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Playing to Win

Playing to Win

Lauren discovers a game that's guaranteed to break Josh's winning streak.
“What the hell? You’ve humiliated me again!” Lauren shoved her auburn hair over her shoulder and threw a glance at the Scrabble board, shaking her head in confusion at the trouncing she’d just received. She turned her attention back to Josh who sat across from her at the dining table lounging in his chair. He gave her a smug look that should have annoyed her but all it did was encourage a smile. Every hour that passed by had her appreciating his company more and more.

Her housemate Cindy had gone away a couple of days ago for a two week holiday with her boyfriend, informing Lauren that it would be a romantic getaway spent mostly in bed—along with lots of other details Lauren didn’t want or need to know. Since her room would be empty, she’d offered it up to her cousin Josh who was in town visiting family for the week.

Lauren had been friends with Cindy for years so she’d seen Josh on several occasions; not enough to feel as if she knew him well, but enough to make the awkwardness disappear that often came along with meeting someone new. The bottle of wine they’d shared tonight hadn’t hurt in that regard either.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she’d tried for a different result he’d easily taken out the first two games in their best-of-three series. He’d followed that up by gallantly offering to call her the outright champion if she could take him in the third but…

“How did you do that?” she asked.

He raised his hands in mock surrender. “It’s not my fault. I kept trying to dumb myself down to give you a chance but I just can’t sink that far.”

Lauren felt a laugh building inside her even as she scowled at him. She hadn’t been in a relationship or casually intimate with a man in…long enough that remembering took some effort. Josh made an appealing vision with his coffee-brown hair all rumpled and his grey eyes shining with amusement. He wore a blue t-shirt and the dining table hid long, denim-covered legs.

“I guess I don’t have anyone to blame but myself,” she said. “You don’t look very smart so it gave me a false sense of security.” She folded one of her legs under her on the dining chair and tucked her red tank-top style dress around her thighs. The sound of Josh’s deep laughter drifted toward her as she reached across the table to pack up the game. They’d shifted back and forth between trading teasing insults and flirting all night but it had reached the point now where she didn’t even realise she was doing it anymore.

“Smartass. You have a surprisingly quick mouth for someone who looks so sweet.”

She sent him a smile as she swept the tiles from the board. “That’s one of the things men usually like most about me.” Lauren didn’t know whether it was the buzz from the wine that had her saying things she wouldn’t normally say or the fact that Josh had just proven to be easy company.

She lifted her gaze with the intention of continuing on with the innuendoes, but her eyes met his and a sudden shock of awareness passed between them that made her heart trip. He maintained the connection, patiently watching her, and a feeling of longing came over her the likes of which she’d never experienced before. The entire moment only lasted a couple of seconds but it was enough to stir a flurry of butterflies in her stomach.

He leaned forward to help pack away the game, his movements dispersing the strange mood that had settled over them. "Why's that?" he asked. 

“Um…Why’s what?” She had no idea how he could act like nothing had happened when she could barely string two words together.

“Why do men like your mouth?” He raised his brows, appearing entertained by the new direction the conversation had headed. “What do you do with it that keeps them coming back for more?”

A flood of erotic images washed over her and the words that had flowed freely all night faltered. While she pictured what she could do to him with her mouth, Lauren took her time placing the rest of the Scrabble contents in the box, hoping if she stalled long enough he’d move on to a different subject and her heart would stop thumping so hard. Unfortunately the sound of his low chuckle told her otherwise.

She glanced up to catch him looking at her again, his smile helping to ease the sudden tension. Lauren narrowed her eyes and flicked one of the Scrabble tiles at him. “Stop teasing me.”

He blocked her attack and grinned. “I can’t help it. You’re cute when you blush.”

Her pale skin had always burned rather than tanned. Freckles dotted the bridge of her nose, too. She didn’t embarrass easily but when something did manage to set her off it always showed on her face. The fact that a simple question from him could trigger the response surprised her. “People always call me cute,” she said. “I’m not cute.”

“I disagree. Besides, you’re other things, too.” He pushed his chair back and stood, nodding in the direction of the kitchen. “Let’s grab the other bottle of wine and I’ll humiliate you on the Wii next.”

Lauren shoved her chair away from the table. She wasn’t sure if the teasing would bother her coming from anyone else, but from Josh it seemed to work like a strange kind of foreplay. She stood and collected their empty glasses, her bare feet padding across the wood floor as she followed behind him. “So…What other things am I?” she asked as she wandered into the kitchen. Lauren knew the question probably made her sound needy but she couldn’t let it go now he’d brought it up.

“Hmm…” Josh grabbed the red wine from the counter and glanced at her while he opened the bottle. “Intelligent?”

He popped the cork and gestured to her for the glasses. She held one out for him to fill. “Any chance you could, you know… sound a bit more confident about that?”

He chuckled as he tipped the bottle. “Okay, intelligent-minus-the-question-mark. You’re also funny.”

“Thanks.” She smiled.

Wine splashed from the mouth of the bottle, his fingers wrapping around hers to steady the glass. She couldn't tell if the move had been intentional but the look they’d shared earlier now paled in comparison to his touch. Her hand tingled where it met his and she had to fight the impulse to move in closer.

Lauren offered him the remaining glass and he released his hold on her to fill it. Once he’d set the bottle on the bench, he took his drink from her outstretched hand and their eyes met over their wine glasses while they sipped.

She’d discovered over the past several hours that she loved looking at him. Although her glances had mostly been fleeting, each time she checked him out she found something new to appreciate. Her pulse skipped as she took in the thick lashes fringing his eyes and the layer of scruff on his jaw. When he lowered his glass her attention drifted to his lips, the temptation to lean in and sample them almost getting the better of her.

“Another thing,” he said, appearing as if he was trying not to smile. “I don’t know if it’s just the alcohol talking but I think you’re…what’s the word? Sexy.” He barely gave her time to let that comment sink in before he walked away.

Lauren’s gaze trailed after him as he left the kitchen. She knew his comment about the alcohol was meant to encourage a laugh from her but she couldn’t find a laugh in her right now. The sound of his deep voice calling her sexy had goose bumps spreading over her. She downed a couple more mouthfuls of wine, closing her eyes while she swallowed.

There was no denying how much she wanted him. She guessed after his descriptions of her and those breath-stealing moments they’d shared, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to assume he felt the same way. The only question now was whether or not she wanted to make the first move or leave it up to him. She opened her eyes again, figuring the only way to decide was to follow him.

Her movements stopped when she noticed him standing in the living room doorway with an amused look on his face. “Yeah…I’m just going to go ahead and add weird to that list,” he said.

The scowl she sent him lost its impact because she was trying not to smile. Lauren strode toward him to prove to both of them that his teasing had no effect on her, but when she went to sidle past him he blocked her entry into the other room.

“I forgot to mention my favourite thing about you,” he said, stepping up to her and backing her against the doorframe. He’d moved in close enough that his chest almost touched hers and with his height advantage he loomed over her.

“What’s that?” Lauren asked. Warmth filled her cheeks as she gazed up at him. The one thought eclipsing all others right then was how much she just wanted him to grab her and kiss her.

His gaze moved from her eyes to her lips. “Everything you’re thinking is right there on your face.” He gave her a knowing smile then turned and wandered away.

* *

“Okay, that’s it for me.” Lauren felt like tossing her controller across the room but she let it tumble to the floor instead. She’d always considered herself to be a good sport but after two straight losses on Mario Kart to add to her earlier defeats, her patience had worn thin. She glanced at Josh who sat beside her nestled among the colourful cushions on the bright red couch. 

“You weren’t too bad in that last race,” he said. “You almost took me on a couple of corners.”

“Thanks, but it’s pretty clear I suck.”

He reached out to rest his controller on the coffee table. “Let me guess. That’s another thing men like about you.”

Lauren smirked and bumped her shoulder against his. The upside to this whole experience had been the growing closeness between them. With the flirty banter and the added sensation of his leg pressed against hers, it had turned out to be one of the best nights she’d had in a long time.

Josh leaned back against the couch and took hold of her hand, turning it palm upward and resting it against the hard muscle of his thigh. She leaned into him, realising it was the first time he’d touched her just for the sake of touching her. He stroked her sensitive skin, trailing his finger round and round. The swirling motion mesmerised her and had the tiny hairs rising on her forearms.

They’d been leading up to this moment all night. Now it was finally here her stomach fluttered in anticipation. She wanted him to break the tension with one of his jokes but he kept his attention on their joined hands.

“I remember the first time I met you,” he said sparing her a quick glance. “It was the day of Cindy’s eighteenth birthday. We were blowing up balloons for her party and I kept getting distracted because I couldn’t stop looking at your mouth.”

Lauren smiled as she remembered how hectic that afternoon had been, so much so that she hadn’t even noticed his interest. “You were thinking about kissing me?”

“No, I was picturing it wrapped around my cock.”

Their eyes met and she burst out laughing. He chuckled and curled his hand around hers, dragging her over to straddle his lap. Her knees parted and settled either side of him, her chest close enough to his that she could feel the heat radiating from his body. The feel of his strong thighs filling the space between her legs made her heart pound.

He clasped her face in his palms, his gaze travelling over her. The humour of the moment faded and Lauren held her breath as he looked from her eyes to her lips. “Are you picturing my mouth on your cock now?” she asked. Her voice had taken on a husky tone; she guessed it wouldn’t be too long before words failed her entirely.

“No.” His thumbs swept over her temples and one side of his mouth quirked. “I’m thinking about kissing you.”

The change in mood fascinated her. One minute he’d had her laughing and now she found herself unable to look away from him, drawn in by the tenderness in his grey eyes.

He cupped the back of her neck and urged her closer, pulling her in until her mouth levelled with his. Lauren clasped his shoulders and drank in every detail, thankful they’d reached the point now where she could look as much as she wanted and no longer had to satisfy herself with stolen glances.

Josh gave her a slight smile then touched his mouth to hers. He began kissing her slowly, his lips soft and warm as he eased her into the moment. Her fingers threaded into his hair and her eyes drifted closed so she could savour the sensations. She’d thought about this moment over and over but now he’d finally made a move she realised none of her fantasies could match up to the real thing. He tasted her with languid nips and sweeping caresses, his gentleness surprising her. He flattened his palm against her spine, his lips so thorough that the care he took with her left her breathless.

The kiss went on and she felt his hand slide upward to grab a fistful of her hair. The combination of his soft mouth and forceful grip had her whimpering. He coaxed her lips open further and delved inside. Lauren let out a harsh breath through her nose and thrust her tongue against his. He kissed her for long, lazy minutes, his hands keeping her still while his mouth aroused her beyond bearing.

She broke the connection just when it was getting interesting, her breaths coming hard as she moved her lips to his throat. She trailed soft pecks along his jawline and nibbled at his earlobe. The sound of his low groan made her smile. “I should be holding back and making this harder for you since you’ve won every other challenge tonight,” she said softly.

His fingers combed through her hair and he urged her face back up to meet his. “Make it as hard as you want,” he said, pressing a kiss beside her mouth. “I’m in no hurry.”

She shifted her weight and discovered the bulge hidden inside his jeans. Lauren rubbed herself slowly against his burgeoning erection, taking pleasure in his soft growl. “Feels like you might be to me.”

He moved his hands to her widespread thighs, his palms stroking back and forth. His thumbs slipped between her legs and traced her soft skin. His touch had her mouth parting slightly, a feeling of need taking hold that stole her breath. The corner of his mouth kicked up as he watched her. “I’m not the one who’s squirming.”

She wanted to smile and moan at the same time. It amazed her that she could be this turned on when they hadn’t done anything more than kiss. She trailed her mouth to his ear, running the tip of her tongue around the outer edge. “You don’t think I could make you squirm?” The urge came over her to tease him to the point of begging just to see how much he could take.

His thumbs swept further up her inner thighs, coming closer and closer to the edge of her panties. Josh turned his head and caught her mouth again, planting a soft, wet kiss on her. He pulled away and slipped his hands beneath her dress to caress the smooth curve of her ass. “Do your best and we’ll both find out.”

Lauren held back a laugh and gripped the hem of her dress. She sent him one last challenging look then pulled the material over her head and tossed it aside. Her auburn hair draped over one shoulder, her chest lifting and falling with a bracing breath. She’d expected to feel nervous putting herself on display like this for the first time in months, but the way he looked at her, the way his attention lingered on the white lace cradling her breasts and the scrap of pink cotton between her thighs, made her feel cherished and strangely relaxed.

“I need this off,” she said, grabbing fistfuls of his t-shirt.

Josh leaned forward and helped her remove his shirt then threw it down to join her dress on the floor. His hands came back to her face, cupping her jaw while he gave her a kiss so sensual it had her aching for more. When he finally pulled away she could barely focus on his features.

“You’re beautiful,” he said rubbing her cheeks with his thumbs.

A rush of something overwhelmingly sweet spread through her. If he intended for the compliment to get her out of the rest of her clothes it worked. Lauren reached around to the clasp on her bra at the same moment that Josh sent his hands on an exploratory mission. The sensation of his palms sliding down to caress her waist had her fingers fumbling in their task.

He let out an amused breath and gave her a peck on her mouth. “See what I mean about cute.” His hands nudged hers aside and with one flick he had her bra open.

She wanted to roll her eyes at how easy that had been for him. “You’ve obviously had some practise with that.”

He chuckled and dipped his head, brushing his lips over her throat. “Instructional videos.”

Lauren hooked her hair behind her ear and laughed despite herself. She slipped the thin straps down her arms, watching his head lift as she pulled the cups free. The look in his eyes when she bared herself to him made her stomach flip. His palms took the place of her bra and he massaged her breasts, his groan sending a quick shiver through her.

She clasped his face, tilting his chin and crushing her mouth to his to show him the depth of her desire. He plunged his tongue between her lips while he caressed her, his fingers teasing her nipples until he had her hips moving in response. Lauren writhed above him, rubbing herself against his erection. His hard length pressed insistently between her slick folds, the denim of his jeans only adding to the friction.

He broke away from the kiss momentarily, his voice a hoarse whisper beside her mouth. “Can you come like that?” he asked. She gave him a shallow nod and tried to catch his mouth again but he pulled back and shook his head. “Do it. I want to watch.”

Her breaths came quickly and she bit into her lower lip as her gaze roamed over him. She loved the fire in his eyes, the tightness in his jaw, his broad expanse of bare chest...She wanted to please him in any way she could. “One condition,” she said raking her fingers through his hair.

He moved his hands to her waist, holding her tight. “Tell me.”

Lauren ground down on him, watching his eyes fill with longing. “I want you naked.”

He groaned and touched his mouth to hers, his lips still warm and damp from their last kiss. "You, too," he said. 

She didn't need to be told twice. Lauren climbed off him and stood between his widespread knees, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her bikini panties. She held her breath as she worked them over her hips, pushing until they fell to her ankles. 

He stared up at her while he dragged down his fly, his gaze hot and intense. He lifted his ass off the couch and the muscles in his stomach tensed. Her mouth went dry, her gaze drifting to the line of dark hair that disappeared inside his jeans. She struggled to concentrate, surprised her control had already reached breaking point.

“You have a great body, Lauren.”

Oh, God. That didn’t help at all. Warmth rushed over her like a physical caress. Her nipples tightened into hard little buds and her legs trembled. “Thanks,” she said, swallowing as he pushed his jeans and boxers to his knees. His cock appeared and she had to close her eyes for a few seconds just to keep it together. “I like your body, too.”

“Is that why your eyes are closed?”

She heard the humour in his voice and opened them again to find him watching her with a tender expression on his face. He’d removed his clothes now and sat before her naked. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from him. “I like your body too much,” she clarified.

“There’s no such thing,” he said. Josh reached out for her and clasped her hand. He pulled her down to the same position she’d been in moments ago, only this time when her legs parted and settled either side of him, his cock slid along the slick channel of her pussy. With bare skin pressed to bare skin, she felt every inch of him.

He groaned, flattening his palm against her spine to bring her closer. His other hand closed around her breast and he took her nipple into his mouth. Lauren clutched his hair and arched her back. He sucked on her firmly then flicked his tongue over her, kneading her breast with his palm. She sighed and looked down at him, watching his mouth work. “That feels, so…ahh. Please don't stop.”

Her hips glided back and forth, her pussy leaving a wet sheen on his cock. The growl that came from him made her skin prickle. When he moved to her other breast she tightened her grip in his hair, pushing herself closer to deepen the connection. His hot breath washed over her as he drew her nipple into his mouth. She rocked against him, her arousal building as his hardness parted her softness. She longed to have him inside her but wanted to hold out until he couldn’t take any more.

Josh released her and fell back against the couch. He gave a deep groan and slouched in his seat, his hands coming to rest on her thighs. She looked down to see a bead of moisture forming on the head of his cock. Her pussy rubbed against the droplet on her forward slide, slicking it down his shaft on her backward movement.

He gripped her hips, pressing her harder against his erection. His eyes met hers and he blew out a harsh breath. “Fuck.”

“Mmm…not yet. Looks like I’ve got you squirming," she said, sounding a lot more confident than she felt. "Now I want you to beg.”

He tipped his head back, his low laugh ending on a groan when she slid forward again. “God. Give you an inch…”

She leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss on his mouth. “It’s a lot more than an inch.”

He smiled against her lips, combing her hair back from her face. “Do you have any idea how much I like you right now?”

After everything they’d said and done tonight that one simple question brought the blush back to her cheeks. She hid her reaction by kissing him, showing him without words how she felt about him. Her hips kept up their rhythmic glide, her pussy growing wetter by the second. She needed him inside her so much it had built to an ache.

When her lips parted from his she sat back so he could get the full view of her body, hoping it would help push him to breaking point. “All you have to do is tell me,” she said. “Tell me you want it and I’ll slide right down on your big…hard cock.” Lauren knew his competitive side would make him want to wait her out, but she figured she might have the edge on him this time.

“I never had you pegged as a dirty fighter.”

She lifted herself off him just far enough so that she had room to slip her hand between their bodies. Her fingers wrapped around his cock. She felt her own dampness along the shaft and his pooling on the head. Her thumb swirled over the tip and she sent him a half-smile. “I’m just using my strengths; that’s all.”

Lauren remained in her raised position and tilted his cock toward her, rubbing the head against her pussy. She used him to massage her clit, her undulating hips increasing the sensation. He had her so aroused it wouldn’t take long to come this way.

He gripped her thighs and his eyes drifted closed. “I could use mine and have you on your back in two seconds flat.”

A wave of desire rolled through her. She gasped at the vision and wanted so badly for him to take over…but not just yet. “You won’t, though,” she said breathlessly, knowing the answer before she’d even asked the question.

His eyes opened to meet hers and he shook his head. Lauren held his shaft to her clit, teasing the swollen bud. She applied more pressure, sliding her slick heat against the head of his cock. Her orgasm came as a surprise when it hit her. A moan tore from her as the first squeeze of lust tightened her belly. The ache inside her swelled, becoming a rush of tingles that spread through her body. Her gaze locked with his. She watched his jaw clench. She grabbed her breast with her free hand and cried out as her hips jerked. He growled as he watched her fall apart.

“Fuck this,” he said. “You win.”

Josh grasped the back of her neck and pulled her down, kissing her hard as he guided his cock inside her. He plunged into her with one deep thrust, his pelvis lifting to meet her downward glide.

She let out a strangled moan at the intrusion, overwhelmed by the thick heat of him, his fullness. Relief took hold now she finally had him inside her. He gripped her neck and clasped her hip, his mouth bruising hers as they kissed. He lost it completely but she loved it—all of it. Lauren leaned into him, her breasts nudging his chest, her hands tangled in his hair. His passion left her reeling. He fucked her hard, using her body for his own pleasure just as she’d used his moments ago.

Lauren pulled her mouth free and licked her lower lip. She dragged in air, trembling with pleasure as he groaned beside her cheek. His stubble rasped her skin, only adding to the sensation overload. He loosened his hold on the base of her neck and pushed her back from him with his firm grip. His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her down hard against each thrust of his cock.

She ground down against him, still feeling the lingering tingles from her climax. Lauren watched the changes in his expression, mesmerised by the intensity in his features. He’d been so laid-back and full of humour all night. Now his eyes were dark with arousal, his mouth open with the fast breaths coming from him. He looked her over, his gaze lingering on her breasts as they jolted in time with his thrusts. “Jesus, I can’t—fuck, I can’t hold back.”

Pleasure rushed through her; she just wanted more and more. Her hand slipped between her thighs and she gave her clit vigorous rubs that had her moaning deep in her throat. He watched her reach behind her body with her other hand, delving beneath her ass to find him. Her fingertips stroked his balls and her touch had him cursing all over again.

She wanted to smile but she couldn’t concentrate on anything other than coming. With her pussy still sensitive from the earlier attention it didn’t take long to reach that point. She bucked her hips against him, chasing her release. It came on her in slow, lazy pulses at first, building to a rolling wave that crashed over her and sucked her under. Lauren kept rubbing and finally cried out, shaking until she thought she’d collapse.

“Come here.” Josh gripped her elbows and dragged her against him, wrapping her up in a hug so tight she couldn’t move. She rested her mouth against his throat and kissed him while she caught her breath.

He sank further in his seat for leverage and drove inside her. The forcefulness of his thrusts brought on aftershocks that left her whimpering. He kept going, plunging into her until she knew he couldn't last any longer. Finally he clutched her body, held her hips against him and came with a groan so deep and guttural it sent shivers rushing over her.

Silence fell between them as the excitement passed. Josh’s body relaxed beneath her with a sigh, his fingers trailing sweeping caresses down her spine. Lauren let out a long breath and tried to calm her senses. Their bodies meshed with the slick sheen of perspiration and she could still feel herself pulsing around him.

She tried to pull back to look at him but his arms tightened around her and he held her against his chest. “Don’t go,” he said. “I want you right where you are.”

Lauren smiled and kissed his neck, tucking her bent arms in against his chest to keep the warmth between them. “I know this probably isn’t the right time to mention this," she said, "but I finally won a challenge. I just wanted to point that out.”

His shoulders moved beneath her in a silent laugh, his head turning so he could place a kiss on her forehead. “I'm assuming we're going with the usual rules. Best of three?”

She writhed against him, moving her hips until he groaned. “I guess that’s only fair,” she said.

His arms tightened around her and a laugh burst from Lauren when he rolled her on her back in two seconds flat, just as he'd promised he could.

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