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Pleasing the Ghost Hunter

Something other than ghosts are creeping in the grave yard.
I lick my fingers and bring them down to my longing pussy. In circular motions I rub my clit as my head tilts back and I moan. Where I was only some what wet before I started, now I'm soaked and not just from the sensations I'm giving myself, but by fantasizing of my ghost hunting partner, Trevor.

I had met him years back and while I had started talking to him because of my attraction to him, I learned that he, like me, was very interested in the paranormal. A few months later, we joined together to go ghost hunting combining our separate ghost hunting tools and our knowledge.

Our first investigations were in local cemeteries but after a year we began investigating friend's houses and gained a reputation in the ghost hunting field. We spend a lot of time together even when we aren't ghost hunting but now, four years later, I have yet to sleep with him and god did I want to...

I can picture him perfectly. He is about 5'9", a toned body but not too muscular, although he is in his early forties he looks as though he's ten years younger. He usually wears dark clothes like mine but his hair...He has long light brown hair that goes down to the middle of his back with light strands of gray just starting to show. Usually he keeps his hair back in a pony tail but when he let's it down...

I moan louder now as I plunge my fingers deep in me at the thought of his long hair swaying as he pounds his hard cock into me. My long black hair is spread across my red silk sheets, I close my dark brown eyes in pleasure as I lick my tongue across my blood red lips. I bring my free hand up and massage my DDD tit, rolling my nipple between my fingers. I'm close...

I let myself scream out as my pussy contracts. A tingling feeling passes through my body as it trembles at the height of my orgasm. I hold my fingers deep in me until my entire body relaxes and I just lay there for a moment, enjoying the sensation and picturing him.

I get up and go down the hall to the bathroom and get myself into a nice hot shower. I lather and rinse my hair and proceed to wash my body. As I wash over my breasts I can't help but moan as my hands run over my sensitive nipples. I continue down my stomach and then to my mound where that too has remained quite sensitive from the pleasures I had given myself moments ago.

I find myself aroused again but this time, I want something else to do the work for me. I reach out of the shower curtain to the shelves above the toilet and grab my dildo. Once again I picture Trevor as I lick and suck on the toy, imagining that it is his dick. I lick the suction cup on the bottom and press it onto the shower wall where it sticks firmly.

I position the shower head so that the water is spraying on me as I lean over and back myself to the wall, feeling the toy caress my ass before slipping in between my legs against my pussy. I reach in between my legs and help the dildo glide into me as I push against it. Once it's in nice and deep, I run my fingers up to my clit as I begin to sway my body forward and backward causing the toy to go in and out of me.

I feel the water hitting my breasts and face as I rub my clit furiously, pounding the toy hard as I moan. I feel my warm juices flow down my leg as I cum, pressing hard against the dildo keeping it deep in me as I move my ass up and down causing the head of the toy to wriggle inside me. I scream out as the orgasm becomes more intense before I'm finally done.

I can't keep doing this...I think to myself as I get on my tight black pants. Pleasuring myself is great but it's losing its charm each time I'm faced with Trevor. I need him inside me. I hook up my corset and tighten the laces before tending to my hair and make up.

We have been going to many different locations to do our investigations, including some famous hotels and historical haunted places. Tonight we return to our roots; We are going to the first grave yard we had ever investigated at and I'm excited.

I gather up what tools I have including my E.M.F. reader, my digital voice recorder, and my digital camera and video recorder. By the time I have it all packed, I hear Trevor knocking at my door.

"Ready to go?" He asks me as I let him in.

"Almost." I go over to my chair and grab my long black trench coat and put it on. I see him watching me as I pull my hair out from inside the coat so it doesn't get tucked in and I smile. He quickly averts his eyes though I'm pretty sure I can see a semi forming in his pants. Maybe I should just take him into the bedroom, I think but just then he takes my bag from the couch.

"Is it all packed?" He asks and I nod. "I'll take it out to my car. I'm driving tonight."

I nearly melt at the smile he flashes me and I follow him out of my apartment.

The ride is typical. Like two good friends, we talk and joke while listening to some loud rock music. I catch him taking glances at my breasts as they heave and contract within my corset and I just smile. We were both single at this point but I wondered if our age difference was what was holding him back considering I am in my mid twenties. Age to me didn't matter, but maybe it did to him. It certainly didn't stop him from looking though!

He parks the car and we get out, gather up our equipment, and head into the cemetery. We had already notified the authorities of our investigation so we knew they wouldn't be interrupting us thinking we were up to no good.

"It's a gorgeous night. It's perfect, no wind, no sounds." I say as we walk deeper through the graves. We get to our usual preparation stop at an old mausoleum in the center of the grave yard and we put our bags down on the steps.

"You're right, it'll make it easy to tell what is dust and no cross contamination of the audio." He says and I can't help but giggle. Though he was interested in the paranormal, until I had introduced him to proper ghost hunting he had never done anything like it before and so most of what he has learned has come from me.

We begin our investigation with him holding the video recorder and an E.M.F. reader and I hold my own video recorder as well as the digital voice recorder, our bags slung onto our backs. We walk around and record for a while before we begin asking questions out loud to any spirits who may be around. It all seems quiet right now but after many investigations, we know things can change at any moment and reviewing the evidence can also reveal more that we hadn't caught on the field.

We decide to separate, first making sure our batteries are full and everything is running correctly. I decide to head down to the section with the pond while he stays on the opposite side of the mausoleum.

"I've made it to the pond." He hears me say this over the walkie talkie.

"Alright, I'm working my way to the back of the cemetery." I hear him respond back.

I had caught some interesting things in the past by the pond which is why I wanted to come here on my own first. I turn off the voice recorder and put it in my pocket before going into my bag and getting out the E.M.F. reader to get a base line of the electromagnetic field around the pond. Once I've traveled the whole perimeter, I find a rock to sit on and place the reader on it and take out my voice recorder again and turn it on.

I scan the grounds around me as I look through the screen on my video recorder and at first I see nothing. I continue to pan around and stop suddenly as I see something that seems to be hovering over the pond water.

"What the..." I zoom in, adjust the camera, and my eyes pop open and I get onto the walkie. "Trevor! Get over here now! I'm on the large rock by the pond. I think I caught something.

As I wait for him to get here, I continue to watch what looks like a human form but completely black, more ebony than the nights sky. The form hovers there for a while but as soon as I hear Trevor's sprinting footsteps, the form seems to run off the water and into the trees across a dirt path.

My heart is pounding in excitement an Trevor appears next to me out of breath.

"Wha-what'd you find?"

"I'm positive it was a form." I fiddle with the video recorder and bring it back to the point where I had seen he form. He puts down his equipment as I get it ready for him to watch. He watches the screen intently as do I and when he sees the clear form on the screen he can't help but clasp his hand over his mouth.

"That's incredible." He watches as the form runs across the dirt road into the trees. "Holy shit!"

Our adrenaline pumping and the thought of what had happened, he wraps his arms around me and kisses me. I'm shocked but not as much as he seems to be at what he had just done. I place my recorder down and before he can apologize, I lean in and kiss him back, more deeply this time.

He is hesitant but only for a moment. His hand finds itself on the back of my head pulling me in closer as our kiss becomes more passionate. I run my hands up his chest and shoulders the around the back of him where my fingers find his hair tie and I remove it from his hair, letting his hair fall free.

With one hand on the small of my back, I feel his other hand go up my stomach to my breast. I bring my hands to the rim of his pants before sliding one hand down lower and grip at his hard cock within his pants before I bring my hand back up and undo them letting them fall to the ground and I quickly realize he had nothing on underneath as his cock touches my hand.

I press my body into him as I put one arm around his shoulder while my other hand begins to stroke him making him moan lightly. He moves his lips to my neck where I feel his tongue against my soft skin before he nibbles gently. I'm nearly cum just feeling this and before he knows it, I'm down on my knees and my tongue is caressing the head of his eight inch hardness.

His knees feel weak as I wrap my lips around his cock and bring him in all the way. His fingers run through my hair as I twirl my tongue around him while bringing him in and out of my mouth. As I continue to suck him, I unclasp my corset and place it aside.

"I-I'm going to cum." I hear him say but I continue to suck until I feel the head of his cock enlarge and I take it in my hand and stroke so he cums all over my breasts and down my stomach. He watches as he sprays his load onto me and once the last drop comes out, he too gets down on his knees.

He places his hand on the back of my head and lowers me down so I'm laying on my back. He looks down at my breasts, his cum making them glisten in the moon light. He massages his cum into me as he cups my large breast the best he can and he kisses me. His dick is getting hard again but right now he just wants to please me as I had him.

He continues to kiss me as his hands find the rim of my pants and he begins to kiss down my neck and stopping at my breast where he sucks on my nipple and nibbles it making me moan. Hearing my moan causes the blood to rush through his cock which makes it rock hard. He kisses down my stomach as his hands slide my pants down and like him, I'm not wearing anything underneath so his lips come in contact with my soft shaved mound.

He smiles up at me as he tosses my pants to the side and then positions himself in between my legs, opening my pussy lips as my legs drop to the sides. He takes in my sweet smell before twirling his tongue around my clit which makes me moan and bring my hand down to grip at his hair as my other hand grips a chunk of grass. His tongue travels down, lapping up my juices as it does, and inserts into my swollen wanting pussy.

I gasp and can't help but buck my hips causing his tongue to go deeper into me. His tongue goes back to my clit and he brings his fingers up and slips two in with a slight twisting motion. I moan as he sucks my clit and finger fucks me and soon I'm screaming out, ready to cum.

"Cum, baby. I want to taste it." He says which throws me over the edge. I cum hard, probably the best orgasm I've ever had, and he removes his fingers and licks them clean before licking my juices from my pussy.

He comes back up and kisses me deeply and I taste my own juices in his mouth as our tongues intermingle. I feel his rock hard cock touch my pussy as he lays on top of me and he lets it slip just inside my pussy lips but not into me. As he moves his body I feel it against my clit and my juices lubricating him turn him on even more as his cock becomes nice and slippery. He can't take it anymore and from the pleasured yet some what tortured look on my face, he can tell I can't either.

He reaches down and guides his cock into my pussy as I take a sharp breath. I'm no virgin but I've never had someone his size before. With me so tight, he takes his time working himself into me, bringing himself further in and then back out until he's fully engulfed in my tight wet cave. The tightness grips him as he slides in and out picking up speed as he goes and he loves it.

He starts to pound into me harder as he feels my nails clench into his back which makes him growl lightly as he kisses and nibbles my neck again. I scratch my nails down his back which is the reaction he was hoping for as he thrusts deep into me. I moan louder and louder and as if my pussy wasn't tight to begin with, it contracts against him and he moans as well, trying not to cum just yet. He feels my hips work with his as I climax, bringing the head of his cock deeper and then nearly out before pounding back in.

My body shakes as I cum, my juices flowing past his cock and down my ass crack. He pumps into me a few more times before pulling out. He instructs me to bend over a near by grave stone so I crawl over and do as I'm told. On his knees behind me, he sinks three of his fingers into me which makes me moan before he grabs his cock, runs it against my clit, then in one movement of his hips, his cock delves as deep as it can into me taking it all in.

He reaches up and grabs my hair and pulls my head back, no hurting me, but making my already soaked pussy drip juices down my legs as he thrusts in and out of me. He holds my hip with his other hand as I push back against him our moans matching our thrusts. I feel his cock swell which triggers an instant orgasm and he cums deep in me holding his cock completely still in me as his hot seed fills my pussy before making his dick make circular movements inside me making me cum again. My pussy pulses sucking up his warm goodness as he pumps in and out a few more times before he begins to go soft.

My fantasies were nothing compared to this as I lay there experiencing several mini orgasms in a row before we get up and get dressed. Once clothed, he pulls me into a deep kiss and then smiles.

"Let's go and review the evidence at your place." He suggests and I agree. "Perhaps, a little something more?"

"If you're good." I tease and where he's already wanting her again, this makes him want her even more.
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