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Pass or Fail

Fuck me Teach. Put that big dick in this tight pussy fuck me as deep as you can
Here I was in my senior year in high school sitting in a freshman algebra course. I failed it my first year and waited way too long to get it over with. The only thing I liked about the class was the fact that I had the same teacher from my freshman year, who really wanted me to pass this time. His name was Mr. James, he was tall & muscular with the smoothest, deepest voice a man could have. Imagine Rick Fox, only ten times better.

One Thursday Mr. James was pasing back papers. He stopped by my desk to tell me he wanted to speak with me about my grade after school. "Cassandra, your grades are beginning to fall. I would like you to come in so we can discuss how to bring them back up." I wasn't sure but I could have sworn his eyes had strayed from mine down to the little bit of cleavage I was showing that day. I responded telling him I would be there right after school.


I walked into Mr. James' classroom and the lights were off. I figured he must be in his office. I headed towards the back of the room to the door that led into his office. One knock. Two. Three.

"yes, come in. " his voice was like chocolate. I thought to myself that it would be so sexy to have him whisper in my ear after...

"come in." this time I actually walked in & shook the quick fantasy I had of my teacher & I. "Hello Cassandra, I'm glad to see you came" he flashed a beautiful white smile. It was not right for a man this sexy to be working in a school, he should have been a model.

"well Teach, I kinda need this class to graduate."

"I know, but you're failing right now." with that said he walked over to the door and shut it then locked it. "we need to work out a plan so you can bring your F up to atleast a B in the next few weeks."

"isn't a C passing?"

"yes, but I like my students to reach for better." I knew this conversation was going to take longer than I thought so I put my bag down on the ground by his desk. As I leaned forward my breasts squeezed together. I looked up and saw my teacher eyeing them. Instantly I felt my nipples harden. I was turned on. I knew I shouldn't be but this man was just so damn fine...

I pulled a notebook out of my bag & reached across Mr. James' desk to grab a pen. He grabbed my hand and stood up bringing me with him. "now, you could do all the make up work, but I have an alternate plan in mind." He pulled me closer to him & I could feel an erection growing in his pants.

"Teach that is so wrong."

"I know," he ran a hand down to my breast and began to fondle it, "but I know you want this." he said that as a heavy whisper in my ear & that was all I needed. I looked up and kissed him passionately. As we kissed I unbuttoned his shirt and threw it across his office. He pulled my spring dress over my head & threw it behind his desk leaving me standing there in a yellow lace bra & matching thong. He stood there eyeballing my 36Cs, flat stomach, curvy hips, and round ass. I was so wet and ready to see more of his body.

I unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to his feet, then I slid off his boxers and lowered myself to my knees. In front of me was a beautiful dick about 10" long and very thick. I grabbed his balls and started to play with them while kissing up and down his shaft. I took his large head in my mouth and sucked lightly while running my free hand up and down the rest of his penis. After a while of this he began to tense up so I stopped. I wanted him to come inside of my dripping wet pussy. I needed to feel him inside me. I pulled him down to the ground and opened my legs up wide.

"Mmmmmmmm, you're so wet..." he ran the head of his dick up and down my wet slit.

"Fuck me Teach. Put that big dick in this tight pussy & fuck me as deep as you can" with that he slid his dick in halfway. It was so big. He stretched my pussy open wide with each stroke. He then pushed in as deep as he could get & started a rythm. "Damn Cassandra you're so tight" I squeezed my pussy around his dick and began to match his stroke. This man was driving me crazy putting hickeys on my neck as he rammed his massive dick into my sopping wet pussy. I felt him tense up. He was going to come & so was I.

"ahhh Mr. James. Get your nut. Come all in my hot pussy. That's right fuck this hole its all yours. Push that big dick in as far as you can and fuck me. Mmmmmmmm just like that, fuck me teach. Fuck me harder!" with that he came. I tighted my walls around his dick and came with him. His juices leaked out of my pussy along with my own.

"damn, that was so good Cassandra. You have an A. A plus." I got up to put my dress back on. "why don't you stop in tomorrow so we can talk about your letter of recommendation?"

I turned around and smiled. This man knew what he wanted and had no problems putting it out there. I was ok with that though because I wanted the same thing. He picked my yellow thong up off the floor & asked if I wanted them. I walked over and kissed him full on the lips, "no, you keep those."
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