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Passion in the Vault

I was 22, fresh out of college, and had my first supervisor position at a local bank. I admit, it was a pretty cush job, as the hand-full of tellers I was in charge of were older ladies with plenty of experience and took care of their money pretty well. After a few months a new teller was hired, by the name of Vanessa. She was in her late 30s, a single mom of 2, and Puerto Rican.

At first, I wasn’t extremely attracted to Vanessa. I’d been around some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in college, so I hadn’t really thought about an older (to me) woman. But working in a professional environment, usually filled with older women (not many attractive) can make your mind start to wander after a while.

It’s not that Vanessa wasn’t attractive. She had a simple look to her; fine facial features. She was petite, about 5’2” at the most, and pretty thin. She had A cups up top but a nice full ass. You couldn’t really notice her ass that often because of the conservative dress code of the bank. Being latin, she had beautiful tanned skin, dark hair and chocolate eyes. And then there was the accent…

A couple weeks after Vanessa started, she ended up being a couple hundred dollars short in her cash drawer. Following protocol, I had her close her drawer and I audited the cash and reviewed her transactions, but unfortunately, nothing could explain the different.

“I’m so sorry Jay,” Vanessa told me in her lovely accent. “I must have been distracted. That has happened a lot lately.”

“It’s okay,” I told her. “We’ll work on your accuracy and I’ll teach you a couple tips on how to stay in balance throughout the day.”

I’m not one to bear down on someone when they know they’ve screwed up, but I care about my employees and was curious about her “distraction”.

The bank was finally closed and Vanessa and I were the last employees. I accompanied her to the vault to store her cash for the evening. “So tell me about your distractions?” I told her.

“It’s really nothing… actually it’s dumb,” she replied.

I continued, “I know some things can sound dumb in your head, but often it helps to just voice them; to talk to someone else about them.”

She thought about it for a moment, then said, “Well, you know I’m a single mom. I take care of my kids, send them to school, make dinner for them and pick them up from after-school care or a friend’s house everyday. I don’t have any time for myself or even a boyfriend because I’m always tired, or tense. I just need a good fuck!”

Whoa! I thought to myself. This is rather blunt, but I wasn’t going to be a prude about it; after all, I asked what was wrong.

She must have noticed my facial reaction because her delicate face turned a dark shade of red due to her embarrassment.

“I’m sorry Jay, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No Vanessa, I’m sorry I reacted the way I did; I didn’t mean to. Everybody has needs. I sometimes have those needs too. I don’t have a girlfriend so it’s not like I can just go home and fuck whenever I want either.”

This brought a sheepish smile to her face.

“Thank you for understanding.” She replied and gave me an unexpected embrace. I could fell her relief from what had been distracting her and the fact that I didn’t report her for her cash difference. The embrace lingered as we stood in the vault and soon our lips met, as our bodies press against each other. I could feel something stirring in my pants.

“Wait, not here.” I told her. “There are cameras in the vault.”

I closed the vault and set the timers for the following day, then I led Vanessa to the Safe Deposit Box room that was secluded and had no cameras, but it did have a small desk and chair.

As we entered the small room, we continued our passionate embrace, our lips and tongues exploring each other’s mouths. She tasted of mint. My hands began to roam, grabbing her apple-bottom ass and starting to untuck her blouse. As I continued to kiss her, my mouth was working down her neck and I could smell her subtle perfume. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, then unhooked her bra clasp and let it drop to the floor, revealing her small but youthful breasts. Her areolas were dark but she had long nipples that were very excited.

My mouth was drawn to her right nipple. Vanessa moaned as I gently tugged her nipple with my teeth. By this time she had removed my shirt and unzipping my pants. I sucked on her left nipple while massaging her right tit, and now Vanessa was pulling my excited member out of my boxer-briefs. It may have been a long time since she had fucked, but Vanessa quickly remembered how to handle a cock. She slowly jerked it as she spread the pre-cum on the head. She then dropped to her knees and softly blew on the engorged head, still jerking it off. She moved her head closer to my sack then licked my shaft from the base all the way to the head and lightly tongued the slit. Vanessa knew what she wanted. Then in one swift move, all 6” of my shaft disappeared into her mouth; completely deep-throated me.

Vanessa continued to suck my cock furiously, grabbing my ass attempting to shove my dick further down her throat. I could feel an orgasm approaching but I didn’t want to end it yet.

“Pull up your skirt and sit on the desk, on the edge.” I told her.

She did, and I could see the only thing between me and her pussy was a velvety blue thong. It was my turn to be on my knees, so I dropped and moved the panties to the side and to my surprise Vanessa had a nicely trimmed bush with dark, shaved lips. I’ve always enjoyed eating pussy and even in college girls were amazed at my skill. I enthusiastically lapped the lips tasting sweetness and a little musk from being trapped all day in those sexy panties. Once she was nice and wet I stuck my index finger in her hot box. She shuddered for a moment then continued bucking her hips toward me.

I took that as a sign of satisfaction so I began pumping my finger in and out while licking the top of her swollen pussy lips and sucking her clit. Soon she was bucking her hips furiously as I could feel her inner walls constricting my finger and her sweet juice flowed down my hand.

“I need to feel your dick in me.” Vanessa told me.

I got up off my knees and sat back on the chair. Vanessa got of the desk, hiked up her skirt again, straddled me, and slowly lowered herself onto my longing cock. She just sat, impaled, immobile. Her wet warmth engulfed my rock hard cock. She began bouncing up and down on my dick while I rubbed her clit and sucked her hard nipples. We had a perfect rhythm, as she descended I would come up and meet her, our most precious body parts would meet and excite us to an other-worldly experience.

Soon I could feel her pussy clenching my cock as she whimpered in delight. This finally pushed me over the edge and I shot my hot load of jizz deep into her love canal; spurt after spurt.

We sat motionless, our naked torsos embraced and our loins joined, for what seemed like an eternity. Neither of us was sure of what led to this point but we knew we liked the journey and it would not be the last time.

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