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Pickup and Pay

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She came to get a demonstration, pickup and pay for the used paper shredder...
Pay and Pickup

I posted a used paper shredder for sale on a local classifieds site a little while ago. I didn’t get any response and had to repost it a few times. I had just about given up on it, when a girl named, Sara asked about it.

After a few exchanges, she said that she would take it and asked about arranging to pick it up and pay for it. I sent her my phone number and told her to give me a call. This was the first thing in the morning and I was in my bathrobe before my shower.

I did my normal morning routine, checking my email, surfing the web a little and then I got my shower. When I got back to my bedroom, I had just hung up my bathrobe and was naked when the phone rang.

It was Sara. She sounded really cute as we talked and had the cutest little giggle. She lived in another small town about a 1/2 hour drive away and it was her day off. We actually talked for over 15 minutes and she revealed to me that she was divorced and was temporarily living with her parents and that was why she was living out of town. I’m divorced as well and had been for a few years.

I don’t exactly know why as we weren’t actually flirting or anything, but I was getting kind of turned on. I guess it was just her voice and giggle. I hadn’t been with a woman for years and I had a full fledged hard on. I couldn’t help myself as I casually stroked myself as we continued our conversation.

We arranged for her to come by on her way to work the next morning at 8:30. I work at home, so I’m here all of the time. I told her that is usually around the time that I get my shower, but I’d get up early and get that taken care of before she got there.

She giggled at that and really surprised me by saying, “Oh well, maybe I should come earlier in case you need a hand with that.”

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a helping hand. Us divorced folks should always help each other out. I mean, well… you know, we all have needs.”, I replied jokingly.

“Oh yeah. That we do and my needs haven’t ummmm… been met in a looooong time.”, she replied giggling some more.

I started stroking myself faster and faster as we finished up our conversation. I came extra hard within a minute after hanging up the phone.

The next morning, I did get up a little earlier and got my shower. I got out of the shower at 8:20. I hurriedly got dressed, hoping to be ready when Sara came. As I was waiting, I couldn’t help but to get a hard on thinking of our conversation yesterday.

She never showed up. I knew she had to be at work at 9, so I didn’t call. I sent her a message asking what happened.

Just after noon, I got a reply from her saying that she was there, but there was no answer. She also said she showed up earlier than what we agreed on and that maybe it was her subconscious with a stuck out tongue smiley. A few minutes later the phone rang and it was her.

She apologized for missing me and was very sorry that she did. I told her that I must have been in the shower when she came.

Giggling again she said, “Oh, now I’m really sorry I missed that! Did you get my message?”

“Yeah, I did.” and laughed.

“Maybe I should have come even earlier. Did you take care of your ‘needs’ in the shower?”

“Ummm, I plead the 5th!”

She giggled some more and replied, “The 5th, huh? You know, I’ll expect a full demonstration when I get there. I need to make sure the equipment works.”

“Well, of course. So, I guess you can’t just take my word that all of the equipment works," I replied as I started to get another hard on talking with her.

“Well, I’m a ‘hands on’ kind of gal. I like to ‘see’ things with my own eyes. Nothing personal," she said giggling some more. “So, I expect to get the whole 9 ummm… 9… yards.”

“But of course. I can’t imagine that you would expect anything less. The whole 9… ummm… yards!”

“Well, good. I’m glad that we came to this understanding. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Alrighty then. I’ll be ready.”

“OK, I hope the equipment is everything I am expecting. Make sure the equipment is warmed up and ready," she said giggling again and then she said she had to go.

She again had me really worked up and again, I had to stroke myself until I came.

The next morning, I got up even earlier and got my shower. I literally just got out of the shower and was reaching for the towel when the doorbell rang. My cock immediately started to get hard as I looked at the clock in the bathroom. It was only 8:15. I hung up the towel quickly and grabbed my bathrobe and put it on.

I was still wet as I left the bathroom and was trying to close and tie my robe as I went to the front door. I looked out the window in the door to see this redhead. She was a little thick bodied, but certainly not fat. She had a very cute face and nice big tits. My cock immediately got fully hard and was trying to poke itself out of my bathrobe as I opened the door.

“Sara? You’re early!”

“Tom? Well, I came early so that I could get the full demonstration of the equipment. Oh nice to meet you," she said as she smiled at me and extended her hand.

I shook her hand and said, “Nice to meet you too, Sara. Come on in.”

She came in and I closed the door. As I turned around to look at Sara, her eyes were glued to my crotch. I looked down and my bathrobe was tented out from my hard cock. I looked back up as Sara was licking her lips.

She looked back up at me and said, “Oh my, it looks like you’re a man of your word. Your equipment sure looks like it is warmed up and ready!” and giggled as she set her purse down on the coffee table.

“The shredder is actually in the alcove out the back door," I said and walked passed her through the house to the back door. My cock was throbbing and flexing and had worked it’s way around one side of my bathrobe, but was still concealed by the other. I tried to adjust my robe without being obvious as I walked, but to no avail.

We got to the back door and I opened it and turned to Sara and gestured for her to go through first. She smiled at me, then glanced down at my tented out bathrobe again and again, licked her lips. She turned facing me as she went through the door rather close to me, staring me in the eyes the whole time.

I’m sure it was deliberate as she moved passed me very closely causing my hard cock to rub against her front. Then I felt her hand graze my cock as well. I followed her into the alcove and turned to where I had the shredder plugged in.

I felt pre-cum release itself from my cock as it throbbed and flexed in my bathrobe. She was staring right at it as I said, “Well, there it is. The shredder ready for a full demonstration.”

“Oh yeah, yeah… the shredder!," she said as she looked back up at my face laughing and then turned and looked at the shredder.

“I’ll go get some paper for the demonstration. I’ll be right back.”

She smiled at me and said, “OK. Like I said, I want to make sure all of the equipment works as it should. Full demonstration of all of the features!” as she then looked back down at my crotch. “Don’t take too long, so I don’t miss you," she continued and giggled.

I went into my office and readjusted my bathrobe and retied it properly. I grabbed a few sheets of paper and went back out into the alcove. When I entered, Sara was on her knees in front of the shredder.

Although I certainly noticed her good sized breasts before, This new angle clearly showed off the top of them as her top was pretty low cut. I immediately felt another release of pre-cum release itself as my cock again throbbed and flexed in my bathrobe.

As I walked up beside her, she turned to me still on her knees and said, “The view is much better from here. I can see ALL the equipment much better now!” as she again licked her lips and stared straight at my cock only inches from her face.

“Did you want me to stick it in, or did you want to do it?," I said laughing as I extended a sheet of paper to her.

She didn’t even notice the paper as she continued staring right at my crotch as it continued to bob up and down in my bathrobe.

“Sara? Did you want to do it or did you want me to do it?”

She suddenly realized what I was talking about as I broke her from her little trance. “Oh, sorry. I was somehow distracted… ummm… inspecting the equipment. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be!," she said looking up at me smiling.

“So did you want to put it in?”

“Oh God, YES! I want to put it in!!!”

“OK, here," I said shaking the paper in front of her.

“OH! The paper. Yeah. I’ll put it in," she said as she clearly blushed. She reached up and took the sheet of paper and turned to the shredder. She gently placed the sheet of paper in the front and moved it forward. Nothing happened.

“You need to put it in and down a little to get any action," I said laughing.

“Oh, OK," she giggled and pushed it forward.

I took a step closer and said, “Here let me help you get it in.” and I leaned down and pushed the paper downwards. The shredder came to life and grabbed the paper and shredded it up.

“Oh wow!”, she said as she turned her head towards me. My hard cock rubbed right against her face as she turned. “OOOHHH WOW! Can I stick it in now?” as she opened her mouth wide causing my cock to move slightly inside of her lips still covered by the bathrobe.

“Oh God!”, I moaned out as I stuck another sheet of paper out.

She giggled, grabbed the paper, turned and put the paper in properly this time. It shredded it up just like before. My cock continued to flex and bob and had worked it’s way around one side of my bathrobe again.

Sara turned again, but this time she brought her hand up and pulled my bathrobe apart exposing my cock. “Oh Tom! Can I get a demonstration of this equipment? Oh my God, it’s so big and hard!," she said as she wrapped her hand around the base. She started to stroke and squeeze it as she looked up at me smiling.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had any cock and this is one… Oh Tom!!!!," she said as she leaned forward and enveloped my crown in her mouth.

“Oh God, SARAH!," I moaned out as I felt more pre-cum release.

“Mmmmm," she moaned out as she licked up my release and then licked all around my cock head.

“Oh Sara, that feels so good, but we’re kind of exposed out here. Maybe we should go back inside," I said.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth while still holding it firmly in her hand. She looked up at me and said, “OK, as long as we hurry.” She got up, letting go of my cock.

We both headed towards the back door and inside. As soon as I closed the door, she grabbed my cock again. “God Tom, your cock is beautiful!," she said as she started stroking it.

“Maybe we should go to the bedroom," I suggested.

She turned while still holding my cock and lead me to the living room. She immediately dropped to her knees in front of me and engulfed my cock. As soon as her lips met the top of her hand, she let go of my cock and wrapped both of her hands around to my ass.

She started deep throating me like a woman possessed. I knew I wouldn’t last long as I moaned out. She massaged and squeezed my ass cheeks as she deep throated me faster and faster.

“Oh God. Oh GOD. OOOOOHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDDD!!!!! SARA!!!!!," I screamed out as I shot my seed out with vigor down her throat.

She swallowed it all up without any issue as I spurt out again. She pulled me halfway out as she continued to suck and swallow. She brought one of her hands back and wrapped it around my shaft and started stroking me again as I continued to cum into her mouth.

“MMMMMMM!," she moaned out as she continued swallowing and sucking me. She was still savoring my cock as it deflated although not completely soft.

She pulled my cock from her mouth, but still kept a hold of it. She squeezed it firmly and slowly stroked it as she looked up at me and said, “Oh Tom. Thank you! That was wonderful. You are yummy!!!” and smiled and then licked her lips.

She let go of me and looked at her watch quickly and then looked back up at me. As she looked at me, she started unzipping and unbuttoned her jeans. “Tom, you know how we were talking about needs on the phone? Do you think that you…. Ummm…. Could return the favor? I mean… well, you know…. I have needs too!," she said as she pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees.

I pulled my bathrobe off and let it drop to the floor as she lay down on her back and removed her jeans and panties. I dropped down to my knees between her legs. Now I licked my lips as I looked at her red hair and her moist pussy.

“Sara? Can I ask you a favor?”

“Of course. What?”

“Can I see those big beautiful breasts of yours too?, I asked as I moved myself further up between her legs.

She just smiled at me as she sat up and grabbed her shirt and yanked it off. I reached forward and around her body and unclasped her lace bra. I pulled the straps down her arms as I took in the sight of her big breasts.

“Oh God, they’re beautiful, Sara!," I said as she pulled the bra from her arms.

I leaned forward and grabbed both of her breasts. I stuck out my tongue and licked her right nipple as she closed her eyes and let out a moan. I felt my cock reacting and starting to get hard again as I continued massaging and licking her breasts.

I pushed her down onto her back as I moved in further and continued my assault on her breasts. I felt her hand wrap around my cock again and start to stroke it.

“Oh God, Tom. Ooooooh. I changed my mind. I don’t want you to return the favor. You have to fuck me. Please, Tom! FUCK ME!!!!," she almost screamed as she pulled my cock towards her. I moved myself closer as she placed the tip of my cock at her entrance. She raised her hips up forcing my cock head inside of her.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned out from the warm, wet grasp of her pussy around my swollen cock head. I pushed myself further inside of her as she moaned out and thrust her hips up even further.

She raised her legs up and spread them out as far as she could now as I thrust fully inside of her. My balls were pressed right up against her ass as she moaned out, “Yes, Tom, YES!!!!”

I pulled myself halfway out and then thrust myself fully inside of her again as she placed her legs over my shoulders. I started to thrust steadily in and out of her. Both of us were moaning out.

We were in perfect synch as we thrust faster and faster. I continued licking and sucking on her nipples. Going from one to the other and back again. I then bit down on one of them with my teeth.

“OH TOM!!!! OH GOD!!!! I’M GONNA CUM!!!! OOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!," she screamed out as I thrust deep inside of her again. Her pussy walls gripped my cock as she started her orgasm. Her juices flowed freely and out with her convulsions, running along my shaft and down my balls.

I kept myself fully inside of her during her orgasm, lasting over a minute. Finally, she went limp and dropped her legs back down, with her feet on the floor, but her legs still bent at the knees on either side of me.

I slid myself slowly in and out of her. She started a guttural low moan, but didn’t move and she still kept her eyes shut. I continued my steady rhythm and after a couple of minutes, she opened her eyes again looking straight into my eyes and said, “Oh God, Tom. You feel so good, baby. Mmmmm. I want to feel you cum inside of me. Will you cum in me? Please!”

I just started to thrust faster as she moaned out. A moment later she pulled away from me and said, “Tom, fuck me from behind. Doggie style, OK?” as my cock fell from her pussy. She rolled over and got up on her hands and knees.

I grabbed my cock and lead it to her honey hole. She pushed herself back as I thrust forward. “OOOOH, YESSS!!!!," she screamed out as her pussy hit my hand. I immediately let go and thrust all the way inside of her.

I pulled back out and slapped her ass gently. “Oh yeah, Tom. Slap my ass and fuck me hard!," she said.

I thrust back in and slapped her ass each time I pulled back. She was screaming out my name and moaning as we continued faster and faster. I felt her hand move to her clit and she started massaging it as I continued thrusting in and out of her. I reached around with my left hand and grabbed her breast.

I moved my other hand to her hip. I twisted her nipple in between my thumb and finger as I held her hip and thrusted even faster.

“Oh GOD, OH GOD!!!!," she screamed out. “I’m gonna cum again! CUM WITH ME!!! CUMMMM, BABY!!!!!!”

I was getting close as I felt my balls tighten and my cock head swell. I continued thrusting even faster.

“YES! YESSS!! YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!," she screamed out as I felt her juices flowing again. I thrust with force deep inside of her.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!," she screamed out again as her pussy gripped my cock again and she came. She reached further down and grabbed my balls and squeezed them in her hand.

That took me over the edge as I screamed out, “OOOOH YESSSSS!!!!!” as I shot my seed into her. We both came together and then fell forward. My cock came out of her as we fell face down onto the floor. Me on top of her.

I rolled over onto my side beside her as we both lay there recovering. After a minute or so, she rolled over onto her back and looked over at me smiling. I returned her smile and said, “My God, Sara. That was wonderful. Thank you!”

“Oh no, no, NO, Tom. Thank you!” she said giggling. “I’m happy to say, that all of the equipment seems to work perfectly. Some of it way beyond expectation!!!”, she continued as she sat up Indian style.

I looked down and saw her pussy gaping open and leaking our combined juices. “Oh shit, Sara. You’re leaking!," I said.

She looked down. “Oh shit! I’m sorry, Tom!”, she said and grabbed her panties. She wiped her pussy with her panties and then handed them to me and said, “Here Tom, something for the extra demonstration.”

She looked at her watch and said, “Oh my God. OH SHIT! I’m gonna be late. I gotta go!!!! It’s fucking ten till already!”

She immediately grabbed her jeans and started pulling them on. I grabbed her bra and helped her get it on. She put her shirt on and stood up.

“I’m sorry, Tom. I really have to go. Can I swing by after work and pick up the shredder?," she asked as she gave me a devilish grin.

“Ummm, sure," I said and winked at her.

She reached out and squeezed my cock and said, “OK. Perhaps we can have another equipment demonstration then!” and giggled.

She quickly let go of me grabbed her purse and left.

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