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Pia's Adventures: 1

Pia gets horny at the gym and finds a new sex buddy in the showers.
Pia headed for the showers, her hair mussed with sweat from her intense workout. As she entered the empty locker rooms, she could hear a faint moaning from the showers at the back and she paused in her footsteps. Could someone be hurt? She made her way to the showers and stepped into the steamy room to look for the source of the sound and immediately found what she was looking for.

A man, water rolling down his broad chest, stood under the stream in the far corner pleasuring himself. Her eyebrows flew up and he groaned, eyes closed in delight. She had to admit, the sight was turning her on, tired from her workout or not. She leaned against the wall, hand finding her hardening nipples through her sports bra. She watched him keep going, unaware of her presence, before she decided to let him know she was there. 

Pia slipped off her yoga pants, leaving them crumpled in the floor, and stepped into the showers. She made her way over to him, and asked in a seductive tone, “Need any help?”

The man opened his eyes, shocked, and looked embarrassed. Before he could do or say anything, however, his attention drifted elsewhere as his gaze dropped to her heaving chest, the flimsy material of her bra clinging to her breasts. She smiled. “I don’t bite,” she cooed before adding, “Unless you’re into that sort of thing.”

He still looked unsure and she rolled her eyes with a huff before taking a small step back and slipping out of her soaked bra, dropping it to the shower floor with a splat. She ran her hands over her tits and looked invitingly at him. Her eyes flicked down to his erection and widened slightly. She hadn’t realized he was so big! She got wet just thinking of the feeling of fitting him inside her. When he didn’t move, she decided to make another one and stepped forward, lifting his hands to her breasts.

Finally, life was put into him and he squeezed, pinched and rolled her nipples as she let out soft little moans to show her appreciation. He moved his head down, pressing their lips together and their tongues danced in a wild frenzy. Then they broke apart and she slowly slipped her panties off, leaving them next to her discarded bra. Pia trailed her hand down her chest before slipping it between her legs and tossing her head back with a moan. 

The nameless man couldn’t take the sight of her all wet and tight, her tits jiggling as she pleasured herself for him. He interrupted her, pushing her up against the shower wall and her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around his firm waist, letting him feel her juices as she rubbed her wetness on his hard member. “Fuck me,” she murmured and he unquestioningly obliged. He dipped his cock inside her and was suddenly worried he’d break her with his size but just that little feeling of him breaking the boundary of her pussy had her throwing her head back with a loud moan of pleasure. He thrust his full length inside her, picking up speed and force. He slammed into her over and over and over and she dug her nails into his back as she was slammed into the wall. Then she screamed as she reached her climax, pussy walls tightening around him and making him cum too. He kept moving inside her, slowing until he finally stopped, but he didn’t exit her. 

“Wow,” she mumbled as he carefully led her down, her legs too shaky with the force of her orgasm to be of much help. “That was fucking amazing.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, leaning his spent body against the wall opposite her. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Pia,” she smirked. “Your surprise slut for the day.”

He smiled down at her. “Pia,” he said. “Great name.”

She shrugged before an idea occurred to her. “Wanna be fuck buddies?” she offered, moving to sit on her knees before him.

“Fuck buddies?”

She nodded innocently. “When I’m horny, I call you and we fuck. Vise versa.”

He thought about her offer for a moment, shower running and filling the room with even more steam. He blinked water out of his eyes. “Blow me and seal the deal.” 

She smirked,“Love to.”

She moved forward on her knees until she was directly in front of him and she could plainly see his interest in his hardening dick. She began to rub him with her fingers, teasing him just slightly. Then instead of placing her mouth on him, she lifted her perky tits and rubbed him up and down with their softness, leaving him with a smile as he watched her. Suddenly, her mouth joined in, her tongue flicking over the head. She picked up her speed, pushing him fully into her mouth, tickling her throat and making her nearly gag. But she had training with this and could handle it. When she could feel him about to cum, she pulled away, letting his hot seed spatter over her chest. She smiled up at him and rubbed it over her nipple with her deft fingers. 

He watched wordlessly as she rubbed his cum over her breasts, playing with her nipples as they hardened. Then she moved her hands down to her pussy and she rubbed tenderly at her clit, softly moaning, “Mmm you feel so good on me, babe.” The sight and words made him lie down on the shower floor, water running over him as he pulled her on top of him, her tits in his face as he nipped at them. He took one in his mouth and bit the nipple and she gave a rewarding moan of pleasure. Then his finger suddenly entered her tight, wet pussy and she gasped in pleasant surprise. He only teased her at first, finger dipping in and out as her body begged for more and he smiled at her helplessness as she tried to ground her pussy into his hand. 

The sexy stranger added three fingers and roughly, quickly, pumped into her as she moaned and yelled. He watched as her eyes rolled into her head and he growled, “Oh, my fuck toy is so tight!” His gruff voice almost sent her over the edge as she bucked her hips and tried to fit as much of his hand as she could. His thumb joined the work of the rest of his fingers as his rubbed her clit violently. 

“Faster,” she gasped and he complied, flexing his fingers inside of her and moving faster and harder inside of her, stroking her clit even more. Then she orgasmed with a scream, her release exploding on his hand and he rose it to his mouth to lick it all off. She sat up but he pulled her in and they kissed roughly, his hand finding her breast and rolling and squeezing it. 

Pia rolled them over until she was on top and teased his throbbing cock with her fingers before lining it up with her glistening womanhood and easing herself onto him, letting him feel her tight walls around his cock. He moved and she slowly began to ride him, moving faster and faster, their moans turning into screams as they fucked each other like rabid animals. Finally, they came, her nails scratching perfect lines into his back, marking him as her fuck buddy. In return, he grabbed her breasts much harder than before and squeezed them relentlessly, bringing her to a whole new level of pleasure. Her toes curled as she experienced one of the most mind blowing orgasms of her entire life. 

When they finished, he didn’t exit her and they just lay there panting and struggling to breathe, whole bodies quaking with the aftermath of their orgasms. Then Pia groaned and shifted on top of him and he murmured, “Mmm you’re awfully wet still... I think I can help you.”

She whimpered as he slipped out of her pussy and gently laid her down on the tiled floor, the water pounding by her feet. He moved down between her legs and brushed her center with his tongue. She moaned once again, deeper and more sensually. He noticed her get wetter and smirked before entering her with his tongue, feeling her juices coat his mouth. He felt her hips bucking so he moved with her and relentlessly flicked his tongue over her clit, fingers plunging into her center until she reached her climax. 

When they were fully recovered from their sexual escapades, he switched off the shower and stepped out; reaching for his towel as she plucked her soaking wet bra and panties off the floor. “So you want to make this a regular occurrence?” he asked, towel drying his thick hair, eyes running along her sexy body. 

She smirked, pulling herself up to crush her lips to his. When she pulled away, she pressed her panties into his hand. “I’ll leave my number by the door,” she said with a wink and swiftly slipped away, leaving him a bundle of fried nerves and grinning in anticipation.

They would definitely do this again.

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