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Party Time

Unlike some of the people my age, you could not consider me a party animal.And if I ever did go to one, I would not put a lamp shade on my head and make a fool of myself.

When my neighbor Lita picked me up. she was wearing a tight sweater ,leather skirt, and spike heels. Now I knew I was going to enjoy the party, because even if it was a total bust,.all I would have to do is look at her and everything would be right in the world.

The second she walked in ,she got lots of attention from the guys who already had dates. We sort of split up for a moment as I walked around, not getting one-tenth the attention she was. Guys left and right were hitting on her, but she wasn't buying the lame come-on lines. Finally, she came back to me.

"Those guys should get a life," she said. "Besides, don't they realize I'm with my good looking neighbor and wouldn't want that to change?" I felt flattered to hear such a remark.

Lita and I had some drinks and then decided to go up stairs where it was more quiet. In one of the bedrooms, we saw a couple making out. In another bedroom, another couple was getting it on. Lita nudged my shoulder. "They have the right idea. Doesn't it get you in the mood to do more than just stand around?"

Before I could ask exactly what she had in mind, she took me by the arm and led me into the bathroom, locking the door behind us. She held me close to her hot body and kissed me hard on the lips. I grabbed her and kissed her back, letting my tongue get better acquainted with hers.

I had her backed up against the wall, my cock swelling, poking into her crotch. I couldn't believe this was happening to a plain Joe like me: going to a party (sometimes I hated) and ending up getting the girl!

Lita groped for my zipper and pulled it down so she could get up close and personal with my cock. She took it in hand, rubbing the tip over her leather skirt, capturing my precum blobs on her fingers, then eating them from her finger! We heard someone try the door, but Lita yelled, "It's occupied, come back in half an hour!"

The person yelled through it, "Go for it!" and Lita had every intention of doing just that. It felt wonderful to have her fingers encircled around my shaft, rubbing it like she was petting a kitten. It was kind of exciting to be fooling around at a party while there must have been fifty people downstairs. Maybe that's what inspired her to do such a fantastic job of giving head, working me over with great glee and skill, tongue lashing at ever inch of my cock,sucking on it until I was sure I was about to blow my load.

"Don't cum yet," she said softly, ceasing the blow-job. " I need you to cum somewhere else in my body, Three guesses!"

She removed her clothing and got on the floor. Thankfully, it was a medium-sized bathroom. giving us plenty of room for fucking. Lita's pussy presented a most inviting target as I bought my pole down to her opening, pumping it inside while she sighed like an angle.

The moment the fucking began, she heaved and gyrated like she hadn't been screwed for months; all of her sexual intensity had been saved for that moment. She joined her ankles together around my back, making for a neater package, every thrust heightening the pleasure until we were fucking like animals-- all out slam banging at it's very best!

As her pussy got wetter, it made for smoother fuck until my cock coughed up white wads, splattering her clitoris with a barrage of discharge. Lita followed suit with some fireworks of her own, her liquid potion meshed with mine. I came until her pussy couldn't siphon out another droplet of cream, and some of the juice oozed out from her pussy.

"You're so good," she told me, as I lay beside her, my cock remaining hard for another moment or two until it went limp. She bent down and suck our combined juice off my cock. Making sure she got all there was left.
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