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Physical Therapy

  A few months ago I was driving on the freeway heading home from work when suddenly, a careless person who was talking on a cell phone and not paying attention to the flow of traffic smashed into the rear of my car at a very high rate of speed.

The impact was very severe and the paramedics who arrived on the scene suggested that I should go to the hospital and get checked out. There was some stiffness in my back and neck, but I figured it would just go away, and I was really not in the mood to spend hours in an emergency room so I declined.

When I woke up the following morning the pain however had become increasingly worse and knowing I’d not be able to work I called in sick, then phoned my attorney and ask him what he thought would be the best way of handling this situation   

He made an appointment for me that same afternoon with a Chiropractor and after doing a very extensive examination the doctor wrote me a prescription for pain pills and told me to make arrangements with his receptionist to begin Physical Therapy.

I returned to the office the next day and was taken to a large room with several massage tables. The nurse had me lay face down on one of them and placed two pads attached to a machine next to it on my shoulders, and two more on my lower back just below the belt line.

She turned on the machine and as the pads began to vibrated and pulsate she slowly increased the speed and asked me to tell her where it felt the most comfortable. When I informed her of my desired settings she put a few warm compresses on my neck and back then went to assist other patients

Approximately fifteen minutes later the machine shut off with a beeping sound and the nurse quickly returned to remove the compresses and pads. I was then immediately led to a private room that had one massage table, sink, small desk, and dressing stall.

The nurse handed me a hospital gown and told me to go into the stall and strip down to my underwear, then she politely said “someone will be with you soon” and walked out of the room shutting the door behind her.

I followed her instruction then sat down on the table.   A short time later there was a knock on the door and in walked a petite Asian girl. She was stunningly beautiful with long shiny black hair, and the hospital scrubs she had on, did little to hide her terrific figure.

There was a chart in her hands and while reading threw the pages of it, she introduced herself by saying “Good Morning, My name is Lia, I’m your Physical Therapist.”

Knowing that she’d be the one doing the treatment to me instantly made the idea of therapy a lot less intimidating and I replied “Pleasure to meet you Lia ”

She closed the door and after asking a couple of questions about my condition told me to lay face down on the table. She then began skillfully massaging my back and besides being gorgeous Lia also had a very pleasant personality and casually chatted with me during the entire procedure.

It made the experience a lot more comfortable and before I knew it thirty minutes had passed and Lia said “Ok your done for today”. She then went on to say that I would need to see her twice a week for awhile and after giving me a list of available appointment times left the room.

I continued seeing Lia on a regular basis after that day and although it was an inconvenience, I actually looked forward to seeing her. I was becoming very attracted to her, and she mention during one of our conversations that she was single; so I invited her out for dinner or drinks several times.

To my disappointment Lia always declined and repeatedly told me she did not date patients.   That did not deter me however from continuing to ask, and I’ll admit I found myself not being able to stop thinking about her.

One Friday afternoon I had an appointment with Lia at five o’clock and I decided to take a nap before going to it. Unfortunately I over slept, and woke up to discover the time was already ten minutes after five.

Immediately upon seeing that, I phoned the clinic and informed Lia of the situation. She was very understanding and although the office usually closes at five thirty, she told me if I could make there by six, she’d wait for me.

Without delay I threw on some clothes and while trying not break any traffic laws drove as quickly as I could to the office. I arrived at exactly six o’clock and was a little disappointed because I found that the door was locked.

The lights were still on however so I knocked on the widow a few times and a short time later Lia opened the door wearing a short black dress instead of her usual hospital scrubs.   I must say she looked very sexy and as I stepped inside she smiled at me then once again locked the door and said “Nice to see you could make it.”

Since everyone else in the office had already gone home for the day Lia hooked me up to the machine herself and remained there talking to me until it shut off. She then handed me a gown and said “You know the routine; I’ll be there shortly.”

I proceeded into one of the private rooms and at that very moment I suddenly realized I’d forgotten to put on my underwear. I was a bit worried about how Lia would react to it, but having no other option I took off my clothes and put on the gown.  

A few minutes later Lia entered the room and said “Ok, let’s get started”, so I laid down on the table and was expecting to hear her say something about bare butt. To my surprise she didn’t mention it and just started performing her normal treatment and chatting like we always do.

After about a haft hour of massaging me she stopped and I figured we were done until she said “Turn over please, I want to try something different today.” As per her request I rolled over onto my back and although I was curious, I did not inquire as to what she was planning to do.

Lia went over and wrote something on my chart then stood directly next to the table and asked “Would you mind answering a few personal questions.”   We had discussed many various topics before, so I really did not give it much thought and replied “Not at all”

As if it were a normal thing that people would talk about, she looked at me and casually asked    “Is there any pain when you’re masturbating?” I hesitated answering not really knowing what to say and Lia must seen the embarrassed expression on my face because she told me “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, I do it too”  

Her confessions made me fell allot more comfortable towards the subject so I replied “None that I’ve noticed.”  

Lia paused for a brief moment then her next question was “Is there any discomfort when you ejaculate?” I simply shook my head no and without any warning she pulled back the gown and said “I need to examine your penis”.

Before I could respond in anyway, she loosely wrapped a hard around my totally exposed cock. It immediately began growing from her soft touch, and there was a slight grin on her pretty face, but she acted in professional manner, and when my cock was at its full eight inches she said “I see you have no problem getting an erection”

Shocked that Lia was actually fondling my cock I just laid there speechless as she began slowly stroking it. She then placed her other hand on my balls and while gently squeezing them with her fingers told me “I’m going to do sensitivity test now, so just relax Ok?”

I shook my head in approval and the next thing I knew, Lia leaned over and started swirling her tongue around the sensitive head of my circumcised cock. The pleasure she was giving me was indescribable and not being able to retain my composure I began making moaning sounds.

Upon hearing that Lia stopped and I could feel her hot breath on my cock as she asked “Should I continue?”  

I immediately cried out “Oh Yes” then raised my head a little and watched in disbelief as she once again guided my cock to her lovely lips.

My hips jerked a little when I felt her warm wet mouth engulf my cock, and with one swift motion, she slid her soft lips so far down my cock that I could feel the head of it touching the back of her throat. 

 She then started doing a slow steady up and down motion with her tongue licking my cock as she sucked it.   It was the most incredible sensation I’ve ever experienced and little by little she began going faster.

I’m really not sure how long she kept giving me head but my balls started tingling so there was no doubt that I was about to cum soon. Lia must have sensed it also because she slowed her pace and sucked on just the head as she used a hand to stroke my cock in perfect rhyme with her talent mouth

Not being able to hold back any longer I thrust my hips upward and cried out in pleasure “I’m going to cum”. To my surprise and delight Lia just kept eagerly sucking my cock as it squirted cum down her throat.

After swallowing every single drop she stood up, licked her lips, and calmly said “There appears to be nothing wrong with your penis, you can get dressed now”

Unsure what to say I just got up and went into the dressing stall without saying a word. Lia unexpectedly remained in the room and as I was putting on my clothes she said “There’s an extra charge for being late, do you want to take care of that now?

After that amazing blow job I was willing to pay whatever she wanted and simply replied “Sure no problem.” The curtain was closed and unable to see what Lia was doing I exited the stall a short time later to discover her sitting on the end of the massage table completely naked

She had an absolutely gorgeous body that any woman would envy, and as I stood there admiring every beautiful flawless inch of it, she began playfully running a few fingers threw her neatly trimmed pubic hair and said “I’ll waive the fee if you return the favor.”

I instantly knew what Lia was insinuating and it was an offer I could not pass up, so I enthusiastically replied “I’d Love too.” A big smile instantly appeared on her pretty face and while laying down on the table she told me “I was hoping you’d say that ‘

Without hesitation I got on my knees in front of her, and put those silky smooth legs on my shoulders. Her delicate pussy was now just inches away from my face and the glistening wetness on the lips of it made it obvious she was already very aroused.

Very slowly I lowered my head and Lia immediately squealed with delight as I began lightly licking the entire length of her delicious tasting pussy.   I did that a few more times then I spread the lips apart with my mouth and started flicking my tongue quickly across her swollen clit.

Lia was moaning almost constantly by this time and I continued licking her clit several more times then began gently sucking on it.   I was determined to make her cum and besides licking and sucking on her clit, I also slid my tongue in and out of her wet pussy.

I alternated between the three methods while continuing to pleasure her pussy and after approximately ten minutes, her thighs suddenly squeezed my head and her body started to tremble as she cried out “Oh my god, Oh my god.”

Knowing that Lia was having an orgasm, I kept eagerly licking her pussy and did my best to consume all the sweet juices that begun flowing out of it.   Her thighs released their grip a short time later and she was lying perfectly still, so I playfully licked her pussy one last time, then gently removed her legs from my shoulders and proceeded to stand up

She was panting trying to catch her breath but the instant our eyes met Lia managed to say “Paid in full.” She quietly laid there for a few minutes regaining her composure then sat up and in a serious tone said “I’ve never done anything like this in the office before”

The worried expression on her pretty face made it obvious that Lia was truly concerned about what just happened so I quickly replied “Don’t worry it will be our little secret”

Apparently it was the right thing to say, because she got off the table and after giving me a kiss on the cheek said “Thanks, I really appreciate that”

Lia then began getting dressed and as she was putting on her panties I decided to once again ask if she would like to have dinner with me. I really expected her to decline like she always does, but to my surprise this time she said “Sounds like a good idea”

It didn’t take long for Lia to finish putting on the rest of her clothes, and after locking up the office, we drove in our separate cars one of my favorite restaurants.   We shared a tasty meal with a bottle of wine and although we were talking about many different subjects, neither one of us mention anything about what transpired earlier.

We were enjoying each others company so much that we didn’t notice how much time had passed until the waitress told us they would be closing in thirty minutes. Lia immediately looked at her watch then she pulled a cell phone out of her purse and said “I’m going to call for a Taxi because I don’t like to drink and drive”.

I told her that was not necessary and offered to give her a ride, but she refused saying she didn’t want to inconvenience me. I was persistent however and it took a few minutes of convincing her that it was not a problem until she finally accepted.

After paying the check we got in my car and drove to her house. She lived near the restaurant so it did not take long to get there, and when we arrived I was expecting nothing more than a simple thank you or friendly good night kiss.  

She didn’t do either one and there was a brief moment of silence, then while unbuckling her seat belt she looked at me and jokingly asked “So are you coming in or not?   Naturally I chose to follow her and once inside Lia turned on the stereo and said” Make your self comfortable; I’ll get us some refreshments.”

A short time later Lia returned carrying a tray with a bottle of wine, two glasses, and assorted cheese platter. She set it on the coffee table, then poured us both a glass of wine, and took a seat next to me on the couch.

We sat there causally chatting, listening to the music, and after consuming a few more glasses of wine Lia abruptly asked” Want to see the rest of my house?”

Her living room was nicely decorated in an oriental theme, so I was honestly curious what the rest of it looked like and replied “Sure why not.”

As we walked from room to room Lia pointed out different things of interest, and when we got to the master bedroom, she motioned towards a queen sized bed that had a burgundy canopy over it and softly said “That’s where Bob and I have sex.”

Lia never mentioned being in a relationship so I was curious and asked “Who’s Bob?” She just laughed for a moment, then walked over to the night stand and pulled out a seven inch purple vibrator. 

She turned it on, and while demonstrating its various speeds and pulsating functions said to me “This is Bob, my battery operated boyfriend”

An image of Lia lying there playing with herself instantly entered my mind, and not realizing it I unconsciously blurted out “I’d love to see that.”

I expected her to say something but to my surprise she just winked at me, then threw the still buzzing vibrator on the bed and began doing a very provocative strip tease. I’m not sure if it was because of the alcohol, but Lia seemed to be enjoying herself and did not seem the least bit shy about what she was doing.

Mesmerized by her sexy performance I just stood there silently watching, and after removing every piece of her clothing she laid down bed with her knees bent, and feet flat on the mattress.

She made herself comfortable by placing a pillow under her head then spread those lovely legs giving me an unobstructed view of her pretty pussy. My cock was fully erect in seconds and I’m not sure if Lia noticed but she began lightly rubbing a finger along the lips of her pussy and told me “I need motivation, let me see that big dick.”

As if in a trance I immediately began getting undressed and was soon standing naked at the foot of the bed. My cock was hard as a rock sticking straight and with her eyes focused on it; Lia began playfully sliding a single finger into her pussy, and in a teasing tone asked “So you want to watch me fuck myself huh?”

Her aggressive behavior really turned me on, because my idea of the perfect woman is one that acts like a lady in public, and talks dirty in the bedroom. I nodded my head yes and watched in amassment as Lia picked up the vibrator and gently inserted haft of it into her tight little pussy.

It was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen and I just kept staring at the vibrator as she pulled it almost all the way out, then ever so slowly slid it back in again. Before long more of the vibrator began disappearing into her pussy, and she started using the fingers of her free hand to rub tiny circles around her visibly swollen clit.

The expression on her pretty face, and the occasional moaning sounds she’d make, made it obvious Lia was experiencing intense pleasure. Her pussy was also clearly becoming extremely wet, and while continuing to slide the vibrator in and out of it, she looked at me with those big brown eyes, and in a very sexy tone said “Show me how you do it.”

I assumed that meant she wanted me to masturbate, but just to be sure I asked “You want me to Jack-Off?”

Lia quickly removed all doubt and replied “Yes, Don’t be bashful, I know you want to”

I’m not the timid type so that comment made me chuckle, however her timing could not have been more perfect because my cock was aching for attention.

There was also a substantial amount of pre-cum seeping from the tip, and as Lia intently watched I began using a couple of fingers to smear it all around the head. She seemed to be genuinely captivated by my actions and after lubricating the rest of my cock, I started stroking it in a slow steady rhyme.

Neither of us said a word, and except for the squishy sounds of the hand traveling up and down my cock, and the muffled buzzing of the vibrator sliding in and out of her slurping wet pussy, the room was completely quiet.

It was a very sensual atmosphere and after silently watching each other masturbate for several minutes Lia suddenly cried out “Oh yes stroke that big dick.” She then turned the vibrator to a higher setting, and began thrusting her hips up and down as she vigorously plunged it in and out of her pussy.

The soft sexy moans she was making made it obvious Lia was close to having an orgasm, so I started stroking my cock at a much faster pace and asked “Are you going to cum?” She did not waste a second to reply and with beads of sweat now running off her forehead esthetically answered “Yes, Yes, cum with me, I want to see you cum.”

I could feel my balls begin to tighten up, so I knew it wouldn’t be long, and not wanting to make a big mess I cupped my other hand under the head.   It took just a few more quick strokes then I let out a series of low groans as cum erupted from my throbbing cock and squirted into my palm

Lia shoved the vibrator deep into her pussy one last time and her body began to tremble as she screamed out loud “Oh My God, Oh My God.”   A large wet spot simultaneously appeared on the bedspread confirming she was having a massive orgasm, and in still late night air I’m sure the neighbors could hear her cries of passion.

She turned it off, but kept the vibrator buried in her pussy for about thirty seconds longer then slowly pulled it out. I could tell from her heavy breathing that she was totally exhausted, and after taking a few minutes to regain her composure she smiled at me and asked “Did you enjoy that?”

I’d think standing there with my hand full of cum was not enough of an answer, however I smiled back at her and replied “Loved it. I then excused myself to go wash up and while walking towards the bathroom I could hear her say “Me Too”.

When I returned Lia was lying on the bed in a fetal position facing the opposite direction from me. She looked so peaceful and not being able to get enough of this beautiful Asian goddess, I decide to take advantage of the opportunity and lay down with her.

Feeling a little nervous, I gingerly climbed onto the bed and cuddled up behind her with my deflated cock pressed between the cheeks of her firm petite ass. I really expected her to say something but to my pleasant surprise she just snuggled back closer to me.

I remained motionless for a few minutes enjoying her body next to mine, then lightly began running my fingers though her soft silky hair. A soft moan escaped Lia’s lips indicating that she was becoming aroused, so I kept doing it for awhile longer then slowly moved my hand down and started gently caressing those gorgeous breasts of hers.

Her nipples instantly grew hard from my touch and they had to be at least an inch in length. I’d occasionally gently pinch them as they slipped between my fingers and after a short time of massaging her firm tits Lia asked “Are you trying to make me horny?

I’m sure she felt my cock beginning to grow, so I lightly began nibbling on her neck and inquired “Is it working?”

That made her giggle a bit and in a very cute sexy voice she answered “I’ll let you know in a minute.”

Taking that as permission to continue I let my hand drift down between her legs. Lia did not object and even parted them a little to give me easier excess. Her pussy was already clearly wet, so I started slowly sliding a finger into it as I rubbed her swollen clit with my thumb.

She let out a soft moan indicating her approval, and after a few more minutes of fingering her pussy, Lia quietly said “That feels good, but I’m sure you’d rather fuck me.”

That sounded like an invitation, however I did not want to take anything for granted and whispered in her ear “Do you want my big dick in your pussy?”

To my dismay she immediately began to wiggle away from me as though I had offended her. I was just about to apologize when Lia suddenly got up on her knees and glanced over her shoulder at me.   I could see the lustful look in her eyes and in very seductive tone she then replied “Yeah I want it, Do me from behind.”  

I’ve never been happier than I was at that moment, and within a very short time I found myself kneeling behind her. I placed my hand on the cheeks of her petite little butt, and while gently squeezing them, gradually moved my hips forward.

Lia instantly squealed with delight when the head of my cock separated her delicate pussy lips, then laid her head down on the pillow and continued making sounds of pleasure as I slowly slid the rest of my thick shaft into her, an inch at a time.

She wasn’t a virgin; however I must say her pussy felt as tight as one, and for a couple of seconds, I just remained motionless enjoying the sensation. I then began pumping my hard cock into her warm pussy with long sensual strokes, in a soft sexy tone Lia cried out “Oh my god, that feels so dam good, fuck me with that big dick”

Before long she was pushing back in perfect time with every forward thrust I made, forcing the entire eight inches of my cock to slip into her tight wet pussy. I kept up that rhyme for about five more minutes then began fucking her at a slightly faster pace.

Her moaning soon intensified and her pussy started pulsating on my cock signaling she may be about to have an orgasm. I didn’t want to make her to cum right then though because I had something else in mind, so I abruptly stopped fucking her, and climbed off the bed.

As I stood beside it Lia quickly rolled onto her back, and with a very disappointed expression on her pretty face said “No, don’t stop, fuck me more.”

That was definitely my intention, and the bed just happened to be the perfect height for what I had planned, so I ask “Can we do the butterfly?”

Lia did not hesitate, but there was a bit of desperate tone to her voice as she answered. “Yes, yes, anyway you want, just fuck me"

It was easy to see that Lia really had no idea what the butterfly was however because she just laid there ,so I grabbed hold of her ankles and gently pulled her towards me until her firm little ass was resting on the edge of the bed.

Either for comfort or viewing pleasure she reached for a pillow and placed it under her head as I raised her legs up high in the air and spread them wide.   I loved her nasty talk and wanting to hear more, I intentionally positioned myself so that just the very tip of my cock was barley touching her pussy, and in a teasing way said "Tell me what you want."

Lia seemed a little anxious and while looking directly at my cock answered" Fuck me, fuck me; put that big dick in my pussy”

With one single stroke I plunged my cock so deep into her pussy I could feel it hit her cervix. Lia took a deep breath then exhaled "Oh yes that's it" as I once again began pumping my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy.

I fucked her slowly at first letting her get comfortable with the position then I started doing it harder and faster. Lia reached down and began rubbing her clit as my balls slapped against her ass and after about ten minutes of my cock pounding into her pussy she suddenly cried out   “I’m going to cum "

She started moaning very loud and I could feel her pussy getting extremely wet and throbbing as I continued sliding my cock in and out of it. A short time later her breathing became quicker and her legs began to tremble, then she let out a loud scream making it perfectly clear she was having another orgasm.

Sweat was dripping off my forehead into her stomach at this point and with her pussy tightening around my cock Lia begged “Please stop I can’t take anymore”

Determined to cum I ignored her request and just kept thrusting my cock into her dripping pussy. Lia once again pleaded “No More, No more” but again I disregarded those pleas and continued fucking her until my cock erupted and filled her pussy with warm cum.

Completely exhausted I withdrew my cock from her pussy, released my hold on those lovely legs, and collapsed beside her. We both lay silently for a few minutes regaining our composure then Lia kissed me on the cheek and said "That was amazing."

Looking into her big brown eyes I replied "Yes it was," then I went on to say “Well I guess you can't say you don't date patients anymore."

Lia started to laugh and I wondered what was so funny, then just as I was about to ask she said “Oh I forgot to tell you, that was the last appointment, so you are not my patient anymore."

We have been a couple ever since that day and I must admit a big smile appears on my face anytime I here someone mention ..........Physical Therapy

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