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Politics Makes Great Bedfellows

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Life is good. I’m not making tons of money or creating the most challenging projects, and that is okay, but my marriage is good, although the sex is marital sex. That means I have sex, but it isn’t wild and dangerous, passionate, frequent enough, nor do we do it with as much experimentation or variety as I want. But we still do it, and there is lot’s of it.

We have read Open Marriage and talked about some of the possibilities of bringing another person into our sex life. I wonder a lot about what it would be like to fuck someone other than my Wife, even though it obviously is just a mental exercise, as she would never in a million years let me fuck anybody else. I do have detailed, elaborate little affairs of the imagination, involving fucking some of the women I see or know, or imagine.

These daydreams provide fertile material for my masturbation sessions. I think I’d like to masturbate for my wife, letting her secretly watch me, and maybe for her to get off as well. She said that she was open to at least discussion about another women coming into our sex-life, and if I can get someone for us, she wants to know all about it. If I can get someone for myself, she wants to know all about that as well. Yeah, right, tell my wife about sex with another woman? No sense speculating because it can never happen.

So, here I was at this soirée in the middle of a dozen young wives, none of them my friend. They were the League of Women Voters local group, devout Democrat liberals, dedicated to throwing out the conservative Republicans who have ruled this farming community since the Indians lived here, and I had joined to stir them up. They probably all wanted to fry my balls or at least cut them off, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t look them over and try them on for size in my dreams.

First, there is Hope, whose long legs, tall, slim body, and cool blond Scandinavian looks fired my fuck-dreams. She was very athletic, with defined muscles that ripple when she walks or gets out of the pool, dripping wet and shiny. Her boobs were firm and a nice size and kind of point in opposite directions, shivering when she moves. She always wears a tiny yellow bikini at the club that shows enough to make me cry with lust, and I swear I see a few wisps of pale pussy-hair escaping from the crotch of that microscopic suit. I only want to lick her all over. I cannot get out of the water when she is around because an erection in your suit at the Club is not polite. She's very quiet, promising something going on that worries her, and that I am sure I could fix with my dick.

Another one swirling around in my dreams was Ann, my opponent's wife. She also had long, sleek legs that she let you see up to her panties when she squirmed around in a pair of culottes. She went to Smith, was too smart, never stopped talking, and had a grating voice, so the thought was to put something in her mouth that would stop that particular noise, and, she talked fast, very fast. Her legs were also long, straight as an arrow, and tan all the way to her crotch. Her smooth, soft thighs were an imaginary playground for my dripping-wet tongue and my teeth, where I wanted to leave deep purple bite marks!

Then there is the “M,” an absolute amazon, who seemed angry and jealous when she caught me looking at the others’ legs and pussies, almost possessively.

Strawberry-blond was what they used to call her hair color. It was reddish-blond, long, straight, thick, and lustrously beautiful, and is the first thing that caught my eye, and when I got close, it smelled wonderfully clean and orangey. I wanted to put my fingers in it, my face, my cock, and come all over it. Aren't dreams wonderful?

I first saw her at political events, as I was a local candidate and making the rounds. She was smart, but also of the opposite political persuasion, so I thought of her as enemy, not opportunity. As the summer went on and the campaign got busier I saw her a few more times. She was always very friendly, too friendly, but I was wary, as they were out to get me. So, I joined just to shake them up, as they were always preaching "equality of the sexes," LOL.

I went to a couple of their events, like the one at the local environmental workshop, full of activist, horny women. I had thoughts of doing a few of them, but it was just a fantasy. I spent lots of time reviewing my positions on smooth thighs, up-pointing tits, and long blond hair. I thought she was interesting again when I saw her at a League coffee klatch, kind of attracting my attention in the way she was moving her body around, which wasn't that easy as I was in a room full of other guy’s wives, some of whom were really hot.

But it was this one, the big "M" that managed to get my attention sexually in an arena where I was thinking about being a correct Republican candidate in a room full of Democrat women, all sworn to my destruction. Well, holy shit, the next day out of the blue, she called me at my office, and after a lot of meaningless chat suggested we get together to really get into the details of my positions on planning and the League debate rules. I didn't think, just naturally said,

"Why don't I come over?"

On the way over to her little yellow Victorian house at 8:30 am on a Monday morning, it occurred to me that this was like those porno movies where guys come over to fix the washer or the kitchen sink and end up fucking somebody's wife, but obviously something like that was out of the question. Nice thought, though.

She was several inches taller than me, and I was 15 years her senior. In addition to being tall, she was well shaped, except I couldn't tell if she had nice tits. They were just a mystery in her yellow ribbed blouse. The blouse seemed to be more than flat, but you couldn’t tell how much was in there.

The jeans were another thing, molded to her juicy ass and very tight around her belly, where I thought I spied a bulging pussy-mound with a definite crease. That reddish-blond hair against her very pale white skin revved my engine, and her voice was throaty and sexy. (What was her pussy-fur like?)

We stood in her living room and talked about politics for a while but I was distracted by her strange way of moving her hips from side to side, almost as if she was feeling something stirring in her pussy. She talked about our relationship and how or if we could talk about things and get together and what that might be like.

She said she liked men who knew what they wanted, older men, and she liked talking to me. I couldn’t believe my ears. Was she inviting me to fuck her, or to talk about local politics? Had she decided to fuck me while I was still wondering if I might make up an excuse to see her again? My mind raced and I lost track of what we were talking about. I could see that she wanted me to get close to her, so I just reached over and took her by the arms. She moved right up against me, until we were pressed together, holding each other closely. God this felt wonderful. I kissed her and put my tongue into her mouth and she responded by slipping her wet tongue deep down my throat. We were grinding our bodies together. Then, I don't know what got into me, but I just came out and said the most outrageous thing.

I said out loud to her, "I don't like what you're wearing, will you please go change"?

She said breathlessly, "What would you like me to put on?"

I said, "Put on a tee shirt, one that is either very loose or one that clings, …and a skirt, one that has millions of tiny pleats and very short," thinking that I would at least get to see what her tits were like.

She, "I'll run right upstairs and put them on, OK?" As she disappeared up the stairs she said, "Do you want to watch me?"

"Absolutely!" I said as I bounded up the stairs.

We went up to her bedroom and I sat on her high-Victorian bed as she started to pull out some clothes. She started with blouses but they were all boring, so I said,

"Look, why don't you pick out something clingy."

She got all flushed and I was terrified that she was mad, but off came the blouse and she put on one that was sheer, white, and fitted. Then I saw her bra, solving the question of how much was in her blouse. It was huge! They were huge. It was an engineering structure of wires, hard cups and rigid form.

"Ugh!" I said. "How about a softer bra... or even better, no bra?"

She turned her back and off it went. As she turned back to face me I saw them and almost blurted out loud. They were very, very big, and they kind of swung around a tiny bit even when she was still. They were just about double the size of my outspread hand and very soft. Tiny blue veins were barely visible on her very pale transparent skin next to her large pink, hard nipples and gigantic aureoles that spread out and never came back.

She was 27, and her tits were just getting to the age where they were starting to sag a little, but still mostly pointed up and out. Devastating! Something reached me deep down in my balls and moved me toward liking her very much in a sympathetic and caring way. I found myself wanting her very much more than just a piece of ass.

Where was I?

"Yes, put on the blouse, but do it slowly please," I said.

By now she was flushed red all over her chest down to her naval, she was sweating and hot, with her hair sticky at her neck. A strange but pleasant aroma was in the air, pussy!

I said, "That is beautiful, now for something better to show your lovely body below. Let's see some skirts to go with that blouse."

She pulled a few out of the big wardrobe and I saw what I wanted, a short red plaid thing with a million pleats, the cheerleader skirt of my High school wet dreams. She pealed off her jeans slowly, as they were tight, and underneath she had on big white elastic panties that covered up her entire belly and ass.

Obviously not what I wanted, so I said, "How about out some bikini panties?"

She sighed and pulled out a black satiny pair that would barely cover her pussy mound and had a single, tiny string at the back that would climb up and into her asshole. Now she was actually blushing with embarrassment. She slid the big whites down and I caught a glimpse of her pussy with a shock of orange hair on it. Then she turned her back and bent over to put a leg through the black ones and I could see her pussy from the rear, fat and swollen, covered with that orange hair, and I swear I saw something dripping out of her hole.

The lips were fat and ruffled like an exotic flower blossom, and they were bright pink. Her legs were long, straight, and athletic, her ass was firm and round, and there was that puss which was like a ripe fruit visible from the rear between her ass cheeks. Breathtaking!

She put the skirt on over them and turned for my approval, flipping the skirt up and down showing her now wet-stained panties and that orange fuzz heading for the hills. I went over to her and put my arms around her and kissed her some more, hard and deep and wet, with my tongue down her throat. Her tongue was sucking on mine and she started to make growly crying sounds deep in her throat. I reached around and put my hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them wide apart. I was so hard now that my pants were crushing my cock.

I slid my hands down the back of her ass, cupping her ass cheeks and moved to the little hard button of her asshole, spreading it wide open. She wiggled and squirmed to get my finger in her ass, pushing until it was in her all the way. Then I put one hand right down her belly, under her panties and I didn't stop until my finger slid right into her juicy soft cunt. It was effortless as she was swimming in waves of juice.

She reached for my cock through my pants and started to squeeze and knead the head, rolling and rubbing her thumb back and forth over the swollen ridge. I got both of our pants off in a hurry and pushed her down onto her high four poster. Her pussy was so fat and engorged with blood that the inner lips were spread wide open and alarmingly bright red like a ripe peach, something I had heard of but never actually seen before.

She rolled onto her belly with her back to me bent over at the waist and lying across the bed. The high Victorian bed presented her pussy opening at exactly the right height for my cock with me standing behind her. I bumped my purple furrowed burning cock against her pussy mound.

She got frantic and screamed for me to “Put it in, put it in,” but I tortured her by just bumping and rubbing my engorged cock-head against her swollen lips. I let the tip in just enough to feel the fat slippery lips and then pulled it out, again and again a tiny bit more each time. I kept feeling the ridge of my cock popping the lips open. Then, I pushed it in all the way, hard.

I don’t remember much detail after that except we were both bucking and grinding and grunting like animals. My cock was sliding into her again and again, my hard balls were slapping against her ass hole and pussy mound. My groin was pressing against hers, making feelings I had never felt before. It was like a new place for an orgasm to come from. The feeling of the knobby ridge of my cock popping her cunt-lips apart kept me near screaming.

Then I came with a blast of creamy stuff, jetting it all the way into the back of her vagina. Curiously, in spite of her big body, she had a shallow vagina so I felt my cock banging against her cervix. So did she! Indescribably intense! She was screaming and crying!

When she could finally breathe again, she smiled and asked, "Would you please come again and show her all of my positions?"

We had the entire summer ahead of us. Would this happen again? When? Where? Was this something I could tell my wife?

Look for part 2 where we consider how this impacted her muscular angry frustrated lawyer husband and my devoted wife over a long summer of arousal, terrible risk, and gratification.

 Part 3 describes doing it in the sand at the Shore with the Cops cruising by.
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