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Perfect Day: Lucy and John Pt 1

Perfect Day: Lucy and John Pt 1

The start to what could only be described as the Perfect Day...
The morning sun had just woken up, the soft light filling Lucy’s bedroom with a gentle glow. The light roused Lucy, laying in her large, yet cozy, bed. Next to her, John was lying on his side facing away from her. She moved to snuggle into him, her soft breasts pressing into his back as she gently wrapped her arm around him.

Lucy’s hand softly stroked the small patch of soft fur on his chest as she lay her cheek on his shoulder, inhaling the yummy scent of his skin. Her warm breath flowed over his skin as she planted a trail of kisses up his neck, followed by a soft lick and nibble on his earlobe.

She felt his breath change and knew he was awake, but allowing himself a chance enjoy the moment with his eyes still closed. Lucy slid her other arm under him, petting the other patch of soft fur just below his belly button. She lazily draped one long leg over him. As her leg slipped around his body, John’s hand reached back to feel the curve of her bum, stroking back and forth gently.

Her lips continued to travel on his neck, little wet kisses with a soft nibble here and there. She sighed slightly. Oh, how she loved to nibble. John’s eyes were still closed but a lazy grin had spread across his face. From deep in his chest, he let out a long, contented sigh. Her hand moved from his chest, and began to explore, feeling the smoothness of his muscular torso.

“Mmmm,” she whispered softly, “I love seeing you relaxed like this.”


John sighed in contentment as Lucy’s fingers ran over his skin; despite laying in bed and having just awoken, the feel of her fingertips and nails grazing his skin made him even more relaxed. Everything just melted away. Every soft, wet kiss brought another sigh from deep inside him, every nibble of Lucy’s teeth drew out a playful chuckle and tiny shiver.

Reaching back, John enjoyed the feeling of her perfect ass cupped in his hand. Taking it firmly in his palm, he pulled her tightly against his back, using his arm draped over her side to pin her against him. Holding her to him, he luxuriated in the feel of her skin on his, her soft breasts and hardening nipples pressing into his back. Relaxing his arm, Lucy slipped back, skin still touching, but not pressed so tightly. His hand began to drift down her tanned runner’s legs. Up and down, to her knee and then back up, trailing close to her inner thigh and up over her ass to her lower back.

Finally, he opened his eyes, and with a deep sigh rolled away from Lucy and turned over. Facing her, he looked her in the eyes as he pulled her back close. His hardening cock pressed against her thigh, but for now all he could think about was how gorgeous she was in the soft morning light. Brushing her brown hair back, his hand slipped to the back of her neck and pulled her in for a deep kiss. A moan escaping his lips as they touched hers. John heard another moan as their tongues touched, gently probing at one another as Lucy’s soft lips pressed against his. Breaking the kiss, his teeth caught her lower lip before pulling on it gently, his own lips split in a wide grin as he told her good morning with a passionate look into her dark brown eyes.


Lucy smiled back and gave his lip a little lick before feeding him her tongue. Her hand started to slide down between them in search of something.

“Oh, there it is!” she whispered, her lips still pressed against his mouth with a grin.

Her whisper turned to a moan against his mouth as she felt how hard he already was. Her thumb teasingly traced the tip of his beautiful cock, spreading a tiny drop of precum over the head. Ever so lightly, she moved to feel his balls, raking her nails over them and giving them gentle squeezes. As Lucy took them each in her hand, she heard his breath catch. She stopped kissing him and leaned back to watch the look of pleasure on his face.

Nothing makes me happier than that look. She thought to herself. Well, besides hearing him cum that is…

She moved her mouth back to John’s neck and gave him a nibble at the base of his neck. A little moan escaped from his lips. Hearing that, a little jolt ran through her and she felt herself getting wet.


She did it again and added a little lick. Her hand moved up to stroke his shaft with a very light touch. Just playing, enjoying him.


John couldn’t help but close his eyes and grin as Lucy’s soft hand gently explored his cock. A long moan left him as he felt her pull back, his hips gently rocking against her hand as her touch made him harder and harder. He opened his eyes again and smiled at her. Pulling back close to the gorgeous woman sharing her bed with him, he began to kiss her neck from just behind her ear down to her shoulder and back up. The smell of her was amazing, the feel of her was exquisite, the taste of her mouth and skin made his mind melt, every moan and sigh from her mouth made his cock twitch, and her soft touches drove him wild.

I could never get enough of her, John thought as enjoyed the sensations of Lucy’s touch.

Kissing back down her neck, he continued past her shoulder, down to her chest. John’s movement forced Lucy to lose her grip on his cock, but he continued to slide downward anyways. His hand ran down her back, higher up on her body than his mouth, but it eventually overtook his slow kisses, and continued down through the curve of her lower back. Grazing lightly over the curve of her ass, the tips of his fingers teased the inside of her cheeks, nearly reaching toward her tight hole before passing it by. His hand continued to explore the curves of her lower body, eventually reaching her pussy from behind. John’s fingers discovered the smooth, tender flesh, and as one of his fingers traced its way along the slit of her lips, he could feel her arousal coating his fingertip.

While his fingers explored Lucy from below, his mouth worked its way down one of her beautiful breasts, eventually finding its way to her nipple. His tongue ran around the edge, teasing her before moving slowly across the hard nipple, dragging his tongue over the sensitive tip. He gently sucked her nipple into his mouth, worshiping her breast with his mouth.


Another loud moan escaped from Lucy’s mouth as she arched her back, offering John more of her breasts. Her hand gripped his short, brown hair, gently tugging as her hips started to seek out the touch of his fingers uncontrollably. She felt herself becoming drenched. Hearing the slight wet sounds from his fingers on her pussy forced Lucy to open her legs wide for him. John’s teeth bit at her nipple and she gripped his hair harder with a growl. So hungry for him, she tried to sit up, but John pinned her arms down with his strong hands and a wicked giggle.

When John trusted that she wouldn’t try to sit up again, he reached his hand up to squeeze her breast as he sucked the hard nipple deeper into his mouth, grazing it with his teeth. Lucy moaned loudly, her head falling back on the pillow. Her hands slid down his back, raking it with her nails as her hips pumped off the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at him, biting her lower lip, complete lust in her eyes.

"Oh, the things I’m going to do to you," she whispered.


A tiny growl escaped John’s throat at the sound of Lucy’s sultry, exotic voice.

"You’re going to have to wait your turn," he replied, before taking her other nipple into his mouth, biting it gently. Sucking it hard, he bit it again, more firmly this time, chuckling slightly as she gasped. He returned to a more gentle sucking and teasing of Lucy’s breast as he cupped her pussy in his palm. He pushed down and began to move his hand in slow gentle circles, putting pressure on her clit and causing her wet lips to rub against one another. Lucy felt, more than heard, John’s moan, vibrating his lips and tongue on her tender nipple.

John moved his other arm to support his weight on his elbow so his other hand could reach her face, caressing her cheek and running his thumb over her mouth.

God, her lips are so deliciously soft, he realized; not for the first time.

Feeling her wetness spreading on his other hand, he pushed his middle finger in deeper; it slid up through her, collecting and spreading her juices before slipping back down again. The tip of his finger brushed against her inner lips. As his finger slid upward a second time, John pushed a little deeper, spreading Lucy open further before stopping just before reaching her clit. His finger slowly traced her delicate folds back down, running circles around the hole that led deeper inside of her.

Soaking wet, John brought his finger back up, this time just barely glancing across her clit as his fingers made a wet trail higher and higher. Across her flat, sexy stomach, they moved and higher still to her exposed breast. John’s finger smeared Lucy’s wetness around her breast in a spiral towards her nipple before finally coating the hard bud. Then he switched his mouth to that breast, kissing the underside until he found the start of the trail his finger left on her tan skin. John’s tongue reached out, tasting the faint taste of her arousal on her skin and began to follow the spiraling trail with licks and kisses, around and around until he finally reached her nipple, pulling it into his mouth and not letting go until he was certain he had gotten every drop off her skin.


Lucy grabbed his head, pulling him towards her so she could devour his mouth. The taste of her juices on his tongue was almost too much. She reached down searching for his cock, now quite hard. Lucy rubbed the tip on her swollen clit, coating it with John’s precum as she moaned in his mouth. She wrapped her legs around him to hold him there, pulling her mouth away from his to look at him. Now it was her turn for a wicked grin. She bit his gorgeous lips and fed him her tongue again with a giggle. Lucy slid him between her pussy lips, John teasingly tried to pull back but her strong legs still hold him in place. Her mouth moved to his neck and she bit down on his shoulder. Not too hard, but enough to get his attention. Her hand still firmly gripped in his short hair. The sensations coursing through her body were getting primal, and she loved it!


The feel of Lucy’s hands in his hair and her legs wrapped tightly around him was beginning to drive John crazy with lust.

"Fuuuck…" he growled as her teeth pressed into his shoulder.

Grabbing her hair with one hand, he pulled her head back so he could look her in the eyes; seeing the primal lust that he felt reflected in her’s. John pushed her face up to his own, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth whether she wanted it or not. He used their kiss to push her head back to the bed, and let go of her silken, brown hair.

John put his free hand down on the bed to brace himself. His other arm wrapped around her waist and lifted her up slightly as his hips pushed forward. Their kiss broke as they both gasped at that glorious feeling of penetration as he entered her. She was so warm and wet, wrapped tightly around his shaft, squeezing the head of his cock as he pushed roughly into her. Pushing himself up onto both arms, John lifted himself away from her so he could see her face as he slid out most of the way before thrusting inside her again.


Lucy gasped and then moaned as John thrust into her again. Her arms immediately reached up to the headboard so she could grind into him, watching with crazed lust as his cock disappeared inside of her. Feeling him stretch her pussy walls with his slow thrusts made her insatiable. She wanted this to last but it was taking immense effort to keep her movements slow. She bit her lip again, watching John as he looked down at his throbbing dick inside of her, the same crazed look on his face.

She took in their surroundings and smiled, calming her mind for a moment but her excitement not diminishing in the slightest. The sight of him, let alone the feel of him and all of his magnificence overwhelming her. So incredibly sexy, so intense and amazing.

She felt another wave of her juices soak him and start dripping down her thighs. Those wet sounds, those delicious unmistakable noises of his fat cock sliding in and out her tight, drenched pussy filled the room. It was too much.

“Oh god, so fucking good!! I’m going to cum!” The sensation came on very hard, very fast. But she was certain it was just the start. Indeed, the first of many times.

She kept her movements slow as she didn’t want John to cum yet. The orgasm was building, like a wave, as were her moans. All thought was completely gone. She could feel everything so deep, all the way to her core. The only sounds she could hear were his low growls and her panting moans.

She allowed her hips to move in faster circles, her arms still above her head, eyes closed. Lucy’s moan turned into a scream as she called out his name, her legs wrapping tighter around him to pull him deep. Her arms moved round his back, digging her nails in as she rode out the bliss. So fucking unbelievable. Shaking uncontrollably but not wanting him to stop.


John’s growls grew louder as her nails bit into his back. His thrusts deep but short due to her tight legs wrapped around him. He nearly lost it as he felt her start to cum. When she screamed his name, his left hand grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, as he dropped his weight to that elbow, and his right hand grabbed the top edge of the mattress. With that, he began to pound into her as hard as he could; pushing forward with his legs and pulling himself with his arm. The sounds of their wet skin slapping mixed with their moans, cries and the sound of Lucy’s back pushing against the sheets from his powerful thrusts. His muscles strained from the exertion, sweat began to coat his skin. He could hardly breathe or even think, all of him completely focused on pushing his cock as hard and deep inside her as he could.

Finally his body could not take any more and his movements slowed to a stop; his cock still hard and throbbing inside her. Leaning down, John gently kissed Lucy’s lips, slowly opening his mouth as hers mirrored his own and their tongues touched gently as he let his racing heart slow. Wrapping both arms around her, he returned to slowly rocking his hips, allowing his cock to slip through her tight pussy. He could hear how wet she was as his shaft moved through her, despite the pounding sound of his own heart filling his ears.

As the world began to slow back to normal, John pushed himself up off of her, her legs dropping to the bed on either side of him. He sat, with his legs under him, her ass on his thighs and the top half of his cock still nestled inside her. Reaching down, he stroked her clit with his thumb as her hips began to buck, fucking herself on the head of his cock within her wet slit. Soon her breathing became more ragged, and he smiled down at her as she looked at him with a wildness in her eyes. One of Lucy’s hands began pulling at the sheets uncontrollably as her other began to squeeze a breast and pull on the nipple. Her body went rigid, the muscles in her stomach pulled taut, her mouth and eyes open wide as she cried out, wordlessly, as another orgasm ravaged her body.

When John could see her come down from that blissful high, he slipped out of her and bent down to kiss her navel before grabbing her hips and rolling her over onto her left side. Pushing her legs up near to her chest, John positioned himself close to her. Suddenly, he gasped. One of Lucy’s hands had sneaked down between her legs and grasped his wet cock, running her fingers over the large purple, silken head and down around the ridge. His hips buck forward uncontrollably in response, and Lucy smiled in return before helping to guide him back into her pussy. With one long, slow push, he filled her again. Slowly rocking back out, and then back in, again and again in a slow steady rhythm. As they fucked, his right hand grabbed her ass cheek, pulling it up, causing her to spread open to his gaze as he watched his cock disappear inside her.

After a few more thrusts John pulled out till only the tip of the head is inside her. When he pushed back in, his cock was joined by a finger from his left hand, stretching Lucy even further, but more importantly coating his finger in her juices. Sliding back, his cock stayed inside her while his finger left her. But only long enough to find it’s way to her ass. His left hand grasped her other cheek, the wet finger nudging against her tight asshole gently as his other hand kept her spread open. Then both hands gripped Lucy tightly, just before driving into her with a sudden force. Once he was buried into her and could feel her pussy juices spreading to the trimmed hairs above the base of his cock, he began to slowly slide out; only to grab her ass again and force himself inside her. Over and over again, hard then slow. With each hard thrust he gripped her ass tightly in his hands, and on each slow withdraw his wet finger ran circles around her asshole.


John’s finger teasing her tight little hole was going to take Lucy to the brink. His cock relentlessly filling her wet pussy felt so good, but she had other thoughts.

She reached back and grabbed his hip in an effort to slow him down. Looking at him, Lucy smiled, and he smiled back with a confused expression.

"Baby, your little fuck toy needs to taste you. Please."

“Good god, Lucy…” he responded, his voice quivering with anticipation and hope of what was to come as she kissed her way down his body.

She raised up on her knees and pushed him onto his back. Leaning forward, her long hair tickled up his chest as she moved to give him a sweet, deep kiss; her tongue swirled in his mouth. Lucy bit his lips once more, gently, and she smiled as her mouth started working down his neck. Finding his left nipple, she flicked it with her tongue before giving it a nibble and then sucking it hard in her mouth. John’s breath caught and his hand moved to grab her hair. She inhaled the scent of his skin as her lips sought out his other nipple, attacking it with more licks and nibbles.

Lucy traced her tongue down his firm stomach, her breath quickening in anticipation of tasting his deliciousness. Moving down, her hands grabbed the inside of John’s knees, pushing them wide, so she had complete access to his magnificence. Lucy leaned back and took it all in for a moment.

“My god, so sexy you are!” She exclaimed, her voice thick with lust. “I’m going to devour you.”

She placed her hands together behind her back and leaned forward. She glanced up at John and smiled, licking her rosy lips before her tongue flicked at the swollen purple tip of his engorged cock. She swirled her tongue around the head, relishing the taste of his precum. John took her hair in his hands, smoothing it out of the way to give himself a clear view.

Lucy’s mouth moved down the shaft, grazing with her teeth, moving back up and swirling her tongue at the tip, sucking the head in just slightly.She could hear him groan as he pushed his hips up towards her face. She pulled her head back and looked at him, giggling, his hands still holding her hair.

She continued to watch him as her mouth kissed down the shaft to John’s sensitive balls. Taking each one in her mouth, she sucked gently but firmly, moaning as she savoured the taste. Flattening her tongue against his dick, she moved slowly back up to the tip. John’s hips rising off the bed, as he instinctively tried to follow her tongue.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed as her juices continued to run down her tan thighs.


When her mouth enveloped his cock, John groaned, deeply. The slow torture moments before had paid off and for now he could hold back the tide. If she had taken him into her mouth any quicker, he would have surely begun to fill her mouth with cum the moment her tongue began its swirling dance around his swollen head.

Lifting his head up, John watched her, looked in her eyes, admired her amazing body. Kneeling before him, with her arms held behind her back, her mouth swallowing his cock; it was the perfect position for his sweet fuck toy. It was such a wonderful and powerful display of submission; but through that submission she controlled him. John knew he would do anything she asked at this moment.


The intoxication of worshipping John’s pulsing cock made her dizzy. She placed her hands on each of his thighs, steadying herself. Still gazing at him, she parted her lips slightly at the tip and started sucking him in hard and achingly slow. Her tongue worked fervently on the sensitive underside and she could feel both of his hands tighten on her hair. John’s hips started rocking towards towards Lucy’s face and she moaned against him.

Pulling off his cock briefly, she stared him in the eyes, “Your dirty girl loves you fucking her face as your cock fills her mouth.”

"Oh fuck Lucy…" he moaned through clenched teeth as she sucked him back into her mouth. Clasping his hands on her head, he returned to thrusting his throbbing cock into her eager mouth. "It feels so fucking good, I don’t want it to ever stop. But I am getting so close…"


She moved one of her hands to feel his balls.

Oh, so full and tight!!

Pulling her mouth off, Lucy took her thumb and forefinger of her other hand and encircled the base of his cock. As she gently squeezed his shaft, her tongue traveled down to where his cock met his leg. She applied pressure with her tongue there, flicking at his balls a bit as she moved to the other side, repeating the same sensation.

“Mmmmm, that’s your sensitive spot isn’t it John?” she said, teasingly. She knew full well how sensitive he was there.

"Oh fuuuck…" he moaned as her tongue licked his sensitive spot. His hands gripped her hair tighter in response.

Her hand moved up his shaft, still wet from her mouth. She stroked him slowly, torturously even, sucking each of his balls in her mouth. She could feel him start to writhe, his back arching slightly, his breath catching as he emitted a growl. This made her smile, a wicked drooly grin and she knew it was time.

Never breaking her gaze, and not uttering a word, Lucy wrapped her lips around the head and took him all the way in, impaling her mouth with his beautiful cock, now pulsing. She sucked him hard, reveling in the flavour of his sweat, his precum and her pussy. Her hands slid up his glistening torso, feeling the softness of his skin and the firmness of his muscles. Her mouth relaxed more and she took him in deeper, feeling him hitting the back of her throat.

The only thing she could think about was making him cum. How badly she wanted him to fill her mouth with his deliciousness, to taste him. Wanting him to experience the amazing release he had given her, all the while worshipping him.

The thought of this only made her want it even more and she started sucking him faster, one hand massaging his balls. John’s hips started pumping faster and his growls turned into yells, his hands grabbing her hair, holding her head in place firmly.


"Oh god… you are so good Lucy…" he moaned.

Keeping his head up so he could watch her, he watched his hard shaft disappearing between those sweet lips. The light from the rising sun painted her face with light as she worshipped his cock.

Such a good fuck toy, he thought, lovingly.

But soon it was too much and his head dropped back to the bed.

Still gripping her hair, he used his arms to pin one of hers against him so he could feel her hand on his chest as he came. John’s hands held her tight, fistfuls of her long brown hair in his grasp as he began to buck up into her mouth. He could feel her playful fingertips toying with his balls. It was all too much. He began to fuck her mouth without remorse, unable to think of anything beyond his own impending release. As it closed in his body jerked up so he could watch her, his muscles tightening, a long groan preceding a string of profanity in a voice that was increasingly primal until his semen began to flood her mouth. Pulse after pulse erupting up the shaft into Lucy’s greedy mouth. He held her head in place making sure she got every drop, and unable to move the contracted muscles in his arms even if he wanted to.

When he finally regained his senses, he collapsed back, dropping his hands from her hair. His breath came in deep heaves, pushing her arm on his chest up and down. In one hand John took her hand on his chest and placed it over his heart, holding it tenderly to his chest so that she could feel his racing heart as it began to slow. His other hand reached down between his legs to find her face, gently caressing Lucy’s cheek.

"Blerrie… that was good," he sighed.

“Mmmm, blerrie! It sure was!” she giggled in her sexy voice.


Lucy used her wet tongue to clean John up, savouring every last drop as he caressed her cheek. She climbed up on top of him to give him a sweet kiss. They melted into each other, his arms enveloping her as they quickly fell into a blissful sleep.

When Lucy woke up a short while later, she found herself next to John, both of them on their backs, completely relaxed. The sun was completely up now and the room was bright. She turned towards him and propped herself up on one elbow, watching him sleep. The sheet sat just below his waist, the whiteness contrasting with the color of his warm skin.

So yummy you are, she thought as she watched him.

Lucy took her hand and softly placed it on John’s chest, fixated with the little patch of hair at the center of his chest. She petted it tenderly, not wanting to wake him. She could smell the saltiness of his skin from the sweat he worked up earlier. It was intoxicating.

She reflected on their morning play for a moment. The hungry kisses, the teasing and torment, the look on John’s face as he came so hard in her mouth. And the amazing pounding he gave her, dare she forget. Within seconds she could feel the wetness seeping between her legs once more.

Her hand traced further down his chest slowly and then back up, soft touches with her finger tips. Each time she moved down closer to the sheet before stroking back up to that furry patch on his chest. His breathing was less deep now, though he was still very much asleep. On the next pass, she moved the sheet down a bit, so she could admire that trail of happiness, and joy, and bliss. Smiling widely, her hand reached to smooth the hair after being matted from their morning play. In doing so, she could see movement further under the sheet; her smile growing at the sight of the growth beneath the sheets.


As John began to stir, his hips stirred along with his mind, rubbing his sensitive, growing dick against the sheet. The movement was entirely habitual, he was still not conscious of the world beyond his cock. Eventually, more of his brain began to wake, and he could feel Lucy’s fingers running across his skin and through the hair just above his waist. Her fingers drew out a relaxed, throaty moan as he stretched his whole body. The movement of his legs dragged the sheet further south, revealing the base of his soft, but thickening shaft.

Finally, John opened his eyes and turned to Lucy, looking at her through sleepy, but happy, eyes.

"Good morning, sexy," he said with a grin, "you wouldn’t believe the dream I just had…" His grin widened as he trailed off and chuckled slightly.

Wrapping an arm around her slim, sexy waist, he pulled her to him for a soft kiss. It began gently, their mouths closed. But then he tenderly opened his lips; Lucy’s mimic his movements until their tongues flicked out, the tips teasing each other.

As their kiss intensified, John slid his leg between hers. He then hooked his leg around her top leg so that they were entwined together, his slightly hard cock laid against the crease of her thigh and hip.

John broke the kiss and drew back without unhooking their legs, maintaining the feel of being connected, but granting him full access to her front. He reached up tenderly and stroked a finger through the hollow of her throat and then down, languidly trailing over her tan skin, warmed by the sunlight from the windows. His fingers traveled through the valley of her breasts and then across her flat tummy before reaching her smooth mound, just above her slit. John’s arm stopped, but his wrist circled, moving around the small space granted by their tangled legs. Eventually, his hand began a return journey back up Lucy’s body, running along the underside of her breast before taking the entire curve in his palm. Squeezing slightly, his lips found her neck and kissed her as his hand moved upward to cover her breast. At the last second his hand drifted up so as to avoid her hardening nipple, before coming back down to caress the upper swell of her breast. John pul led back from her neck and smiled at her, and then leaned forward for another kiss.


Lucy’s hand reached up to cradle John’s jaw line; her thumb stroking his cheek as he leaned in for another kiss. She kept her eyes open as their lips touched, stealing a glance at his handsome face. After they kissed, she pulled back this time, a silly grin on her face.

The word insatiable came to mind and her hand started traveling down John’s chest once again. The feeling of him hardening against her leg filled her head with all sorts of naughty, mischievous ideas. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt her tummy rumbling.

"Hungry?", she asked him. John gave her a lusty grin that told Lucy that he was very hungry, but not for food. She smiled back and pulled out of their entanglement. "Hold on! Just give me a moment."

Her breasts bounced as she did a naked trot down the stairs to the kitchen. Lucy returned to their naughty nest a few moments later, a bowl of juicy ripe strawberries in hand.


John growled in frustration as she pulled away and dropped back onto the bed in mock annoyance. But he couldn’t help but appreciate the view as she bounced away. Like a goddess, she was. That sexy back, her beautiful long hair cascading down it, the curves of her waist, hips and tight ass made his mouth water. And those long sleek legs; how he longed to feel them wrapped around him again.

The sight of Lucy’s return was just as good. Her face was so beautiful, he could stare at it all day, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was incredibly aware of just how naked she is. He loved the bounce of her breasts as she walked, but his eyes were drawn further down to the delicious, bare slit between her legs. That was what he was hungry for; his need to taste her was overwhelming. Lucy was back on the bed with him before it even registered that she had strawberries with her.

It suddenly dawned on John that perhaps food wasn’t such a bad idea, and he was excited to see what she had in mind.


Lucy climbed into bed and sat, her back against the headboard as her knees leaned towards him. She took one of the largest berries from the bowl, it’s gorgeous red colour popping against the white of her bed. She brought it close to his lips, offering him a nibble. As he leaned towards it, she pulled it away teasingly and popped it in her mouth.

"Hey! I wanted that one," he protested. Looking at him as she bit into it, she savoured the sweet freshness exploding in her mouth. Some of the red juice dribbled down her chin and John quickly brought his mouth up to catch it, his tongue softly lapping up the nectar.

She smiled as she finished that one, grabbing another berry and holding it just above his mouth. John’s teeth grabbed hold of it this time, and the fruit penetrated his taste buds. The texture and coolness an awakening in his mouth. John closed his eyes briefly at the taste of the juice as it was squeezed from the berry and ran down his throat.

Lucy grabbed another juicy fruit from the bowl and brought it to her lips. Coyly, she sucked at the tip gently, giving it a little lick; the twitch of John’s manhood at the sight of her teasing was not lost on Lucy as she offered him the berry. His gorgeous mouth caught the crimson berry and her fingers, sucking at them playfully. As he finished, John gave her a juicy smile and Lucy leaned in for another kiss. Their tongues swirled, the luscious taste and smell of strawberries permeating their kiss.

She brought her soft chest down against his, wrapping her arms around him. The touch of their flesh pressed against each other sent a shiver through her. Those illicit thoughts from earlier returned in a head rush. Lucy broke away from their kiss and grabbed another berry.

This time, she held it up for him to see. She leaned back and parted her legs, bringing the berry down to her sex. John’s gaze followed her hand as he propped himself up for a better look. Softly, she stroked the edges of her pink pussy lips with the ripe fruit. The cool coarse texture caused a friction she wasn’t expecting and she felt a small wave of moisture. Lucy gasped slightly as the berry slid between her lips, back and forth, glazing the berry with her wetness before twirling it on her clit. The incredible sensation caught her by surprise again and a small moan escaped from her mouth.

She looked up at John to see him staring intently at the display she was giving him. A spark of excitement in his eyes. He took his hand and brought it down between Lucy’s legs. The back of his hand skimming her lips teasingly before grabbing the fruit. He reached it to his mouth, sucking at it with those sensual lips before he placed it between his teeth in a devouring gesture.


When she began to toy at her wet pussy with a berry it was all John could do to keep his jaw from dropping. She was simply stunning, the slow movements were so sensual, but the look of ecstasy on her face… it was so uninhibited, blissful. Taking the strawberry from her, John teased her slightly before taking the berry between his teeth, biting into it gently. His teeth broke the skin and he could taste the strawberry’s juice mix with hers in his mouth.

He wrapped his hand around the nape of Lucy’s neck and drew him to her, letting her take the other half of the berry from his mouth. Pausing, he allowed her own flavor mix with the berry’s in her mouth before moving in for another deep sensual kiss. As they kissed, his hand reached down and plucked another strawberry from the bowl. It was dark red and he could feel it’s soft juicy flesh in his fingertips. John intensified the kiss, pushing against her, growling into her mouth, distracting Lucy from his hand as it crept towards her glistening lower lips.

The sudden touch of the small berry at her sex caused Lucy to pull back in surprise as John gathered more of her juices on it. Bringing the coated berry up to her mouth he teased her, drawing closer then pulling back.

"Just hold your mouth open," he instructed her.

She did as he said, her head leaned back slightly, mouth wide. John dragged the berry around her lips slowly, letting the combined juices coat her pink supple lips. When her tongue flicked out for a taste, John pulled back, laughing; grabbing her, he pulled her head back for another kiss. As their tongues danced, he slipped the berry below again, collecting more juice, running it in circles around Lucy’s clit. This time though, he kept her pulled close, refusing to end their kiss.

Drawing his hand back up, he ran the wet berry over and around one of her nipples. The cold, wet sensation making the bud even harder than it already was. After he made sure her nipple was completely coated, he squeezed the berry, its own sweet nectar dripping onto her breast. Pulling back, John fed her the broken berry, and then pulled her down so he could worship her tit. The taste of her skin, the flavor of the berry, and Lucy’s juices filled him with such lust; the hard nipple on his tongue making his cock harder, red and swollen.


The feel of John’s mouth on her breast forced all the air out of Lucy’s lungs, and for a moment she was paralyzed. She slowly tried to catch her breath. With John holding her down, she could feel his hardness hot against her skin. Immediately, she felt another wave of moisture flow between her legs. She positioned her body so John’s cock was nestled against her wetness; such a glorious feeling. She felt it twitch against her and she heard a faint moan, barely cognizant that it came from her own mouth. Looking down, Lucy could see him watching her reaction, his mouth still tight on her breast. He took her nipple in harder and it sent an electric shock through her. This time, she growled and grabbed his hair.

Lucy reached between her legs, grabbing John’s smooth dick, sliding it between her pussy lips. He moaned this time, pulling his mouth from her breast to watch. She pulled back, positioning her body so he could have a full view of her slit, placing her knees on each side of him. She held herself up on one arm behind her, the other hand guided him between her pink lips and up to her clit. Lucy spanked her clit with that now glistening head. Wet sounds filled the room again. Both of them moaned, looking into each other’s eyes. She wanted to tease them both more but couldn’t hold out any longer, so unbelievably wet already.

She guided him into her tight wet hole, just the tip at first, and moved her hips in small circles. Each rotation pushed John deeper and deeper inside her. His hands gripped her hips as his head fell back on the pillow, mouth open. A sensuous look of pure ecstasy on his face. Her breathing quickly became panting as she could feel him stretch her. John’s slick cock was so thick and hard, she could feel every pulse, every twitch. The feeling so amazing, so intense, she just wanted to ride him as long as she could. She reached both arms behind her and fell back, letting her hips do all the work. She ground herself into him; back and forth and to each side before circling again. She slowly increased the rhythm.

John lifted his head up so he could watch, his face contorted in pleasure and fighting the urge to cum. He watched himself sliding in and out of her, stretching her skin and then pushing back in again. His hands tightened on her hips. Lucy’s head fell back and she started moving faster. The delicious sound of her wet sex fucking his thick shaft filled her ears.

Lucy’s moans reached deafening levels. She happily ignored the fact the windows were wide open and the neighbors could hear. All she wanted was to keep riding John, making him her fuck toy this time.


"Fuck, you are magnificent," John moaned. Lucy looked so amazing, stretched out riding his cock. His hips began to push up as she rode him, slow grinding thrusts into her. His hands gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her soft flesh. But his hands couldn’t stay still long. Watching her ride him was amazing, but the opportunity was too good to pass up, he needed to explore her, too.

He slid both hands down her tan thighs, enjoying her smooth skin, and the way her muscles rippled as she used her legs to pump herself up and down on his cock. Pressing more firmly on her skin, John’s hands slid back up, reaching around and grabbing her ass. He squeezed each cheek hard, pulling them apart before his hands moved back up and around her front over that sexy belly, Lucy’s taut muscles stretched under her skin as she continued to grind and rock and circle his cock. Continuing to move up, his hands found her tits, running over them roughly, grabbing them in his hands, squeezing them.

There’s just something so sublime about the way her breasts fit my hands, he mused.

Dropping his hands slightly, he held each breast in his palms, her nipples exposed. Then he began to run his thumbs across her nipples, toying with them, teasing them. Occasionally John would pinch them between his thumb and finger, but there was no rhyme or reason to it. Lucy never knew when the next painfully sweet pinch would be; but whenever they happened her cries escalated in response.

John’s left hand continued to torture her breast as his right hand dropped, fingertips running lightly down her body, down further and further till it reached the origin of their joint pleasure. He slipped two fingers around the base of his cock, adding a new sensation as she pushed down on him, her wet, delicate lips rubbing his fingers. Soon his hand began to push back, grinding up against her as she pushed down.

He could tell she was close, her screams and gasps for breath telling him everything he needed to know. Lucy’s body was no longer moving with the smooth movements she used moments before, jerks and tremors rippled through her as she neared the peak. Bringing his hand back out from between them, he gripped her breast more tightly in his other hand, and pushed up into her slick cunt forcefully.

"That’s it baby, cum for me. I want you to drench me," he commanded.

Then his free hand slapped her pussy at the top, smacking her clit as she pushed down onto his throbbing shaft.

"Come on, use my cock,” he growled, “I want you to cum all over it."


Each time John slapped her clit, Lucy’s body jerked forward involuntarily and another scream pushed from her mouth. The third time she felt the slap, it was too much. Her body pushed forward, collapsing onto his chest, John’s cock still buried deep inside her, knees straddling his sides. She slammed her ass onto him. Loud, short wet slaps permeated the room under her whimpers and moans. Her arms clung to him, her forehead on his chest. She felt his hands run over her ass, pushing and spreading her cheeks.

"That’s it! Oh god, that’s it!”

She pounded her frenzied hips down on him as fast and hard as she could. The wet slaps louder and faster.

"Oh fuck, John!!" she screamed,"slap my ass!!"

Lucy felt his hand come down hard.

Slap! Slap!

She felt herself cumming. Her pussy contracted, soaking him. John interlocked his hands at the top of her ass, and started slamming into her. Lucy was unable to move as she could feel another orgasm start before the last one finished. Drenched in sweat, she screamed into his chest as another wave hit hard.


As her second orgasm ripped through her, John began to growl deeply, the sound and feel of Lucy’s orgasms driving him to the brink. He could feel it there, welling up inside of him, filling his body. But the explosive ecstasy was just out of reach.

"Fuuuck…" he moaned, almost in anguish. His legs pushing and hips thrusting into her as hard as he could.

"I need to cum so bad Lucy. Oh, FUCK!"

He slapped her ass again as he cried out, the smack loud enough to be heard over their screams. John’s stinging hand grabbed her bright red ass, squeezing it, gripping it, holding it in place as he used her cunt to get himself off. John gripped her hair with his other hand and pulled her back so he could see her face. Lucy’s eyes were squeezed shut, her mouth wide open, her beautiful face contorted from what he was doing to her. He couldn’t tell if the reaction on her face was from pleasure or pain, and distantly a part of him wondered if she knew which it was either. All he knew was the sight of her face was what he needed to push himself over the brink.

John pushed up into her with his strong legs, lifting her knees from the bed. His eyes still locked on her face. Lucy’s eyes opened wide as she felt the first hot thick load shooting into her. John’s head fell back, mouth opened wide with a wordless groan as another and another load pumped into her, filling her with his hot seed.

When it was finally over, they collapsed together, his cock softening but still buried inside her. He wrapped his arms around her, worried that if she moved even the slightest bit, he would slip out of her. As the trickle of their combined juices ran out of her and down his inner thigh, John realized they were both drenched in sweat.

Brushing her matted hair back from her face, he breathed deeply, filling his head with the smell of their sweat mixed with the smells of sex.

"Shower?" John finally asked when he was able to breath enough to form words.


Lucy heard John ask her something, his voice sounding a hoarse whisper. Her cheek and ear resting on his chest as she was collapsed on top of him. Weak and blissfully spent from their passion, the only sound she heard was his heartbeat slowing to a normal rhythm.

"What was that?" she asked, lifting her head to look at him. She barely recognized her own voice, raw and hoarse from her screams.

"Shall we have a shower?" John repeated.

Lucy rested her head on her chest again. The thought of moving seemed far beyond her realm at the moment. And she wasn’t sure she could actually walk.

"Can you wait a few moments? Not sure I can walk," she said as she smiled into his chest.

"Sure," he replied as his hand moved softly on her back. Lucy could hear the smile in his voice, even though she wasn’t looking at him.

A few slow minutes passed and she started to feel stronger. She peeled herself slowly up off of him and sat on the edge of the bed. Her legs were quivering from their active session, causing her to realize she may need help standing, let alone walking.

She watched him in the mirror as he slid out of bed. He turned to look back at her as he made his way to the bathroom.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, just a little shaky," she said. "Mind if we have a bath instead?"

My Lucy stories that I'll be posting here are inspired from this collaboration with the immensely talented JD Smith. It was an honour and a sexy privilege to write this with him

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