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Perfect Stranger

Susie is usually the one guarding her friends' bags when they're at the club, but not this time.
The nightclub was packed with people. Bodies were writhing together in time to the beats blasting over the speakers. All the flashing lights made it impossible to tell one face from another. It was like looking out over a sea of androgynous people, and she loved every minute of it. Her friends were down there somewhere, grinding up against the fellow of their choice. It mystified her that they would all probably hook up with someone tonight, and she'd be left alone again, tending all the purses. The thought of sleeping with a perfect stranger was against every fiber of her moral being, yet she couldn't help but notice the dampness of her thong as she thought about the idea. Could she do it? Could she seduce a total stranger into leaving with her? She couldn't take him back to her place, of course. Her roommate would be there, and they had made an agreement long ago to warn each other of sleepovers.

She sighed a little and turned back towards the bar. Another drink had appeared beside the one she was nursing, and she looked up to find the bartender watching her. "From the guy down at the end," he teased, winking at her. Susie blushed and cringed inwardly, realizing he had probably been watching her. She glanced down the bar to find her eyes meeting with two of the bluest eyes she'd ever witnessed. She could clearly see how light they were from four chairs down. The man smiled, and she realized she was gawking. She flashed an embarrassed smile and quickly looked the other direction, trying to compose herself, but praying he would come over to chat.

She knew without looking that he was beside her now. She could feel his presence, smell his cologne, but she didn't turn. It was like she was frozen, as he stood so close, yet not touching any part of her. He leaned onto the bar, putting his face inches from her own, his breath in her ear. "Come and dance with me," was all he said before he disappeared into the crowd behind them. Little did she know these would be the only words she would hear him say. Susie turned swiftly, craning her neck, trying to locate the general direction to start her search, with no luck. She got up from her seat, completely forgetting her assigned duty of protecting her friends' precious bags. She had to find him, if only to thank him for the drink she hadn't touched.

Weaving through the crowd, she was starting to lose hope. Maybe he had given up and picked a new partner. She scanned face after face, feeling bodies rub against her, as she made her way across the dance floor. Finally, she spotted him at the far side of the room, standing there watching her, looking completely out of place with all the gyrating bodies around him. As she made her way over to him, the music switched to a fast, pulsating rhythm. The bass thrummed through her chest and down her arms and legs, as he took her hand then spun her around, stepping up behind her. His hand left hers, settling on her hip, as they began to move with the music. She could already feel his arousal against her ass, as they moved together. Keeping time with the music, his hands started a trip up her stomach, sliding under the light material of her backless halter-top. She could feel the buttons of his shirt pressing into her skin, and she was astonished at the wetness she felt between her legs. He smelled so good. Not just the cologne, but also something underneath that. She couldn't quite put her finger on what it was.

His hands were rubbing all over her skin. She felt like she was on fire everywhere his touch grazed her. The song was lasting forever, and she surely didn't want it to end. His hips were grinding into her from behind, and she could tell he was just as excited as she was. Her nipples were so hard that the material was almost painful when it rubbed against them as they continued to dance. Then, his hands were on hers, holding them over her breasts, squeezing them. She gasped a little, and he chuckled. The sound of his laugh made her smile, and then the song ended. She waited for him to pull away, but he stayed pressed against her as the next song began. It was slower, not a ballad, but not the rocking rhythm of before. He turned her around in his arms, pulling her small body up against his own bigger frame. She finally met his eyes, and they were teasing her, like he knew that she didn't normally behave this way. His hands rested on her ass, as they swayed to the music, not really moving more than they had to. Closing her eyes, she wound her arms around his broad shoulders. She could tell he had a nice body; her breasts were pressed into his hard chest.

As the song came to an end, she opened her eyes reluctantly. Somehow he had led her to the edge of the dance floor without her even realizing it. He smiled, leaning down to press a kiss to the side of her neck, then pulled her towards the exit.


"Oh my god, what am I doing? Is this really happening? Do I really want to do this?" So many thoughts were running through her head, Susie could hardly concentrate as his lips teased her neck and ear. Somehow they had ended up in the back of his car, and he had quickly removed her top with a tug on the two ribbons that had been tied around her back and her neck. She couldn't decide what she wanted, or rather what she should do. She knew she wanted very much to let this man do whatever he wanted to do with her body, as long as it felt as good as his kisses and the bites on her neck. Her hands wandered up his chest as she considered her options, feeling the contours of his pecs and shoulders, before settling to the task of removing his shirt. "Just let your body take over. You think too much," she argued with herself in her mind, purring out loud as he found a spot along her collarbone with his tongue.

She pushed his shirt down his arms as soon as she had gotten all the buttons through their holes. He sighed against her neck when her hands traveled down his torso, then around to his back. His hand had wandered to her thigh, and he was stroking it underneath her miniskirt. Her legs parted automatically, and the only sounds in the car were their heavy breaths as his hand slid up between her legs, rubbing insistently against the wet material of her lace thong. His mouth was making its way down her chest, bites and licks placed along each of her breasts and down between them. Her hands grabbed at his hair, pulling his mouth against her, until he finally took one of her hard, pink nipples between his lips. She gasped loudly and a soft groan followed when his thumb started to stroke her swollen clit through her panties. There was a course of electricity flowing from the nipple that he was now biting softly to her clit that he was teasing with hard then soft rubs, flicking it back and forth.

She felt him push her thong to the side, tracing his fingertip down her wet slit as he moved his mouth to the other nipple, giving the same attention to her left nipple as he had her right. She tried to push her thoughts away and enjoy only the sensations. She watched his mouth tease her. His eyes were closed, and he seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. She took note of the tribal tattoo that circled his upper arm, and then everything went fuzzy as he roughly pushed two of his fingers inside her tight pussy. The moan that came out of her mouth sounded a long way away, and she tried to focus to keep from passing out in pure ecstasy. She hadn't realized how badly she needed this. Her hips automatically started thrusting up against his hand. She felt his mouth continue down her body, trailing his wet tongue down the middle of her stomach to her navel. He pushed his fingers in and out of her quickly, bringing her to the edge. He seemed to sense how close she was and abruptly removed his fingers, leaving her gasping for air. Her hands had come up to squeeze her full breasts, and his mouth was now on her inner thigh, teasing her sensitive flesh.

His hands suddenly grabbed onto her hips, pulling her ass up off the seat as he pressed his face between her legs, inhaling deeply. She couldn't believe she was actually going to go through with this, and the feeling of him savoring her scent sent her stomach flipping. He nibbled her clit through her thong before catching the material between his teeth. She watched him drag it down her legs with his mouth and found herself giggling softly. His eyes met hers, and he chuckled again. Her body was shaking in anticipation as he kissed his way back up her legs. He seemed to feel her tremble underneath him, and his eyes never left hers as he finally reached his goal. She moaned loudly as his tongue ran over her clit once. Only once. It was like she was trapped in the ocean, the waves washing over her dragging her down into oblivion. She closed her eyes, intent on letting him bring her to climax. He was teasing her, and she loved it.

Her hands were never still on her breasts. She squeezed them, pinching the hard, little peaks. His tongue was tracing along her delicate pussy lips, and she could hear him moan softly, obviously enjoying the taste of her. Then he was pushing his tongue into her as deep as he could get it, and she was bucking up against his face, her back arching as he rubbed his thumb around her clit roughly. This time wasn't playful. He wanted to make her gush sweet juices all over his tongue. She was shivering all over, her chest heaving. Her hands found their way back to his head, tugging at his hair as her pussy began to spasm around his hot tongue. She moaned and thrashed around, giving herself over completely to the intense pleasure.

In seconds, he was on top of her. She had a feeling he had waited as long as he could, and time was up. She had the briefest of moments to prepare herself before he pushed his throbbing, hard cock inside her. No mercy. She was filled with him in seconds, and she panted slightly trying to adjust to the feeling. His head was against her shoulder, and she could feel his hair tickling her neck. Her back arched rubbing her breasts against his chest as he began to thrust with abandon. His hands cradled her head to keep it from hitting against the car door. She clung to his shoulders, her nails digging into his flesh slightly. Their groans and moans joined the noise of his hips smacking up against hers. He was so big, wider than she'd ever had before for sure. It was almost painful, the way he was pounding into her, yet it felt amazingly good at the same time. Her hands slid down his back, onto her own knees as she started to roll her hips up to meet his thrusts. She was going to get another orgasm out of this.

He grunted loudly, his cock exploding suddenly inside her tight walls. She could feel the slippery cum fill her, and it sent her over the edge again. They moaned against each other’s shoulders, panting heavily as their mutual orgasms subsided. Slowly, he withdrew, pulling his shirt back onto his arms and buckling his pants and belt. Susie lay there in a bit of a stupor, still trying to come down from the euphoric high. She barely noticed as he tucked her thong into his pocket and got out of his car, walking back towards the club entrance. She lay there trying to get her head back together, running her fingers along her pussy lips to gather his cum, sucking it off her fingers one by one. She hadn't even gotten to blow him, and that was usually her favorite part. Then she realized she was alone in a dark parking lot and reluctantly sat up to put her top on. Her friends would never believe this story in a million years. Maybe she should just keep it to herself. A secret she could share with her perfect stranger.

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