Perfect Wife

By Benja

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Next time baby
Sebastian’s wife had just gotten back from her run and she headed to the shower. She made a stop by the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and headed up the stairs to wash up. Sebastian had been up in his room sorting out some old photos of their past vacation, some of which included there “alone” nights. They were really into each other and sex every night was a must for them. He heard her walk about half way up the stairs when he grabbed a photo he had set aside. It was of her after he had came on her face; she was surprised to see the photo because she had put those away in a box. He told her that he wanted to do it again for he thought it was very hot. His wife stood there, with a smile on her face and told him that she didn’t like it because she would have to take a second shower. Sebastian quickly told her to hold on and went to their closet and grabbed two towels. He said “well, can I join you for this one”?

His wife, sorry her name is Rebecca. But on with the story, Rebecca looked at Sebastian, snickered and grabbed him by his zipper region and led him to the bathroom. When they got in they shut the door and hung up their matching towels on the rack. He took off his shirt and then his pants followed by any other piece of clothing that got in his way. He lifted his wife’s shirt up over her head and noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra; he smiled because it was one less thing he had to remove. He kissed Rebecca on her neck as he reached down to her shorts. They were wet from her run and this excited him because he got very turned on by the mixed smell of his wife and sweat. He pulled the shorts off with her thong at the same time and rubbed her clit as her pushed her up against the sink. She gently let out a slight moan as he slid his finger inside her pussy, which by now was dripping wet. He withdrew his finger and had his wife lick it clean, which was something they did almost every time he manually pleasured her. Rebecca pushed him off of her and went to turn on the water. As she bent down to turn on the shower, she jumped because Sebastian unexpectedly slid three fingers into her. She was far from mad, more or less startled. She pushed up against his hand and felt the maximum penetration that she could get. After the water was at temperature Sebastian helped his wife into the shower as he followed. She wet her hair and slowly rubbed her breast and then her stomach. She started to rub her clit as Sebastian increased the size of his cock by slowly jerking off. It was bigger than usual because shower sex was his all time turn on. As he was stoking his dick Rebecca stopped him, gave him a kiss, and put her hands one his chest as she slowly slid down to his dick. She took it all in at once, making about seven reps before she deep throated him, It was a challenge for her to deep throat his seven inch cock but she loved him and she did everything she could to please him, and boy was he. Sebastian pushed her head down deeper by grabbing the back of her head; she chocked a few times which made him moan and groan because it got very tight. As she pulled back several strands of saliva was the only reminder of her generous act. She grabbed his dick in her right hand and stood up and they kissed deeply for a while. They slowed their kiss as she turned her back on him and slightly bent forwarded. She still had his dick in her hands so she was able to rub the head of his cock against her wet lips. He couldn’t take the tease anymore and rammed his dick into her waiting pussy, she yelled with pleasure thrust after thrust and she knew he would not be able to wait as long because she was massaging his dick with her vagina. Every time she squeezed he pushed in as far as he could go before his dick vanished in her pussy. She knew it would only end their ecstasy like stage and she did not want that. She allowed him to fuck her for a good ten minuets before she told him to get on his knees. She went in front of him and got into the doggy position and slowly pushed back onto his cock.

She was fucking him until he found her rhythm and matched it perfect, even though they were on their knees in the shower did not mean anything for they were not just physically connected, but mentally, they knew how to make love and they both knew exactly how the other moved, twitched, and responded to every sexual act. Sebastian was slowly fucking her as he sped up the pace. As he did so he reached around to her clit and rubbed it between two fingers which trigged her first orgasm. Even though they were surrounded by the down pour of the shower, he could still tell that she were dripping wet from her orgasm. He withdrew and licked her juices from her inner thigh until he meets her pussy. He slowly licked her up and down until he got a mouth full of her second wave of orgasm. He slurped and drank all he could catch in his mouth and he loved the taste. Rebecca’s moans echoed through the bathroom as he ate her out. She went limp as her second orgasm approached but he didn’t stop as he licked faster and faster. She turned around and kissed him so deep that no words could explain it. She whispered she loved him in his ear before she bent down and sucked him off. She knew he was about to cum because his dick was pulsating vigorously. She deep throated him one last time before he exploded in her mouth. She only noticed the second pump for the first one went right down her throat. She took as much of his cum in her mouth as she could get out and slowly jerked him until he was completely dry. She spit out his cum on her breast and he looked at her in confusion. “I was supposed to cum on your face baby” All he got was an

“oops….Next time baby ;)” He smiled and picked her up and they washed off their hour of pleasure down the drain.