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Pleasure Cruise - part two

Day two finds Ebony experiencing something new...

I awoke to the sounds of passengers readying themselves for another day of cruising fun. Instantly my mind was filled with memories of Nate and the incredibly hot encounter we had shared the previous night. As I lay there, I allowed myself to relive each touch, taste and sensation we had shared. Almost immediately I felt my body start to respond, the familiar throbbing between my legs and hardening of my nipples. It had in no doubt been one of the hottest nights I'd experienced.

It suddenly occurred to me that we had made no plans to meet again but I was hopeful that our paths may cross before the cruise ended. There were nine days left after all and that meant anything could happen.

Not wanting to waste any more time in bed alone, I ignored my sexual urges and set about my day. After showering, I considered my clothing options, deciding on a short denim skirt and white singlet. Still feeling slightly aroused from my earlier thoughts, I decided against wearing a bra. Throwing my auburn hair in a ponytail, I gave myself the once over in the full length mirror and was happy with the result. The skirt showed of my long, tanned legs and the fitted singlet accentuated my full D cup breasts, while allowing the outline of my nipples to be seen.

Grabbing my bag and sunglasses, I headed for the main deck to see what adventures my second day aboard the ship would bring.

The main deck was a bustling hive of activity as people strolled in and out of the many shops and restaurants, bars and cafes that stretched the entire length of the deck. I spied a table out the front of a cafe and headed over, settling in to enjoy some breakfast and indulge in some people watching.

Looking around, I was impressed by the sights of attractive men and women, some single, some couples, all having a great time. One woman in particular caught my attention. I had noticed her earlier as she wandered past where I sat, now she was heading towards me, smiling. I returned her smile and took the opportunity to appreciate her appearance. Tall, tanned, with full round breasts that were shown off to perfection in the short, strapless dress she was wearing. Long blonde hair framed her face and the blue dress was the exact color of her eyes.

Now, I've never been with a woman but if ever I was, it would be with one just like her. As she approached the table, I found myself staring, mesmerized by her. She introduced herself as Chantelle and asked if she could join me. I introduced myself as Ebony and we settled in to easy conversation. She explained she was traveling with her husband, Charles, to whom she'd been married seven years.

Chantelle told me the cruise was intended to be a second honeymoon but that Charles had hit the casino as soon as the ship left port and he had returned to their suite only briefly, leaving her to her own devices. Conversation flowed easily and before we knew it, three hours had passed. Our coffees finished long ago, Chantelle asked if I'd be interested in returning to her suite

Arriving at the suite, Chantelle poured wine and we headed out to the small balcony overlooking the lower decks. As we sat opposite each other, sipping wine, I once again found myself glancing up and down her body, wondering what being with her would be like. As if reading my mind, she asked if I'd ever been with a woman.

As I shook my head, she explained that she never had, but had recently found herself thinking more about it and open to the idea if it presented itself. I told her that I felt the same and if it were ever to happen it would be with someone like her. We sat silently, sexual tension filling the air as we consumed the final drops of wine.

I stood to place my empty glass on the table just as Chantelle did the same. Moving closer together, I reached out and pulled her in for a kiss. Her lips were so soft, and as they gently parted I flicked my tongue against hers, slowly and deliberately. Her hands went around my waist as I placed mine behind her neck, the kiss deepening as we sunk into it.

Our hands began to roam each others bodies and I felt my nipples begin to harden at her touch. Breaking the kiss, she lifted my singlet off, lowered her head and started sucking my tits. Her hands were squeezing gently, while her tongue licked my perky nipples. The sensation was amazing and had me wanting to repay the favour.

Pulling her dress down to her waist I got my first look at her perfect breasts. Beautifully rounded with large, brown nipples that were standing to attention, begging for some action. Taking one in each hand, I used my fingers to caress her, rubbing my thumbs across her nipples until I felt her start to squirm. Knowing how wet she was making me, I hoped I was having the same effect on her. I was soon to find out.

Chantelle stopped sucking my breasts so she could remove her dress and step out of her black, lace thong, leaving herself fully naked in front of me. She looked incredible and I could not wait to pleasure her. Pushing her back to sit on the seat, I had her hang a leg on either side of the seats arms so her pussy would be on display. I took a moment to inspect the sight before me. Cleanly shaven, perfect pussy lips and a clit that was shiny with arousal.

I knelt before her and rubbed my whole hand over her mound, feeling her shiver at my touch. Sliding a single finger down, I parted her lips and began slowly rubbing her. Looking up I could see Chantelle, head back with her eyes closed, squeezing her tits. Fuck she looked hot! Using my other hand I put two fingers deep inside her, caressing her inner walls, still slowly working the clit as I watched her every reaction.

I began to wonder what she tasted like and lowered my head so I could eat her out. Using the tip of my tongue, I ran it over her pleasure bud, down to her wet hole, and back up. Sensing she was close to orgasm, I used my whole tongue to lap at her pussy, as she thrust her hips, bringing herself hard up to my face. I felt her start to shake beneath me and her screams of pleasure echoed out across the balcony.

Suddenly a cough from inside the suite alerted us that weren't alone. Charles had returned from the casino, and though I wasn't sure how long he'd been there for, his massive erection suggested he'd been watching for a while. Unsure about what to do, Chantelle broke the silence, introducing me as her new friend. I started to pull on my top but was stopped by Charles who pointed out that while Chantelle had orgasmed, I hadn't and could he perhaps help rectify that situation.

Looking to Chantelle, I was excited to see that she was nodding her approval and she grabbed my hand, taking me to the large bed. Charles stripped off, encouraging me to lose my skirt and panties. I knelt on the bed in front of him and took his erection in my hand. Pulling it hard, I couldn't help but compare it to Nates. Nowhere near as big or thick as his, but not the smallest I'd ever seen either. It would still be a good fuck, of that I was sure.

Charles began fingering my pussy, his fingers easily sliding across my sopping clit. Chantelle had hopped on the bed behind me and her hands were reaching around to grab at my tits while I kissed her over my shoulder. I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined any of this taking place, and yet, I was loving every minute of it.

Needing to have Charles' stiff dick inside of me, I moved onto all fours in front of him, so he could fuck me hard and fast. Feeling him enter me caused me to moan in pleasure, pushing my butt back against him as he started to thrust, gaining momentum with each plunge until I could feel his balls banging against my ass.

Suddenly I felt a tongue licking my cunt and realized Chantelle had crept between Charles' legs and was now on her back, head buried in my pussy. To have her licking me and her husbands cock fucking me at the same time was definitely double the pleasure and in no time I felt my orgasm taking hold. Screaming their names, I came over and over again, riding waves of pleasure while Charles continued to penetrate me from behind.

Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out of me, shooting his load in to his wifes inviting mouth. She sucked him dry, swallowing every last mouthful eagerly before rolling over to give me one last lingering kiss. Completely exhausted, the three of us drifted off to sleep, each lost in our own thoughts, mine centering around who and what I might get to do tomorrow......

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