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Pleasant Side Effects

AJ's drug trial leaves him in need of Erin's legal advice.

I reviewed the contract for the hundredth time, trying to make sense of what it said. I know that I understood it when I signed it, but in hindsight, the language of law is nearly impossible to get meaning out of. I had no choice but to face the music and take it to my friend, Erin, for help.

Erin was a practicing lawyer that I had known since college. She was super smart and wildly attractive. Nothing has ever happened between us because she used to date one of my good friends. The only reason I mention that is because it makes this story even more awkward at this point. I had gotten myself into a bit of a pickle and needed a way out. It was embarrassing and I wanted to do it myself but it didn’t seem possible.

I showed up at Erin’s around noon on Saturday. She was just getting back from her weekly yoga class and was still in her workout clothes. I have a serious weakness for women wearing athletic gear. She looked fantastic as ever, with her long blonde hair up in a ponytail, wearing a pink tank top and gray yoga pants. I struggled to avoid staring at her. We are good friends but sometimes I can’t help myself. 

We walked into her kitchen and she poured a glass of water for herself and opened a beer for me.

“Not having one?” I asked.

“Not yet - I will soon. Just have to hydrate first!” She said, pleasantly.

“Good - nothing worse than drinking alone!” I responded.

“So what’s up? You got yourself in some trouble over a contract or something?” She asked.

“Yeah - let me try my best to explain. I agreed to do a medical trial for this company, they gave me a bunch of money to complete it, and I don’t want to anymore. The problem is that I can’t find a way to get out of it. Plus there seems to be a clause in the contract that says if I quit, I have to pay them back plus back pay for all the treatments so far. It’s been three weeks which means I would owe them like twelve grand. So that’s not an option. Can you take a look and see if you can get me out of it?” I explained.

She took the contract and started reading. As she worked her way through it, Erin sort of mumbled out loud as she read. It was a standard contract as far as she could tell - nothing struck her as out of the ordinary. One thing was clear, though - it was thorough. There was not going to be any easy way out of this without having to pay up.

“Well, there is usually a way out of things like this if it is causing you any serious harm. Is that the case? Why don’t you want to complete it?” She asked.

“Well, it’s not exactly harming me… but it is having some side effects that I wasn’t anticipating. I just don’t want to finish out the last week.” I explained.

“One week left and it’s not harming you? Just suck it up, buttercup. Unless you want to pay up, there isn’t much I can do here. What’s the trial for?” She asked, looking for more information.

“I’d rather not say,” I told her.

“Oh, come on! How am I going to help you if you can’t even tell me what it is?”

“It’s embarrassing!” 

“Oh, please. Do you know the kinds of things I have heard from clients before? Plus, we’ve been friends for years. How embarrassed could you be?” 

She had a point. There was really no way for her to help me out of this jam without all the information. I took a deep breath and started from the beginning.

“Okay, you remember why Sandy and I broke up?” I asked.

“Yeah, that girl was a slut and was fucking her ex while you were at work.” She replied, bluntly.

“Right - well, do you remember how I caught her?”

“Um, I’m not sure you told me.”

“I found pictures on her phone. Dick pics from her ex, to be specific.” I explained.

“Jesus. Who would want to see pictures of a cock on their phone? I mean, they aren’t exactly arousing to look at.” She said, rolling her eyes.

“Right - well, those pictures stuck in my mind for months after I left her. I couldn’t help but think that she was cheating because he was so much…” I started to explain but didn’t want to actually say the rest. I was hoping she could fill in the blanks.

“So much what?” She asked.

“Bigger than me, okay? He was huge.” I said, turning bright red and looking down.

“That’s ridiculous. I’m sure you are making a bigger deal out of this than you need to. In my experience, that has never really mattered. They’re all pretty much the same, give or take.” She assured me. “Anyway, what does that have to do with this? Did you start taking penis pills?”

I was silent. She guessed it on the first try.

“Oh my god, you idiot. You know how dangerous those things can be? There is no way to change things like that with a pill!” She said, scolding me a bit.

“That’s what I thought too! But I had to try. It seemed so legitimate! I figured the worst that could happen would be some high blood pressure, and if it added a little bit to me, well then it would be worth it. But things didn’t quite work like that.” I explained.

“Why not just stop taking it? How would they know?” She said.

“I have to show up to their offices every day so they can give me the next dose to be sure I’m taking it so I can’t really avoid it,” I said.

“Okay, so what sort of side effects are you experiencing. Maybe we can find a loophole here by exaggerating the discomfort of them.” She said.

“I’d rather not say,” I told her.

“AJ, do you want help or not? If not, let’s drop this awkward conversation and move on.” She said, annoyed with me.

“Fine. Here’s everything: First, I get erections a few times a day that take forever to go away. Sometimes, I’ll just be sitting at my desk at work and it will just happen. I get trapped there for hours.” I said, mortified to be explaining this to my pretty friend.

She started laughing.

“It’s not funny!” I yelled but also laughing at the ridiculousness of this conversation.

“Okay, okay. Sorry, go on.” She said, trying to hide her smirk.

“Second, the volume of my… orgasms… has increased quite a bit. I won’t go into detail on that.” I continued. “And lastly, perhaps a little confusing to complain about, but it worked. Like really well. Maybe too well.”

“What do you mean by ‘it worked too well’?” She asked, confused.

“I mean it grew. And I don’t mean by a little bit. I mean it’s twice what it was and seems to be still growing.” I said, now just looking only at the floor to avoid eye contact.

“You’re kidding me! Isn’t that what you wanted?!” She asked, in disbelief.

“Not like this! Erin, it doubled in size. When it’s… hard… it is unbearable. It throbs to the point of pain until I… do something about it.” I said.

As I said this, I saw her expression change just slightly. It went from interest to disbelief.

“Bullshit. Double?” She asked.


“Okay, well you aren’t going to be able to get out of this contract with a claim that it did exactly what you wanted it to,” she said. Her tone was a little annoyed by this like she could see why I was complaining.

“You don’t get it. Imagine your boobs doubling in size over a two week period!”

“Ha! I certainly wouldn’t be complaining! These little B cups have some room for improvement!” She joked, trying to make light of the situation.

“Nevermind. I should never have said anything. You aren’t taking this seriously. I was hoping you would treat me how you’d treat a client - not make fun of me.” I said, annoyed at her flippant response.

“Okay - you want me to treat you like a client? Let’s see it then. Prove it. That would be the first thing I would say to a client because I’d need to be sure they weren’t full of shit before wasting a second on their case.” She said, defensively.

“What?! Prove it? You want me to just pull it out in your living room?” I asked, incredulously.

“Yeah, let’s see this huge cock, AJ.” She was clearly challenging me for questioning her professionalism.

A silence fell over us. This conversation took such a weird turn and I wasn’t sure what to do. I was as stubborn as she was, though. I didn’t want to back down from her challenge and let her think I was full of shit. What the hell, I thought to myself. I stood from my seat and took a deep breath to steady my nerves.

“Okay, fine. If this will make you believe me,” I said, staring at her, waiting for her to stop me.

She just sat back and folded her arms on the couch. I wanted her to take his seriously so she would help me out of the contract so I really didn’t have much of a choice. I undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and lowered the zipper. Taking a deep breath, I hooked my fingers into my waistband and with one swift move, pushed my jeans and boxer briefs down to the middle of my thighs, exposing my flaccid penis to my friend of many years.

My soft cock hung down over my heavy balls in plain view of Erin, who was sitting about four feet away. In its flaccid state, it was a little over five inches. She looked at it as if measuring it in her mind but made no expression one way or the other.

“Alright, that looks pretty normal, AJ. Not really seeing how this is a big deal.” She said, unimpressed.

“Normal? It’s soft and is longer than I used to be with an erection!” I said, shocked that she was so nonchalant about this.

“Well, how big does it get? It can’t be too much more than that.” She said, still not seeing why I was complaining. “Honestly, AJ - was this some stupid ploy to get me to look at your cock? Is this a joke?”

I was taken aback by her sudden confrontational tone. She thought I was totally full of shit! Suddenly, she stood from the couch and was only inches away from me. Almost angrily, she reached down and grabbed my dick and squeezed it.

“Is this what you wanted? Huh? You thought I would fall for some bullshit about how big your dick has grown?” She was now fully accusing me of lying about all of this while jerking my soft cock.

“Erin, stop! That’s not what I was trying to do! Look, I’m not lying. It’s growing already!” I tried to explain.

She seemed to have forgotten what she was doing and the effect it was having on me. I was growing rapidly in her hand and she looked down to see my current state. I didn’t need to look down because I felt the blood flowing into my swelling member. I knew that it could grow to ten inches very quickly with the girth to match. Whether she stopped her stroking or not, it would be the size of her forearm within a few seconds.

“AJ, what the fuck?” she said, her voice full of surprise.

She was now holding my hard cock in her hand, staring at it.

“I tried to tell you,” I said.

“I… I thought you were full of shit. This thing is absurd. I’ve never seen anything like it,” she stammered.

“So do you think we can get them to let me stop taking the medicine because it obviously works. They shouldn’t need much more proof.” I said, trying to bring the conversation back around.

“It’s so thick too. And hard! Oh my god, it’s like a lead pipe!”

She was clearly distracted by my size and was lazily stroking me up and down. I knew I needed to stop her so we could talk about the contract but her touch felt amazing. She was so close to me now and I could smell her unique, mixed scent of sweat from her run and her natural sweetness. It was intoxicating and I was losing my ability to put a stop to anything. 

“Erin, I don’t think we should…” I said.

“Sorry, I just… I’ve never… and it’s been a while since I…” She was not finishing her sentences as she continued stroking and squeezing my now fully erect dick.

She suddenly dropped to her knees and my last ounce of self-control flew out the window. No more words needed to be spoken. Erin hand both hands on my cock, one at the base and one just above it, but there were still several inches exposed. My girth wouldn’t allow her fingers to wrap completely around it so she was just stroking what she could with both hands.

After what seemed like an eternity, She forced my bulbous head into her mouth. It felt like hot, wet heaven. I had heard stories about women coming undone at the sight of a large cock and turning to complete sluts, but I never believed it. Erin was proving the myth true right in front of my eyes, though. She was slurping and sucking on me with abandon, trying to get as much of me into her mouth as she could.

I stood in her living room, looking down at Erin doing her best to get me off with her perfect mouth. I was in near disbelief at the whole situation and was very worried I would cum before this went any further. Even though I never wanted her to stop, I reached down and pulled her to her feet. I kissed her passionately, tasting myself on her lips.

Aggressively, she pushed me back onto the couch and pulled her tank top over her head, exposing her tight stomach and perfect, perky tits encased in a gray sports bra. Wasting no time, she also pushed those yoga pants down her slim legs, taking her panties with the, leaving her completely naked in front of me.

What a sight she was! If possible, seeing her naked for the first time caused my erection to swell even more. Immediately, she was back on her knees in front of me, taking my cock into her mouth.

“No, no, no,” I said. “Any more of that and I’ll cum soon. Let me taste that pretty little pussy of yours.”

I expected Erin to comply by laying back on the couch so that I could take my place between her legs. She surprised me by getting to her feet and climbing onto the couch. Straddling my body, she positioned herself so that her pussy was only inches from my face. It was the first look I really got at it and it was literally perfect. She had a small patch of blonde pubic hair above her slit but the rest was cleanly shaven or waxed. Her pussy was a light pink color and had very pronounced lips. They were not long or droopy by any means but were not neatly tucked inside like many of the other young ladies I had been with. 

Her scent was sweet and musky at the same time. I took a deep breath through my nose, inhaling her smell. I had never smelled this level of arousal on a woman before. It was a beautiful vagina and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I reached behind her and grabbed her ass, pulling her to me. I stuck my tongue out for my first taste and was not disappointed. She tasted like she smelled and I dove in, licking her slit like a mad man. As I licked from her hole to her clit, her knees buckled a bit, driving her pussy down onto my mouth and nose, smothering me a bit. It was so hot to know I was providing that level of pleasure.

She was already slacking wet when I got there but she was now leaking juices all over my face. Her hands were in my hair, squeezing my head and pulling my hair as she moaned and yelled. I sucked her clit between my lips and began flicking my tongue over it as fast as I could. Her moans changed in tone and I could tell she was getting close from the way she was squirming around.

“Oh fuck, right there! Don’t stop!” She screamed and came all over my face. She didn’t quite squirt but she released a lot more juices as her orgasm overtook her.

Coming down from her climax, she slide down my body until her face was in front of mine. She was now squatting on top of me with my hard cock sandwiched between us. She kissed me hard, tasting her own juices on my lips. No other woman I had ever been with was willing to kiss me after going down on her, but Erin seemed to love her own musky taste. What a turn on!

As we kissed, she reached between us and grabbed hold of my swollen cock. With no hesitation or need for slowing down, she lifted he hips and positioned my tip and her entrance. She was soaking wet, but it was still going to be a tight fit. As my head worked its way inside her, she stopped kissing me and there her head back in a silent moan. Pushing her body down, she worked another couple inches inside and looked back down at me. 

We locked eyes and she looked like her mind was a thousand miles away. She was completely focused on dealing with the feelings of pain and pleasure radiating from her cunt as she worked my fat cock inside her tight hole. She was breathing heavily and had developed a sheen of light sweat on her body as she worked me in. Not wanting to be inactive, I grabbed her left breast with my right hand and pinched her nipple lightly, while latching my mouth onto her right nipple and sucking hard.

She moaned and let her body weight sink down on top of me, which forced another five inches of my cock inside her. I felt my tip hit her cervix and knew that she wouldn’t be able to take much more. She sat still for a moment, adjusting to by cock stretching her out. Without warning, an orgasm rushed through her. Never before had I seen a woman cum without any sort of stimulation aside from having me inside her. 

As that orgasm passed, she started riding me - slowly at first, but now used to my size, she picked up pace, and before long. I knew within moments that I would not last long in her incredible pussy. She was riding as fast as she could without hurting herself and gyrating her hips in tight circular motions. I felt that familiar feeling after only about five minutes. I wasn’t used to a vagina being so tight on my cock.

“Erin, I’m going to… I’m going to cum…” I said, trying to hold back, but failing.

“Oh shit! I’m not on birth control!” She yelled and jumped off my as fast as she could.

Kneeling in front of me she took my wet cock into her mouth, tasting the creamy moisture she left there. She jerked and sucked me, trying to bring me off in her mouth. It did not take long.

“Here it comes!” I hissed.

She held my head in her mouth and continued jerking. My balls tightened and my orgasm tore through my cock shaft. As I exploded in her mouth, her eyes went wide. She was trying to swallow it all but couldn’t keep up with the amount that was coming out. She coughed and pulled me from her mouth. I continued cumming and spraying it all over her. God bless her, she kept stroking me and allowed me to cum all over her face, neck, and tits. Some even got in her hair.

When I finally stopped cumming, she burst out laughing.

“Holy shit! Who cums that much?! I’m covered!” She said.

“I told you! It’s the drug!” I explained.

“No, no… it’s okay. It was so hot! I’ve never let anyone cum on me before.” She said, explaining it wasn’t a bad thing.

“What just happened?” I said, laughing.

“What happened was me finding out that you have a gigantic dick and can make me cum like no one ever has. There’s no way I’m going to let you stop taking that medicine!” Erin said.

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