Pool table fun

By jazzyphae

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Jasmine always thought she was better then me at pool, even though she always lost to me. She was finding a good angle to shoot the ball at then she leaned over the table .She was wearing a black skirt with a white tank top

"Jazz your holding the stick wrong." She looked at me and raised up

"Then come show me how to hold it." I smiled as I went up behind her I leaned her over the table with my body. I got hard when I felt her ass on my dick, and she felt when I got hard, so she looked up at me and smiled I acted like I didn't see her.

" You put this hand there and that hand there." I leaned over her more and pressed her against the table and my hard dick against her ass  to show her how to hold her fingers, and she let out a small moaned and grinded her ass against my dick which made me growl. I lifted up the back of her skirt, she was wearing a thong I ran my finger along the fabric it was wet, I moved her thong over and ran my fingers on her hot wet folds she bucked against my finger for more pleasure.

" Oh god, Joe please." I loved the why she begged I put the tip of my finger in her and wiggled it around

"Beg me" I wispier in her ear, then playfully sucking at her neck.

"No, please Joe don't make me beg I really need to cum." I  took my finger out to let her know I was  being serous she turned around to face me, I could see the lust in her eyes, she sat on the pool table and wrapped her legs around my waist and grinded my dick she moaned again and threw her head back.

"Oh Joe please fuck me!" she yelled I smiled at her again and got on my knees, I ran my tongue down her thy until I reached her pussy, I ran my tongue over it and sucked at it, she bucked underneath me.

"Oh Yes Joe!" she screamed I continued to suck and lick at her pussy until she Cum hard and I like up every last drop. While she was out of breath from Cumming so hard I unzipped my pants and stood up I traced my dick on the outside of her pussy

"Joe please stop teasing me I want you so bad." I smiled at her again and put the head of my cock in her she bucked for more ,I pulled out, and put my dick on her pussy and moved it up and down

"Joe fuck me please daddy." I pushed myself all the way in her, she let out a moan of pleaser

"goddamn your so tight Jasmine." I fucked her hard

"Yes daddy that feels so good ah harder." I fucked her hard and fast

"Oh Jazz I am about to cum."

"ah Joe me to ah oh god." When we both came we fell to the ground panting

"Oh Joe that was the best sex I ever had."

" That was the tightest pussy I ever fucked." she got up and went to the car

"I will drive you home Jasmine."