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Poolside Pursuit

One man, one pool, five girls.

A friend of mine was out of town enjoying some exotic adventure leaving behind an enormous, beautiful house with a huge pool and hot tub in the back yard.  Some time ago this friend had given me a key to their place for this exact circumstance.  I could use their place while they were gone.  All the normal rules applied, no wild parties, pick up after myself, and so on.  And I had no intention of using their place as a party pad anyway, I simply wanted to use the pool, and get some sun.

You see, I had just turned 24 and summer was approaching and I wanted to look good.  I had this idea in my head that I was getting to an age where I would be settling down soon.  I'd find the right girl and we'd spend the rest of our lives together.  I wanted that, but at the same time I wondered if I had really enjoyed the single life to it's fullest.  I had a few relationships over the past six or seven years that I was fully committed to at the time and I wondered if I had missed out on anything.  So I was going to devote this summer to enjoying the single life.  I wanted to go out four or five nights a week, drink, meet new people, flirt with girls, hook up with some girls, maybe travel.  I had nothing to tie me down for the next three months, not even a job... and no I'm not a bum.  My awesome, great paying job is just on hiatus at the moment.  I go back to work in four months.

Today my summer of being free started.  I pulled up to the liquor store with a plan of getting a twelve pack, driving to my friend's house, and laying out on a raft, sipping beers and getting tan for the months ahead.

I stepped out of my jeep and began to walk to the entrance when a stunningly beautiful girl walked out of the store wearing micro shorts made of cotton and a green and white designed bikini top.  She had auburn colored hair tied back in a ponytail which was dark on top, but grew lighter as it worked its way down.  If she let it down it'd fall straight and almost halfway down her back.  She had such shapely legs too, muscular.  You could see the muscles in her calves and thighs as she walked.  That was the type of girl I wanted to meet this summer.

With a plastic bag full of alcohol bottles in hand she turned away from me heading the other direction to a car with a red haired girl in a bikini top waiting for her in the driver's seat.  The red haired girl wasn't paying attention as she was texting on her phone.  If she had been paying attention she would have noticed the creepy guy who looked half lit already come around the corner and walk by her friend.  He reached up and squeezed her breast as he past.

Shocked the auburn haired girl gasped and pulled away after being violated.  This dumbass, the creep just made the wrong move because now he had to pass by me.  A cocked my fist back, and as if he was surprised a look of terror came over his face and he tried to move out of the way.  It was no use though, my fist connected firmly in the middle of his chest.  It made a low thud sound and the guy's effort to move out of the way only caused him to be off balance and he plummeted to the ground when I connected.

"That was pretty fucking stupid!"  I yelled down to him.

He scrambled away the first 10 feet or so, like some scared rat and then eventually got on balance, rose to his feet, and ran away.  Maybe I should have chased after him, but that didn't seem like the right thing to do.  I instead, turned my attention to the beautiful girl.

"Are you alright?"

She smiled, the biggest smile I had ever seen in my life.  Facing me now for the first time, with perfect shiny white teeth I melted, I really did.  This girl... wow is all I can say.  She had freckles on her cheeks that ran down to her shoulders and faded away, she had green caring eyes and a nice tan.  She had a glow about her that was separate from her tan and not so much an actual physical feature.

"Yeah..."  She found what she wanted to say, "He had small hands."

She had recovered nicely, she didn't appear distraught or anything... that's because I'm a badass.

I let out a small laugh, for real too, what she said was funny.  "And you know what they say about guy's with small hands."

She continued to smile and nodded, "Definitely."  And as if her manners had escaped her she snapped to.  "Thank you by the way.  You are awesome.  You're like my hero."

"Hey well ya know... no problem.  That's like the coolest thing I've ever done so I'm kind of on this high right now."  It was true.  I was smiling uncontrollably.

"Well you should be."  And again as if she was just remembering a thought she should have had earlier.  "And I should do something for you!"

"No.  No.  It's no big deal."  I said being modest.

"Yes.  Yes."  She laughed showing me those perfect teeth.  "You deserve something."

I thought about it.  "You know I would ask for your number, or ask you out to dinner maybe, but after what just transpired, you may find that creepy and then you may start to think that maybe I set the whole thing up.  And that's just not cool.  Just tell me your name, and that'll be fine.  Your awesomely happy demeanor is truly all the satisfaction I need."

"Oh I see.  You think, that there could be something between us cause you just totally rescued me huh?"

Oh fuck, you just blew it.  "Yeah."

There was a pause.  And then... she gleamed her teeth at me.  "You might be right... but now you've put that whole you set this up scenario in my head, so I can't give you my number."

She was teasing me!

"Emily come on!"  The red haired girl shouted out the window completely oblivious to what had just happened.

"...But I can do this."  She leaned in and gave me a soft delicate kiss on the cheek.  "Emily."  She said to me even though she knew how obvious it was cause her friend just shouted it.  She pulled away and started walking to the car.

"I guess if it was meant to be... we'll run into each other again."  I said.

She spun her torso around looking sexy in her bikini top smiling at me.  "Definitely."  She then got into the passengers side of the car and left.

I walked into the liquor store completely satisfied with myself.  No, I didn't get her number, but that wasn't what today was about.  Today I was just getting prepared for my summer.  And that little exchange was a way for me to prepare for talking and flirting with girls.

After making my purchase, I headed out, drove a few blocks, and arrived at my friend's house very shortly.  I won't give you the details of the place inside, but lets just say it was a three story place, and in my opinion worthy of the title mansion, although it wasn't.  It was good to know people like this.

I used my key and made my way through the house.  Now if I would have been a bit more observant things may have not caught me by surprise the way they did.  I would have recognized the extra vehicle in the driveway wasn't one of my friends, or the purses resting on the kitchen counter.  But I didn't, so when I stepped outside with my beer in tow I was shocked to see five young girls hanging out on the pool deck with music playing in the background.

At first I thought I was at the wrong place, and then I thought I made a mistake and my friend wasn't out of town.  Once the girls noticed me, they were a bit taken back themselves.  Their conversations stopped.  Some stood in bikini tops and shorts, others had tank tops with bikini tops underneath, and two of them had little short cover-ups.  It appears they were here for the same reason I was as they all had drinks in their hands, and that became even more apparent when I recognized two of them.

One of the girls I knew was Allison.  I used to work with her.  She was a cute, tall long blond haired girl with blue eyes.  She was very smart, and usually dressed the part, but in a sexy way.  Not many girls could pull off the sophisticated and sexy look at the same time, but this girl did.  Everything she wore was a turn on even though it never revealed anything.

Now the second girl I knew, you probably already guessed it, was Emily, the girl from the liquor store.  Her smile made her easily recognizable.

"Holy shit there's a pool boy!"  A girl with dark long curly hair said.

"That's not the pool boy."  Allison said.  She had a nasally sounding voice, but not in a way that turned anyone off, it actually added to the sense that she was intelligent and knew what the hell she was talking about.  "That's Jason.  He used to work with me down at the station."

"Well what's he doing here?"

"That's a good question."

"I'm doing the same thing you girls are doing here."  I told Allison.

"I deducted that Jason.  The question is how?"

Alright so it's time to enlighten you guys on where exactly we work.  Well, where Allison works, and where I used to work.  We worked for a local news station.  I used to be a cameraman there and Allison was an assistant to the female news anchor.  I won't mention her name for the simple fact that there are many names being thrown out here, and another one would just add to the confusion.  The news anchor, was also my friend I keep mentioning, and this was her house.

"She gave me a key.  We're friends."

"Oh god."  Now Allison and I got along, I'd call her a friend.  I don't want to give anyone the impression that we weren't.  "Well we were here first, so you'll have to come back another day."

"Sorry."  The curly haired girl said in a manner that indicated she wanted me to scurry along.

"I think I have the right to stay."  I rebutted.

"Jason, that's not going to happen.  It's our time."  Allison said.

"Hold on."  Emily, my damsel in distress said.  "That's the guy.  He's the guy from the liquor store."

"Really?"  Allison acted surprised.  "He the guy that grabbed?  Or the guy that punched?

"Punched!"  Emily responded.

"Huh."  Allison looked impressed.  "Maybe, we'll consider letting you stay."  The five girls huddled up and talked quietly amongst themselves.  I kept my eyes on Emily, and she glanced up at me with her green eyes and grinned.

They broke.  The curly haired girl spoke.  "Okay, here's the deal.  We will let you stay and hang with us girls because of your heroic actions, but there are a few conditions.  This is supposed to be our girls day away."

"I'm kind of on the same thing."  I responded talking about my summer plans.

"Right.  Anyway, we don't want any guy bullshit so if you start to annoy us, we're going to kick your ass to the curb.  Do as we say, and you're good."

"Sounds fair, really I'm just here to relax."  I held up my beer.  "I'll probably stay out of your way."

"Well, we may want attention."

What did that mean?

"But, that alcohol you brought isn't going to be enough.  You need to go back to the liquor store and get us some peppermint schnapps, Bailey's, and... oh yeah, A bottle of Grey Goose."

"Oh girls with expensive tastes I see."

"Those are the conditions."

The girl was no nonsense, but you can bet your ass I was going to get it!   There was no way I wasn't going to do it.  This was an opportunity to spend more time with Emily, and I could afford it.  "I'll probably get two bottles of Grey Goose."  I said to be impressive.

"By all means."

So I did as they asked and they held up their end of the bargain and let me stay once I returned.

I laid out on a raft floating in the deep end of the very large pool surrounded by a privacy fence.  With my eyes closed and a beer in one hand I listened to the girls... or should I say women, none of them were immature little brats... move across the decking of the covered portion of the patio by the bar.  They laughed and chatted and poured drinks all the while music a few years old like Dave Mathews and Creed played in the background.  The sun beat down on me as I lay there in my board shorts.  I thought it'd be hard to refrain from becoming eager and crowding myself around Emily, but it wasn't.  I was relaxed, this is exactly what I wanted to do today... and Emily is what I wanted to do tomorrow.  The girls moved from the shaded patio and out into sun, I didn't have to look up to see this, I heard their splashes as they entered the water.

Now I'll admit it became tough.  With Emily wet and stripped down to nothing but a bikini, it was going to be very hard to stay away from her.  How much longer could I just lay here and sip beer?  Luckily, I heard the sounds of a body swimming toward me.  I opened my eyes and saw it was in fact Emily, separated from everyone else by the length of the pool we were alone.

"Hey!"  She said, her hotness still very much alive with her hair darkened and matted down from being submerged at some point.

"As they say, fancy meeting you here."  I responded.

She giggled, "Isn't that the truth!"

I got off the raft, lodged my beer into one of the slots, and let it float away.  Emily and I bobbed in front of each other.  We were in a position to where I ended up in shallower water than her and the balls of my feet could touch the bottom while she floated.

"So... if it was meant to be right?"  I smiled at the fact that my line at the liquor store actually came true.

"Yeah, are you sure though, because there's a whole pool full of hot girls all turned on by your heroics... because I'm a great storyteller and all... you could probably have your pick of any one of them.  Why would you want to devote yourself solely to me?"

"Because we have a connection... and besides you're the hott--  What a minute.  Are you just fishing for compliments?"

Those perfect teeth shined again.  "Maybe."

We floated closer, all this time she was kicking her legs to stay afloat, getting closer was a game.  Was it accidental or not?  Was it me coming closer or her?  Did she care or not?  Time to find out.

"Do you need help?"  I held out my hand to see if she'd grab it to ease her efforts to stay above the waterline.

She did.  Our locked hands fell under the water and our small embrace brought us even closer.  Her touch hardened me slightly.  We were inches from each other.  A kiss was imminent, our eyes did not look away from each others.

She broke the moment, not harshly though, her voice stayed mellow.  She swallowed, "So, how does a cameraman, stay in such good shape?"

"You've got a stereotype for cameramen huh?  Think we're all fat and ugly with overgrown mustaches?"

As if not phased by the question, "Yeah!"

"Because I have to be.  The news job was just a stepping stone.  I've moved on."

"Oh yeah?  What is it, you do now?"  Our eyes were still locked.

"Let's just say I'll be working for a popular reality show on TV shot in rough exotic locations to where I'll need to be in shape to film the stuff I have to film."


"I agree.  I love my job, even though I haven't really started it yet.  Filming starts in September.  I'll be gone for six weeks shooting on location."

"I'm very happy for you."

I reached for her second hand and took hold of it.  All of her underwater weight was resting in my two hands.  She stopped kicking her legs, I was solely responsible for keeping her up.  "What is it that you do?"

"I'm a veterinarian in training."

"Oh an animal lover!"  That was cheesy, but it didn't matter anymore, her smooth leg brushed up against my hip and I grabbed her thigh to support her instead of her hand.  My penis grew some more.

"That's right, in fact, I've got a paper due on Monday, so even though I can never pass up time with the girls, I have my laptop inside and I'll have to go work on it soon."

She put her other leg up and wrapped both of them around my waist and clamped them tight.  My growing member was fully erect now, I know she felt it.  Our lips almost touching.  "So, if I'm going to make my move I better do it now then huh?"


We locked lips and let our tongues slip into each others mouth, the pool water on our lips made the kiss cool and moist.  There was a slight taste of chlorine, but neither of us cared.  I bit her lip softly, and her slight moan from it caused me to bit again, but harder this time.  She gripped her legs harder around me grinding her crotch against my penis, she swayed her hips ever so slightly up and down causing the fabrics of our swimsuit to rub against each other giving us both satisfaction.  We kissed for a long time, exploring each other's mouth with our tongues, nibbling at each other's lips, and only breaking for air when we had too.  My hands no longer needing to support her thanks to her leg lock and found themselves at her bare sides.  When her grinding became a little more intense I moved up and grabbed her breasts through her bikini top.  At first I was gentle, just to see if this is where she wanted to go with our make out session.  When she didn't object, I caressed them harder and pinching what I could of her nipple through the thick top.  With my eyes closed, lips locked, and my hand in between her two breasts I attempted to slide my hand underneath the bikini and right before my fingers grazed her nipple...

"Whoa!"  Allison said, obviously directed at us.

We stopped and looked back at the other girls all in the pool looking at us.

"I don't think that's appropriate Emily."  Allison said.

Emily broke away from me.  Cool water rushed onto my body where she had occupied.  We were quite warm in each other's embrace.

"Yeah share the wealth girl."  Candace the curly haired girl said.  I saw now that Candace was probably the most fit girl out here.  She wasn't thin, or skinny, she had some build to her, but it was all muscle.  I appreciated that.  The girl was in shape, she had quite definable abs.  Exposed under her black bikini were several star tattoos traveling down her hip lines outlined in red.  I assumed there were more than just the two that were visible.

I was slightly embarrassed about being called out, so I'm sure Emily was too, but man it was still pretty freakin' awesome.

"I think you need to make us some more drinks, Mr. Party Crasher.  You know, so not to piss any of us off and be kicked out."

"Sure,"  I said, "Just give me a minute."  I floated closer to the crowd to become more social and get out of the make out mode and back into the party mode.

Candace was smart though, she figured me out.  "Give me a minute?  You still have a massive hard on!"

Before I could retreat, she swooped in and grabbed ahold of my junk through my swimsuit.  It was startling, but it did excite me.  Her mouth went agape and she smiled.  "Massive was too small of a word."

The girls reacted to that all making some noise or comment.  I looked at Emily, and she just smiled.

"Secret's out, Party Crasher.  Now get up and make us some drinks."

From that comment all the girls, except for Emily told me what to get them, and they forced me out of the pool.  With my boner sticking straight out they all hooted and hollered as I made my way to the bar to make them their drinks, even though it was obvious some if not all were a bit buzzed already.

"You know what, forget the drinks!"  Candace called over to me getting out of the pool.  "Let's do some shots!"  All the girls got excited over that and followed Candace out of the pool and over to me."

"The shot glasses are inside, in the dish washer."  Allison explained.  "I used them last night."

Now I wondered for a second what Allison was doing over here last night, but that thought quickly escaped me as I saw all five beautiful girls in their bikinis, and since my boner was already brought to everyone's attention, I really didn't have any shame so I didn't attempt to hide it.

"I'll get them."  Emily said and my make out girl went into the house.

We waited for her, but after a few minutes, no one wanted to wait any more and no one wanted to go get her except me, but the girls didn't allow that.  I was to stay out there with them.

"Fuck it,"  Candace said, "Body shots!"  That was followed by more hooting.

Candace hopped up on the bar, lay long ways on it, and propped herself up by the elbows.  The energy level picked up and the girls really came alive.  Allison took position first as the brown haired girl, Bailey poured the alcohol down Candace's abs.  Allison took her time in licking straight up Candace's stomach gulping up most of the alcohol, some however was lost and soaked up into her bikini bottoms.

"I'm next!"  Bailey said.

"Yes, some Bailey's for Bailey."  Candace said.

Now Candace and Bailey were best of friends.  Bailey had the honor of being the largest breasted girl out here.  Her cute bikini with a skull and crossbones with hearts for eyes barely contained her breasts.  She also had long brown hair and brown eyes, but again, those were barely noticeable when she stuck out her cleavage like she was doing.  After Bailey went, the red-haired girl Deanna took her turn off Candace.

Giddily the girls flipped and Allison took her position on the bar.  I decided to poor the creamy liquor down her stomach and I watched Candace's long tongue lick it all up.  She even licked the rim of Allison waistline, while Allison giggled as it tickled.  Finished Candace grabbed Allison's bottoms and shanked her pulling the bikini halfway down her thighs.  Allison squealed a little, but continued to laugh.

I stood there looking down in perfect view of Allison bald little slit.  It was something I thought I'd never see.  I had worked with her for a year and a half, and never once did I expect I'd be at some pool party with her, much less see her pussy.  My erection that I thought I was losing, returned.

"Get up here Party Crasher, you're the only one not to get a shot yet."  Candace directed.

Allison did not bother to pull her bottoms back up.  As I positioned myself, I tried to act like it was no big deal being less than a foot away from her exposed pussy.  Candace poured the Bailey's and I pressed my tongue against Allison's firm stomach and licked upward tasting her smooth chorine skin and alcohol.  Candace poured more, and kept pouring, I dipped again trying to get as much of it as I could.  I went lower and definitely wasn't licking her stomach anymore.  I was just under her waistline.  I looked at how close I was to her pussy, my tongue stretching out in hopes of touching just a part of it without seeming like I was actually trying to lick it.  I saw the Bailey's run over the slit.

"Come on!"  Candace said.  "Lick her pussy, you pussy!"

And with that I dipped my head down convincingly between her legs and pressed my tongue firmly against the bottom of her slit and gave one big long lick up.  I felt her lips part and the definite different and sweet taste of her pussy flesh opposed to her tan skin.  The girls all cheered and Allison did not object, so I dipped for one more taste and this time as my tongue passed over it I let my tongue dip slightly further into her warmness and put harder pressure on her clit as I passed over it, and then I came up.

Allison had a shocked, but 'whoa I liked that' look on her face.  "You!"  She smiled and pointed at me.  "Paybacks are a bitch!"  She hopped off the counter and pulled up her bottoms.

I liked the sound of that.

The body shots continued with no sign of Emily, and finally the girls took their turn on me.  The feel of their tongues against my bare abs kept me at full attention.  Deanna was petite, and had a petite tongue that was barely noticeable going across my stomach and Bailey had a wide tongue.  Allison made good on her payback promise and after consuming as much as she could on my stomach she had the bottle redirected so it poured onto my chest which she happily licked up with her perfect little moist tongue and ran it up my neck.  Her covered breasts grazed against my stomach as she did so and she butted her knee up against my cock as she finished necking me.

Candace was last, and I knew after the turn on Allison had given me she could feel my massive erection between her breasts as she lapped up every bit of Bailey's off my chest moving that long tongue of hers all over my stomach.  She looked up at me, opened her mouth and showed me that she had not swallowed down the alcohol.  She gripped my swim trunks and yanked them down causing my dick to spring board a little.  The rush of cool air aroused my dick even more for the four girls to see.  Candace let the Bailey's drizzle out of her mouth and onto my cock and then she went down on it, taking the full length of it in her mouth on the first try.  She bobbed three times and stopped which was a good thing as the alcohol made perfect lubricant, and I was ready to burst.

The body shots ended with everyone drunker, looser, and hornier.  I really wanted Emily, but after tasting Allison's womanhood and having Candace deep throat me, my head was spinning and my penis was telling me to forget about Emily and go for Allison... and if not Allison, Candace.  Maybe all of them would flash me.  That would be hot.  Maybe in a bit we could do more body shots and I could see if I could take things further.  I couldn't control it, thousands of thoughts ran through my head... all sexual.

We jumped back into the pool and Emily came out with the shot glasses.

"Sorry, girl too late.  We managed without you."  Candace told her.

"Yeah sorry, I had a phone call."  Emily said before setting down the glasses and getting back into the pool herself.  "But things are working out like you had planned?"  She asked Candace.

"Oh absolutely, your hero here is quite the man.  I think it's time to find out a bit more about him."

"Oh god."  Allison commented.  "What do you have planned?"

Candace just smiled devilishly.  It kind of turned me on because I had a feeling things were about to get really naughty...

The five beautifully bikini clad women all stood in the shallow end of the pool with me, all dipped down so their bodies were engulfed in water.

Candace responded to Allison's question.  "Oh I think it's time to ask him some very personal questions."

I took this opportunity, "Only if I can ask some to you."  I said responding to Candace, but talking to everyone.  The alcohol was starting to make me a bit more confident.

"Don't you worry, we'll get to us, but I am curious about how many pool parties you actually crash?  I this your game?"

"This would be my first one."

Candace bit her lip trying to determine if she wanted to believe me or not.  "Yeah well your always present erection proves that.  I guess you could call it a big indicator."

Emily spoke up, "Hey, I'd like to think I am responsible for that."

"Yes you were, but we had to keep it up while you disappeared."

"You're just full of pun's today."  Allison commented.

"Well I just want to see how long I can keep it up."  Candace waded over to me, spun around and pressed her ass up against my cock and smiled.

The girls reacted positively to this.

"So..."  Candace continued, "Just exactly how many women have you been with."

I liked my number, and being buzzed allowed me to be forward with.  "Four."

Candace liked this answer.  "So we could double that number with just this party couldn't we?"

"You could more than double it."

"Ambitious I see."

I just shrugged my shoulders.  These girls I think had all gotten together and decided to tease the fuck out of me.  I was game though, heck, maybe I could even get lucky enough and score with one of them.  Emily hopefully, but at this stage, sad to say, my horniness would take any one of them.  They were all smokin'.

"You've never been in this situation before have you?"  Candace asked next with all attention on me.


"What else haven't you done?  And don't hold back, this is make or break for you.  We could still kick your ass right out of this pool.  I don't want to hear something stupid like 2 girls at a time.  I want something serious, hot, and juicy."

I thought about it for a minute and came up with something not only juicy, but true.  In fact it was so juicy, I was slightly embarrassed to say it, even in my buzzed state.  "Well... Um..."  Ah fuck it, it was time to just say it and play off their reactions.  "I have never cum in a girl before, not even with a condom."

"Oh nice."  Candace responded as if my answer made her nipples hard.  "That is a very acceptable answer."

"Yeah for whatever reason that's a turn on for me, but I've never done it."

"It's a turn on because it's hot."  Emily responded also liking my choice.

"I've never been cummed on."  Deanna the little red head said.  "The whole thought of it is disgusting."

"I've never swallowed."  Allison chimed in.  They all laughed.  "What about you Ms. Candace?"

Emily spoke up, "Come on, there's nothing she hasn't done."  The girls laughed hard as I just watched, enjoyed, and stayed hard.

"Oh, that's so not true.  And actually there's something that I really want to do, but no guy has ever done it to me.  I just want to be ravaged.  Every guy I've ever been with, can act like a bad ass, or say they're a bad ass, but in the end no one just ever gives it to me dirty.  Some guys pretend to, but it always fizzles out."

"Oh do explain more."  Bailey said.

"I'm serious, I'm not talking about role playing or drunken sex.  I want some guy just to use me.  That's hot to me.  I want him not to ask permission, pretty much just charge at me, pick me up and slam me against the wall while shredding my clothes off.  I want teeth marks on my neck and scratch marks down my back.  Rip off my panties, don't pull them to the side, rip them off and just slam into me.  If my head hits the wall it's okay, if we go through the wall it's okay.  Just fuck me hard for a minute, 30 seconds, whatever, you do it right and that'll be plenty of time.  Cum wherever you want, in me, on me, on my tits, on my face, don't ask permission.  Just do it... but guys are pussies, they talk a big game, but no one has ever lived up to that fantasy."

"Wow, okay, a little hot, a little freaky."  Allison said.  "I got something.  I've never had a guy be able to get me to orgasm with anything but sex.  Which I thank god for, but sometimes I wonder if a penis and my own hand are the only things that can get me off.  Guys have tried, hand, mouth, toy, but it gets to a point where I'm just like okay thanks for the effort, but can you stop."

"That's so sad."  Bailey said.

"Well what about you?"

"Me?"  Bailey reacted, "Let's see.  I have never had sex in public before."

"That's it?"  Allison said, who had seemed to really begin to enjoy this conversation.

"I want to do it, but I just haven't, leave me alone."

"You can do better than that though?"  Allison tried to get more out of her.

"We'll come back to her.  What about Deanna?"  Candace looked at the red head.

Now Deanna was a little petite freckly red head, small tits, but sufficient for her size.  She was young too, 18 I came to find out later.  She shrugged and acted shy, "I don't know.  I've never done anal before."

"Welcome to the club."  Allison said.

"And you?"  I asked the girl I just wanted to run away with.

Emily smiled at me, "Well gosh, now I'm so embarrassed because some of you can hardly think of one thing, and I've got a whole list here.  So I'll start with the no anal for me either, never been with another girl, I mean I've kissed a girl, yes, who hasn't, but never been with a girl, and not that I really want to either.  Anyway, I've never fallen asleep naked with a guy before, never had sex all over the house before, never had sex under the moonlight, never had a one night stand, never had sex with my clothes on, never gotten a hotel room with a guy for a night of passion before, never been kissed on New Year's, never been kissed under mistletoe, never had sex on Valentine's Day, never had lingerie bought for me, or anything else dirty for that matter, never had a guy just pleasure me, but I really like that answer Jason gave.  I have never been cummed in before... that's just hot!"

I smiled, "Thank you."

"Oh god, we need to keep you two separated."  Allison said.

The group calmed down with Allison's comment as our romantic feelings for each other were exposed and pointed out.

Candace broke the silence.  "Ever gotten a blow job underwater?"

"Uh, no."  I muttered out.

She smiled, "Girls I propose a bet.  Everybody pitches in ten bucks and the girl who's able to get Mr. Party Crasher off without coming up for air wins the pot."

I couldn't believe my ears.  Was this really happening?  Every girl said yes, even Emily who I had thought would object.  I didn't want to ruin any chances with her, and getting sexual with other females I thought would be a turn off, but she seemed down with it.  Was it a test?

"You know you girls are a pretty big tease."

"Oh we're not teasing."  Candace said and started to move in the water toward me.

I backed up still trying to protect my chances with Emily.  "It's just that..."  I stumbled for words backing up against the wall of the pool in the shallow end.

"We know, you'd rather just run away with Emily... well that's not going to happen."  Candace pressed her wet body against mine purposely running her breasts up my chest as she breathed heavily on me and bit my lower lip.  All the while her hand was on my cock pumping it through my board shorts.

She pulled away from me and Allison somehow got close without me noticing and ripped down my swim trunks.  Cold water rushed to my once covered areas and I was free.  It was a very pleasant feeling, my penis stood erect underwater for everyone to see.  I let Allison take my trunks off my legs, but then she did something I didn't want her to do.  She threw them through the air and they landed a top the roof of the patio.  "Oops."  She laughed.

"You have no idea what you've stumbled into."  Bailey said.

My penis was probably the hardest it had ever been in my life.  It wanted to cum, this wasn't going to take long.  My mind had finally accepted the fact that this wasn't the girl's teasing me, this was really happening.  How was I supposed to play this... play it cool right?  Sure, no problem.  "Uh... should I put in ten bucks too?"

Candace shook her heard and spoke intelligently but naughty.  "You need to think that through there Mister.  If you put in money it's like you're paying us for sex, which would make us hookers, and that's very very insulting to us because we're not hookers now are we?"

"Uh, no."

She smiled, "Good.  Just put you arms up here on the edge."  She pressed me against the pool wall and raised my arm up so it rested on the edge, I put the other one up.  "And enjoy it, because you know this'll never happen again."

"I'm going first."  Deanna the red head said and before anyone could say anything she dipped below the water, swam up to me, and placed her petite little hand on the base of my cock.  I looked down and saw the wavering underwater image of the short little pale girl in front of me and then I felt the tip of her tongue touch the edge of my cock.  It was somewhat hard to notice at first because of the whole dick already being wet part, and the fact the Deanna's tongue and mouth were tiny.  Her lips wrapped around my cock, and she tried to get a rhythm going but wasn't having the best of luck battling the weightlessness of the situation.  And not to brag either, and it was most likely because she was so small, but her mouth just wasn't big enough.  She gave a few more pumps, but then came up.  She gasped for air and the slicked her hair back.  "Okay, that is not easy!  And you are way too big for me."

Candace's mouth was then around my cock.  I don't even think Deanna had finished talking yet.

"That's the way to do it."  Bailey said, "Play off the last girl's momentum."

Candace was much better at this.  She had all of me in her mouth, and had anchored herself down by wrapping her arms around my legs.  She worked fast, pumping her mouth back and forth in short bursts having her lips touch the base of my cock each time.  Things were getting going, but then she had to come up for air too.

"Go."  Bailey said and Allison went down.

I watched her beautiful blond hair spread out underwater and her lips go to my dick.  This woman was an absolute goddess.  And that's not taking away anything from Emily either.  I just always felt Allison was unattainable, so feeling her lips slide up and down my shaft just about did me in, but I held off.  I wanted Emily, and I did my best not to cum, but Allison held her breath for a while and was using the same method Candace had been.  Her arms were wrapped tightly around my thighs pretty much gripping the base of my ass spreading my cheeks so the cool water tickled my asshole, she was able to work my shaft with vigor.  I bit my lip trying to hold off.

"Oh it's gonna happen!"  Bailey was getting excited.

Allison released her grip and pulled my dick out of her mouth and came up gasping heavily.  "Damn!"

Bailey went down and was around my dick fast, she used long bobs and moved her tongue around more than the other girls.  I tried to think of other things and focused my attention elsewhere.  Unfortunately my eyes drifted onto Emily who was waiting close by, smiling of course, her green eyes longing for me.  The sun bounced of her wet toned body.  Her breasts sat perfectly in her bikini top, and I thought back to my hand going in for them.  She was such a beautiful sight... Oh god, I lost my concentration.  Bailey had all of me in her mouth and she was working her tongue around my dick.  I clenched up, but couldn't hold it, and Bailey knew it.  She pulled her mouth from around me and pumped her hand along my dick two or three times and I blew a massive amount of cum into the water.  I grunted and put weight on my arms to support me as my legs went weak.  Bailey came up victorious.

"Watch out girls, this shit latches onto you."  Candace warned as she maneuvered around some of my semen.

"I win!"  Bailey celebrated.

"Not fair, I didn't even get a chance."  Emily pouted somewhat jokingly.

I consoled her, "That's okay, I was thinking of you when it happened."

"Oh god, will you two please knock it off."  Allison said.  "This ain't a romantic honeymoon."

Was Allison jealous?  Was the unattainable girl attainable?

I've decided to break it up into a second part.  Please read part 2 if you like the way things are going... part 2 will have mostly the good stuff in it.

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