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Pleasure Cruise - Part 3

A day off the ship finds Ebony and a group of strangers taking advantage of a nudist beach
The last couple of days aboard the ship had been amazing and filled with experiences I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined, but I was excited to be having a day on land. We had docked at first light and I had spent much of the morning wandering around the small shops and market stalls that stood along the beach front.

The heat was intense and I was grateful I had chosen to dress in very little. My skimpy green bikini and a pair of denim shorts made up my outfit of choice - the green complementing the auburn hair that hung loosely to my shoulders and the shorts showing of my legs to perfection. Beads of sweat were beginning to run down my chest, in between the ample cleavage of my D cup breasts, to my stomach. I needed to cool off.

Buying bottled water from a nearby vendor, I over heard a couple discussing a beach they had heard the locals discussing. It was tucked away at the far end of the island and was clothing optional. That definitely sounded like something worth investigating.

I headed off, filled with anticipation of once again experiencing something new. Prior to coming on the cruise I considered myself to be somewhat boring, yet the last few days had shown me that I was far from it. I had gone from one extreme to the other and, I have to say, I was loving it. This was the new Ebony and she was here to stay.

Reaching the beach, I could see that of the twenty or so people who were there, all but a small handful had opted for no clothing. Some were relaxing on beach towels, some playing games and others taking a dip to cool off.

Laying out my towel, I removed my shorts before reaching back to loosen the ties of my bikini. As it dropped to land on the towel I weighed up whether or not to lose the bottoms. Figuring everyone else had gone the full monty, I stepped out of my pants, letting them fall where the top had landed. It felt very liberating to be amongst strangers completely naked.

I positioned myself on the towel and took a moment to appreciate the bodies around me. All shapes and sizes and differing ages but each beautiful in their own way.

I spent some time reading and dozing, enjoying the peace and quiet after all the hustle and bustle of the cruise ship. Wandering what the others were up to, I half sat, resting my weight on my elbows. Looking to my right, I noticed a couple getting close and personal with each other.

I was glad I was wearing my sunglasses as it allowed me to watch the action without being too obvious. The male was stretched out on his back with the woman kneeling beside him. She had taken his large, erect dick in her hand and was playfully stroking it as he reached out to tease her full breasts.

Lowering her head, she started to suck his length. Long, deep sucks, right down to his balls. It was very hot to watch and I was not the only person enjoying it. A man sitting a few feet away from me was also watching and had taken matters in to his own hands, pulling his cock as he watched.

The couple clearly liked having a captive audience as they were not bothered when other people began to notice what was taking place. Another couple began touching each other as they took in the show. The man spreading her pussy lips to rub her clit, as she massaged his balls and licked his tip.

The original couple shifted position, the woman climbing onto his dick and fucking him slowly. The second couple, encouraged by the first, moved so the man could enter the woman from behind. Thrusting hard, he held onto her hips as she fingered herself. The man on his own, now standing, was still pulling himself while looking from couple to couple.

There was no way any person would be able to watch such events and not become aroused. I had felt the familiar throbbing in my pussy as soon as I'd spied the first couple. It was becoming increasingly harder to ignore and I realized my legs had spread without me being aware.

I may not have been aware, but the man sitting just down the beach from me had noticed and was now looking intently at my wet, shiny pussy waiting to see what I would do. Sitting up fully, I spread my legs wide. I lowered one hand to spread my lips and with the other, slid my middle finger over my throbbing bud slowly, just enough to tease him.

I heard him gasp, a slow smile spreading across his face. I watched as his hand reached to down to grab his thick, now fully erect manhood, and begin tugging in swift movements. Not taking my eyes off him, I slid a finger deep inside my cunt and, matching his rhythm, started fucking myself.

Looking around, I could see that each person on the beach was now engaged in sexual pleasure, either alone, as a couple or in small groups. If it hadn't been hot before it certainly was now. The sounds of moaning, panting and the occasional scream filled the air.

Looking back to the original couple, I saw that the man who had been watching had joined them and was now burying his erection deep into the woman's mouth as she continued to ride her partner. Grabbing the back of her head, he was balls deep inside her mouth, thrusting with all his might. I noticed his body stiffen and knew that he was about to blow his load. Sure enough, he collapsed on the sand, cum dripping from the corner of the woman's mouth.

Just beyond them I noticed three men and a woman. As the woman lay on her back, one man lay between her legs using his tongue to lick and nibble her pussy while the second man straddled her chest plunging his prick into her mouth. The third man knelt beside her grabbing at her tits while she expertly pulled on his dick.

Beside them were two young women, hands on each other's pussy, fingers moving furiously as they brought each other to orgasm. A few men stood around them in a circle watching, taking care of their own needs as they enjoyed the sight before them.

Further along the beach I spotted a man lying on his back while a woman sat on his face, her hips thrusting as he used his tongue to lick her slit, her large breasts bouncing with every thrust.

As I'd been watching, I'd continued to slide my finger in and out of my gaping hole, using my thumb to rub my wet clit in circular motions. I'd been paying such close attention to the people around me that I had failed to notice the man opposite me slowly moving in my direction. As he approached I gave him the once over, noticing for the first time that he was a very attractive man.

He sat between my legs, facing me, his eyes taking in every inch of my body. He reached out and ran a finger up my thigh, watching my face closely for a reaction. Receiving no objection, his hand continued moving higher until it reached my full, rounded tits. He gave each a gentle squeeze and teased my nipples until they stood erect. His hands were rough against the smoothness of my body, the combination making me shake all over.

Reaching out I took his shaft in my hand and, pulling him closer, began to rub his end up and down my pussy. Using my fingers, I spread my lips so we could both watch every stroke his tip made as it glided easily over my clit, his dick now wet with my juices.

I knew I couldn't hold on much longer and his breathing told me he couldn't take much more himself. I increased the speed of the rubbing and was soon riding a massive wave of pleasure, my screams calling out across the beach. As I collapsed back onto the sand, he knelt over me, a final tug of his hand shooting his load across my stomach and tits.

As we lay exhausted, attempting to catch our breath, sounds of ecstasy could be heard as our fellow beach fuckers reached their moments of sexual release. A short time later people began heading into the ocean to clean themselves, cool down and enjoy a last swim before heading back to the cruise ship where fun was sure to continue...

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