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Pleasure filled thoughts

The sexual fantasy of a young woman and her lover as told in the female perspective by a male author
Before you begin let me start by saying I decided to write this because I wanted to see how well I could depict the situation it involves.

As you lay there naked next to me, the only thought that passes through my mind is, "I want your long hard cock, so I can lick it from shaft to head and then slide it in my mouth and suck on it, while you rub on my clit." Just after you get off I climb on top of you, while I'm dripping wet I slowly slide down on you, remembering every little sensation as I do. Once you're all in I'll whisper in your ear to make it hurt, and just as the words leave my mouth you thrust up into me, making me moan loudly. You then pull my hair as you bite my neck, never missing a thrust with your hard cock inside me.

You reach down with one hand and rub on my clit as you thrust causing my body to contort a little. You then whisper into my ear, "Who's my dirty little bitch?" as you thrust harder into me, causing me to moan louder. With the next thrust we roll over and now you're on top, my legs instantly wrap around you as I feel you go deeper in me. Your lips move from my neck to my earlobe and then down to my breast. You swirl your tongue around my nipple just enough to make me quiver. You then start to bite my nipple, softly at first and then a little harder as I begin to climax. My body and my hips pull upward into yours as you continue to thrust.

Just before I climax, I can feel you tense up, your hard cock deep inside me. You begin to slow the pace as I climax and I feel every ridge of muscle along your cock, as it slides in and out repeatedly getting slower. Once the climax is over, every time your cock moves inside me, it ripples through my body. You slowly pull out with a grin on your face, you then scoot back away from me on the bed and start kissing my inner thigh. Slowly making your way towards my wet pussy. As you get closer I begin to get butterflies in my stomach, I am too weak from the orgasm to pull away and the sensation from your kissing makes me want more.

As you begin to kiss my wet pussy, you work your way from my thigh inward. You ease your hand up my leg and pull my pussy open revealing my throbbing clit. You slowly begin to kiss and suck on it. You then start to swirl your tongue around it, as you did my nipple. My body starts to contort again and I pull away slightly, but you are vigilant and keep up with me. As I moan you move from my clit to my vagina, kissing very slowly. Suddenly I feel your finger slide in as you wrap your lips back around my clit. The sensation washes over my brain and my body quivers again. First one finger then two.

You begin to move them slowly but you quicken pace as you start to swirl your tongue around my clit faster. It isn't long before the feeling overwhelms me again, and again I orgasm. Half way through my second orgasm, you suddenly slide back up in the bed, you're now over top of me and I can feel your throbbing cock touching my clit. As the orgasm passes you begin to slowly slide your hard cock back inside me. I first feel the pressure from the head of it as it enters my body, then the ridge of the head as it too passes.

As I feel each little muscle along your hard shaft pass and my body quivers and shakes. I find it strange how I can remember such tiny details, but the sensation is overwhelming. As your shaft passes I can feel the rest of you going deeper inside me until your hips meet mine. I can feel your abs rub against my stomach as you breathe into my ear. As you start to pull out slowly, I can hear your breathing quicken. As I feel the muscles on your cock pull out, it seems to stiffen even more, just before you thrust back into me, hard.

Our bodies meet and my legs instantly wrap around your waist again, my arms reach up onto your body and my nails dig into your back. I can feel the muscles in your body stiffen for a second right before your hard cock slides back out and then in, faster and harder each time. Your breathing increases and your cock seems to get stiffer and larger with every thrust. I can now feel every little detail, every pulsating muscle along the shaft just before the ridge of the head makes it's way out and back in again.

As my nails dig into your back harder and harder with every thrust, you slightly moan in my ear, which intensifies everything. You reach back and pull my right leg forward and suddenly your hard cock sinks deeper into my body. I moan as the pain intensifies. You have the look of pleasure on your face as I open my eyes for just a fraction of a second. Every muscle in your body is tightened as though you've worked out all your life. Little beads of sweat cover you now. They glisten in the dim lighting of the room. After a few agonizingly pleasure filled thrusts, I feel your cock harden inside me.

As if stiffens I can feel the sensation of you coming, it first starts with the shaft of your hard cock, it grows as the come makes it's way to the head, forcing your cock to grow inside me, then as it reaches the head, your body quivers as a burst of come shoots into me. I can feel its warmth continuing to shoot from your hard cock as you release my leg and hover over me. Your body quivers, your muscles jerk for a moment, and your cock slightly jerks inside me. For a moment you lye there on top of me, motionless, and shivering.

It isn't long before you push yourself up from the bed and grin at me, your cock still inside me, you start slowly thrusting, you have the look of pain on your face with every entry. Your muscles clench tight on your body. You reach down with your hand and start to play with my clit again. That mixed with the slow movement of your now rock hard cock inside me forces another orgasm, this time my body jerks and I contort, my body meets yours again, and you slide your arms around my neck as I get off. I moan loudly and tighten my vagina around your cock. I can feel every little detail on it. This intensifies the orgasm causing me to moan louder.

You pull out just as the orgasm is ending, your now rock hard cock lay on my wet vagina. Our eyes meet for the first time in an hour and all either of us can do is breathe rapidly. As you lay there breathing with my arms around you, I can feel your cock start to go flaccid. I take my left arm and reach down to touch it. Your body instantly pulls away, but I persist until I wrap my hand around it. It instantly begins to get hard again. I scoot you off of me and lean down over top of your semi hard cock. As I let go of it, it falls to rest on your stomach.

I lean down and kiss it, in just the right spot, it twitches and becomes hard again. I slowly ease it into my mouth, taking care not to cause you any pain. As I do, my tongue feels every throbbing muscle along the shaft. As I pull it back out, I pull my lips together at the head, kissing it one last time before I lay down next to you.
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