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Penny’s Other Life. CHAPTER 6 and EPILOGUE

the women get revenge, and the happy ending
Monday night came and Penny called Mr. Brown and told him she couldn't make it that evening. He complained for a while that his security staff was still after him, but he didn't threaten her with exposure. He just got her assurance that she would be back the following week.

And finally the big day came. Before her usual afternoon shift at the market, Phoebe came to the Y and knocked on Penny's door.

"Are you dressed yet?" she inquired conspiratorially.

"Not yet," replied Penny. "I'm still an official at the Y."

"I'm dressed," claimed Phoebe and she flung up her skirt and showed Penny her new revealing panties. Again that little burst of a thrill ran between Penny's legs as she caught a glimpse of Phoebe's pretty pussy through the crotchless panties.

"Calm yourself, young lady, I'll see you later."

Just after 9 o'clock, Penny crossed the parking lot of MORE4LESS, and spotted Phoebe fairly skipping around the side of the building towards the back door.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for doing this for me," Phoebe gushed. "I know what a brave thing you are doing. I know how hard it was for me the first time I took off my clothes for Mr. Brown. I'll try to make it easy for you."

"I'll be fine," assured Penny as Phoebe opened the staff door with her pass key and they proceeded to climb the stairs that led to the office. It looked different. There were now three bright lights facing them from the desk, and - Penny could not believe it - a new couch! As usual, Mr. Brown locked the door and before he disappeared behind the dazzling lights, he turned and got his first glimpse of Phoebe's guest.

"Miss Perkins! What are you doing here?"

"You remember her," cried Phoebe, "from the time she had that credit card problem! You have a great memory for names, Mr. Brown!"

"I have a great fondness for our young friend," explained Penny. "I thought I could bring myself to help her out tonight."

"Wonderful! Let's get started. Miss Perkins, you understand what I need from this photoshoot? This is going to be a lesbian scene where we start out slowly with kissing and progress from there. I'll be directing each shot, so you don't have to worry about anything. Why don't we begin with--"

But Phoebe had already begun. She was kissing Penny on the mouth before they had even taken off their coats, and Mr. Brown's commands went completely ignored as they quickly stripped each other's street clothes off and climbed onto the new couch in their lascivious lingerie.

"How do you like my dancing skirt, Mr. Brown?" cried Phoebe as she jumped up and down on the couch.

"Miss Perkins, dance with me!"

The two of them twirled around each other, spinning their minuscule skirts, grabbing opportunities to touch each other, pinch a tit or slap each other's bottom while Mr. Brown flashed his camera at whatever target he could find.

"Wonderful!" he cried. "You've never been better!"

Penny wasn't sure to whom he was addressing that remark, but she didn't care; she was lost and giddy in an ecstasy of passion for this sexy young vixen, and as they slowed their dance and came to a halt, they clung to each other, panting.

Slowly stepping back from their embrace, their eyes sent out laser beams, sweeping across each other's body, passing more rapidly over the open spaces and resting longer on the focal points of tits and nipples, ass cheeks, pussy hair and pussies. Mr. Brown's camera took the same tour and the two women knew where he was aiming and cooperated.... Penny's hand cupping Phoebe's tit, her fingers rolling her upright nipple; Phoebe unfastening the flap on Penny's bra and sucking on her nipple; Penny bent over the new couch with Phoebe nibbling on her ass; lifting each other's little beaded skirt and showing the camera the secrets of the crotchless panties.

Soon Phoebe dropped to her knees and firmly spread Penny’s legs as she lay back on the couch. Penny momentarily resisted but soon changed her mind when she saw the look in the young girl's eye -- a look of insatiable lust. Phoebe’s tongue licked its way up one thigh, then the other, getting closer and closer to the hole in the tiny panties. Penny gasped and held her breath, trembling in anticipation of the moment that her young lover would find her ultimate target. She felt her hot, damp breath on her pussy lips; she heard Phoebe stop breathing and, looking down, she saw her taking her time to inhale her sexual pheromones.

Penny could wait no longer. She grasped Phoebe’s head and forced it into her groin. It was practically a scream that came from her mouth as she felt for the first time in her life the blissful sensation of a woman's tongue flicking between her inner lips and glancing across her clitoris.

"Wonderful!" cried Penny and Mr. Brown at the same moment. "Don't stop!"

Phoebe's face was soaked with Penny's juices as she sucked and licked, and reaching up, she fondled Penny's tits, squeezing her nipples stiff. Deep, guttural sounds and high squeaks came from Penny and it wasn't long before she surrendered to her own body's wants, and with a final yell shuddered to an enormous climax.

"Bravo, you two! Phoebe, you deserve your reward for that," declared Mr. Brown, putting down his camera and unbuckling his pants. He dropped them to the floor where they bunched up around his ankles. Pushing aside his underwear, he struggled to extract his already stiff, gigantic cock.

Phoebe delightedly took it in her two hands and began to work on it, grasping it as tightly as she could, pumping it up and down with both hands and licking its bulbous end in between strokes.

"Oh, I love your cock, I love your cock," panted Phoebe. "Look, Miss Perkins, didn't I tell you he had a big one?" she boasted.

Penny was lying back on the couch taking in this erotic scene. Far from being satiated from her own orgasm, she was still highly stimulated and she rubbed her own pussy as she watched.

Seeing Mr. Brown's camera resting nearby, she picked it up and began taking pictures of the scene herself. Oh, this was fun! Being the photographer was almost as exciting as participating in the performance itself.

"I'm ready," declared Mr. Brown, and Phoebe seemed to take that as her cue. She knew immediately what to do; she dropped his rigid cock, stood up, turned around, bent over the couch, spread her legs and purred, "Come on Mr. Brown, I'm ready too. Come on, shove it in, fuck me. I know you can do it. Fuck me."

Penny was amazed as she witnessed Mr. Brown’s well rehearsed move of gripping his monster and aiming it at Phoebe's cunt. Feeling her first with his hand he grunted, "Oh my God, Phoebe, you've never been wetter," and he slowly eased his whopper into her tight crack.

Animal sounds of pleasure came from both of them as his great cock slowly disappeared deeper and deeper inside her until he was all the way in, 8, 9, 10, who knows how many inches of it.

Penny wondered how it could all fit inside, but she was now intent on getting the whole thing on film. She stood on a chair, looking over Mr. Brown’s shoulder and getting the male perspective; she took it from in front, getting both Phoebe’s and Mr. Brown’s strained facial expressions; she lay on the floor looking up and found an angle that showed her Mr. Brown's balls, swinging like a pendulum and slapping against Phoebe's thighs. The whole scene really needed a movie camera to pick up the lustful thrusting and lewd sounds.

Mr. Brown established a steady rhythm, long strokes going deep into Phoebe and coming almost all the way out. On every entry, Phoebe let out a satisfied grunt and her face showed her complete and passionate enjoyment, her teeth grinding together and her eyes clasped shut.

This continued for a long period, perhaps as much as 5 minutes, before Mr. Brown reached over towards a table beside the couch and picked up a small jar of Vaseline. He dipped his thumb into it and began to circle Phoebe's anus with it.

Penny was shocked. "You're not going to fuck her in the ass are you? You'll never fit!" she remonstrated.

"You're right, Miss Perkins, I'd never fit."

Penny could tell by the way he spoke that Mr. Brown was very proud of his penis which was, in fact, practically as wide and round as a normal person's wrist.

"But," he explained very carefully, "I'm preparing her for a surprise I have planned. You see, she knows I've been dreaming of taking pictures of her being fucked in the ass, but I knew I couldn't do it myself. So I've arranged for a close friend of mine - someone who is less well endowed - to do the honors."

"Someone else?" inquired Penny looking round and seeing no one.


He continued rubbing the Vaseline around Phoebe's asshole and then gently pushed his thumb inside her. Phoebe winced a little but continued to like what he was doing and pushed her ass back towards his thumb when he pulled it out.

"Do it some more, Mr. Brown. Fuck me in the ass!"

"Sorry Phoebe, you know I can't do that. But I think you're ready. All change!" he cried out and pulled his cock back out of Phoebe.

He then instructed Penny to take Phoebe’s place. He bent her over and spread her legs, fingering her pussy to make sure it was wet enough for his monstrous cock. He began to fill her up, pushing his way in, inch by inch. Penny was used to this by now, having been fucked many times by him, and she loved the feeling of being stuffed so full.

This time, he also began to tease her asshole with his greasy thumb, and she wondered if he was going to try the impossible and fuck her there too.

"Come on, my friend, now's your time," Mr. Brown called out, and another man suddenly appeared from behind the bright lights over the desk. He was wearing a hood over his face as he walked forward.

"My friend is a little shy," explained Mr. Brown. "Come on my friend, now's your chance. Phoebe’s good and ready."

The man came forward tentatively.

"Come on, get your pants off, man!" ordered Mr. Brown, and the man gingerly did as he was told.
"And your underwear, man. Don't keep the lady waiting!"

The underpants came off and Penny and Phoebe could see that his cock was limp and way smaller than the average man's. Mr. Brown paused in his assault on Penny's pussy, pulled out, and bending low, grabbed the man's genitals.

"Get it up, man, that's no way to approach a lady!" and he began to vigorously rub the man's cock.

Penny quickly picked up the camera again and took pictures as Mr. Brown worked. The little cock stubbornly refused to harden, so Mr. Brown knelt down and popped it into his mouth. That seemed to do the trick and the little prick began to harden.

"Now, get behind Phoebe and fuck her ass. That's what you wanted, didn't you? Here, where's my camera?"

He plunged his cock back into Penny's cunt, took the camera from her and recorded the procedures that ensued. The hooded man rubbed a little more Vaseline on himself and gently eased himself into Phoebe's asshole. She was very eager, he rather tentative. Once it was in, just the few inches of it, he began to move in and out rapidly.

Mr. Brown can only have taken a few pictures of this because in less than a minute the hooded man's movements suddenly picked up speed and he called out through his mask, "I'm cumming," and pulling out, squirted a narrow jet of sperm onto her back.

Penny felt a sickening lurch in her stomach. It wasn't a reaction to the pathetic sexual act she had just witnessed; no, it was the man's voice. She knew it! She knew that voice. Where had she heard it before?

"OK, let's call it a night," boomed Mr. Brown as he pulled out of Penny and came all over her back in great gobs of sticky white cum. He tucked his dangling truncheon back into his pants and announced, "Everybody go home. The show's over!"

The two men disappeared behind the bright lights and the two women wiped each other down, dressed and left the room. They went down the iron staircase, out the back door of the market into the night and started off across the parking lot.

"Who was that man?" wondered Penny out loud, "I'm sure I've heard that voice before."

Phoebe was thinking her own thoughts.

"You know, Miss Perkins, I like the sex, and I think you do too. But thank you so much for coming tonight; you really saved my life."

"My pleasure," she responded, really meaning it.

"I've still got my job and I'm really thankful for that. He hasn't fired me yet, but you know what? He hasn't given me a raise in over two years since I began here. I like the sex," she repeated, "don't get me wrong about that, but I don't like being forced to do it.”

“And you know what?” she went on, “he told me some of his plans. He told me that after he had me fucked in my ass, (excuse my language, Miss Perkins) he was going to do other things even worse."

"Even worse?" asked Penny still trying to identify the voice.

"Yes! He said he was going to invite a lot of other men to come and fuck me, and he wanted someone to fuck me in my ass while I sucked another man and he wanted them all to cum over my tits. That's a bit much, don't you think, Miss Perkins?"

"Oh my God!" burst out Penny. "I know who it is!"

"Who that man is?"

"Yes! I know who it is. It’s my boss! It’s Mark! Oh my God! That's terrible. He'll have to fire me now. I'm in big trouble now, Phoebe. I could never report him, no one would ever believe me, it's his word against mine and they're bound to believe him, he's the boss. What am I going to do, Phoebe?"

"Will this help? " asked Phoebe quietly. She reached into her purse and pulled out a small black square.

"What is it?” inquired Penny.

"It's the card from Mr. Brown's camera. You know, the one that goes into the computer. I took it out while he was busy fucking you from behind."

"Brilliant!" cried Penny and gave the young woman a big hug.


When the pictures showed up on the screen, Mr. Brown's face was plainly visible and it turned out that Mark had a small tattoo on the inside of his wrist that clearly identified him. The picture of Mr. Brown sucking Mark's cock was the only one that Penny had to email to both men to make some important changes in all of their lives.

Blackmail is never pretty, but things were soon looking up at the Y. Penny got a large bonus and a better office, the YWCA got a huge grant from MORE4LESS to build massage rooms and hire masseuses, and down at the market Phoebe got a substantial raise backdated 2 years and a promotion to fresh produce manager.

The two women gave Mr. Brown the nickname of Willie for obvious reasons. Now, when Penny feels the need, she drops in on Willie on Monday nights at 9.15, brings his battering ram of a cock to its full and upright position by talking dirty to him, bends over, wets her fingers in her pussy and moistens his bulbous head and eases it in. The very size of it is enough to bring her to a climax or two before his heavy balls unload and she feels the gush deep inside her, and she leaves completely satisfied.

Willie finally admitted to her that he had no ‘security’ staff. He was his own security man, and the night he first saw her with the grapefruit he was smitten with her; and when he focused his security camera on her heart-shaped bush he simply had to have her. She forgave him.

Mark is now known as Winkie. “Wee Willie Winkie.” When Penny needs a change of pace, she visits Winkie in his office at the Y, locks the door behind her, crawls under his desk, pulls out his Wee Willie, stiffens it with her mouth, stands up, raises her skirt, pushes her undies aside, applies the ointment she always brings and directs him to fuck her in the ass. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes. She usually regrets going.

The two women are still not sure if Winkie is actually gay; but he only likes anal sex. Neither he nor Willie can be reached on Thursday evenings.

Sometimes the two women have a girls' only night, and sometimes they invite Sophie from ‘Lascivious Lingerie’ to join them. She brings all sorts of new garments to liven up those occasions.

Brian, the ex-boyfriend, was put on a short leash by his wife and he never took another picture.

Penny’s penpal in Australia, Clive, married an Aboriginal girl and they now send Penny photos of themselves in the Outback, fucking like kangaroos in a National Geographic article.

The end.

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