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He controlled her from her sweating brow to her curling toes.
She did as he asked, lying on her front wearing nothing but a blindfold and a flush. Her head to the side she forced her body to relax, the anticipation making her muscles quiver and shake as her mind wandered to matters carnal causing her heart to thump deep within her chest. She flexed and released her toes, splaying them out as she pressed her thighs together hard, the promise or pressure against her clit heightening the already sweet ache between her legs. She heard him enter the room, his bare feet making soft swishing sounds against the carpet and felt a sudden change of weight on the bed, a wave of heat against her back as he moved above her, his hands either side of her torso and body suspended above hers. She felt his face nuzzle into the side of her neck, moving her hair to the side before a delicious pain sent waves of electricity through her entire body, her breath coming in a sudden uncontrolled gasp as he bit into the soft flesh of her neck. His teeth slowly pressed harder, a breathless and nameless sound gasping from her mouth as she felt her entire body become electric, waves of prickles shooting from his bite across her skin as she fought her body for control. Then as suddenly as the teeth were there, they were gone. Then his weight was on her, his flesh pressing into hers hotly and making her moan slowly and deeply, her breath slow and rough as she felt his hard, hot cock pressed between his belly and the small of her back. "I want to fuck you" he whispered into her ear, sending pink waves through her brain. "I want to fuck you deep until you smother my cock in your sweet cum."

She was about to reply before he bit into the joining of her neck and shoulder, words becoming a gasp as again electric sensations rocketed through her nervous system as he slowly started to slide his body down hers. He continued biting downwards, each pressing of his teeth on her flesh slow and deliberate as she started to part her legs, feeling his cock sliding down from the small of her back and rubbing deliciously between her buttocks slowly, arching her back to get more sensation against her sensitive little arsehole. She felt the hot head of his cock rubbing over it, making her squeal slightly as it continued down towards her entrance, his hips lifting slightly to better control it as her hands moved to his, moving up and down his arms to feel the tense muscles supporting his weight. "Please, baby..." she whispered breathlessly. "Please, fuck me... I need it so bad..." Then the pressure was gone, his torso lifted from her back causing her to moan in frustration and confusion before he grabbed her wrists, moving her arms to the small of her back and gripping them there firmly with a large, strong hand. His other hand moved up her back, pressing deeply into her hot flesh before moving up her neck and into her hair, running his fingers back through it for a few moments before gripping it hard and yanking her head back, making her moan loudly and suddenly. "Get up onto your knees, bitch." he commanded, the primal need in his voice making her belly quiver as she wriggled and contorted her body, forcing herself onto her knees as he both pulled her hair back and forced her upper body into the bed.

"Good girl..." he said softly, his hands releasing her hair and moving softly down her back, moving over her forearm and over her sensitive buttock before pressing his hand between her legs, mashing his fingers against her pussy roughly. "Mmmmm... deliciously wet already. You are a little slut, aren't you?" he said, feigning surprise in his voice as she moaned and squirmed against his hand, panting into the bed as she struggled to get more pressure against her entrance and clit. "Pleeeeease, baby... please, I beg you..." she whined as he moved his hand from her, a soft slurping sound indicating he was licking her off his fingers with a soft approving grunt before she felt the hot head of his cock against her aching pussy. With a deep shudder she pushed backwards, a moment of confusion as her pussy felt empty followed by a sharp moment of pain as he slapped her buttock hard. "No, no, no. You don't get to push back, slut. You have to wait for my cock like a good little girl" he chided, causing her to almost yelp in a mixture of frustration, anger and lust. Another sharp pain shocked through her as he slapped her other buttock hard, leaving a delicious warm burning on the sensitive skin as again she felt his cock head move to her pussy, her juices almost dripping from her aching and wanton entrance.

Then suddenly, he pushed fowards. Hard. The sudden expansion of her soft inner walls made her scream into the bed, her whole body going into a slight spasm as she almost came there and then, feeling the head of his cock hitting the back of her pussy and feeling her stretching around him, frantically squeezing his cock as hard as she could with her inner muscles as his lower belly pressed against her buttocks. "Oh fuck, yes!" she cried, her arms trying to move but remained pinned by his hand as she felt his cock twitch inside of her, the head expanding deliciously before he relaxed again. Then he suddenly pulled out, the sudden emptiness and cold air making her bite her lip hard with a loud moan, desperately praying to be filled up again with his hardness. Her wish was soon granted, his cock slamming into her once again and then starting to pound back and forth inside of her deeply and hard. It was too much, her orgasm ripping through her and taking control of her body, her juices forcing their way from her tight hole over his cock and dripping down over his balls and their thighs, her back spasming and shivering as her screams and breathing became erratic and uncontrolled. He gripped her wrists tighter with his hand, his other hand running his nails slowly up her back before gripping her hair tight again, pulling on her scalp as he continued to rip her pussy apart with his cock, the pain mixing with the pleasure into a seamless and seemingly endless string of orgasms as she wailed and bucked against his cock, completely giving herself to the pleasure as he willed him to fuck her harder, to use her as much as he wanted and to fill her up with his hot cum.

Time seemed to disappear, she did not know how long she was there but awareness slowly crept into her body with a weight pressing her into the bed, her pussy aching painfully and deeply and her entire body hypersensitive as he panted next to her ear, his sweat-slicked body sticking into hers slightly as she fought to force air into her burning lungs. His wet cock still inside of he he rolled to the side, spooning her and pulling her into him tightly with his arm, her wrists released as his other arm ran his fingertips over her breasts and belly lightly, sending small shivers of electricity over her as her nipples tightened and hardened.
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