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Playing By Ear

Adele seems a nice neighbor, but things chage when it turns out she's plays by ear...
I’d met Adele a couple of times before she turned up on my doorstep. She seemed nice enough, but the truth was that after a messy divorce I was happy to be living alone in my town house with no yard to look after, no crappy social events to attend and no one to look after but me. All I wanted at that time was to get my work done, come home and eat takeaway in front of a ball game. Sure, that would change, but at that time in my life, I was tired and just wanted solitude.

So, one Saturday afternoon Adele turns up at my door. She’s panicking about bread rolls for a party she’s having that night… and comes to me. She did this because when we met she recognized my surname and associated it with my father’s local bakery business. That’s the joy of small town living I guess. It’s been at least ten years since I worked in my dad’s place and even then I followed instructions, didn’t necessarily understand them. Adele didn’t notice my sigh, or the excuses I gave her about being incapable. Somehow she persuaded me to go to her house, two doors down, and have another go at the rolls.

We started making the rolls, following the recipe she had written on a Post-It note. She was measuring out ingredients when I noticed there’s no sugar in the recipe. I explained that the yeast needs sugar to work properly, which is one of the few things I know about baking chemistry, and we added a tablespoon of sugar to the dry ingredients. Adele wasn’t totally convinced, as the dough didn’t feel any different, but it started to rise after twenty minutes, looking better than either of her previous attempts. I assured her that I believed this batch would be a success and excused myself.

She thanked me profusely and insisted that I come to her party that evening. I thanked her for the offer but declined, saying I had some work to do. A party was the last thing I wanted that weekend.

And that was basically it, or so I thought.

Sunday, the following weekend, there was a familiar knock on my door. When I answered the familiar face of Adele was standing there. She was holding a plastic container and my first thought was, “God no, she has another baking issue. I’m moving.”

“Hi,” Adele drew out the word and gave me a sheepish smile. “I brought you some cake. I wanted to say thanks for last week… and to prove that I could actually bake something successfully.”

She stood there with the box in her hand, not extending it. If she had, I would have accepted it and carried on with my day, as she didn’t offer the box I figured she expected to share the cake with me. I wasn’t feeling particularly sociable but didn’t feel I could turn my neighbor away so I stood aside and invited her inside. I said I’d make some coffee and Adele followed me into the kitchen.

“Your place looks good.” She let her eyes scan the open floor plan, “Not bad for only being here a few weeks.”

“There wasn’t much to do,” I shrugged, measuring grinds into the coffee maker. “I just brought furniture in and threw some things on the walls.”

“Well, it looks good.” Adele came over to the counter and placed her box on it, “I made lemon cake. Hope you like that.”

“Sounds good.”

I pulled a couple of cups from an overhead cupboard and didn’t say that I hardly ever ate cake – a legacy of having as much as I could eat as a child.

“I have to be truthful though,” Adele’s mouth squinted as she came clean. “I did try to make one last Sunday to bring over, but that one was a disaster. I didn’t want you to think I was completely helpless in the kitchen. Even if I am.”

I laughed at the thought and felt a little sorry for her. I gave her some plates, forks, a knife and invited her to cut some cake for us. Adele put two generous slices on plates and sat at the breakfast bar. When the coffee was ready I poured two cups and joined her.

She was better at small talk than me and we steered our way through several topics while we ate and drank – neighbors, the state of the neighborhood, the weather. I won’t say that I was enjoying Adele’s company, or that her cake was wonderful, but I was comfortable with her in my kitchen.

Adele had a fairly plain face, not beautiful in the classic sense, but pure, well-formed and pretty. Her nose was small and her mouth thin, but they were well proportioned below hazel eyes that glinted with life as she spoke. Her short dark hair was thick and showed signs of waves that would probably be more evident if she grew it longer. After a while I couldn’t help but notice she had a nice figure too – trim and while not exactly buxom, her boobs were big enough to draw a male eye to the T-shirt she wore. The T-shirt said, “Well Qualified Buyers Only”. I obviously looked once too often and Adele caught me reading the logo.

“I work for a finance company,” she explained. “It’s kind of a joke around the office and some of us girls had these made up for a bowling competition we entered. It was our team name.”

“Did you win?” I asked.

Adele laughed heartily. “No. If there’s one thing I’m worse at than baking, it’s bowling.”

Watching her laugh, I realized I was starting to enjoy having her around. It had been a long time since I’d been around female laughter.

“You make it sound like you’re not good at much. What are you good at?”

She thought for a moment. “I’m good at my job, I’m a risk analyst. I’m pretty good at the piano.” She nodded over towards the electric piano that was in the corner of my lounge, next to the computer table. “Do you play?”

I started to tell her that I played a little, mostly chords for songs I’d written and recorded, but Adele was up on her feet and walking to the keyboard.

“May I?”

All I could do was follow her and turn the instrument on. She sat on the stool in front of the keyboard and didn’t so much as pause to think what she would play before planting her slim fingers on the keys and running into a few augmented chords and a whimsical melody. She wasn’t showing off, just naturally letting her hands make music. There was a joy in the way she played that was evident in the sounds she made but I didn’t recognize any of the music until she started into the first few bars of Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is”.

Adele’s fingers were at full stretch as she played the intro to the classic, looking like she almost didn’t have the span to hit the keys, but what she played sounded just like the recording. When she decided to finish she gave a short laugh and giggled, “That’s the crowd pleaser. Everyone knows that tune.”

“You play wonderfully,” I complimented. “Must’ve been lessons for years.”

She laughed again. “Not a single lesson. I’m self-taught, on my grandmother’s old upright. Can’t read a note of music, I totally play by ear.”

I nodded, impressed. I was a hack compared to her.

“Pull up the other stool,” she indicated the one by the computer. “Let’s play something together.”

I sat on her left, with the low notes and timidly started to prod at a few chords, following a progression I’d been working on. Adele paid a passing interest in what my hands were doing, but she was listening intently. After only two bars she started accompanying me with an improvised melody that rolled around the room with dizzy quality.

We played for a full three minutes like that. I tried to change up my chords and Adele followed me brilliantly. She played with a captivating smile on her face and I was disappointed when I botched a change and we ground to a halt. My bad fingering was caused by a loss of concentration when I looked down and realized how short Adele’s skirt was, having ridden up a little while she’d been on the stool.

I was excited now, in more than one way really, and I asked if Adele would play on one of my recordings. She was a little self-effacing, but agreed. I got the feeling that she didn’t get to play much music and was glad to be engaged.

By the time I’d made more coffee I had also fired up the computer and called up a song I’d been working on for months. I thought it need a piano, Adele was kind enough not to say anything about the simple structure or the occasionally awkward lyrics of my hobby. While I played the song through a few times she tinkled with the keyboard, learning the structure and letting melodic ideas flow through her fingers.

Over the next two hours Adele worked hard on creating several piano parts that I knew I could weave into the song. They were exactly what I was looking for but had no skills to execute. My role was simply to ensure the recording levels were right, press the “record” and “stop” buttons on the computer and watch. I enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed listening.

Recording complete, Adele pulled her stool next to mine again for a listen through of the song, now complete with expert piano work. I tried to listen, I really did, but it was impossible, given that Adele had pulled herself so close to me. Was that an accident, or was she feeling the same attraction that had grown in me over the last couple of hours?

“Wow, that was fun,” Adele smiled widely when the playback finished.

“You sounded great.” I patted her on the back, letting my arm fall to her stool, rather than coming back into “my” space. “Who knew I had such talent living so close. I hope you’ll be available next time I need some piano expertise.”

She shook her head dismissively, “You should find an expert.”

“I think I have,” she looked at me, her hazel eyes wide and appealing.

“I just play by ear,” Adele’s gaze never left mine, inviting and seemingly available.

“Playing by ear is just fine for me,” I kissed her.

There was no deep passion in our first kisses, just small, exploratory pecks accompanied by arms that wound around our bodies, ensuring we continued, encouraging. I felt no resistance when I pulled Adele closer to me and kissed her harder. Her lips parted and our tongues met, pausing momentarily, before twisting and exploring each other as the heat between us rose. Adele’s mouth was warm, inviting and delicious.

When we broke the kiss we were both smiling and I felt the excited relief that comes with mutual attraction being confirmed. Without a word I took Adele’s hand and stood up. I walked her over to my sofa and we sat, immediately falling into another tight embrace and deep kiss.

I felt like I wanted to ask her questions, know more about her, but the moment seemed all about being together and the passion we were feeling. We were both needy and our hands were carefully exploring each other and urging more contact, hungry for each other. I felt Adele’s delicate hand run up the side of my torso, gently pushing my shirt, then on past my shoulder to hold my neck while we kissed. I pressed my hand against her lower back, almost down to her ass, slowly moved it up her spine, massaging and caressing all the way to the nape of her neck.. Adele shuffled her position on the sofa, easing me downwards and leaning across me to kiss me from above. I felt the soft flesh of her breasts press into my chest and her thigh entwine with mine.

I could feel the heat of her groin against my thigh. It felt like there was fire in those panties. She shuffled again, lowering herself more and pressing against me until my erection was against her lower belly. She seemed content there for a few moments as we kissed.

When we broke again Adele seemed to pause a moment and then started awkwardly, “I… I hope you don’t think…”

I smiled and pulled her closer again, “I think nothing.” I whispered, “I’m just playing by ear.”

Adele kissed me and then pulled back. She crossed her arms in front of herself, took hold of the edges of her shirt and pulled it over her head. I stared at the white lacy bra that she revealed. My instinct was to immediately take this move one step further and get rid of the bra, but I took her breasts in my hands, feeling them move beneath the material. Adele closed her eyes and her head leaned back a little while she sighed and enjoyed my touch.

While I was kneading her breasts through her bra, Adele straddled my thigh, pressing her heat further into me, and ran her hands up under my shirt. She smiled playfully and said, “You have a shirt on. I don’t. That’s not fair.”

“You should do something about that,” I invited.

I doubt she needed the invitation, but Adele pulled my shirt off, then reached behind her torso and undid her bra. She shook it off her front and dropped it on the floor, leaving her pert breasts open to my view and inviting my touch. Her nipples were just bigger than a quarter and showing definite signs of excitement. I took one in my fingers, felt the give in her skin as I squeezed and delighted in the gasp of pleasure I got in response. Not wanting to leave the other nipple out, I reached over and repeated the treatment. This time Adele sighed with a more contented expression.

“That feels good.” she smiled.

“You feel great,” I agreed.

I pulled her down to me, her skin meeting mine as we kissed. I felt her hand run along my thigh as she squirmed her groin on the other, her panties just a thin barrier. I swear I could smell her excitement by then, but the air had been so charged it was difficult to know for sure. It had been so long since I’d been in a passionate embrace, it all felt so good.

Adele continued to take the lead, lifting off me and running her hand over my thigh, electrifying the skin beneath the denim of my jeans and sending waves of excitement through me when her fingers came along the inside of the thigh. I wanted her to move her fingers further up to feel my erection, but I was enjoying the tease.

She wanted more than the tease though and soon she was running her hand hard over the front of my jeans, her fingers covering my bulge and pressing on the outline of my hard on. It was my turn to close my eyes as the pleasure level continued to elevate.

Adele didn’t wait long to move on and unbuckled my belt. I sucked my tummy in while she undid the button and pulled down the zipper. Next she stood and pulled my jeans away, leaving my briefs barely covering me. Adele kneeled on the edge of the sofa and looked down at me. There was no hesitation as she reached out and rubbed the front of my briefs. I moaned involuntarily, feeling every movement her fingers made, wrapping around my cock with only the thin barrier of cotton now separating our skin. “You need to come out,” she muttered, swiftly pulling the elasticated band over my cock and down.

I let my head fall back and enjoyed her touch as she explored. Adele’s fingertips lightly ran along my length. Then she held my shaft tighter and pulled downwards, drawing down my foreskin and exposing the bulging purple head of my excited cock. She pulled down at the base of my shaft, elevating me to vertical and encouraging me to look down and see what she was doing. At least half of my cock was exposed above her hand. I’d never felt bigger than in her hand.

“It looks beautiful.”

She stroked me a little, looking at my cock all the time. It had been so long since anyone had paid any attention to my body, and it felt wonderful. I was transfixed, watching her watch every twitch my cock made in response to her touch. It was only when she brought a hand to my balls that I snapped out of the trance and realized Adele still had too many clothes on.

I stood from the sofa and she followed my lead. I held her arm while she continued to stroke me and I kissed her, feeling those sweet lips and her playful tongue. Next I kneeled in front of her and felt behind her for the zipper on her skirt. I knew it was there, having paid intimate attention to that skirt an hour earlier. Once the zipper was unfastened the skirt fell easily to the floor and she stepped out of it. I saw her tiny black panties for the first time and reached out to run my finger along the front of them. The heat was unmistakable and I swear they felt damp.

Keeping my eyes firmly fixed on the area her panties covered I took each side in my hands and pulled them over her hips. The magic revealed was a perfect little shaved pussy with just a hint of lips protruding from the cleft.

“You look wonderful,” I said in a breathy voice and looked up to find her eyes. Adele was smiling down at me, inviting me to explore some more.

“Touch me.” Her whispered plea made me smile. I replied by lifting my hands towards her and watching as she opened her legs in anticipation.

I traced my fingers lightly along her pussy lips before pressing just firmly enough to ease inside a little and feel how wet she was. I watched my finger slip a little further in and I heard Adele gasp. I slipped it in further, pushing all the way until my knuckles met her skin. She was soft, tight and hot. I noticed her quiver as I pushed a little harder then withdrew so I could push in again. I doubt I’ve ever seen a more erotic sight than my finger moving in and out of that perfect little pussy.

Adele groaned as I continued to push in and out of her, each stroke of my finger easier as her wetness spread and intensified. I changed to two fingers, pushed in and she moaned again, trying to open wider for me but limited by her standing pose. Keeping my fingers inside her, I gently pushed on her tummy with my other hand, motioning that she should sit back on the sofa. She sat carefully, still with my fingers inside her, lay back and opened wide for me.

Now I had an even better view of her pussy as it swallowed my fingers each time I pushed into her. Adele’s pussy lips were swollen now and her whole pubic area soaking as I’d spread her juices. I watched intently as her clit moved up each time my fingers explored her. After a few moments Adele’s hands reached down and gently eased her pussy open wider for me. I could see the pink inner skin around my fingers. It looked so gorgeous, I had to taste her.

I withdrew my fingers and took a good look at Adele’s open pussy before I lowered my head and licked her. She continued to hold herself open for me as I traced the tip of my tongue up and down each side of her opening. Then I licked as deep into her hole as I could reach, and finally up to the bud of her clit. One of Adele’s hands slipped away from her pussy and rested on my head, encouraging me as I drew light circles around her clit with the tip of my tongue. I felt her hips move and her involuntary groans increase as her excitement built.

Pausing my licking, I raised my head a few inches so I could get another view of her glorious, and now sopping wet, pussy. Her pussy lips looked swollen as she pulled open with her fingers and her clit was easily visible, swollen and proud as she stretched the skin around it.

I pushed my index finger into her and watched it sink. I left it there and bent to lick her clit, a little harder this time, hoping I could bring her to climax. It certainly looked and felt like she was ready.

As soon as my tongue touched her she raised her hips up and ground her pussy into my face. Feeling her need, I withdrew my finger and quickly slid both index and middle fingers deeply into her as I licked her clit with intent. Adele’s hands stopped pulling her pussy open and now both rested on my head, encouraging me not to move until she came.

It didn’t take long. Adele started making little “Ah” noises as her breathing got heavier and her muscles started to tense. I knew she’d reached the point of climax when her hands gripped my head harder and pushed my face into her. I kept licking her clit and using my fingers inside her to stroke her G-spot as her orgasm arrived, eliciting a small scream from her and clamping her pussy around my fingers. I felt her pussy contract four or five times as her moment extended, then Adele flopped back on the sofa.

She wasn’t spent though. Her eyes opened wide and she looked over to me. She was smiling, a mixture of relief, surprise and desire. “God, that was so good.” Adele sat up and reached over for me, specifically, she wanted my cock in her hand. I stood up and let her take me and she immediately started pulling me towards her. “I need you to get inside. Now.”

I wasn’t about to disappoint her. Getting inside her was high on my agenda also. I leaned over, placed a knee on the sofa and let my body follow Adele’s lead as she pulled my cock towards her. She placed me at the entrance to her pussy and let go. I looked at her smiling face momentarily before I made a few tiny movements near her opening, just enough to coat the head of my cock in her juices, then I pushed hard and deep inside her.

Adele felt hot, tight and slippery as I entered her. It was easy to push all the way in, but I felt like I was clamped inside her. I watched her eyes close with pleasure as I pushed again, making sure I got as far into her as I could. Our pubic areas ground together as I tried to get my skin touching her clit. Her eyes opened as I started to withdraw. Adele was smiling and it was very arousing watching her reactions to our lovemaking. It had been so long since I'd felt reciprocation in this situation and my excitement was all the higher for it.

Once I was all the way out of her, I held Adele’s gaze as I slowly plunged back into her depths. Her eyes closed involuntarily again and I reveled in the pleasure I saw in her face. As I pulled out again Adele pulled up her knees, opening her legs wider for me and encouraging me to plunge as deep as I could.

I tried to stay as slow as I could, but after only a few strokes I felt the sublime build of climax start to run through me. Every time I sunk into Adele I felt her heat engulf me and my balls tighten. I gave up thinking about slow strokes and fought myself to just stay with the rhythm I had built up. Her face now had an intent look and her arms had wrapped around me, pulling me into her. I looked down between us and saw my cock disappear between Adele’s pussy lips each time I thrust. I watched one more time as my cock came out as far as I dared, thrust back inside and I knew there was no more holding back.

I continued to thrust into her as I came, but it was all instinct. I had no control over anything anymore. My body tensed as the orgasm crested and fell all over me in waves, stimulating every nerve in my body and sending sparks of electricity through every muscle. After a few seconds my body celebrated the huge climax by pumping cum into Adele. I felt extra heat as my streams of cum flooded around her pussy.

It was touch and go, but I retained enough strength in my arms not to simply collapse on top of her. Adele’s hand came up and touched my cheek.

“That’s better.”

Not wanting to pull out of her, I held on as long as I could, but our position on the sofa wasn’t working for being comfortable after making love. I sadly pulled my soaking cock out of her and sat next to her. We kissed and wrapped each other up in tired arms. Adele found my deflating cock with her hand and held it, almost like she was making sure she’d wring every ounce of pleasure out of my orgasm that she could. I pushed my arm behind her back and pulled her close.

“I take it my cake wasn’t too bad then?” Adele giggles in my arms.

“Your cake was just fine,” I agreed. “I’m still evaluating the long-term consequences though. I wasn’t expecting cake and coffee to be so good.”

“I know, shocking,” Adele tweaked my cock a little with her hand, just emphasizing her point.

“Well, maybe not shocking,” I kissed her and looked into her eyes. “But this afternoon has proved incredibly pleasurable. Who knew? Who knows what comes next?”

Adele kissed me back. “I agree. This has been a great afternoon. The rest… we’ll just have to play by ear I guess.”

That sounded as good as the piano she’d played earlier.

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