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Pick Me Up Plan

Hopefully, my Pick Me Up Plan will do the trick after a tiring day of work
I knew the minute I heard the keys at the front door that you were home.

“Baby?” you call out wearily.

“In the living room,” I call back. I hear the strain in your voice and instantly I know that the day has not been kind to you.

I set my bookmark in place, set it down on the end table and stand up to meet you in the bedroom.

You’re taking off your socks and shoes as I enter the room. I can tell by the set of your shoulders that you are tense and in need. I know not whether it is okay to talk or you need silence. All I know is that I need to make you more comfortable.

“Baby, something troubling you?”

You shake your head no and I sigh. You are a man of many words, the fact that you will not say aloud what is bringing you down leads me to the assumption that you would like to forget about it, so I will help.

“Come on, sweetie. Let’s get you fed.”

It’s Friday so thankfully no classes for you to endure for the next 48 plus hours, so I grab you by your hand and lead you to the kitchen, then sit you down at the table and dish up our Friday night pasta meal. First we have a simple green salad, followed by vegetarian lasagna. You sip your wine quietly as I watch you from across the table. I would give you a smile every now and then when I’d catch your eye, but other than that our usual chat is nonexistent.

Since the beginning of our relationship, I have come to learn you quite well. I know when you are tired, stressed, exhausted, upset…and especially horny. I like to think that it is my perceptiveness to get a read on people but really it’s just you, my love. I care for no one’s mood but yours. And my ability to care for you all depends on how much I learn of you, and I want so very much to take care of you to the best of my ability.

After I shoo you from the kitchen to clean up and put the remaining leftovers away, I join you on the couch. Still your mood is glum so I snuggle into you. “Baby why don’t you and I just talk about it?”

“I’d rather not,” you answer.

“I hate to see you so down in the dumps. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” I ask, already knowing what it is I’m going to do.

You shake your head no.

Seeing that I am going to get nowhere with talking, I get up from the couch without a word and I enter the bathroom and prepare for my ‘Pick Me Up’ plan. When I return to the living room I find you there staring out into space, at nothing at all. It really pains me to see you this way. So I pull you up from the couch and lead you into the bathroom where I have the light shut off and a few candles lit. The tub is filling with steamy hot water and bubbles.


“Ssshhh, you hush now. Not a single word, mister. You’ve said all of a handful of words to me since your lunch break at the school and now that I have you in this bathroom you want to talk? Hhhmmm sounds suspicious to me. Afraid of a little water are we?” I ask teasingly.

You smile and shake your head no.

“Good, now I intend to get you naked. And last I checked I didn’t need any oral instruction,” I say with a kiss.

I proceed to remove your shirt, and under shirt, then your pants and your boxers. When your cock comes into view my mouth begins to water, wanting to give that part of your body attention first. But I stop myself from acting on such lustful impulses. I want to do this right.

So I stand up and assist you with removing your pants. As you stand naked before me all I can think about is getting naked my own self and throwing you onto the marble bathroom floor and devouring you before I beg you to fuck me senseless, but once again I can’t act on those impulses…just yet.

“Now in the tub!”

“What about you? Aren’t you joining me?”

“Nope,” I say making the ‘p’ sound pop.

You open your mouth to speak again before I cover your mouth with my hand, silencing you. By now you should know not to question me, so you shrug and make your way into the tub, easing down into it, sighing ‘aaahhh’ once the liquid heat envelops your tired body.

Standing back I marvel at your body, how soft yet strong it is. The flat planes of your stomach, the muscles of your arms. All so enticing that I feel a familiar tingle down at the juncture of my thighs. But I squelch the emotion. Yet I can’t deny the affect you have on me. But for now I shall try.

Once you recline into the tub your eyes half lidded look over to me. “I really wish you’d join me.”

“I know, but I won’t.” I walk over to grab the fluffy sponge and soap. Kneeling down I dip the sponge into the water then begin to lather it. I start at your neck, in small circular motions I soap the column of your neck and then your ears. And you moan slightly, which catches my attention.

Next, your shoulders then your chest. By now my breaths are shallow and heavy with wanting you. You sitting in a tub completely naked just a hand hold away from me and I want you.

I kiss your earlobe and whisper, “Baby, whatever it is, let go. You’re here, home with me, safe and sound. So whatever it is- is just secondary to us…to this.” I kiss your neck this time and I hear you take in a breath.

My hand still holding the sponge has eased down the expanse of your chest to your stomach making lazy circles, not wanting to venture any further. I take a peek and see the head of your hardened cock standing at attention from the water. It moves slightly, holding all of my attention.

“Why don’t I get this cleaned,” I say. I let the sponge drop into the tube and bring my hand out as well to squirt some body wash onto it.

My hand slips back into the water and grasps your hardened cock. I squeeze it, making you groan. Deciding that I like the sound I do it again.

You moan my name, raising your hips trying to thrust into my fist.

“Yes baby,” I answer sweetly, but I know what you want. I begin to slide my soap slicked hand up and down your shaft, making sure to tighten my hold as I near the swell of the cock head.

Your moans are beginning to increase the more pressure I apply and the faster I go. I can tell that you are so very close to cumming. I don’t want to tease you tonight, only to give you pleasure so I speed up, enjoying the feel of your unraveling before my eyes.

You losing control, no matter how brief, is always my aim when we become physical. I want you to lose all composure when you are at that point. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, wild, wet, messy, and hot…if you’re lucky. We have made love before, had sex, but I have never been with you when you want to release that tension. Or, when you need to just pound into something to get rid of that pinned up aggression. But tonight that is my aim. By the end of the night I want to be sore all over, want my slit to clench when you come near me from the events of tonight. And so help me if you deny me you will regret it. Because as much as I am yours, you are mine.

I say this to you, whispered into your ear as I continue to stroke your cock. By now your moans are getting louder. I hear that raw guttural sound trying to escape your lips and I want so very much to hear it, to make it louder.

“Baby please, do me a favor,” I say.

“Mmmm, any…thing…oooohhh…for you,” you pant.

I smile at that. “I want you to cum, baby. Fuck composure…if you want to yell out loud, then do it. Make me believe you actually like what I’m doing to you,” I say.

You groan one last time before you begin to cum nice and hard like I like it. Your cock head swells and then thick ropes of cum spurt from your opening into the water. Each spurt causing you to grunt.

A beat later your breath has slowed back to normal and you grab my face and kiss me roughly. And I’m lost to you. I want you right now, this instant. I stand up and reach for a towel to wrap you in. You got the hint and stood up, your cock still hard. I lick my lips unconsciously before I wrap the towel around your waist.

We leave the bathroom with me still leading you by the hand to the bedroom. I turn on the light as we enter.

Once we enter the room you stop me from walking away from you by grabbing hold of my hips bringing you close to your chest, surrounding me in your embrace. You take my lips with yours, claiming them.

“You liked me washing you, baby?”

“Oh yes,” you answer as you run your hands up and down my backside, squeezing and rubbing my ass.

“Good 'cause I’m not done,” I say. I grab the towel from your waist and drop it to the floor. “Now lay down on the bed, face up, and prop a pillow under your head,” I command.

And you damn near trip over yourself getting into position. I quickly get naked and I see your cock harden, and it makes me wet. I stand just beside the bed, and begin to pinch and play with my breast. Each nipple hard and needing attention, but I decide they can wait a little longer. Sliding my hands down my front my hand shifts down to my moist opening.

I see you tense up watching me. I slide two fingers over my clit making myself gasp. “Mmm, baby. This feels soooo good,” I say then proceed to taste my nectar. “You want a taste?” I ask you.

“God yes!”

So I very carefully climb on top of you and bring my pussy down near your face, sixty-nine position- and your hands grab me and bring me down right onto your protruding tongue that immediately begins to lick my slit. Your lips latching onto my clit every other pass making me buck and grind my pussy into your mouth.

“Oohh,” I moan.

So caught up in you feasting on my pussy, I forget about your cock. But once I take notice of the hard, thick length bobbing in my face I suck it into my mouth and grab hold of your balls. I slurp and swirl the cock head. I let my saliva act as a lubricant, wetting my fingers, I grab your balls, as I bob my head up and down on your cock. I move my ever searching fingers down past your scrotum until I find my target. I use the pad of my finger to circle your rosebud and it twitches. You moan into my pussy making me moan as well. Then I feel your tongue penetrating my asshole. It feels so good that I feel myself about to cum. I scream then whilst you slide two fingers deep inside my cunt hole.

My pussy clamps down on your fingers still fucking my tight tunnel. I suck your juicy cock back into my mouth as I grind my pussy into your mouth, your tongue becoming coated with my juices.

You nibble and suck and eat away at my pussy, your tongue lathing my gushing cunt hole searching for my cum. I'm screaming my head off by then, your own orgasm an afterthought.

“Fuucccckk,” I scream out cumming again.

I move myself from your face and lay on the bed beside you panting heavily. You get up on your hands and knees and your cock head spears into me, making me gush onto your cock. You pound into my tight warmth un-mercilessly, taking me past my threshold of modesty. I am screaming like a banshee, pulling at the sheets, twisting them about.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” I moan.

“Fuck,” you say.

I can only moan out more.

Your groaning is turning me on more and more and I feel my pussy juices drenching the sheet beneath us.

Uncaring of what the neighbors would think I scream out, “Take it, baby. Take this pussy, make it yours.”

“It is mine!…Fuck!...Say it!” you yell like the beast you are.

And I love it. It triggers another orgasm from me. When I can finally breathe better I answer, “I’m yours...oooohhh, yes, yes, yes. Pound me!”

At my encouraging words you start really slamming into me, making me and the entire bed shake and groan under out combined weight.

You hitting my g-spot with every thrust has me cumming non-stop on your cock.

“Where do you want this cum?” you ask.


You thrust your cock into me three more times before you pull out and move on the bed until your cock is mere inches away from my mouth. Then you begin to furiously stroke your cock onto my lips, my tongue darting out every now and then licking the head.

“Open,” you order me and as soon as I do you throw your head back and howl with pleasure trying to hold back. Still stroking your cock I push your hand away and suck it into my mouth devouring it, loving each inch of it. You grab my head and begin to fuck my mouth as I moan around it.

Though my pussy is sore and abused from you brutal pounding, I could go again. And you know it too. So you bring your hand to my slopping wet cunt and begin to tease and massage my clit making me moan. Your breath quickens suddenly then you snatch your cock away from my hungry mouth and you gently slide it back into my pussy.

Not as vigorous as before you slowly but surely slam your thick cock in and out of my cunt hole making me cum again. Your thrusts shorten and before long you’re moaning my name as you cum again this time in my pussy.

You stay nestled into my pussy, ignoring the mess we’ve made then kiss me as passionately as you dare. Your head drops to my nipples and I arch my back giving you more access. And it feels wonderful.

“Mmmm, baby so good.”

I can still feel your semi hard cock inside me so I lift and lower my hips, then you begin to slowly fuck my sloppy cunt hole. I shiver and shake as I cum and you go stiff then groan as you cum inside me again.

When we’ve finally softened enough you slip out and slide down the length of my body and dive face first into my pussy. Lapping at our combined juices. I can barely stop myself from cumming anymore so I let it come and wash over me. The minute I release you are up on top of me again, your lips coated in our essence and a little surprise for me. Your lips kiss mine and your tongue separates then, my mouth opens willingly for you and your let our juices slip from your mouth into mine. We’ve never done this before so it’s a foreign sensation to me, but I acclimate to it quickly and accept. You deposit our cum into my mouth and I swallow; we then share a sloppy, juicy cum filled kiss then we roll until I am on my back and you with your head resting on my arm, my chocolate nipple in your mouth as you suckle me while your fingers dip and slide into my moist folds.

“Mmm, I love you, sweetie.”

“I love you too, baby. Thank you for taking my mind off of everything,” you say then take up sucking and nibbling on my nipple.

“I aim to please you, always,” I moan and I drift off to sleep with you still pleasuring me.

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