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Picture Perfect Finish

An x-rated birthday card from Linda puts Anne in the mood for some dick.
A blast of cold air greeted me rudely as I exited the subway station on my way home from the office. It was unusually cold for early November, and the weather darkened my already foul mood from a long day at work.

I walked briskly towards my house and checked my watch. It was almost 9:30 p.m. Anne was going to be pissed. This was the third night in a row that I hadn’t made it home for dinner and to help the kids with their homework.

I unlocked the front door and cautiously pushed it open. I was ready with my excuse and apology that I’d mentally prepared on the ride home. I saw Anne standing in the dining room where the kids were closing up their school books and packing them for the next morning.

Anne stared at me as I removed my gloves and coat. I was relieved that I didn’t see any traces of anger or irritation on her face, as I’d been expecting. She continued looking at me as I took off my shoes. Then she gave me a faint, but definitely wicked smile.

After the kids gave me quick hugs, Anne sent them off to their rooms. She made it clear that it was bedtime and they were not to be seen again until morning.

As our children disappeared up the stairs, Anne glided over to me and said, “It’s about time you got home.” She wrapped her arms around me, pressed her large breasts into my chest, and kissed me firmly on the lips.

The day was finally starting to brighten up. “What’s gotten into you?” I asked.

“I got a birthday card in the mail today from Linda,” she announced as she leaned back and looked up into my eyes.

I smiled fondly at the memory of Linda. Anne and I met Linda and her husband Darrell while cruising the Mediterranean that summer. Our introduction had been less than formal, to say the least. They had caught us fucking out in the open on the ship’s sun-deck and watched me fill Anne’s pussy with cum until it overflowed. We didn’t even know each other’s names until a chance meeting in one of the ship’s hot tubs the following day.

From there, the four of us ended up nude on a Spanish beach. Linda was infatuated with Anne’s body, particularly her big, round tits. Almost before I knew what was happening, Linda was fondling and sucking Anne’s boobs while Darrell screwed Linda from behind and I devoured Anne’s juicy pussy. Our day at the beach ended with Darrell covering Linda in cum and me delivering another hot, sticky cream-pie to Anne.

“Nice that she remembered,” I replied.

“The card was nice,” Anne said, “but as they say, it’s what’s inside that counts.”

Anne released me and walked to the book shelves on the other side of the room. She was wearing a pair of black yoga pants that framed her ass perfectly. I tried to guess which thong she was wearing underneath and hoped that I would get a chance to find out for myself soon.

Anne pulled out a book and opened it to the middle where she’d hidden Linda’s card. My curiosity was piqued. What was so secret about it that it couldn’t go on the mantel with the others Anne received that week? Anne passed me the card. It offered a standard birthday greeting that only served to confuse me more.

The mystery was solved when I opened it. Inside was a picture of Linda and Darrell. At least, I assumed it was Darrell because I couldn’t see his face. Linda’s back was to the camera, but her head was turned and she was looking directly into the lens. She had nothing on except a pair of black stay-ups with lace trim that went to the middle of her thighs. She was straddling Darrell on a brown leather couch and was reaching behind with both hands to spread her ass cheeks apart. It enabled a perfect picture of Darrell’s thick cock stuck firmly inside Linda’s ass.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Anne said as I stood speechless.

I reluctantly turned the picture over. Written in women’s handwriting was the following message: “To my sexy, seductive Anne. I hope you get everything you want on your birthday. xoxoxox.”

I flipped the picture back to survey our friends’ horny scene again. I wondered how my times that evening Anne had stolen a look at it.

Anne started rubbing the bulge in my suit pants as we stared at the picture together. Linda’s blue eyes were on fire with passion. I silently wondered if she took Darrell in her ass often, or if it was a special treat for us to see.

Meanwhile, Anne unfastened my belt and pants to fish out my cock. She dropped to her knees and licked all around the head as I groaned in appreciation. Anne’s expert tongue tasted every inch of my swollen prick before her red lips parted and she took me into her warm, moist mouth. Anne stroked and sucked greedily on my dick and fondled my aching balls with her other hand. I held the picture down at my waist so that I could simultaneously see Darrell ass-fucking his wife and Anne deep throating my engorged cock.

After another minute or so, I dropped the picture to the floor and fumbled awkwardly to remove my shirt and tie. Anne stopped blowing me long enough to help me step out of my pants and boxers which, to that point, had been bunched around my ankles. She then pulled off my socks. I stood naked and aroused in front of her with my saliva-covered cock pointing straight at the chandelier.

I helped Anne to her feet and lifted her long-sleeved shirt over her head. Her tits were tantalizingly concealed in a light pink lace bra that’s one of my favorites. “I hope she’s wearing the matching thong,” I thought to myself.

I grabbed Anne’s waist and pulled her to me. My cock pressed into her stomach and left a smear of pre-cum as she pulled my head down to stick her tongue in my mouth.

We kissed with a building passion that foretold what was to come. My hands squished her boobs together and I tugged at her nipples through the pink fabric of her bra. I then slid my hands down to her tiny waist and around to her ass cheeks. They confirmed that Anne was wearing a thong underneath her yoga pants. With one fast motion, I hooked my fingers into her waistband and pulled her pants down to her ankles.

I came face to face with the flimsy pink lace thong that I desperately wanted to see. I spun Anne around and she knowingly leaned forward slightly to present her gorgeous ass to me. No matter how many times I saw it, I loved to look at the thin piece of fabric snuggled seductively between her taut cheeks.

Anne sat down on the couch behind her and I pulled her pants the rest of the way off. I gazed at Anne’s sinful body on display for me in her matching bra and panties. She looked like a picture from a lingerie magazine.

“You like?” Anne asked with feigned innocence in her voice. As she did, she ran her hands up the inside of her slender thighs, paused briefly at her delicious pussy, and then continued north to cup her gorgeous tits.

I gave an exaggerated look down at my harder-than-iron cock. “Umm, yes, I like it very much,” I replied. “But if you really aren’t sure, I think I can remove all doubt.”

With that I got down on my knees between Anne’s long legs. I grabbed the side of her thong and pulled it away from her simmering slit. Her bare lips were puffy and glistening with the wetness that had escaped from her dripping love hole.

Anne’s body jerked as I leaned forward and parted her pussy lips with my tongue and lapped up her sweet nectar. I absolutely adore eating her pussy. My mouth and tongue are so familiar with her most intimate area, but I still almost suffocated myself in her intoxicating cunt. I simply couldn’t get enough of it.

When my cock couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled Anne’s hips to the edge of the couch. In one thrust, I plunged balls-deep into her sopping wet snatch.

Anne gasped for breath. “Oh, Jesus, that’s a good cock,” she moaned. “Fuck me hard with it, John. Fuck, fuck. Pound me with that fucking cock.”

I drilled into Anne’s hot pussy at a frantic pace. Sweat started dripping off my forehead and chest as I nailed her willingly to the couch with my cock.

With one hand Anne assumed my previous duty of holding her thong aside to accommodate my thumping prick. With the other she grabbed for my cum-filled balls as they slapped crudely against her puckered asshole.

“You’re going to squeeze the cum out,” I warned.

“That’s right, I want it,” Anne hissed. “Cum for me.”

“Not yet,” I panted. “Linda wished you everything you wanted for your birthday. It’s still two days away, but I think you want your ass fucked, just like she did.”

“Ohhh,” Anne moaned.

I pulled my slick cock out of Anne’s pussy. She quickly sat up and tore off her bra and panties then got on her hands and knees. I positioned myself behind her and pressed my cock-head against her back door. The wetness from her pussy still coated my dick and worked like a charm; I penetrated half way into her butt with the first push. Anne’s ass was wonderfully tight around my shaft and there was no chance I could hold out for long. I fucked her ass slowly to prolong the pleasure.

Anne then reached between her legs and diddled her sensitive clit. “Oh, fuck John, I’m going to cum,” she groaned. “I’m going to cum with your fat cock in my ass.” Anne’s orgasm exploded and sent shockwaves through her body that I felt through my dick. She buried her face in the couch cushion to muffle her groans.

I held perfectly still with just the head of my cock inside of her until she recovered from the waves of pleasure. When her shrieks of ecstasy subsided and she lifted her beautiful face from the cushion, I started fucking her magnificent ass again. I knew I was within seconds of blowing my load.

“Stop,” Anne commanded.

I couldn’t process what was happening. I was painfully close to cumming and didn’t know what was wrong. “I can’t stop,” I pleaded.

“I want you to cum on my tits and take a picture,” she begged.


“Cum on my tits and take a picture for Linda.”

The thought pushed me over the edge. I pulled out of Anne’s ass and she flipped over onto her back. She squeezed her big tits together and gave me a sexy target. My first blast was so powerful it overshot and landed on the back of the couch, but I had plenty more. I continued jacking my cock through its intense spasms. Spurt after spurt splashed onto Anne’s tits and into her cleavage until I was completely drained.

“Quick, get your phone and take a picture,” Anne said. “Don’t get my face in it; just my boobs covered in your jizz.” She looked down at her chest and giggled. “Damn, that’s a lot of cum.”

I snapped a couple of pictures with my phone and asked, “What brought that on?” Anne had never allowed me to take naked pictures of her before.

“In case you’ve forgotten,” Anne said sarcastically, “Linda has a thing for my boobs. We’ll email the picture to her. I bet she’ll get all horny and wet over it.”

As I typed Linda’s email address, Anne smiled with pride at her hot idea and the image of the effect it would no doubt have on her friend. I only wished I’d thought of it.

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