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Playing Doctor with the New Nurse

The new nurse still has a lot to learn about her body
"Well, at least I get out of math." I thought to myself. It was time to go to my school physical. They were always a pain. The nurse, Mrs. Masterson, was about a hundred, and she was never particularly considerate when it came to pokes, jabs and pricks. I would have had my physical with everyone else at the beginning of school, but I had been out with pneumonia, so I had to get it done now. As I walked through the halls, I saw Brittany Henderson bending over to take a drink from the water fountain. Brit was one of those girls who was always put together, her wavy, shiny brown hair fell down her back, and she was wearing an exceptionally tight, exceptionally short shiny blue dress that perfectly highlighted her assets. She was 18, a year older than me, and she seemed untouchable I thought about going over and talking to her, but I knew if I was late to my physical it would be even worse. 

Since I was the only one going in for my exam, the nurse's office was completely empty. I walked through the waiting area straight into the examining room. However, instead of Mrs. Masterson, a young Japanese woman in her early twenties was standing there in a white nurse's outfit, holding a clipboard. "Uh, hi, my name's Brad McKinnon, I'm here for my appointment. Where's Mrs. Masterson?" 

To my delight, the young woman replied, "Mrs. Masterson isn't in right now, and she won't be all day, she's stepped out. I will be conducting your examination. My name is Mia Sakamoto, and I'm here as part of a med school internship."

"Nice to meet you" I said, barely able to contain my excitement. I shook her hand, her palms were soft and silky. 

"Alright, have a seat" she said. She conducted the exam with an almost sensual thoroughness. She rested her hands gently on my shoulders as she listened to my breathing, and gently stroked my chest as she put the stethoscope over my heart. I couldn't believe this, I had expected something awful, but this exam was one of the best moments of my life. And it was about to get better.

"Alright Brad, you seem to be in prefect physical health," she said, "but if you don't mind, I'm gonna need to check your genitals to make sure everything's OK down there." Of course I didn't mind, but I just nodded and said "of course." She took down my pants and my boxers, pulling out my cock. "I see you shave," she said approvingly. I nodded. "So do I," she said, looking me directly in the eye. "In med school, they told us how much cleaner it was, and how it improved sensuality, so I tried it. Needless to say I've never went back to having a bush again. When you put on a pair of soft panties it just feels so- oh, hello there." I couldn't help it, my dick had sprung up to its full six and a half inch height. "Well, that makes my job easier, you certainly don't have any problems getting it up." I grinned embarrassedly, but she was about to embarrass me more. "How long ago were you circumcised?" she asked. "What?" I said. "Oh come on," she said, "I perform tons of circumcisions in nursing school since it's such an easy and common procedure, and I can tell you were NOT done as a baby."

"I had it done last year, to please a girl." I admitted. 

"She must have been very happy," Mia said, "but anyways, we're all done here, so you can put your pants back on...unless..."

"Unless what?"

"Would you let me taste it?"
I nearly choked with surprise and excitement, but I managed to get a hold of myself to answer, "sure."

She moved eagerly toward my cock, and then hesitated. "My parents never let me express my sexuality," she said, "they just wanted me to get a good job with lots of money. So I started learning how to be a nurse, so I could learn all about sex. I know what part of your penis does what, and how it works, and why it does, but there's one thing I don't know- how it feels- in my mouth...or in my pussy."

And with that, she untied her nurses uniform. It fell to the ground, revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath it. Her perky B-cup tits bounced out freely, her waist curved gently inward, and her pussy was perfectly clean shaven. Then, she grasped my rock-hard cock in her hand and started stroking it. "It's so warm and hard" she said, "I wonder what it tastes like." She plunged my dick into her mouth and started exploring it with her tongue. While she was clearly inexperienced with blowjobs, her technique improved as she went on. At first she was just exploring my cock with her tongue, flicking it all over the surface of my head. Wanting more pleasure, I pushed her head down, and she began to to suck more rhythmically up and down, and to stimulated the whole head at once with her mouth. At my request, she began twisting over the head with her tongue, stimulating it even more. Then, she took a deep breath and pushed herself all the way down the shaft of my cock, ramming me into her throat. She choked a little, but didn't give up, and soon was naturally pushing my dick in and out of her throat, which felt amazing. I felt the pressure building up in my cockhead, and my shaft tensing up, so I pulled my dick out. Mia grabbed it with her hand and began rubbing my head all over until I came all over her face. 

We heard a knock at the door.

Mia quickly threw her nurse's uniform back on and wiped the cum off her face with a cloth. I pulled my pants back up and tried to get my boner to go down. Mia softly said, "come in." To my surprise, it was Brittany who entered. She had gotten her school physical at the same time as everyone else, so why was she here?

Mia soon made that clear. "Ah, Brittany, come in. I was just finishing up with Brad here, if you don't mind waiting, but if you don't mind having Brad in the room, I could use his help."

Brittany gave a quizzical look and said, "well, that's kinda weird, but OK, anything to get me out of here faster." 

Brittany lay down on the table where Mia had been sucking my dick just minutes before. Knowing what we had done there turned me on even more, especially as I watched one pretty girl being examined by another. 

"Now, it has come to my attention that the genital hygiene of the girls in this school has been...lacking," Mia began, "and, as an oby/gyn in training, I couldn't stand to let that happen. In med school, I have been learning the latest methods of genital sanitation, methods that your current health professionals may not be aware of. So I have decided to give all the girls in the school a full genital checkup, separate from your school physical. So, if you don't mind, why don't we get started."

"OK, sure, doc. Should I put on a gown or something?"

"No, that won't be necessary. I'm just gonna ask you to slide off your underwear and we'll take it from there."
Mia shot me a quick wink. Brittany looked hesitant, but reached up her dress and pulled out a small, sheer thong. Mia looked at it approvingly and just said, "niiice." Then she looked at Brittany and said, "come on now, uncross your legs."

"But, he's here," Brittany said, looking at me.

"What?" Mia said, noting the shortness of her dress, its tight fit, the tiny thong and her ample C-cup cleavage, "you're not really scared of a pair of little boy eyes, now are you?"

"Well, I guess not." Brittany admitted with a bit of a blush.

"Good," Mia said, and she stroked Brittany's legs teasingly, causing her to giggle and uncross them. "They're very smooth," Mia said admiringly, "how often do you shave them?"

"Once a day, sometimes twice."

Mia nodded her approval, then peeked down her dress. 

"If you pay such good attention to shaving your legs, it surprises me that you don't shave...a bit further up."

"What do you mean? I shave all the way up the thigh, that way I can wear whatever clothes I want."

"No, not the thighs. I'm talking about your vagina."
"What?" Brittany said nervously.

"I'm surprised that a girl your age isn't shaving her bush yet. She really should be."

"And why should I?"

This whole conversation, amusing as it was, was fantastically hot to watch. Brittany on the table in her short, slutty dress, Mia looking up it with her nurse's uniform on, naked and shaved underneath, it was almost unbearable. I felt my dick growing harder in my pants as they kept talking. 

"It's much more hygienic, for one," Mia began, "having all that hair down there makes your genitals more difficult to keep clean, it traps germs and bacteria. It doesn't smell good, and it doesn't look good either. And another thing, Brittany, is that it feels much better for sex." She said the last part with a bit of a flirtatious smile, and then said, "so, why don't you take that dress off, and we can give you your first shave."

"NO!" Brittany immediately protested, "why should I?"

"Why should you," Mia said, a bit stronger now, "because until you do, I'm not going to let you pass your health examination, and you're gonna have to come back here every week. So let's make this easy, OK? Take off the dress first, let's start with that. 

Brittany reluctantly stepped out of her dress. I could now see her big brown bush on full display, and couldn't help but say with a laugh "how did you ever fit that under your thong?"

"Alright," Mia said, "time for step two." She took a pair of scissors out of a drawer and began to move them toward Brittany's bush.

"Wait! Stop! I don't want to!"

"Come on, it's just a little trim. If you don't like it you can always go back."

Brit flinched as Mia began to trim huge clumps off her bush, until her actual pussy became visible. It was much different from Mia's. Mia's pussy had tight outer lips that covered her inner labia fully, while Brit's inner lips extended out a bit more. Mia grabbed a can of shaving cream and a razor. 

"Wait! Wait! Please!" Brit was crying now, which surprised me. After all, it seemed as if she shaved the rest of her body religiously, she was clearly no hair lover.

"I can't understand," Mia said, "why you are so reluctant to get rid of this ugly, unclean bush."

Brittany was getting desperate now, so she looked Mia right in the eye and told her what I knew was the truth. 

"I'm scared to be naked down there," she confessed. "The way I dress, the way I act, I feel so exposed, always. That's the price I pay to be popular, to have friends, and to have boys who make me feel good, and to be happy. But at least I get to know that I have that one little patch down there that's always covered, that no one can touch.'

"Brittany," Mia said comfortingly, "I understand how you feel. I felt that way too, when I shaved for the first time. But you're not all on display, really. Your pussy is still reserved only for the people you let near it. That means that if you are intimate with a person, and they can see you, all of you, you have shared your deepest physical secret with them, and you can connect with them on a more meaningful, emotional level. For you, being shaved will help you far more than you know, because although you seem sexually free and open, you are actually closed and scared. Let me help you open up."

Brittany took a deep breath, and then said, "OK."

"Brad, will you do the honors?" Mia said, and passed me a razor.

"Why me?" I asked, "Not that I'm not grateful, but why aren't you doing it?"
Mia laughed, "because it would turn be on to watch you shave her."

This was all the convincing I needed. I dived right in. I could still barely believe I had gotten to see Brit's pussy, and now I got to shave it, to denude it, to expose it. I smothered her in shaving cream and then began to gently remove the hair from her mound. I stroked carefully, making sure to remove every last hair and render her completely bare. This shave job would be a masterpiece, a work of art. As I ran my razor down to her pussy lips, I caught a glimpse of Mia in the background, she had her hand up her nurses gown, and she was rubbing her pussy, breathing deeply and moaning, while still gazing in fascination as I shaved every last hair from Brittany's pussy lips. As I finished shaving Brit, Mia climaxed and let out an audible moan. Then I looked at Brit. Her shaved pussy was just as beautiful as every bit of her, with her tan face and its beautiful smile, her bright blue eyes, her perfect tits and thin waste. I could tell that she was on the edge between frightened and turned on, and I knew that if I wanted her, this was my chance. So I decided to take a risk, and I bent down and started licking her pussy. It became clear that I had made the right choice when Brittany began to moan- she was definitely a loud fuck. I explored the folds of her pussy lips, licking up and down her sensual folds to hit her nerve endings, before making my way to her clit. As my tongue touched her sensitive love button, she exploded with a massive thrust and a huge moan. I head Mia close the door, after all, we didn't want the whole school to hear. I kept going, going after her clit, and she had orgasm after orgasm. Her pussy became soaking wet and I eagerly lapped at the juices. Watching the scene unfold around her, Mia couldn't stand to go untouched. She leaped right in. As Brittany had another orgasm, Mia stood her up and pushed me down on the table. She ripped off my pants and pulled out my dick, which Brittany began to suck. Then Mia straddled my chance and moaned "eat me." I complied. As I did, I felt Brittany move up onto the table, and insert my cock into her soaking vagina. She began to thrust over my dick, causing waves of pleasure that made me delirious with happiness. Licking Mia's pussy was a completely different experience. Her more tightly constructed vag was nonetheless moist and pleasurable, but more carefully arranged. While with Brittany I had wildly explored her folds, I played Mia like an instrument, moving carefully and hitting all the right pleasure notes in her body, causing her to spasm. At the same time I was thrusting my cock deeper into Brittany, who moaned "fuck yeah,fuck my shaved pussy, oh yeah!" As my smooth pubic area met hers, Brit convulsed with pleasure. Mia flipped over so that her pussy was right on my face, and began to lick Brittany's clit while Brit was still riding up and down my cock. This pushed Brittany over the edge, and she moaned out one last incredibly loud orgasm. I felt Mia's pussy tighten up, and she came too as I licked her dry. As Brittany pulled off, both women stood to pleasure my dick, pumping and sucking it until I came. As I ejaculated, the two of them licked eagerly at my cum like they were drinking from a water fountain.

"Thank you so much." Mia said. "This has been a wonderful experience for me. Brad, Brittany, from now on, you will be my assistant nurses. You will help me give our entire school the benefit of a shaved pussy. And maybe we can have a little more fun on the side."

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