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Picnic on a rainy day

a little fruit, whip cream and some hot passion and great sex
We met accidentally on a chat site, but felt like we had known each other for years. We would talk on the phone occasionally then chat a bit on the internet and finally we decided to meet each other in person. We met at the mall, a public place, and lots of things to see and do. We agreed to meet outside of one of the department stores. We swapped pictures so we had an idea of what to expect. I waited for him, I was so impatient and a little nervous too, not knowing what to really expect. He came up to me and said hi and we gave each other a hug and then a quick kiss on the check.

I found myself attracted to him and I could see in his eyes he felt the same way. We chuckled a bit and said it was nice to finally meet the person on the other end of the phone. I met him a few times after our initial meeting and I grew to like him more and more. It felt as though his heart sang to me. I don’t mean to be mushy or anything but that is how it truly felt.

He invited me to his place to meet and then go on a picnic for two. I was so excited; it had been a while since I had a picnic with someone. It took me about an hour's worth of a drive to get to his home in the pouring rain. Since it was raining I figured we had to change our plans to some sort of indoor activity. I was not sure what he had planned, but I really didn’t care that much since I really wanted to spend anytime I could with him.

As I was walking up to the front door I was getting a little nervous, anxious yet excited too. It’s not like we have not met before, but this was different. We were moving this "thing" between us to the next level. It felt as though I walked a mile to get to his front door, but only took a couple of steps. I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer open the door and there he was with a big smile on his face and asked me to come in and out from the rain.

I was not sure what to expect regarding the rest of the day due to the weather. I was not sure if I was dressed appropriately or not. I wore a tight black blouse with plunging neckline tight jeans with heels. I put on my big dangling earrings on and my favorite perfume. I wanted to smell really nice for when he got up close and personal, maybe he would like my scent.

He took my jacket and put it on the chair. He asked me to sit for a moment on the chair and he got down on his knees and removed one shoe at a time off my feet. I really was not expecting him to do that, but I did find it to be rather sexy and hot, just seeing a man get down on his knees for me and do something so simple as removing my shoes. He began to get up and reached out his hand to me and I rested mine in his. I was smiling the whole time and I could see that he was pleased with my reaction to what he had done for me.

I began to look around the room and it was not long before I spotted a blanket that was on the floor surrounded by pillows. He put together a lite breakfast for the both of us. I said, "Awe baby that was so sweet of you, I thought we would have to do the picnic another time due to the rain". He told me that when he mentioned the idea of having a picnic I got so excited that no matter what the weather held he was going to have a picnic for me.

He led me to the blanket and asked if I was thirsty and that he had 3 different juices for me to select. I selected cranberry juice and he poured the cranberry juice into the wine glass while he had the orange juice. We both sat down on the pillows on top of the blanket, enjoyed our juice together while looking into each other’s eyes. I leaned over and gave him a tender light kiss on his lips and thanked him again for being so sweet and doing this for us. He smiled and said he wanted to please me.

He asked if I was ready for some fresh fruit and that he cut them up and hoped I liked the selection. He asked me to help myself and I did. I reached over and picked a cubed pineapple with my hands and then reached over to his mouth and put it in his mouth. He welcomed it and then licked the juice off my fingers. I smiled and then put my fingers in my mouth too; so I could lick up the rest of the juice off my fingers. I could see that he had raised his eyebrows a bit when I did that. I continued to feed him. He in turn did the same. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the whip cream canister sitting near the other side of the blanket. I love whip cream, so I leaned over in the other direction and got the canister. I shook it up, removed the cap and sprayed it into my mouth, but I didn’t swallow. I just leaned into him and he leaned towards me and we kissed, sharing the whip cream between us. We both chuckled and got the whip cream all over us.

So he got up and got a kitchen towel and wiped off his shirt and then brought one to me and began to wipe the whip cream off my blouse. I just lie against my arms and let him. He kept pressing harder and harder. Pulling my blouse down further and further almost exposing my bra or lack thereof. At that point my nipples were very hard and erect and he could see and feel them. I smiled and looked into his eyes. He looked back into mine, threw the towel off to the side and began to get closer that he straddled me and began to kiss me ever so passionately. My arms started to quiver so he reached one arm under my back and the other under my head and laid me down while still kissing me. I so loved his kisses, his lips so soft and his eyes looked deep into my soul.

I was lying down and he got closer to me and lay beside me. He grabbed my one leg and put it in between his thighs, my pussy under his cock and my breasts up against his chest. He held me so tight and continued to kiss me, starting with my lips, down my neck, down towards my breasts. He reached to cup my breast and noticed I was not wearing a bra. He looked into my eyes and gave me a smirk. He took his forefinger and thumbs and began to massage my nipple. Then tugged on it and then let it go. He repeated that for a couple of minutes, I was already moaning by this time. He continued to work his lips down towards my belly, kissing me ever so gently and lovingly. I could feel that my panties were getting soaked, and if he continued he would be able to feel it through my jeans.

He did not stop at my belly, he unbuttoned my jeans and continued to kiss the outside of my jeans where my pussy would be and blew his hot breath on me. I could not help but watch him and I reached for his head and grabbed his hair so I could push him closer to my pussy. He just knew that I loved every minute of it. He pulled back and began to unzip my jeans so slowly all the while looking into my eyes. He moved towards my feet and began to pull the jeans from the bottom off of me. When he removed the entire jeans, he noticed I had on black, silk, lacey bikini panties on. He looked up at me with that devilish smile and began to crawl towards me.

It was not fair that he was still fully clothed. I motioned for him to come up to me and he slowly made his way towards me. I began to pull on his t-shirt to take it off and I did by the time he made it up to my face. I grabbed hold of his face and kissed him more deeply, sucked his lower lip then finally let it go. He moved closer to me and just lay on top of me. We continued to kiss and caress each other. He put his hand under my ass and squeezed and pulled me closer to his cock. I could feel how hard he was already, and he felt great. I wanted him more and more, so I rolled over on top of him and continued to kiss him and then worked my way down by kissing him from his lips to his jeans. I began to unbutton and unzip them and then pulled them off of his body and I could see he had on the black boxer briefs, which incidentally were my favorite, but he already knew it.

I saw his cock so hard under those briefs waiting to come out and play with me, his new toy. I got up from the blanket still looking at him and began to remove my blouse. He finally saw that I did not have a bra on that day, now my breasts were exposed, yet my pussy still hidden under the sexy panties. He started to get up, but I pushed him back down with my leg. He quickly grabbed my leg and pulled me closer to him. I sat on him awkwardly, and we laughed. He rolled on top of me, kissed me again, then licked and suckled each breast. I was so aroused, and out of control that I was just about to beg for his cock to be rubbed all over me, but I held back. My hands made it down towards his briefs and I began to pull them down. He helped me along and he removed them, and threw them off to the side. He was touching my entire body and so I started to remove my panties but he made me stop. He pulled my hands away and went back down to my panties himself, by pulling the panties off to one side with his teeth. That movement alone was so sexy that it made me quiver with anticipation of him licking my pussy.

He could see that my pussy was clean shaven, engorged and my pussy lips were slightly open. He could see my juice glistening on the outside of my pussy. He took one big lick from the bottom of my pussy to the tip of my clit and latched onto my clit and began to suckle it, like a baby sucking its bottle, so hungry and almost starving.

I began to arch my back and moan, my legs began to quiver, and I was calling out, "Oh baby! You feel so good, OH! Please don’t stop!"

His tongue worked its magic on my pussy. I loved it so, that I told him that "I was going to cum soon and wanted to cum with him".

So he crawled back to me and rested his cock on top of my pussy. He rubbed his cock up and down my wet pussy slit and before you know it his cock slipped deep inside my pussy. I let out a sigh, arched my back, and my legs began to quiver. I saw stars in that very moment.

He rolled us over so that I would be on top of him. I straddled him, I removed the panties, rubbed my super wet pussy, up and down his large, thick, beautiful cock. I could hear him say he was getting closer under all the moaning and grunting sounds. He lifted my hips a bit and pushes down hard so that his cock would enter my pussy again. When he did do that then I gasped for air, it felt amazing, he felt amazing. I began to ride him harder, deeper, and faster.

I looked at him and said, "Baby, you have to cum now. I can’t hold back any longer."

He told me not to hold it just go with it and he will cum with me. I stopped thinking and just felt all the movement, the emotions, and then I began to call out, moan, grunt, and there it was a beautifully intense orgasm. I was waiting for him and his explosion of sticky thick frothy cum that he made just for me. I continued to orgasm an intense one, then a few small ones, but all very good, very good. I had these butterflies in my belly that went crazy. He drove me crazy in a good way, in his touch, his breath, and his emotions.

I collapsed on top of him and he held me tight and said, "Did I make you feel good baby?"

I looked at him and said, "You know you did." I slid off his body and lay next to him.

We chatted for a bit and then we spooned each other until we fell asleep. I rolled into him so we could face each other while his thigh in between my thighs and my head in his chest and his head on top of mine. He felt so good, not only physically, emotionally, mentally, but good all over good. I loved being with him he was so passionate, desirable, and knew exactly how to make me feel the same way. His every touch, lick, kiss made me quiver and I still do.

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