissing in a dark corner for some time. My girlfriend was sitting across my lap; it was late and we were both tired, but feeling very horny. I discreetly had my hand up her skirt and had been fingering her for some time, to her quite obvious pleasure (and mine too!) first with my fingers stroking and feeling her through the thin material of her panties, and then I pulled the gusset to one side and sneaked my forefinger inside, so I could feel the warm soft female folds of flesh. She was juicing like mad and I gently finger fucked her and played with her clittie, rubbing it with my thumb pressed against her clit and with my finger inside her, while she lay against me and we listened to the party music.  Meanwhile, others danced and chatted nearby seemingly unaware of our discreet sexy fun and games.

Suddenly she turned and, to my surprise (and pleasure), she swung a leg over me so she was facing me and sitting astride my lap and then pressed her pubic mound hard against my aching, rock-hard cock doubled up inside my trousers. I suddenly realised the possibility (she had quite a long, full skirt which covered our laps). So realising that in our darkened corner nobody was likely to notice what we were doing, I fumbled to cover myself with her skirt and to unzip my trousers. She slid back along my thighs to help me and her fingers soon had eased my eager cock out of its wrappings. I remember I had to struggle to control myself and stop myself cumming there and then from the sheer excitement and wickedness of what we were doing and the friction of having her pull it out of my pants. She seemed equally frantic to have me inside her!

I held the gusset of her panties to one side with my finger and in a second I felt the warmth of her flesh embracing my cock head. I spread her juices over it by rubbing my cockhead back and forth along her sex-cleft to help me slide in more easily. Then she guided me almost frantically in. I pulled her towards me until we were hugging each other closely and my cock slowly and smoothly slid deep inside her warm, tight juicy pussy. She was riding me, legs wide spread astride my lap. I nearly came there and then and had to concentrate like mad to hold back as I wanted to make it last a bit. I whispered to her to hold still while I relaxed slightly. She leant forward and lay quietly with her head on my shoulder and my cock up to its hilt inside her. I gently stroked her back and I don't suppose anyone else noticed in the semi-darkness, with the loud music, that we were actually fucking.

Suddenly I noticed she was gently rolling her hips in tune with the beat of the party music and I responded by twitching my cock deliberately to match the rhythm. She responded to my twitching cock by clenching her vagina in time with the music.  We didn't dare do anything too obvious for fear of attracting attention, and all our dance movements were inside her.
Her tight, slippery love tube continued hugging and squeezing my cock in time with the music and was bringing me to the edge of orgasm. To distract myself and control myself, I concentrated on making my cock jerk inside her exactly to the beat of the music. The music stopped and I remember we just lay still, deeply and intimately coupled, breathing hard with excitement, and when a new record started we immediately continued our sexual dance, her vaginal muscles clenching and unclenching my cock to the rhythm while I jerked my shaft in response. A real sex dance!

She sighed and then whispered she was cumming. Our mouths met in a frantic lip-squashing kiss and I felt her clenching tighten and I couldn't hold back any longer either. We both struggled to avoid gasping and crying out or thrashing around and the effort to "cum quietly" made it even more long-lasting and deeply exciting. I remember I was so deeply aroused that my orgasm seemed to continue longer than usual and I had a huge urge to press myself deeply into her. I pumped and pumped my spunk into her and she seemed to go on orgasming for some moments after I had finished as she sort of writhed and wriggled with pleasure. We were both breathing hard with the pent-up exertion of gripping each other so tightly without moving very much. It was a very memorable and powerful orgasm.

After, she lay with me still buried deep inside her, softening, but still firm enough to stay nicely coupled with her. We were so comfortable like this and there seemed no reason to separate, and I soon felt myself beginning to firm up as the thought of doing it again crossed my mind. She felt me stiffen inside her and whispered, "You randy s*d" in my ear.

"Speak for yourself" I replied. We stayed coupled for some time longer, getting increasingly excited again. I could feel our warm sex juices from our first climax oozing stickily onto my balls and thighs as my cock slowly grew and stiffened inside her.

Soon I felt I had to have her again and gently twitched my cock to some appropriate music. She responded and I noticed our breathing getting deeper and more excited until, after some time, our tired but insatiable bodies exploded again, in perfect harmony, into a second, long deep crotch-blowing orgasm. I don't remember the details of the second orgasm as clearly as the first, but it was deeply satisfying to complete such a long sexy session surrounded by others who were not aware of what we were doing. She came too and obviously relished the feelings as much as I did.

Then we let my now-softening, wet and slippery cock slide out of her soft juicy hole. I wiped her and myself with my hankie, discreetly under the cover of her dress. Our juices were copiously oozing out of her. I then gently pulled her panty crotch back into position for her. She tucked my shrinking and softening cock back into my pants and zipped me up discreetly.
We kissed and soon after, we left the party, both with moist knickers and feeling really tired but marvellously satisfied.


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