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Point of Difference

“Blast, who could that be?” I had just settled down on the couch to watch the match of the day and the doorbell rang. I had my bowl of chips and man dip and a drink all set out. Chrissie was wasn’t going to back from a business trip till the early hours of the morning so I was in shorts and dressing gown hoping for a quiet night in.

I opened the door and was surprised to see a rather pretty girl in school uniform. I must say she fitted it very well indeed. The skirt was short and tight and her blouse was also tight. It was nipped at the waist to reveal a gorgeous hour glass figure. It seemed to me, though I couldn’t be sure, that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were slightly erect and her breasts large for one I presumed to be quite young. She had replaced normal school shoes for high heels which accentuated a pair of rather sexy pins.

“Huh, sorry what did you say?” I asked, my eyes moving back to her face.

“I said is Allie home?”

I realised then the uniform was the same as my daughters.

“No sorry, Allie's away at a music camp for a few days,” I replied, “Anything I can help with?”

“Oh.” She said hesitantly, “Allie said if I ever needed to I could come round and stay a few days”

“That sounds like her,” I said, “always looking out for waifs and strays. No offence.”

She smiled.

“You’d better come in. Let me see if I can help. What’s your name?”

“Sarah.” she replied.

We went into the lounge and sat down. I offered her a drink and something to eat but she was content with water.

“Now, what’s the problem Sarah?” I asked.

Sarah went on to explain that she had issues with her parents particularly with her step-dad who was continually drunk and abusive. She hadn’t been hit yet but didn’t feel comfortable so thought it best to clear out for a couple of days.

“If Allie said you could stay here then that’s fine by me.” I stated. “My wife, Chrissie, won’t be back till very late. You’d better stay in Allies room - the spare room’s a mess. That’s if you want to – you may not be comfortable with just me here.

“That’s cool. I really appreciate it. You won’t even notice I’m here.”

I took another long look at those sexy legs which were even more exposed sitting down. I’m sure that at some point she had loosened a button as her cleavage was somewhat more evident. My heart skipped a beat. I don’t know how she thinks I’m not going to notice her.

I showed her Allie's room and where the bathroom was if she wanted to freshen up. I said she’d have to eat something so I’d go scramble some eggs for her. I knew from the kitchen through a couple of hall mirrors I could see the bathroom if I angled it right. She came out of the bathroom just wrapped in a towel which barely covered her ass. She came out headed for Allie’s room then turned back. She had forgotten her clothes. She bent over to pick them up and the towel was useless. The light from the hall shone beautifully onto her ass which was fully exposed. I could also she the shape of her sweet young pussy. It seemed as if time stood still as she remained in that position. Suddenly she stood erect and looked right in the mirror and our eyes met. I smiled sheepishly and she smiled back.

“Eggs are ready,” I announced and Sarah strolled out still with just a towel on.

“Sorry about the towel, I didn’t want the eggs to get cold”.

“That’s okay, tuck in.”

I moved around and sat next to her at the breakfast bar. The higher stool meant the towel didn’t really cover her and I had a fantastic view if she swiveled the stool towards me. The shape of the stool meant her legs had to be slightly apart and I noticed that her pussy was completely shaved. I swallowed hard and reddened. My cock swelled immediately and my mind went into overdrive.

“You okay?” Sarah asked.

“Sure.” I lied. If she looked down she would have seen one massive erection poking up under my gown.

“Allie said you were a fantastic Dad. Everyone at school thinks it’s cute how she still calls you Daddy. I feel such at home already, do you mind if I call you Daddy? It’s only because I haven’t got one of my own.”

“No, go for it. Kinda makes me feel special.”

“I’ve never been able to say that I’m Daddy’s little girl but that’s just how I feel right now. I can’t thank you enough.”

She hopped off the stool, reached over and hugged me. I stood up too and our bodies pressed together in a lengthy cuddle and she kissed me on the cheek. She would had to have felt my erection.

As we separated my watch got snagged in her towel (really, it was an accident!) and it loosened. It dropped enough to expose her lovely breasts. Her nipples were very red, very large and very erect! The loose towel also exposed her smooth mound perfectly.

She tried to save it, then said “What the heck” and let it drop to the floor. Now I could see fully her smooth milky mound as she stood gloriously before me. She raised her arms up and slightly bent one leg in a Monroe type pose as if to say “I don’t care if the world sees me naked!” Sarah looked down and saw my erection and smiled. “Daddy, you naughty boy!” Her hand reached and gently grasped it, massaging it.

“Daddy” she said, “your little girls tired. Can you tuck me into bed please? Carry me.”

I scooped her up and carried Sarah naked towards our bedroom.

“No Daddy, my bed please.”

I carried her into Allies room and laid Sarah down. I kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth, enjoying the flavour and soft texture of hers. Sarah’s hand slipped inside my dressing gown and under my shorts. My cock was absolutely dripping. She collected some juices and moistened her lips and licked her fingers. “Mmmm Daddy tastes good.”

I slowly made my way down Sarah’s body spending an age sucking, kissing and massaging her wonderful tits. I had discarded the dressing gown and shorts so my hard cock was hovering and dripping over her as she gently stroked me. I was starting to cum. “Please Daddy, cum all over your little girl” and as Sarah stroked harder and faster I burst forth a stream of cum all over her breasts and face as I screamed “Oh sweetie, sweetie, Daddy loves you honey”.

“Oh Daddy, Daddy your drowning me! I love you Daddy, I want more Daddy, more more!” She was almost screaming. She had her hand between her legs and her legs were squeezed tight. I separated them and zeroed in on her smooth mound. I kissed and massaged it. “Oh, this is so beautiful” I said.

“I shaved it especially for you Daddy, I knew you’d like it.”

My fingers entered her pussy, so soft and wet and warm. I also probed her anus, taking her juices and pushing my wet finger in as far as possible.

“I love that Daddy, it feels so good.”

I straddled her so Sarah could continue to work my cock as I went down on her. With my fingers continuing to probe my tongue lapped her sweet clit. It was so swollen, almost like a small finger. Sarah screamed as I licked it. “I’m cumming Daddy, I’m cumming! Your little girls cumming!” I licked faster and she screamed louder as she came spilling forth more juices.

“Mmmm my little girl tastes delicious.”

Meanwhile with Sarah stroking my cock and pushing a finger into my anus massaging my prostate I had become hard once more.

“Sweetie” I purred, “do you mind if Daddy puts his little cock in your sweet wet pussy? I promise I won’t hurt you.”

“Yes please Daddy, that would be the best gift you could ever give me.”

I slowly pushed my cock gently into her. Our eyes locked and once in I didn’t move. Sarah still had my cum on her face and I licked some up and kissed her letting it run off my tongue into her mouth.

With our eyes locked I began to gently move inside her. Sarah smiled up at me. “Thank you for a wonderful night Daddy. You have no idea how much I love you Daddy.”

“Honey,” I replied, “You have been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love my little girl so much.”

We were one as we rhythmically made love, barely moving except for the movement of my cock in her pussy. As we started to breathe heavier, nearing the point of no return, we stared in each others eyes. We kept them open until we came together in a powerful orgasm. Not a word spoken but we both knew what we had just felt.

We held each other.

“Thank you Daddy.”

“Thank you honey”…

…I was woken by Chrissie slipping into our bed beside me. I could feel she was naked, her nipples hard against my back. “What time is it?”

“’Bout 2,” she replied, “sorry I’m late.”

She leaned over to kiss me. I heard her sniff.

“Oh my gosh,” she exclaimed as she sat up and switched on a lamp, “You’ve been with another women! I can smell her on you, you bastard. Your face has been in her pussy!”

Chrissie pulled back the sheet and put her nose near my cock. “And there!” She felt my cock. “It’s still sticky with cum – yours and hers probably. “What’s been going on?! No wonder the food in front of the TV hasn’t been touched and there’s a half eaten plate of eggs on the breakfast bar.”

I related the story of Allie’s friend Sarah arriving at the door and how things got out of control somehow. “I’m so sorry honey I didn’t mean to hurt you”.

“And with Allie’s friend – how could you? What, she must be only 17 you filthy old man! Is she still here? I should go and beat the crap out of her and toss her out!”

“Shush, she’ll hear you. She’s been through a lot. Let’s leave it till tomorrow and sort it out after she’s gone. It’s not her fault. I’ll sleep on the couch if you want.”

She stood up before me naked. “What’s wrong with this?” she asked indicating her body.

“Nothing you’re gorgeous and I love you."

“Mmph, yeah right! Fine way of showing it. We have plenty of sex don’t we? I give as good as I get don’t I? Go on how do we match up, me and that bimbo?

“I don’t know, maybe Sarah reminded me of you. You’re both the same height, weight and body size I guess. You’re both blondes. Gosh, she even has the same sort of nipples – those huge, red gorgeous nipples!” I tried to smile. “You know nothing turns me on like a pair of sexy legs and a perfect ass and she has that just like you do.” The only thing different was that she shaved her pussy. Gosh now that was a turn on! I nearly came straight away when I saw that!”

Chrissie burst out laughing, “I thought you’d like that touch. I had it done by a pro down at the beauty parlour.”

“Come here sweetie.” I said grabbing for her, “You’re going to have to stay like that now.”

“Oh Daddy,” Chrissie said putting on Sarah’s voice again, “You don’t want your little girl again already do you?”

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