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Passing Time in Detention

A young male student passes his time in dentention by seducing his teacher
James walked into his class, as usual, about ten minutes late. His shirt hanging out and his tie was untidy, he personally could not care less. He entered the classroom and made his way to the back without making any apologies. The teacher which he had not taken any notice of, frowned. “Excuse me,” she said in a quite voice. James ignored her. “HEY!” yelled the teacher. James turned. “Yea?”.

“Detention, this afternoon,” the teacher replied. James had not really noticed that this teacher was quite a pretty one even though she tried to cover it up. James did not really care, a detention was part of his day, another hour and a half on top of the eight hour day he already had. James took his place at the back of the class and spent the afternoon daydreaming his way though the long day.

The end of school arrived and James made his way to the classroom where the teacher, Miss Walst was seated at the front of the classroom. James was late again and made his way to the back of the classroom. James looked around, it seemed as if it was going to be just him and the teacher. “Right then James, for the next hour and a half I want you to sit there and be quiet for the whole time.” James sighed, another one of ‘those’ detentions.

After about twenty minutes James had one of those stirrings in his cock. He cold not tell why. He wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular. James kept looking around and hoped that the teacher did not notice. The thing is that the more he tried to stop getting larger, the bigger he got. Miss Walst meanwhile looked up from the books that she was marking, and looked at James. She suddenly noticed the tent that was forming in his trousers. It was getting larger and larger all the time and Miss Walst or "Jenny" as she was known to friends, could not keep her eyes off the tent. James on the other hand was trying to ignore his cock by looking out of the window.

Jenny got up and walked over to the table in front of James and moved the chairs out of the way. She the put her feet up on the chair. James stopped looking out of the window and moved to looking to the nicest teacher he had seen in a long time. James looked at Jenny, she was wearing a long light brown skirt that flowed, on top of that a slightly see though white blouse. James on the other hand was wearing a blazer, shirt tie and black trousers. As James looked up at Jenny, their eyes met. Jenny’s wickedness stirred inside of her. Her hands went down to the bottom of her long skirt, James’ eyes followed her hands.

She took the base of the skirt and raised it a little, very slowly. James’ eyes opened slightly wider as he was pleased at what he saw. Jenny’s legs were, to put it simply, lush. They were just the right proportions for her body. They were also slightly tanned without a trace of hair on her. It took a couple of minutes for Jenny to pull her skirt up to her thighs, it was just enough to tempt James and get him to a higher state of arousal.

James got up and moved over to Jenny hoping to kiss and lick those lovely shapely legs, but Jenny had another plan. She dropped the skirt, covering her legs. She got up and moved to James. They kissed passionately, their tongues tangled and fought with each other as their saliva mixed. James her her in his arms and could feel her erected nipples against his chest. Jenny on the other hand, could feel James’ hard cock fighting to free itself from his underwear and trousers. One of Jenny’s hands moved down his back to his ass while the other moved to his hard cock where it grasped around it making James shudder with pleasure.

Jenny opened the buttons on of his shirt slightly and kissed him lightly on his chest. She then moved to where her hand had already explored, his hard cock sticking out proud. She knelt on the floor and undid James’ zipper and went inside his trousers with her hand. Jenny felt that he was wearing boxer shorts and went straight for the buttons that held his fly together. Jenny undid them and reached for his hard cock, it took a while to drag it from James’ underwear, but Jenny was quite amazed at its size, not that she had really thought about it before. Jenny licked the hard erect cock that was in front of her. She had never really gone for this sort of thing but with James it all came naturally.

Jenny licked the head of his cock whilst James leaned back on the table behind him and enjoyed the sensation he was getting. Jenny licked James’ cock all over making it slippery and shiny. After a few minutes of this she started kissing the head of his rigid cock, the suddenly she swallowed a couple of inches of James’ cock, he gasped with pleasure and looked at Jenny’s taking his large cock in her mouth. Jenny worked all around the large shaft in her mouth, while all James could do was lean back and try and last as long as possible, as worked him further towards his climax. Jenny worked James more and more, feeling his balls.

Jenny could soon feel James tensing, and she new he was close. As if almost on cue James groaned and said “I’m cumming…..ggggg.”

“It’s OK baby, I’ll swallow your lovely cum,” Jenny knew that talking dirty would push him over the edge. James looked up and moaned again Jenny knew this would be the first time she would tasted cum and this prospect excited her even more. James, cum shot out in powerful spurts. Jenny just managed to keep up with the young man who was spurting cum rapidly down her throat.

His load spent, James’ cock started to go limp. Jenny on the other hand was starting to get quite wet, and she was happy to stand up and guide James’ hand to her cunt under her skirt. James took the hint and pulled her panties to one side then started to finger her clit. He rolled it between his fingers which drove her crazy. As James worked his fingers, Jenny got wetter and wetter and got more enraged with lust for James’ cock to be inside her.

James got Jenny to lie back on the desk so that his fingers could do more of the work. Suddenly James stopped and Jenny looked up thinking that she had done something wrong. She started to get up and then felt something penetrate her pussy lips. James had his tongue out and was lapping at the cunt fluids that she was producing. With his tongue, James managed to take to a higher level of pleasure and Jenny knew that she would soon cum. James could also sense this and stopped much to the moaning from his teacher.

Jenny stood up with the help of James giving her a hand. James went straight to her blouse buttons which until now had not been touched. James undid the blouse and threw it on the floor. James looked at her lovely tits in a white lacy bra. He could not wait to lick, suck and caress those shapely breasts. James kissed the top of Jenny’s bosom which started to get more and more aroused again. James too was getting larger, and Jenny’s nipples were standing out like pencil erasers, clearly fighting to be free of their captive bra. James was quite happy to free the little buggers, and then proceeded to kiss the nipples. He suck and twisted her nipples which quickly got her cunt enraged in fire. Jenny now with out blouse, and bra and James attached to her ample left tit, undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Jenny now only with panties on, took James off her tit and looked at her pupil who was partially dressed with his cock half erect out of his trousers. James looked back at her. He loved what he saw, there were advantages to detentions. James chuckled to himself and took what was left of his clothes off.

Jenny could not wait to get his hard cock in her pussy, but James was not going to make it that simple. Jenny climbed on the desk, her pussy was on fire and she had so much sexual lust she was just about willing to do anything. Jenny laid back and opened her legs. James finished undressing and looked at his teacher who was waiting on his desk, legs wide apart waiting for his cock to pleasure her. James held his cock in hand and moved in for the kill. He pushed his cock to her pussy lips and slightly partly the, she sighed “Get it in, pleeeeaaaassseeee!”, but James was just starting to have fun.

“Come on, put it in pleaaassseeeee!” Jenny was starting to get annoyed with James.

“You really want it don’t you?” James teased her

“Just put it in will you, what do I have to do….beg?” That got James thinking, he was just about to answer when Jenny butted in and said in a very forceful manner; “Look if you don’t get your big hard cock in my tight, hot pussy right now I will never ever give you a detention again.” With that James was won over, and stuck his head of his cock into her pussy. He only put the head f his cock in, but this was enough to make Jenny gasp with pleasure. They kissed, their tongues again tussled with each others as their saliva mixed. James moved to a nipple as he pushed into her cunt further. Jenny squirmed with pleasure, and humped back getting James’ cock further into her cunt. James started to work his cock into her pussy, as Jenny laid back on the table. James watched her face in pleasure as he pushed into her deeper. Jenny looked to put it simply wonderfully beautiful. Her breasts were firm when she laid down the same as when she stood. James took one more push and was all the way into her cunt. Jenny was in heaven, and James was not far behind her. He started to pump her pussy slowly, at the same time Jenny happily humped her pussy back, meeting James’ every thrust. James held her legs apart to get better access. He kept stroking her body, he stroked her breasts and armpits taking her teacher to a higher pleasure. James grabbed her breasts which he rolled between his fingers.

James took her legs and put them together, holding them up high whilst slamming his body into hers. The sweat was starting on both their bodies but both James and Jenny were concentrating on the job at hand. Jenny started crying out in pleasure, “fuck me baby, fuck meeeeeeee.” She was whispering it under breath, but it was loud enough for James to hear.

James was getting close to cumming and for that reason James made Jenny change position again. This time Jenny moved onto all fours on the desk. James took his position behind her and entered rapidly. Jenny gasped with pleasure as he entered her up to the hilt in one, quick thrust. James reached under and grasped Jenny’s nipples. James started to pump Jenny working her just as jenny liked it. Both were close to their climax, James was just starting to think about his closeness to cumming when Jenny screamed with pleasure and came. James felt her tight cunt trying to grasp and pull his cock deeper into her cunt. This sensual feeling took James over the top. He came again and again in his teacher’s cunt filling it, he had never had an orgasm like that one before.

Jenny had finished cumming and soon James was shrinking back to his original size. Jenny picked up her panties from the floor , as she pulled them up James could see cum starting to leak from her pussy. Jenny wiped her finger in it, bought it to her mouth, looked to James and said,“now don’t ever be so rude or late to class again or you will have to have another detention!”

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