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Penny’s Other Life

a very proper woman wants to document the other side of her life on film


Penelope Perkins had been properly bred. There was nothing about her life that she would not have openly shared with her mother. Or even her grandmother. Until a couple of years ago. Now, with the help of Brian, she had another life, and although she knew she was a sinner and she would definitely go straight to hell, she was rather enjoying this other life.

It was early Sunday morning and Penny had been dreaming again. It was a mixture of anxiety and pleasure. Brian had called her during the week and told her that his wife was away for the weekend and could he come over and hang out on Sunday? When Penny had said “Sure, what time?” he had answered, “About ten,” and as he hung up he’d casually thrown in, “I’ll bring my new camera.”

Penny knew what that meant. It meant that he wanted to take pictures of her. Not just snap shots, but erotic, naked, sexually revealing studies of her. She would have to be in the right mood to make it happen, and although for the last two years she had intended to preserve her sensual and sexual side on film, she’d kept putting it off. She was never with the right man at the right time.

However, since she’d met up with Brian again - a man who appreciated things sexual and was a good photographer to boot - things had started to happen. They had gone out one summer’s day the previous year, found some photogenic, private locations, and it had turned out to be a thrilling adventure. At that time they had made plans to do it again almost immediately. They had pored over the pictures, discussed what shots they liked, what they wanted to improve and what new ideas they had. Brian’s collection of old Penthouse magazines had come in really handy.

But all this had been months ago and the right moment had never surfaced again. The weather had turned cold and Penny was far too busy anyway. But now it was summer again.

In her daydreaming state she was worrying about how she looked and what she should wear. She was in good shape. At five foot ten she could easily have carried a lot more weight, but she was in remarkably good form for her age; her stomach was still flat and her breasts were still firm. She was a good looking woman, but like every woman she was highly critical about certain parts of her body.

She lay in bed half awake going through her wardrobe. What blouses did she have that opened down the front so she could slowly reveal more and more of herself in a striptease for the camera? Or was it more visually exciting to pull a tight sweater over her head and reveal herself that way? What see-through tops did she have? Did she have any T-shirts in case Brian wanted to wet her down?

And what about underwear? No need to wear a bra, but should she try the thong panties she’d bought, knowing that Brian found them so exciting? Should she wear a skirt this time? Skirts can be raised up the thigh, inch by inch, in a tantalizing way. Or should she go with the jeans which could be lowered, inch by inch, down over her ass. She had an old pair of jeans, perhaps she could cut them into shorts and snip them shorter and shorter. Brian was an ass man as much as anything, so she knew that that would appeal to him as well.

And then, for inside shots, there was the lingerie he had asked for and which she had bought. She’d gone to the next town because she was too embarrassed to buy it locally where someone might recognize her. She had had a most interesting session with a young sales clerk who was very understanding when Penny had confessed to her that she wanted to look really sexy for a photo shoot. The young woman had produced all sorts of seductive garments and together they spent a couple of hours in a changing area, trying on a wide variety of items from stiletto sandals to bustiers to open tipped lace bras (“gracefully exposes your nipples,”) from tape-on strapless bras (“backless, strapless and so easy to wear,”) to sleepshirts and crotchless G-string panties with butterfly appliqués. She had insisted that Penny take some stockings and a garter belt because she knew from personal experience that men liked them. There were even panties that played "Here Comes the Bride." Every color was available: ‘blush rose,’ ‘dare me pink,’ ‘poinsettia red,’ ‘Hawaiian blue.’ There were stretch lace teddies with cutout backs, and satin push-up bras which featured “the most natural cleavage enhancement.” Basically everything was “minimal coverage.”

The sales girl put Penny as ease right away and conspiratorially they planned her collection to show off her particular figure to its best advantage. To help Penny get an idea of what effect the flimsy garments would have on Brian, the sales lady modeled some of them herself. She was completely uninhibited about stripping naked in front of her customer, and Penny was slightly shocked when she realized that she found the girl’s body extremely attractive, and even more so when the young lady tried on the open topped bra which revealed her bright red nipples. The girl caught Penny staring at them and told her lightly, "Lipstick! Put a little lipstick on your aureolas and nipples - makes them eye-catching, doesn't it?” Blushing, Penny made a mental note to try that sometime.

For the amount she paid, she didn’t have many square inches of material to show for it, but she knew that it was powerful magic she had in that shopping bag.

So, it was Sunday morning and Penny lay in bed pondering the possibilities when suddenly she noticed the time. Brian would be arriving any minute and she hadn’t brushed her teeth or anything. Quickly she popped out of bed and sped to the bathroom. She was just stepping out of the shower when she heard the door bell.

“Good grief,” she muttered to herself, “he’s early.” She quickly pulled on some of her new panties, threw on her bathrobe and ran to the front door to let him in.

“Sorry I’m early” he said. "Hey! Nice bathrobe!”

“Thanks,” said Penny sarcastically. “Hang on, I won’t be long. Make yourself some coffee.”

She retreated to her bedroom and began to make herself up. She seldom paid this much attention to her looks, but she knew that today she was going to be recorded for posterity and she wanted to look her very best. Mascara and blush came out of little, seldom used pots, and she was just putting on the finishing touches with her brightest red lipstick when she caught sight of something in the mirror. It was Brian, standing in the doorway with his zoom lens.

“How long have you been there?” she demanded.

“Oh, about five minutes,” he grinned. “Hold still. Let me see you with the lipstick again. Open your mouth; purse your lips. Good!”

Penny obeyed immediately. She liked it when Brian was in charge, giving directions. She knew from the last photo shoot they’d done that it was easier for her to assume erotic poses when he commanded her to do it. It didn’t feel like such wanton behavior if she was only following orders.

“The light’s good in here,” said Brian as he moved about, checking the angles in her mirror. “Keep your lips like that. Lower your eyelids. That’s good! That’s sexy. Slip the robe off your shoulder. Yes, nice! Look back at me over your shoulder. Chin up!”

Penny moved comfortably through the poses he wanted. This time she was far more confident, knowing what a positive reaction she had received from the previous photos that she had sent to her Australian pen pal. But she was not brazen about it. She was still a little nervous about exposing herself to this man and his camera.

“Undo the belt,” Brian commanded, and Penny knew that Brian would soon be staring at her tits. She was proud of them and the exhibitionist part of her personality enjoyed showing them off. Slowly she undid the belt and the robe parted in the middle all the way down to her ‘next to nothing’ panties.

“Hold this side back a little,” Brian told her, and Penny did as she was asked, and bit by bit as he clicked away more and more of her bosom was revealed to the camera’s eye. This time there were no embarrassed giggles or shy smiles. This time Penny knew that she was in control of the situation even if Brian was calling out the commands. She knew she had the power.

“Did you get the... aaah.... stuff we talked about?” he asked.

“Lingerie? You can say it!”

“Yea. Can I see it?”

“Do you really want to see it, or do you want me to model it?” retorted Penny, asking a question to which she well knew the answer.

Brian’s grin left no doubt as to what he wanted and Penny moved to her closet and found the shopping bag with the scanty articles still unworn.

“Step outside,” she told him, “I’m changing.” It was so illogical that she wanted privacy to change her clothes when he would soon be seeing her completely stark naked. But she insisted on it and he unwillingly obliged. She dropped her bathrobe and stepped into a flimsy, lacy, almost transparent nightgown that hid nothing at all. It had spaghetti straps, a deep curved neck line and a faux fur trim at the bottom which hung just below her belly button.

“That’s great,” remarked Brian, “but don’t forget the high heels.”

“Hey, don’t you ever knock? And what do you mean? ‘High heels’?” questioned Penny, “With a nightgown?”

“Of course,” responded Brian. “It’s so sexy; sets your legs off well, makes them look longer. Yes,” he continued as he focused on her through the lens, “they make you look so sophisticated!”

“In a man’s opinion,” growled Penny, but she put on her new stiletto sandals anyway and looking in her full length mirror she could see what he meant.

Brian took a series of photographs of her in the nightgown, her image reflected in the mirror which neatly showed both sides of her at once, and then they moved on to the stockings and the traditional garter belt.

“Is this stuff really sexy?” asked Penny, “It looks so stupid!”

“Yes, it’s definitely sexy,” responded Brian. “By itself it’s ugly, but when you put it on, it sets off your ass beautifully. Here - move into the sunlight.”

He posed her in languid stretches across the chair by the window, directing her to swing her hips, arch her back and show off her beautiful backside in the rays of the Sunday morning sun.

Her high heels forced her calves to tighten, and Penny felt herself growing more beautiful, more elegant, more sophisticated and definitely more sexy.

She was starting to enjoy the shoot tremendously; deep down, she confessed to herself, she was a big show off. But there was also a growing feeling of excitement in her and her body was twittering with little vibrations because she was thinking ahead; she knew things would heat up before long. She knew that Brian was going to do what he usually did when they met. He was going to touch her in intimate places. She didn’t find it insulting; in fact she looked forward to his sexual advances and she wasn’t at all surprised when he moved forward, pulled down the front of her satin top to expose her nipples, and gave them a quick squeeze.

“Let’s make them stand up a little perkier,” he said, rolling them between his fingers and making her shiver inside. “Nice! Look how they’re standing out! Great shadows across your tits!” And sure enough, the angled sun was making delightful patterns on her skin.

“Hang on a second,” interrupted Penny as she ran off to her make up mirror. Quickly she applied a little bright red lipstick to the right places while her mind recalled the image of the promiscuous young lingerie sales girl. She had a brief pang of guilt as she remembered how turned on she had been by that youngster and her complete lack of modesty in the changing room.

“Oh, wow,” reacted Brian as he saw what she had done. “Now I really have something to focus on.”

Penny was basking in the attention, loving the sexual feelings that were racing through her body, and she eagerly slipped on the next little pink, lacy garment, and soon drew it off her shoulders at Brian’s suggestion. Holding it around her stomach, she was naked from the waist up, and her tits with their rigid little nipples were the focus of attention. He posed her this way and that, from up above and down below, and Penny matched the sexiness of her body with expressions of lust and yearning in her face - expressions that came naturally to her as she felt the sap rising in her body.

“Stand in front of the window; I want a silhouette of you with the sun behind your hair.”

“But people will be able to see me from the street!”

“Never mind, it’ll do ’em good.”

It was exciting to stand topless in front of the window knowing that passersby could glance up and see her there. It added an element of danger that aroused her yet another notch. She stood proudly in profile, knowing that her tits hardly sagged at all, and her nipples stood to attention, saluting the warmth of the sun.

“Now let’s go to the bathroom. Here, press your tits against the glass door of the shower. Yes, that’s good. Press a little harder, flatten them out. Good! Oh, yes, that’s really sexy! That’ll make a fun shot! Very nice, Penny.”

All the attention was on her. But then she happened to glance down at Brian’s pants and she could tell at once that he was getting excited himself. Immediately she felt herself getting wet, and when he directed her to sit in the bedside chair, she knew he was soon going to ask her to slip her panties down, and soon after that she knew she was going to open her legs and let him see her pussy. She also knew that when he saw how wet she was, he would have a hard time constraining himself. She reveled in the power she was wielding over his masculinity.

“Cross your legs, Penny. No, not like that; like this.” Brian moved over to her chair and gently touched her leg, moving it into the position he wanted. It was all that Penny could do to restrain herself from reaching out and squeezing the bulge in his pants, but she focused on herself and the pleasure of his touch. Again the tingling inside her raced down to her sopping pussy which was still hidden from view behind her minuscule panties.

“Hug your legs up to your chest. That’s nice.”

Brian moved from side to side and Penny knew he was searching for an angle that would allow him to see past her panties. She did trim it a little, but she didn’t like to shave her pubic hair off, and by following his gaze, she could tell that he could already see wisps of her dark curls escaping. She felt sure he could also see the damp spot right at her crotch. As she writhed this way and that, a rapidly growing urge was overtaking her - an urge to overcome all her inhibitions and spread herself wide open for all the world to see.

Now she was the one who was directing the photo shoot. She got up and began to prowl in and out of the slanting sunlight, arching her back, pressing her tits towards the camera, then away in profile, pausing to wait for the click before moving on. As she did this she slowly, slowly lowered her panties, tucking her fingers behind the thin elastic, stretching them away from her bush, lowering them over her ass, her thighs, tantalizing inch by inch, until finally they fell on the floor where she flicked them into the air with her big toe. Brian snatched them before they dropped, and pressing them against his face, breathed in her feminine aroma, the scent of a woman in heat.

“For Christ’s sake, Brian, take your pants off. I can see that you’re in agony.”

Gratefully Brian yanked his jeans off and Penny stepped forward and helped him out of his Jockeys as well. “It’s not fair that I should be having all the fun,” she teased as Brian was left with only his shirt on. His cock was semi rigid and the sight of it gave Penny another shudder that went straight to her groin. She stepped back and sat on the chair again.

This was the moment she had been dreaming about ever since their last shoot; she had been rehearsing the encore presentation of the moment when she had sat on that wooden chair out under the trees and surprised Brian by brazenly opening her legs wide and giving him an unobstructed view of her fully aroused, hairy pussy. She had equally surprised herself, not believing it was her who had done it without being asked, and surprised at how much of a thrill it had been.

“Ready?” she asked and she swung her legs up on both arms of the chair exposing her pussy wide open to him. She saw his cock twitch as he blurted out, “God, Penny, you’re sopping wet.”

“Never mind that,” she replied, “take pictures, get in close, I want close ups. Zoom in!”

Brian was having difficulty holding the camera steady, but she could see where he was aiming and she arched her back even further, pushing her deepest sexual parts right towards the lens. Drops were literally falling off her swollen cunt lips as she stared at Brian’s hardening cock. She knew this cock; it had given her so much pleasure years before when they were lovers. It still looked the same, and probably tasted the same too. Without knowing it, her mouth was wide open as she was licking her lips, and she felt herself breathing hard.

“Bring your hand down, Penny, right beside your pussy. Good, that’s nice.... yes, two hands, either side.... nice... oh yes, very nice.”

He tossed her the panties she had discarded and, moving forward, he arranged them to create a frame for the main subject. Click, click. Penny played with the material, and twisting it into a thin strip, she pulled it between her legs, pressing it deep into her vagina, letting her reddening pussy lips spill over each side.

“God,” croaked Brian, “that is so sexy; what a picture! Oh yes,” he went on as Penny started something new, “touch yourself, yes, oh God that’s too much!”

His voice cracked and he could hardly get the words out as Penny began to stroke herself, spreading her lips wide apart and then together again, playing with the most sensitive part of herself, flicking her fingers back and forth, making herself even puffier. She slipped a finger inside and brought it out shiny and wet, all the while staring at his cock which was now standing out smartly from his body. Brian’s camera followed the direction of her hand as she moved it to her mouth. She licked the finger, and putting it completely in her mouth, sucked it loudly.

Suddenly she moved, climbed up onto the bed and knelt with her head on the pillow, her ass high in the air. Brian understood at once what was needed. He positioned himself behind her and kept shooting, her cunt and anus symmetrically framed by her beautifully rounded ass.

“That is so beautiful! Now, open your legs!” he croaked and she obeyed at once. “This knee forward,” he directed, pushing her leg with his sweating hand, and before Penny knew what was happening she had grabbed his balls, and turning around, neatly aimed his cock into her mouth.

“Aaaagh,” was all that Brian could manage, but recovering quickly and with great presence of mind he kept taking photos of himself deep between Penny’s bright red lips. Up and down she went on him, breathing through her nose and filling herself with his scent. She licked the underside of his cock, sometimes just the rim around the head; sometimes she sucked on his balls while she pumped his shaft with her fist.

“Spread your legs,” she demanded, and when he did so she pressed the middle finger of her other hand into his ass hole as he groaned in ecstasy.

Somewhere in the depths of Penny’s mind she told herself that although Brian was married, this wasn’t really sex. Any excuse would do at this moment as she voraciously sucked him, taking more and more of his length down her throat. Soon he could no longer hold the camera steady, and putting it down he reached his fingers around her backside where they found their way into her wet folds.

It wasn’t long before both of them were way beyond the point of no return. But again Brian’s thinking ahead paid off. Balancing the camera on the chest of drawers, he took the remote control unit with him as he jumped back onto the bed, lifted Penny’s hips off the bed and doggy style aimed his rigid cock at her slippery pussy. He could easily have shoved it right in up to the hilt, but he teased her by rubbing it up and down the length of her slit, coating it with her juices.

“Put it in,” she begged, “I want you inside me!”

“Not 'til you’re good and ready,” he retorted, knowing full well that she was more than ready.

He knew what he was doing. He wanted to get a shot of that expression on her face - the expression of absolute lust that says “Fuck me, fuck me now, you’ve got to fuck me or I’ll die!” He’d seen that look before when they’d been lovers and he’d missed the intensity of their love making ever since they’d broken up. No one in his life had ever come as close to Penny’s level of excitement when they fucked. But it didn’t happen unless he held back until she practically burst.

Penny tilted her head back to look him in the eye, and Brian could see that she was getting really close to that critical moment when she simply had to be impaled on his cock. He clicked the remote over and over, catching her back arching sharply to try to force his cock into her, her teeth grinding in an ugly snarl of desperation.

“Come on, you bastard, shove it in!”

“Where do you want it?” he teased as he placed his thumb over her asshole and pressed it gently feeling her automatic tightening response.

“Ayyyyy,” she reacted sharply, surprised by his move but not retreating from his advance, “Anywhere, just fuck me, you bastard.”

Talking dirty had always been part of their lovemaking and Brian knew the routine.

“Who are you?” he demanded, giving her ass a smart slap.

She jumped but quickly responded, "I'm a whore!"

“Whose whore?”

“I’m your whore; oh, please shove it in!”

Penny was mad at herself for begging for sex, but she knew how desperate she was, and she knew that Brian was going to force her to do it. He had once quit completely when she didn’t go through their routine.

“What else are you?” he continued, still sliding his tantalizing cock up and down her swollen pussy lips.

“I’m a slut!” she answered, emphasizing the word and making it sound exactly like what it meant. They both knew the words that turned them on when they really got going.

“Yes, you’re a slut and I’m going to fuck your brains out,” Brian yelled as he plunged his thick member right inside her. Penny groaned in relief and satisfaction. Brian reached under her and cupped her warm tits, holding on tightly as she bucked sharply. The bed creaked loudly as Penny bounced violently back and forth, forcing Brian’s cock deeper and deeper into her. His dangling balls slapped her pussy with percussive thwacks, adding to the rock ‘n’ roll coming from the box springs. Penny’s panting kept in time and Brian’s deep growls added to the concert.

And there was one other sound as well. Brian detached his hands from Penny’s breasts and grabbing the camera remote, he clicked the button again and again, catching the action, the swinging tits, the sweating thighs, a quick glimpse of Brian’s cock on every stroke before it was buried deep inside again. Click, click.

Both of them kept up the furious pace; when Penny rested for a moment, Brian took over. They were both grunting loudly and calling out all the dirtiest words they knew. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder,” screamed Penny.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?” growled Brian as her stuck his thumb right inside past her sphincter.

“Yes! Anywhere!” she gasped. But now her nerve endings joined forces, and converging all their efforts towards one central point, her clitoris exploded in a burst of ecstasy that crumpled her body onto the bed.

Brian could feel her involuntary contractions squeezing his great rod and this put him over the top as well. Feeling his balls contracting and his cum starting to rise, he suddenly pulled out and flipped Penny onto her back. She could see his hand flying back and forth on his cock, and when he let go, she saw it throbbing once, twice, three times before a streak of white sperm shot out fast and landed on her cheek and a warm sense of satisfaction came over her, knowing that she still had what it took to please this man.

More gobs spurted all over her, on her lips and on her stomach. She scooped up his seed and rubbed it into her tits, satiated, exhausted and utterly content.

Twenty minutes later when they had both recovered their composure, Brian explained about his new digital camera and how he would download the pictures onto his computer and make a CD of them, ready to send to her pen pal. They headed out into the countryside for another glorious day of erotic photography in the fields, beside the water pump, under the trees where they used the big wooden chair to good advantage again, and they were adventurous enough to go into some public areas where Penny very subtly lifted her skirt when no one was watching and flashed Brian. His camera flashed back and Penny’s pen pal would later be able to see that she had been in a high state of arousal all day.

On the way back, they dropped in to the Supermarket to buy something for Penny’s dinner, and the fun and games continued, this time with the added excitement of taking risks with even more people around.

Hopefully, she thought, the market doesn’t have security cameras.... then again, perhaps it did and she’d soon be making a very close new friend of the manager.....

The story continues in Penny’s Other Life, Chapter 2.
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