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Plus-sized Blind Date

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Zack's girlfriend asks him to have sex with her plus-sized friend
Being a good-looking jock in college was a good thing for Zack Reynolds. His male peers envied him because of his easy-going natural charm that drew girls to him like moths to a flame. But eventually Zack was drawn into a steady relationship with Jill, the head cheerleader. She was sexually adventurous and so physically enthusiastic that she often wore Zack out in bed.

After they had been in an exclusive relationship for 3 months, Jill asked him for a favor one night at the dinner table at her apartment.

“Zack, I have a very dear friend who has been abused by guys, and she is almost suicidal. She just needs someone to treat her like she’s normal. I was wondering if you would go on a date with her and maybe help her, just once?”

“I suppose so,” Zack replied, “But help her how?”

“Donna is what you’d call a plus sized girl. She’s not obese, she’s just a big girl, and she’s had a few dates but the guys are jerks. The guys she fucked just got their rocks off and left her. They didn’t care about her feelings at all.”

“Let me get this straight, Jill. You want me to fuck your friend?”

“Don’t be crass, Zack. I want you to treat her like she was one of the cheerleaders. Yes, have sex with her, but let her know that she is attractive.”

“And how does Donna feel about this?” Zack asked, “I mean, she doesn’t know me.”

“I’ve already talked to her about it, and she’s okay with it. Just make sure you give her an orgasm before you come, I know you can do it. You hold back for me all the time.”

“If it means so much to you, I’ll do it, Jill, for you.”

“Donna will appreciate it, and I will really appreciate it. Maybe I’ll let you play with my ass for doing this for us. I know you’ve been wanting to do that.”

“It’s a deal!” Zack said, grinning.

Several days later Jill dropped Zack off at Donna’s apartment late in the afternoon. Donna answered the door dressed in jean shorts and a blouse. Jill had been right; Donna was a BIG girl. She was as tall as Zack and he knew she outweighed him. She had heavy shoulders and arms and big breasts.

Her legs were big and her big firm thighs strained against the jean shorts. But she was pretty, with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. She smiled and invited him in. She offered him a drink but he declined, so they sat and talked about their situation for about twenty minutes. When the time seemed appropriate, Zack made a move.

Without asking or giving her a warning, he leaned close to her and kissed her on the lips, lightly at first, and when her lips opened invitingly, he kissed her harder, and it began. She touched his face with her hands and he pushed them away. She gasped with surprise and obvious delight and Zack took his cue.

He unbuttoned her blouse and she tore it off for him, revealing her bare breasts. He stared at her huge cleavage; her breasts were beautiful. Her nipples were large and her breasts much firmer than they had looked in her blouse.

“Gosh, Donna, you’re beautiful!” he said, quite honestly.

He filled his hands with her breasts and ran his thumbs over the nipples. She unzipped his pants and dug around in there until she found his cock. She let him lick and suck her nipples until she felt his cock getting semi hard in her fist.

“Undress for me, Zack, I want to see you naked,” she said, pushing him away from her breasts.

Zack stood up and as he removed his clothes, Donna slipped out of her jeans. She was naked underneath them and Zack saw a thick blond patch between her thighs. She worked herself to the edge of the sofa, spreading her legs wide.

“Let’s do it right here, okay? I really need it, Zack.”

Zack knelt between her legs and ran his fingers lightly up and down the insides of her legs and thighs. Then he let his lips take the same journey. When she realized his intent, Donna made no effort to stop him. Her eyes were fixed on his lips and mouth as he neared her treasure cove.

When he brushed his face into her blond pubic hair and licked at her slit, Donna gasped.

“Oh my God, Zack, yes, please do it…” she asked softly.

He obliged her and licked up and down her slit for a long time, teasing her. By the time he stuck his tongue between her folds she was wet and past being aroused. He stabbed in and out of her again and again and she actually sighed softly.

When he finally licked around her clit and sucked it gently into his mouth she moaned loudly, evidently on the brink of what might be her first oral orgasm. Zack lashed at her clit with his tongue, flicking wildly and she closed her legs, pressing her big thighs against his face.

Zack let her suffer for a few minutes, teasing her with his lips, and then he sucked her clit hard into his mouth and licked it with the tip of his tongue, she grabbed his head in her hands and cried out her orgasm. Zack felt her thighs shudder against his face. He let her ride the wave for a few minutes, and then he thrust his tongue inside her again and again. Her pussy tasted as sweet as Jill’s.

He stood and leaned between her legs and she grabbed his cock, but he gently pushed her hand away. He brushed the tip of his erection up and down her slit, rubbing it over her clit a few times. When he finally pressed it inside her, she moaned again and her body shuddered under him.

He was amazed at how tight she was and how difficult it was to focus on her pleasure instead of his own. He worked his cock in and out at different angles, slowed down, and then went faster, then harder.

“I’m coming, but don’t stop,” she finally said.

Even as she moaned through her orgasm, he continued, slowing, pulling out to tease her clit with the tip of his cock and then plunging in hard and fast until she came again. It was then that he realized he could not hold back much longer.

“I’m getting close, Donna,” he warned.

“Please don’t come inside me,” she asked, “Sit down and let me try something for you.”

Zack sat on the sofa and Donna slipped to the floor in front of him.

“I want to do something for you that many guys have asked for, but I never wanted to do until now,” she said, looking into his eyes.

She leaned slightly forward and pushed her huge beautiful breasts together with her hands and trapped his cock in her cleavage. With only slight movement of her chest and her hands, her breasts rolled up and down, caressing his shaft which was still slick with her juices.

The sensation was nothing less than amazing. Her soft velvety skin and those soft mounds caressed his aching cock like firm pillows. The tip of his cock peeked out as she rubbed her flesh down his shaft and it was dark crimson, pulsing and ready to blow.

When he did come, she didn’t stop until his spurts ceased. The valley between her breasts was coated with his sperm, and some of it had oozed and pooled at the top of her cleavage as she released her breasts and let his cock spring free.

She gathered his white creamy cum on her fingertips and sucked her fingers, looking at him with an appreciative smile. Zack stood and pulled her up and kissed her.

“That was awesome, Donna. You’re an amazing girl. Thank you,” Zack said.

“You were wonderful, Zack. Thank you so much,” she replied. “I’m going to give Jill a really good report,” she said, laughing.

Zack dressed as Donna called Jill, and then she put her jean shorts back on. She led him to the door topless, and she pecked him on the cheek. “I’m going to go wash off. Thanks for coming, and thanks for coming,” she said, laughing again.

They were at the door only moments before they heard Jill honk her car horn. Zack kissed Donna on the cheek, and hugged her before he left.

In the car, Jill asked, “Well, how did it go?”

Zack smiled and said, “Great! Have you got any more girl friends who need help?”

Jill punched him on the shoulder. “You’d better watch your mouth or you won’t get your reward!”

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