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Phone Tease

Around ten I walk through the park, thinking what a fool I was not to ask where
Phone Tease

Around ten I walk through the park, thinking what a fool I was not to ask where! Then in the distance, I think I see a familiar figure. As I come closer, I'm surer it’s you. But in this cold weather, with everyone wrapped up in coats I could be wrong.

You're feeding the ducks by the pond. You haven't seen me and sit on a bench. You are idly throwing the occasional scrap, looking lost in other thoughts. I approach the bench from behind you; come round and sit "a respectable distance" away.

"They’re hungry this morning?"

"Oh, here at last, I was beginning to give up on you!"

"Sorry, I should have asked where in the park."

"Oh yes, I forget you don't know it!"


"Have some bread"

I move closer. Our eyes meet with warm smiles of welcome. I reach my hand in the bag on your lap and throw a few crumbs to the ducks. We fall into conversation absorbed in each other. Ducks get occasional crumbs from one or the other of us.

I reach into the bag, not much left. At the bottom the bag is still on your lap. Through the thin bag I can feel your leg. My finger tips start to move, a mini massage on the top of your thigh. Your eyes open and you look at me. I smile and continue moving my fingers, manipulating the top of your leg. Taking advantage of the soft bag, my fingers start making their way from the top of your leg to its inner thigh.

An old couple walk by, the ducks get some bread.

My hand returns to the bag. This time my fingers spread over your inner thigh, as I caress you again. I notice the steadiness to your breathing, the rise and fall of your covered bosom. My fingers continue their movement. Have they moved higher? Yes they have but it’s a slow progress.

Another passerby, the ducks are grateful.

Back in the bag my fingertips slide from the top of your leg to its inner thigh stopping at the hem of your trouser. A finger tip follows it along, sliding up, then down. When the ducks were last fed, did you move the bag? No need to ask in which direction! As I'm playing along your inner thigh I can feel your rising warmth now, but the bag is dipping under your coat.

You catch my hand, "Would you like a warm drink? In a place more comfortable and not far from here."

"Sounds nice."

Leaving the rest of the crumbs for the ducks we set off. A few minutes later we're walking into your place. You push the door open too, and pull me to you for a kiss, a short kiss, which promises more.

"Take your coat off and through here."

As you remove your coat I see your top. It shows off the top of your cleavage, and I know instantly I want more!

I follow you into the sitting room. You sit on the sofa and I beside you. We chat, a little flirty and little sexy sharing smiles and giggles, enjoying each other’s company.

Your phone rings. "Bollocks! Its work, excuse Me."

"yes.... no... yes..."

"Pass me that paper" you whisper. I pass you a paper and pen.

I sit next to you as you talk, my hand moves to your knee. You move it away slightly. My hand moves to the inside of your knee, pulling it back slightly. You give me a look, and move a little away. I follow you sitting closer this time. My hand slides to the rear of your knee, finger-tips hinting at progressing up the rear of your leg. Again you wiggle a little away, but not as far. Maybe you're torn between needing to talk to your boss and wanting to enjoy the attention?

Again I slide after you sitting closer pressing into you; you've run out of anywhere to wriggle. My hand starts to stroke the inside of your leg. You make a show of putting the paper on your lap. We both know that’s not going to do anything, my hands are already underneath it.

"yes... yeah. ...yes..."

My hand is now at the top of your thigh my finger tips playing on your warm leg, feeling the heat. The next step will be into her area. You're still captive on the phone. Your occasional notes aren't as neat anymore.

Caught between two worlds, your legs open a little. My fingers take advantage, and travel the short distance from leg to pussy. Your pussy is still covered, but my finger-tips play, circling, dancing over her area. From the heat and your awkward wriggles I guess she's hot and hungry, hopefully damp and tingly, craving some real attention!

I slide my hand upwards and find the top of your trousers. I bring my other hand over, and as I open your trousers, I roll round your leg. I'm kneeling on the floor in front of you and of course between your legs!

A wild look of panic is in your eyes. You’ve guessed what I'm going to do, but your boss isn't letting up, and is expecting you to talk intelligently! With both hands I pull down your trousers, taking your panties with them. Oh my god from the brief glimpse I had of them they are wet!

There she is before me, exposed and glistening. I lean forward and kiss you, just above your muff. My fingers slide through your soft fuzz to her sides. Not yet at her opening, my fingers slide up and down and round. These are little movements but enough to work her lips, rubbing them together already slippery with her juices.

I drag my face through your muff, my breath hot on your skin, until my mouth reaches the top of her opening. Leaving her lips together, I kiss along their joining. Down and back, down and back, mmm more juice already. I lick her length up and down pulling her lips only just apart I lick again. Tasting her I lick a little harder mmm and a little deeper. Oh yes! I open her, kissing and licking her. You push your hips up toward me. Her queen ripe and proud comes into my lips. I sucked in, rubbed hard by my tongue. I begin to work on her. I suck all of her I can; nibbling, biting, tongue tickling.


The phone is dropped somewhere. You pull my head into her, thrusting her onto me, rubbing her into my face. Then you push me backwards to the ground, and drag down my trousers. Taking him in hand you push yourself over him. Your wet pussy offers no resistance as I feel you descend on to him, taking him inside you as you bear down on me. You sit atop me skewered, your chest rising and falling steady as you draw deep breaths. Your body has me pinned; even if I wanted to I couldn't move. Allowing a deep breath in to your lungs you slowly start to rise. Your rise is graceful and beautiful, pussy releasing him slowly as you rise. Then you push back down hard, driving on me, rising again, for the same eager return. You are soon rising and falling smoothly, in glorious motion.

As your body moves my hands slide under your top to find your tits. Your nipples are hard through your bra. You lift your arms and the top comes off, your bra releases your boobs. Nipples hard round and solid, circular pyramids, but too far away from my mouth! My hands cup your breasts thumb and finger rolling your nipples, rubbing their hard sensitive sides, circling their tips. Oh! As you slide down my cock I push him up to meet you, you rise as I fall. I feel your lips pass over his length. My knob leads the way into you on your return. Movements shorter now, but quicker, our joining harder as you land on me. Your driving force brings my hand to you, rubbing the top of your clit as you rise and fall. Quickening again, my other hand passes over your bum cheek reaching your arse crack. Up and down. Our breathing is deep short breaths. As you rise and fall my hand at your bum travels up and down the length of your arse, running the depth of the valley between your cheeks.

Clit rubbed.

Arse chased.

My hot cock is inside you.

You begin to climax pushing down hard on me. Down Down Down. Your added heat and pressure releases me and we climax together. Even with all your pressure I still buck into you. Pushing and pulling into you wanting pussy to milk me dry. Your pressure is ever increasing. Your quakes are answering my spasms. Your body falls on top of mine. We are clamped locked together cumming into each other.

Slowly the moment passes, but we stay glued together unwilling to release from our union. Almost automatically our mouths find each other. Rejoicing at last in that long promised kiss.

"You teasing bastard" you whisper, and we kiss again.
thanks to frogprince
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