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Passionate Danger
ArtMan & Kim

Passionate Danger

Contributing Authors: Kim 
Chuck's long lost high school crush re-enters his life.
This story is a collaborative work between Kim and myself.

Thousands of evil thoughts raced through her mind, as she stared at Ben’s phone bill. He was at it again, and Samantha was sure of it. You would think that with his military research job, he would want to avoid the limelight. Ben, an attention whore, could not keep a secret to save his life. She knew all about the top secret medical research he was doing with a blonde-haired woman. Research was probably not all he was doing with the bitch. Sammi crumpled the bill in her hand. When would she learn? Once a cheater, always a cheater.

The first time it happened, he swore it would never happen again. The second time, he said it did not count, as phone sex is not real sex. When she brought up the fact that he had fucked the woman in the ass, Ben had the nerve to tell her that he could have fucked her pussy instead. Sammi’s heart broke that day, which coincidentally was the only time she tried to file for a divorce. But, Ben was a smooth talker, and when smooth talking did not work, threats did. Needing to hear the voice of someone who truly cared for her, she called her best friend, Gina. The only shining light in her life; Gina listened without judging.

“Hey, girl. What’s up?” Gina said.

“He’s at it again, Gina. I found his cell phone bill,” Sammi said, sadly.

“Oh, honey,” Gina lamented.

Gina listened to her friend cry. She never liked Ben and repeatedly told Sammi about it. Far too suave and insincere, he was too much of a player for innocent, trusting Sammi. He even had the balls to hit on her, but Gina would sooner die than to tell Sammi about that event. Each time she heard about a new hurt from Sammi, she hated Ben even more. She once even thought about talking to her Uncle Gino about putting a contract out on him. She loved Sammi with all her heart, and what that woman truly needed to do was dump that STD carrier she was married to and get with her cousin, Chuck, who had wanted her since high school.

“We haven’t had sex in over a year, Gina. He would rather stroke his dick and talk on the phone to some whore, than to make love to me. What’s wrong with me?” Sammi cried.

“Absolutely nothing. Does he know that you’re home from visiting your mom?” Gina asked.

“No,” she replied.

“Okay. Pack a bag and come over here. Don’t let him know that you’re home. We’re gonna talk to Uncle Gino. He loves you like his own. You’re family. He’ll know what to do,” Gina said, heatedly.

“What can he do?” Sammi asked, dully.

“He’ll send Chuck to bug your house and get the evidence you need to send that fucker on his way, broke and ruined,” Gina answered.

Sammi’s stomach fluttered at the mention of Gina’s cousin’s name. They had gone to school together, but he never gave her a second look. A star football player, Chuck would have never wanted to be with a book worm. Even though she had changed quite a bit since high school, Sammi was still insecure and living every day with a husband that cared very little about her did not help. With her self-esteem in the gutter, she grabbed her unpacked bag and headed over to Gina’s condo. After getting her settled in the guest bedroom, they headed over to Uncle Gino’s.

“Uncle Gino,” Gina said, running up to hug her favorite uncle’s neck.

“Ah, my lovely niece comes to see her uncle today. And she brings me sweet Sammi, as well,” Uncle Gino commented; voice thick with a New Jersey accent.

After asking about the family, Gina got down to business and said, “Uncle Gino, we need a favor.”

“I’m listening,” he answered.

“You know the history with Sammi’s husband, so I won’t go into it again. He is hurting her again, Uncle Gino. Ben has taken up with another whore, named Melody. We need evidence for a divorce,” Gina said.

Gino listened to his niece do all the talking. Glancing over at Sammi, he noticed that the small woman was withdrawn and quiet, not that she did much talking anyway. He loved Sammi, as much as Gina, but Gina was strong. Sammi needed a strong man to love her. His sharp, shrewd mind came up with a plan that would take care of her husband and hopefully, get his nephew back in the dating scene.

“Gina, Gina, Gina, I’ve heard enough. I will grant this favor in return for one that I will collect later,” he said gently.

Hearing this, Sammi’s head flew up, and she cried, “But, Uncle Gino, I have nothing that you would want!”

“My sweet Sammi, you have more than you know. Here’s what you will do. I want you to meet with Chuck at your house. Make sure it is empty. Tell him where you want the devices,” he said, knowing that even though Chuck knew his job inside and out, he would not disobey his uncle’s wishes.

After a phone call, Gino sent Sammi back to her house to wait for Chuck. The house was still deserted, as she left it earlier. Sammi knew that Ben was at work and would not be home for a while. Precisely at the time Uncle Gino had told her, a white van parked down the street, and a tall, tanned man wearing khaki’s and a blue polo walked up to her.

Even though she had seen him several times at Gina’s, they rarely spoke, which was not unusual since Chuck often watched. But he was able to hold a conversation and frequently talked with other guys about football. Sammi caught herself more than once staring at him. He was still as handsome, as he was in high school. Six feet tall and very fit, he had the most vivid blue blues and thick black hair.

“Hey, Samantha, you ready to get to work?” Chuck asked her; his voice soft and southern accented.

“Call me Sammi. Ben’s the only one who calls me Samantha. He says Sammi makes me sound like a dyke,” she said, as she led him into her house.

Sammi wondered why Uncle Gino had sent her with him. It was obvious that he needed no help. He worked silently and efficiently, and after about an hour, he was just about finished, when they heard a car pull up. He grabbed her and ducked into the nearest closet, which happened to be a super small hall closet. With the door closed, it was dark and cramped. The only way to know what was going on outside the closet was to listen. His big body was pressed tightly against her back, making it very hard to hear anything.

Chuck did enjoy Sammi’s body pressed tightly against his as they hid out in the closet. In fact, Chuck realized he might enjoy this too much and was worried he might develop an embarrassing erection that would press into Sammi’s back, so he tried to concentrate on the footsteps he now heard creaking through the house.

Voices echoed down the hallway and footsteps could be heard coming closer. Chuck activated the surveillance system with the remote device he had in his pocket, just in case this was something that they needed to document to support Sammi’s case against her cheating husband. One pair of footsteps crept carefully through the house. They could hear the footsteps stop at each doorway, as if someone were checking to see if anyone was in the house.

“It’s all clear,” shouted Sammi’s husband, Ben.

Sammi let out a sudden grunt of disgust.

“Shhhh,” whispered Chuck calmly into her ear.

The soft warmth of Chuck’s breath sent a tingle down Sammi’s spine. In fact, she felt very naughty, as she found herself somewhat aroused by it, causing her to start dwelling on the fact that Chuck’s body was pressed firmly against her. His strong hand now rested on the top of her right shoulder, and his other hand had reached around her to hold the closet door firm and silent. Sammi thought to herself that she felt like a teenage girl on a first date with a really cute and sexy boy. She had not had a feeling like that in years.

Chuck listened intently at the voices that by then had settled in the nearby living room. He distinctly heard the man’s voice, along with a female voice. The sounds of shuffling about echoed down the hallway to their closet hideaway. Very soon, they could make out the faint and rhythmic panting noises of a female engaged in sexual intercourse.

Sammi tensed, as she could feel the anger building inside her. Just then, she felt Chuck’s comforting hand squeeze against her right shoulder, as his left hand slid down and came to rest on her side just above her waist. The anger inside her bloomed into arousal, as his touches sent lustful tingling sensations throughout her body. Just then, Chuck’s voice whispered softly in her ear.

“Don’t let it bother you,” he whispered, “I activated the system, and we are recording the evidence you need to get this bastard out of your life.”

Chuck’s soft warm voice in her ear intensified her feelings of arousal, as well as reassured her. She felt safe and secure with his arms around her, and his body pressed so tightly against hers. It felt so right.

By this time, the rhythmic panting coming from the living room was accompanied by the sound of the couch springs bouncing. The sound of sex always aroused Chuck. The fact that he was pressed so tightly against Sammi, the girl he had pinned for in high school and still was just as sexy and attractive as ever, intensified that arousal beyond control. He could feel his erection growing and knew he could not stop it. His penis grew hard, engorging with blood, tingling pleasurably, as it expanded into Sammi’s back.

Sammi could distinctly feel Chuck’s cock growing erect against her back and liked it. Deeply aroused, she felt herself growing wetter by the second. Sammi pressed her back tighter against Chuck feeling his cock pressed against her tightly. Her mind raced, and she thought to herself that Chuck’s growing cock felt surprisingly large. Her arousal was getting the best of her, and she slowly began to rock from side to side grinding her back against Chuck’s cock.

Sammi could not tell if his very obvious erection was from the sounds of sex or her. So, testing the water a bit, she rolled her hips; grinding her soft ass against the iron rod in his khakis. She knew that she was playing with fire when Chuck growled. He leaned his head forward, burying his face in her strawberry scented hair. The hand resting on her ribs slid upward and cupped her breast, and instantly her nipples went rock hard.

Sammi sighed softly, as his long fingers gently pulled on her bud. She put her hand over his; mashing her breast; trying to get him to be rougher. Chuck's ragged breathing echoed loudly in her ear. Never would she have dreamt that she would be stuck in a closet with the man she had been in love with since high school.

Their foreplay was interrupted, when Ben and Melody raced past the closet and into the bedroom, slamming the door shut. Taking advantage of the situation, Chuck eased the door open. After checking to see if the coast was clear, he grabbed Sammi's hand, and they fled out the nearest door.

Both man and woman walked silently back to his van. She wished that she had the nerve to be as bold as she was in the closet. He wished for nothing more than to bury himself deep in her body. Chuck could tell, just by her reaction, that Sammi had not had sex in a long time. If either of them had been paying attention, they would have notice Ben watching them walk away, anger in his eyes.

"Let's get you back to Gina's," Chuck said, quietly.

"Chuck,about what happened in the closet," Sammi started.

"Shh," he answered, enigmatically.

He dropped her off at the curb and made sure that she got inside safely. Then, he headed home, mind clouded by lust for her. Nothing he did made her get out of his head, even his cock would not cooperate. It had been hours since he had dropped her off, and his dick was still half erect and tingling. He thought the only way to get her out of his mind so he could sleep would entail him going back over to his cousin's and telling her to quit torturing him. That idea sounded idiotic, even to him, but he was desperate.

The drive felt like it lasted forever, but finally he arrived at his destination. Springing up the front stairs, he rode the elevator to Gina's penthouse. Rapping on the door loudly, Chuck waited. Seconds later, Gina answered.

"What the hell, Chuck. Don't ya think its a bit late for a visit?" Gina snarled.

"Shut up. Where's Sammi?" he asked.

"Most likely in her room," she replied, pointing to a closed door.

Chuck shoved his way past Gina and hurried to the door. Gina watched her cousin. Smirking, she thought he had the look of a man about to satisfy a pent up need. With a short laugh, Gina grabbed her earphones and went to her room. Not bothering to knock, Chuck barged into Sammi's room and stopped dead in his tracks. Having just got out of the shower, Sammi, dressed only in a short towel, was bent over rubbing her hair dry.

"Oh dear God. Dammit, what have you done to me?" he whispered, stalking ever closer to the wide eyed woman.

"Chuck!" exclaimed a surprised Sammi, "What are you doing here?"

"What have you done to me?" Chuck whispered again.

Sammi, holding her towel tightly around her exhaled, and asked, "What on earth do you mean, Chuck?"

"After all these years, you pop back into my life," answered Chuck, "You have always known about my feelings for you."

"Chuck?" Sammi queried, but could not finish her words, or her thought.

"I am not letting you get away this time,” Chuck authoritatively said, "Hell; I've been walking around with a hard on all afternoon, since we left your house."

Sammi snickered and smiled, and then looked at Chuck's crotch. Her wide eyes then froze in place.

"Oh, my God. Chuck, you're not lying," she whispered.

"My hair is not even dry," said Sammi, hesitantly, "it's a mess really."

Her voice trailed off, as again her eyes met Chuck's.

"You're totally gorgeous, totally sexy," said Chuck, in a low seductive voice.

Sammi just stood and stared into his eyes and let go of the towel allowing it to fall seductively to the floor. Chuck hungrily gazed upon Sammi's sexy naked body. Sammi saw the growing protrusion in Chuck's pants expand further forward.

Her pouty lips rubbed together erotically, and she said, "Well I am naked. What are you gonna do about it?"

She stood there quaking inside; all along berating herself for being so forward. As much as she wanted to grab her towel and run away, she stood her ground and watched his reaction. Chuck’s pupils were dilated to the point where his blue eyes were black. His nostrils flared like a stallion in heat. Sammi could see the tendons in his clenched fists and the tic in his jaw. For a heartbeat, time stopped.

Her body shivered, as he stalked toward her. Unsure of his intentions, she flinched when he grabbed her upper arms and pulled her naked body close to his. He walked her backwards, until her legs bumped into the bed. Pushing her back, Chuck planted his arms on either side of her body, caging her. The muscles in his arms flexed, as he lowered his torso enough to allow his lips to touch hers.

Sammi had not realized that she was holding her breath until it left her body in a sudden rush. His lips were soft and warm, and he tasted of mint. Her mouth tingled, as he teased her lips with light brushes and delicate flicks of his tongue. She gasped when he nipped her bottom lip, and that is when he took advantage of the situation and deepened the kiss.

His tongue darted into her warm mouth, in search of her tongue. Sammi’s body hummed with need, as he demonstrated with his mouth what he would soon do to her body. His body was tense, and he was breathless, when he broke the kiss. His cock was rock hard. In fact, he could swear that he had never been this hard, ever.

He ground his erection against her naked pussy, the stiff material of his pants abrading her tender, pink flesh. Sammi moaned, arching upward. She needed to touch him, not his clothed body, but his naked skin. She slid her hands under his shirt and glided them up his back. This time he shivered. He pulled his body upright and shrugged off his shirt.

Her eyes devoured his body, and she trailed her fingertips down his smooth chest, stopping at the top of his pants. Nimble fingers quickly unfastened his khakis and had them open. Sammi’s hungry eyes widened, as his fat plum shaped cock head emerged. As she traced the contour of his glans, a small drop of pearly pre cum emerged and slid down. His whole body was rigid, as she captured the drop, and when she licked her finger, Chuck’s control snapped.

He ripped open his pants and yanked them off, before jerking her up to him for another scorching kiss. This kiss was different. No longer gentle and teasing, his mouth invaded hers. Sammi wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. His hands roamed over her plump ass cheeks and pulling her groin against his. His cock separated her pussy folds and rubbed against her puffy clit, sending sharp waves of pleasure throughout her body. Sammi’s head dropped back, as she groaned softly.

Chuck laid her body back against the bed, and then leaned down to capture her rosy nipple in his mouth. Her body trembled, as he sucked her erect nub, swirling his tongue around it. Not wanting her other nipple to feel neglected, he cupped her breast and rolled it between his fingers; pinching and tugged lightly. Sammi could barely breathe. It had been so long that it would not take much to make her explode.

Chuck kissed his way down her chest to her belly. Stopping to rub his face over her baby smooth skin, he flicked his tongue inside her nipple. Sammi’s already soaked pussy gushed. He kissed lower, tongue laving the crease of her inner thigh and hip. He could smell her arousal. Turning his head slightly, he nosed her right pussy lip, before dragging his tongue up the closed seam of her flushed, hairless labia. Taking his time, he leisurely searched for her pulsing clit, and when he found it, Chuck showed no mercy.

He wrapped his lips around her entire pearl and sucked it into his mouth. Using his tongue, he pushed her hood back and licked her bare pebble. Sammi dug her heels into the mattress and pushed her hips up. Panting, she grabbed his head and pulled him closer. She felt his thick middle finger push its way into her sobbing hole. Plunging in and out, he sucked her clit in time with the movement of his fingers; sending her over the edge.

“Don’t stop! Please…don’t stop!” she begged.

He pushed another finger in her pussy and finger fucked her roughly. Wet, sucking sounds filled the air, as she rode his fingers. His cock oozed copious amounts of pre cum. He wanted nothing more than to plunge into her wet cunt, but held off for the moment. He could tell by her movements and gasps that she was almost there. Pressing his little finger against her tightly clenched anus, Chuck bit down lightly on the base of her clit and sucked hard.

“I’m cumming!” Sammi screamed.

Chuck felt Sammi’s thigh muscles tighten, as her legs clenched around his neck. He pulled his head back and found himself mesmerized, as he watched her face contort and her sexy, pouty lips quiver. He was ecstatic watching Sammi writhe in orgasm. It felt amazingly awesome to know that after all those years he had finally made the object of his desires climax.

Sammi caught her breath and returned her attention to Chuck. A mischievous smile curled up at the edge of her mouth, and she purred like a kitten as she crawled down Chuck’s toned muscular body.

She arrived at Chuck’s erect cock and playfully stroked it with her fingers, making Chuck moan in pleasure. Her wet sumptuous lips kissed the round soft head of his cock, and her tongue began to slowly flick at it. Sammi, then with the very end of her wet warm tongue, slowly licked down his thick pulsating shaft, stopped teasingly at his balls and then allowed her tongue to further explore its way down his balls and press hard at the base of Chucks’ scrotum. Sammi reveled in the erotic musty smell that titillated her sensuously aroused olfactory senses.

Chuck felt temporarily helpless and overcome with arousal, disarmed and willing, his manhood completely available to the woman he had so passionately lusted for; his heightened aroused senses so keen and absorbing of her sensuous tongue. Sammi held his thick swollen cock in her hand as she continued to press her tongue hard against his exposed scrotum. Chuck marveled at her skill, yet was disappointed that it had been with someone else that she lived her experiences.

She then slowly started to kiss her way up Chuck’s body as her fingers roamed exploring the feel of his hard muscles. They peered intently into each other’s eyes never wavering as she made her way slowly up his body until she was again kissing his mouth, probing inside with her tongue.

Sammi lifted her hips up and took Chuck’s hardened cock in her hand holding it against her wet pussy lips. She slowly let the head of his hot swollen penis part her moist labia and she lowered herself onto him taking his thick hard cock inside her soaking wet cunt. She tingled all over as she felt his thick cock penetrate her. She had so often wondered how it would feel to have Chuck inside her and her fantasy finally had come true.

She began to grind on Chuck’s torso, pushing down on him hard feeling his body against her pulsing clit. She felt beads of perspiration sliding between her breasts before they began to drip off of her onto Chuck’s chest and stomach. She looked upon his face, his eyes staring at her, his lips curled at the ends and felt satisfied that she was providing him with immense pleasure.

Chuck still could not believe his eyes. This was Sammi sitting on him riding him, her tits bouncing as she kept grinding herself onto him. He saw her wet labia spread out against his skin as she came down on him hard. As her body lifted upward, her wet shiny swollen labia cling to the shaft of his engorged cock, leaving a thick shiny trail of her wetness.

Chuck soon grabbed Sammi by the waist and held her in his tight firm grip hoisting her around until she was underneath him. She felt his torso heavy and hard between her now wide spread legs. He began to push his cock harder and faster into her. Sammi panted loudly with each thrust, her heart raced with excitement. Chuck gripped the back of her knees and pushed them backwards until they were even with her ears. She felt his cock penetrating deeper into her wet vagina, the bulbous head of Chuck's cock actually pressed against her cervix. She instinctively pressed her hand against Chuck’s chest.

“Sorry,” said Chuck realizing that her must have been pushing too deep.

He immediately adjusted his thrusts.Sammi was impressed that he so intuitively knew what to do. Chuck then began to use one free hand to finger Sammi’s clit as he continued fucking her vigorously but much to her pleasure.

“Get me from behind,” eagerly suggested Sammi between loud moans of pleasure.

“Okay,” answered Chuck.

He pulled out and picked her up by the hips and spun her body around with ease. Sammi loved the feel of being hoisted so easily by this sexy man she had known and deep down wanted for so many years. She spread her legs and pushed her ass back toward Chuck who grabbed her hips again and easily pushed his long pulsating this penis between her cunt lips and deep into her. Sammi loved being taken from behind and she immediately began to finger her clit as Chuck’s thick shaft continued thrusting into her.

Chuck grabbed Sammi’s hair and gave her a firm tug followed by a quick friendly smack on her ass cheek and she let out a little surprised yelp.

“I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t fallen asleep,“ laughed Chuck as he continued thrusting into her while still holding her hair taught in his strong hand.

“If I’m asleep,” Sammi answered, “then this must be the best dream ever.”

“Oh, God. I’m starting to cum again,” exclaimed Sammi.

“Me, too,” Chuck could barely grunt out.

His groin exploded into orgasm just as Sammi was shouting out, “Oh, fuck, yes!”

His thrusts did not stop right away, rather slowed down at a steady pace as Sammi caught her breath. Then Chuck pulled his thick cummy cock out of her soaking wet cunt. They were both a delightful mess. Sammi snuggled up to Chuck tight. They both were soon startled by a noise. Chuck watched the blood drain from Sammi’s face, and he instinctively knew what was about to happen, even before he heard Ben’s angry voice arguing with Gina.

This story to be continued...

This story is copyrighted by both Kim and ArtMan.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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