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Mazza & Noreasonneeded


Contributing Authors: Noreasonneeded 
Louise realises that she needs more than her husband has to offer...
“I’m close, Lou!” Drew gasped and raised his head briefly before dropping it again and continuing to pummel his wife. He sawed into her with the same determination he did every Sunday night and the occasional Friday or Saturday, if she was really lucky.

She dug her nails into his shoulders, raised her knees as high as she could and pressed her heels into his buttocks, digging them in and feeling the satisfaction as his cock began to graze her g-spot, barely. His belly bumped against hers, moist slaps punctuating his thrusts as she slid her hand, palm down, between their bodies until she reached the dip where her pussy lips began and she started to rub at the base of her clit, clenching her eyes tightly closed and concentrating on the feeling that was starting to radiate from her core.

His grunts got louder and she opened her eyes to a slit, seeing the concentration in his features as he pumped harder, beginning to lose his rhythm. With her free hand, she arched her back and pulled his head down to her breast, willing him to suck her nipple, to tip her over the edge, but knowing that he was close and she didn’t have much time. He did not take her up on her offer though. Instead, he closed his eyes and lifted his head away from her bouncing tit. Mildly disappointed, she rubbed her clit harder and faster, closing her eyes again and focusing purely on the feeling of his cock sliding into her cunt and urging her orgasm to come before he did.

Too late though.

He groaned his climax, filling her with his cum and then, as he relaxed his body, allowing his weight to fall onto her. She sighed and slipped her fingers away from her still-hungry pussy and joined her wet fingers with the dry ones on his back, cooing at how good he had been and what a stud he was.

Smiling and satisfied, he rolled onto his back, slipped an arm under her and pulled her close, telling her how good it had been for him too, how she was the best sex he had ever had and how much he loved her. She nodded and agreed with him as his breathing began to relax and soften. Small snores began to escape his gullet.

Before long, his limb began to dig uncomfortably into her shoulders and she gently lifted her weight, he pulled his arm away over his chest and turned onto his side, hairy back towards her. She reached up behind her head and pulled a few tissues from the box, scrunching them up and pressing them between her swollen lips, wiping his cum as it oozed between her ass cheeks. Her pussy gave a weak pulse, reminding her that her needs had still not been met. She quietly sighed, rolled the wet paper into a ball, extended her arm over the edge of the bed and dropped the heavy tissue. Her lips pressed into a thin, disappointed line as she heard it land softly on the carpet.

Her husband’s snores became more rhythmic, he mumbled something unintelligible in his sleep and let out a soft fart. Louise grimaced and held her breath, lying on her back, one hand absentmindedly cupping a breast. She felt her nipple stiffen under her palm, reminding her that she was still unsated, aching for the release that only an orgasm would bring and allow her to sleep properly.

She pinched her nipple, rolling and tugging it between thumb and forefinger, and another soft sigh escaped her lips as the fleshy bud firmed in her grip. She pulled up her knees until the soles of her feet were flat on the sheet and let her knees fall apart, one resting against her husband’s hairy leg as he slept. There was an almost imperceptible noise as her pussy lips opened, still moist from her arousal and she bit her lip as the cotton bedcover grazed her clit. Her other hand moved over her soft belly until her fingers met her swollen button and she allowed the tips to touch the sensitive tip, feeling her buttocks naturally clench and lift towards them, aching for more.

With her eyes tightly closed, she pushed her index finger between her puffy lips, feeling the space between become slick with her oily arousal. She imagined herself in the kitchen, standing at the hob, cooking dinner for Drew. The sound of his car alarm beeping to armed, alerted her of his arrival and she smiled as she stirred the food in the pot.

“Hey baby, I’m home,” he announced and she heard him drop his bag to the floor and kick the door closed. Suddenly he was behind her, stubble scratching her skin as he bit her neck, arms around her, cupping her breasts through her blouse, thumbing her nipples to points as she gasped and pressed her ass against the bulge at his crotch, feeling the shape of his penis settle against her as he began to gently thrust.

“Oh yes, there’s my good girl,” he hissed as he ground against her, pinching her nipples and biting the tendons on her neck. “Did you miss me?” he whispered, pushing his erection harder against her and turning her round by the shoulders.

“Mmm hmm,” she nodded, spinning the dial to switch off the flame and turning into his arms. “I really missed my man.”

His hands pushed her by the shoulders, onto to her knees, “Well, show me then.”

She fumbled with his belt and zipper until his trousers slid to his ankles. His cock was already straining against his briefs and the shape of it was huge and clearly outlined by the fabric as she opened her mouth and began to gently bite at the spongy head, tongue darting at the moist spot which had appeared. She took his head into her mouth through the fabric and gently blew warm breath onto it. She felt his fingers curl into her hair and pull her against him as he pushed his hips out.

“Take it out,” he ordered. “There’s a good girl, suck my cock!”

Obligingly, Louise sat back on her haunches and took hold of the waistband of her husband’s shorts, pulling it out from his belly and down. Her eyes widened and she marvelled at the way his cock sprung towards her, now that it was free from its fabric constraint. She reached out and took hold of his shaft, smoothing her palm up and down, feeling every ridge and vein and pulling his foreskin back to reveal his glistening slit. Her mouth began to water as she moved her thumb over the tip, spreading his clear precum over the fleshy globe. He moaned as she looked up at him, one hand beginning to squeeze and pull up and down and she brought her thumb to her mouth and sucked the salty fluid from it and into her mouth. She moaned, putting on a show, licking her thumb and smiling naughtily up at him, batting her eyelashes.

“Get on with it! Stop fucking showboating!” he growled, taking hold of her hair and pulling her towards his erection. “Suck my fucking cock!”

She obediently stuck out her tongue and opened her mouth wide, taking his thick meat into her mouth. Immediately he began to push with his hips, forcing his cock deeper and pulling her harder onto his tool. She stifled a gag and exhaled through her nose, making yummy noises deep in her throat as he began to thrust into her throat, forcing himself further in.

She took his heavy balls in her hand and began to stroke and squeeze the soft skin, lifting and dropping them as he fucked her mouth. As he pushed and pushed, she suppressed the urge to retch, saliva filling her mouth and running down her chin onto his shaven sac as she smoothed her palm over it. She hummed and moaned, knowing how he liked the feel of the vibration against him, as his hot hard dick forced the breath from her, stroking the roof of her mouth, filling it completely and her fingers touched the smooth area between his balls and anus. She spread the mixture of drool and precum over his tight ass, feeling his buttocks clench with each push, until her index finger was against his asshole.

He let out a moan as she pressed her fingertip against his tight rubbery hole, massaging it and feeling it open to accept her digit. She pushed, forcing her finger inside his ass, felt his cock stiffen in her mouth and his watery precum flooded onto her tongue. In this fantasy, her husband was both uninhibited and dominant and he wanted to explore every possibility with her.

“Pull up your skirt and rub your pussy,” he panted, gripping her hair more tightly and pulling her ever deeper onto his raging cock. “I want you to cum on your fingers as I cum in your mouth.”

As his cock bruised her tonsils, she pushed her finger until it was knuckle deep in his ass, curling it until she found his P-spot and she began to press and rub. She pulled up her skirt, revealing her already soaking pink panties and slipped her fingers inside until they began to slip easily between her puffy lips. With her thumb against her clit, she eased two fingers inside her aching, hungry hole. She knew that she wouldn’t last long, wouldn’t be able to do everything at once. Thankfully, he was holding her head firmly and fucking her mouth, hard, so she didn’t really have to concentrate on that anymore, rather she could continue to fuck his ass with her finger and frig her clit with her thumb.

He pushed his cock so deep into her throat now that her nose was pressed against his belly at the base of his cock. She slipped out her tongue and began to lap at his balls as best she could. He was grunting loudly now and she pushed a second finger into his ass. He almost screamed and she could feel his balls tighten, knew he was about to fill her throat with his hot sticky load.

She was struggling to keep her balance now and had it not been for his fists in her hair, she knew that she would have lost her balance. She allowed him to hold her in place by her blonde ponytail and concentrated on pushing her fingers deeper into his ass, trying to match his thrusts with those of her own, suddenly realising that the dull ache in her own loins was beginning to pulse through her body. She fucked her cunt and his ass with her hands as he fucked her mouth. He was losing the pace now and his moans were louder.

She began to cry out onto his cock, struggling for breath as she began to cum, feeling her hot juices spilling into her palm. Suddenly he grunted and pulled her hard onto his dick and she felt his thick cum on the back of her tongue. He loosened his grip on her head and she fell back, fingers slipping from her husband’s ass but not stopping their assault on her clit and hole. His cum arced onto her face and hair in two more thick jets as her body shook from her orgasm.

Louise opened her eyes to the dark of the bedroom, panting and pulling her hand away from her pussy. Her body was indeed still slightly shaking from the most powerful orgasm she had felt in a long time. Drew moved in his sleep and he turned to her and opened his eyes. She quickly straightened her legs and wiped her sticky fingers on the duvet, pretending to wake.

“Hey, honey?” his expression was that of concern. “Are you okay? You were moaning. Did you have a nightmare?”

“A nightmare,” she nodded, allowing herself to be pulled close to him, “Uh huh, I had an awful nightmare.”

“Oh, it’s okay, Lou,” he soothed, rubbing her shoulder. “I’ll keep you safe. I’ll protect you. You just go to sleep, darling.”

She sighed, clenched her eyes tightly shut and a small tear ran down her cheek. Her husband’s soft snores soon started again and, as Louise felt sleep begin to take her, her mind was filled with images of dirty, wanton sex, depraved acts, spanking, dirty fucking, being taken, being a filthy whore.

As she began to dream, she knew that her husband was no longer enough for her, that his perfunctory lovemaking would not be enough for her, as much as she loved him. In the moment between sleep and wakefulness, she decided that if her marriage were to survive, it was time to take a lover...

If you would like to read about Drew's take on things, please read Noreasonneeded's story, Imperfucktion, which has been written as a companion piece, to compliment this story...

Part 2 of Perfucktory to follow soon...

Thank you so much for reading.

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