Poolside Pursuit Cont'd...

By TallerThanYou

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One man, one pool, five girls.

A friendly recap of the girls in play from part 1.

Allison:  Tall, skinny, long blond hair, sleek and slender build, very intelligent, blue eyes and is wearing a brown/orange/yellow designed bikini with ties around the neck, the back, and on the sides of the bottoms.
Bailey:  Brown hair that hangs just past her shoulder, brown eyes, best friends with Candace, large D cup breasts, and is wearing a brown bikini with skulls that have hearts as eyes.
Candace:  Long black curly hair, brown eyes, best friends with Bailey, nipple piercing, star tattoos going down the front of her hip line, very fit, wearing a black bikini.
Deanna: Red head, pale, freckles, the youngest at 18, very petite, weighs under 100 lbs, wearing a white bikini with pink hearts tiled all over it.
Emily: The damsel in distress, auburn hair, great smile, dimples, freckles on her cheeks and shoulders, and wearing a green and white designed bikini.

The next fifteen minutes or so took the attention off of me, and I was okay with that.  I just had a five girl... well four girl blowjob.  Emily, Candace, and Bailey got out of the pool and made themselves some drinks while Allison and Deanna laid out in the sun near the pool edge.  I, however had no swim suit and stayed in the pool trying to play it cool and relaxed like being naked in front of them wasn't a big deal.

Emily joined me eventually in the shallow end with a drink in her hand.  Her in her bikini, me wearing nothing.  It kind of excited me.  I could go again... anything for Emily.

"So do you consider yourself the luckiest man in the world right now?"

"You referring to you talking to me, or the whole underwater fellatio thing?"  I asked.

She smiled, "The underwater fellatio thing."

"Yeah that was pretty intense.  I just hope you don't think I do this all the time though."

"Don't worry, I don't think you're a man slut, although you having a key to this news anchor's place is a bit questionable."

"That is actually a thing of the past."

Emily laughed, "Oh what she's been on vacation for a week?"

I was amused, "No, she didn't want to commit to a younger guy."

"Oh, I see.  So she wouldn't be mad about our little thing earlier?"

I noticed that Emily peeked down at my swaying underwater package.  "She'd probably encourage it."  And that was the truth too.

Emily downed the rest of her drink and set it down at the pool edge.  She bit and rubbed her lips together, the alcohol was definitely affecting her.  "Well just in case you haven't noticed, I like you, so I'm going to give you a head's up.  These girls aren't finished with you, we came up with a devilish little plan while you were making the liquor run."

"What about you?"  I asked.

Smiling, "I... have to go write a paper."

Emily began to wade away.  I grabbed her arm and stopped her.  She just looked at me and I went in and planted a kiss on her lips.  They were soft just like before and I lingered to see if she'd pull away.  She didn't so I kissed her again, a deeper peck this time which turned into an open mouth kiss which made me hard again.  I pulled her closer to me.  We ended up in the same position we were in before with her legs wrapped around my waist, but she kept more distance between us this time, floating moreso than before.  She did this because this time she slid her hand down my chest and abs and grabbed hold of me penis and began to stroke it.

This was happening.  I pulled the bikini string behind her neck and then tugged the top of her bikini top down so it fell just below her breasts still being tied behind her back.  Her breasts were perfect.  How else would I describe the girl of my dreams breasts?  They were paler than the rest of her tan body, but there were no tan lines, it was a good blend.  They had a healthy hang to them, probably a C cup.  Her areolas were darker and her nipples were slightly a lighter shade, both hard and sticking out.  I grabbed her breast, squeezing and lifting it up feeling the weight of it in my hand.  She let out a pleasant gasp and pumped me a little harder and I started to breath heavy myself.

We stopped making out and just rested our forehead against one another's as she pumped her hand hard around my penis which returned to it's very hard state.  I reached down and began to rub her through her bikini bottoms.  I couldn't feel anything, but her reactions indicated that she could.

And then she released her grip and I felt another hand reach around me and stroke my penis.  I actually recognized it was Allison by her grip.

"Did you get him ready again?"  Allison asked Emily.

Emily floated away from me slightly and bit her lower lip in reluctance and disappointment.  "Yeah."


And with that, the two of us... again were snapped back into our surroundings.  I was a little shocked to see that all the girls were tanning topless.  Bailey's large boobs, pale and laying flat as they had lost their shape with her on her back.  You could still tell they were enormous though.  Candace was already pretty tan and she had a barbell nipple stud through her left tit.  Deanna was laying on her stomach.

Allison had disposed of her top also, she had very small areolas in relationship to her boob size which was large for her very skinny and thin frame.  She was tall so it helped.

Emily broke the topless streak, put her top back on, and quietly disappeared inside.  I hardly noticed as I was trying to take in the view and was eventually led out of the pool by Allison.  Water rushed off my naked body, but she did not offer me a towel, instead she sat me down on one of the wooden lounge chairs.  I laid backed reclined with my dick sticking straight up in the air.  Allison stood over me.  Another blowjob?  Nope, Allison slide her bikini bottoms off and kicked them into the pool.  Her little shaved pussy slit which I licked earlier was oh so tempting.

Allison looked down at my cock.  "That's just too good to pass up."  She turned around and straddled me.  Her little round shaped ass stared me in the face and it had a nice shapely raise to it that exposed me to the back end of her pussy.  Now I thought she was going to just ride me reverse cowgirl style, but she didn't, instead she sat right above my cock so the top of it long ways rested up against her pussy.  She placed her arms behind her next to me gripping the edges of the chair and raised herself off of me a little and pushed her pussy down on my cock.  I could feel her spread ass cheeks on my stomach.

She began to pump her hips up and down allowing the length of my dick to slide along the length or her slit.  Her back was arched causing Allison's rib cage to jut out.  She did this for a few minutes, well at least it felt like a few minutes, it was probably only like 30 seconds.  Her lips had slightly parted allowing some added pleasure, but it was just too difficult a position to really put any pressure on her clit.

Not only did Allison and I know this, but apparently Candace noticed too.  She got up walked over to us and set herself up by our crotches.  She pushed on the back side of my cock offering a counterbalance and Allison was able to press down harder and my cock slipped in between her pussy lips like a hot dog in a bun... not the hottest example I know, but accurate.  Candace pushing my cock up allowed Allison to pump harder, her clit sliding up and down the length of my shaft.  Sometimes it hit the head of my cock and sometimes the base.  It wasn't going to get me off or anything, but it was still hot, and would probably get Allison off, plus the close proximity of the two girls was hot too, especially since they didn't seem to mind.

"Hold on."  Candace said.  "Party Crasher, where does your fuck buddy keep her lube?"

I didn't care about the inaccuracies of that comment, "Top left dresser drawer."

"I knew it."  Candace smiled and quickly went to retrieve it.

Allison stopped masturbating herself with my penis for a few minutes and rested against me, her back on my chest, her ass spread easily by her skinniness rested on my waistline.  Was her asshole touching me?  Why did that turn me on?  She turned her neck and we began to tongue each other.  I squeezed her breasts and pinched her now hard nipples and pulled up allowing them to eventually slip from my grip.  This kept both of us turned on.

Candace returned with the lube in hand.  She positioned herself over my dick, between Allison's legs and held the open bottle over my dick.  The lube slowly drizzled out of the bottle and landed on the tip of my dick.  She applied ample amounts and then stroked it in.  She then rubbed the remaining lube on her hand onto Allison's pussy.

"Oh you're taking some liberties girl!"  Allison spoke up.

"Shut up, you liked it."  Candace responded.

And we began again.  This time there was no friction between Allison's pussy and my cock.  Allison worked fast pumping her hips up and down as Candace kept our genitals smashed together.  The lube kept everything slippery.  Candace's hand was on my cock, but it was also touching parts of Allison's pussy.  The three of us tried to keep the rhythm going.  Allison began to moan and grind the top of my cock harder, taking longer strokes.  Candace pressed harder on my cock which pressed harder on Allison's clit.  I was starting to feel it too.  I squeezed her nipples and Allison kept sliding her pussy up and down my shaft.  With one last loud moan Allison had an orgasm.  She fell back against me and breathed heavy.  Candace released my cock and it rested against Allison's pussy.

Well shit, now I needed to get off.  Allison was just laying there so I grabbed my cock and put it at the entry of her pussy and slid it easily.  There was still plenty of lube on both of us.

"Oh!"  She exclaimed.

I now worked my hips and slammed into her.  I pumped a few more times, and Allison was all about that.  She raised herself up again, this time able to take a more relaxing position because I was in her and able to do all the work.  She began to moan again, and I knew I wouldn't last that long after what just transpired.  Candace didn't stop either.  Now she took some liberties and began playing with Allison's clit, rubbing circularly.  She then took one of Allison's nipples in her mouth.  The lube caused some smacking noises that turned both of us on and made me pick up the pace.  Right as I was about to cum for the second time today, Allison came for the second time.

I gave two more pumps and then pulled out.  Allison was again rested on my chest.  I spurt my first load of cum and it landed on her stomach, the second spurt traveled further and landed on her boobs, the remaining spurts were small and drizzled down my cock.

We laid there both heaving in hotness, my cum running down her boob.  She cocked her neck around and smiled at me.  "Thank you."  She then kissed me shortly with tongue.  Allison sat up.  "And you!"  Directed at Candace, "Are one naughty woman!"

"Apparently so are you!"

Allison reached back like she was going to slap her.  "Don't try that again."  Allison got up off of me, cum still on her, and walked over to the outside shower against the wall of the house.  It had no privacy guard because it was more for just rinsing the pool water off, so you could watch anyone shower, which I did.

Allison washed my milky cum off her and then soaked her hair under the shower.  I just laid back, enjoyed the view, and eventually dozed off.

I awoke to the sound of Bailey and Candace getting into the pool.  To my delight, both were still topless.  I had been out maybe a half an hour, maybe hour, I wasn't sure.  Allison was drifting in the pool on a raft naked herself never having put her bikini back on.

I felt the stickiness of the dried lube on my crotch and rose to rinse off at the outside shower.  As I walked over to it, I noticed Deanna noticing me.  She had herself propped up on her elbows from tanning.  Her little freckly breasts, perky and firm, caught my eyes.  She had very swollen or puffy areolas and light nipples which made them hard to distinguish.  She still looked pale, and I wondered if she ever tanned.  I watched her rub her lips together as if she was deciding something.

The water from the shower came out warm and I began to rinse myself off making sure to clean all the dried lube and cum off my cock and inner thighs.  I noticed Deanna was still watching me before looking back at her friends in the pool who made hand motions trying to give her a push to get her to get up... and she did.  Deanna got up and walked over me.

"Mind if I join you?"

Now, this wasn't exactly a shower built for two... well what shower is?  Let's just say she wasn't being subtle and as if my cock had ears it perked up.  "Sure."

Deanna slipped off her bottoms and stepped under the spray of water close to me.  I didn't look at what she had going downstairs as I didn't want to be an obvious horn dog.  Our bodies close, and thanks to my growing cock our genitals were closer.  Deanna reached for the body wash sitting in the shower caddy and began to lather herself up, I like a dummy just kind of watched.  She turned her back to me, and that's when I snuck a look and checked out her tiny little ass.  I then had a brilliant idea and grabbed the body wash myself, put some in my hand, and began to lather Deanna's back.

She seemed to want me to do that too, so I rubbed her back good.  My cock was hard again.  Not to the hardness that it was before, but enough that it touched Deanna's ass.  I pulled it away as if I was being polite, but I wasn't.  I let it graze her ass again and pulled it away like it accidentally touched her.  And then again, but I let the head touch her skin for a bit longer this time before pulling it away, and with not objection after that I let it just rest against her ass cheek.

I finished scrubbing her back and pulled back a little and lathered up her firm ass and cupped my hand so my fingers swooped down and grazed her pussy.  She moaned a little, and that was it.  I didn't need to pretend just to be washing her anymore.  I sunk my lathered finger into her tight pussy hole.  I pulled it out and the stuck my middle finger in and proceeded to finger fuck her from behind.  She started to breath heavier so I picked up the pace.  She reached around and grabbed my cock with body wash in her hand pumping it all over my shaft.  She repositioned herself, placed her hands on the wall and bent over giving me full access to fuck her.

My cock had reached its peak hardness now and I carefully positioned it between her bare, pink pussy lips and sunk it in all the way.  She grunted loudly with pleasure.  My dick slid into her easily despite her tightness because of the soap.  I pulled all the way out of her and sunk the full length in again, and again she grunted with pleasure.  I went slow, not because I didn't want to hurt her, but because it felt fucking awesome.  I could feel the walls of her pussy gripping every centimeter... fuck that, every millimeter of my cock.  I pulled all the way out again and slammed it into her again.  I caused another loud grunt.  I repositioned my legs to get better leverage and while still being deep in her tiny pussy I slammed it forward again and she grunted as I probably was deeper inside her than anyone had ever been before.

We continued this, slow but spectacular thrusting a few more times and with a grunt from her every time I sunk my dick in.  And I'm sorry I'm so repetitive with the word grunt, but that's the only way to describe it, because that's exactly what it was.  A grunt coming from deep within.  She was either loud in bed, or I just knew how to give it to her.  I'd like to think the latter.

I started to pick up the pace still making long stokes, sometimes coming completely out and thrusting back into her as her pussy stayed parted waiting for my dick.  I reached around and squeezed her breasts feeling that her nipples were hard and not so obscure now.  Faster and faster I thrust and I knew I'd blow my load soon.  The water from the shower was also beating down on us running down her back and down her ass.  We made sloppy noises as I thrust into her.  I pulled all the way out of her and thrust hard into her, quickly keeping the rhythm I pulled out half way and slammed hard into her.  This time though she didn't grunt, she screamed in pain.  I quickly pulled out and she collapsed to her knees.

I soon enough put it together.  I accidentally, and yes it was accidental... slammed my huge, lubricated cock into her ass.  I was surprised I didn't realize it at first, I got two thrusts in.  Not only did my cock slide in easily thanks to the lube but it actually felt the same if not better than her tight pussy.  I tried to console her, but really what could I have done?  It's not like I could kiss it and make it better.  "I'm so sorry."

She got up, walked away from the shower, wrapped a towel around herself, plopped down on a lounge chair, and sulked.

The three other girls in the pool who I believe were watching us, also sympathized with her.  "Oh, Deanna sweetie, are you alright?"  Candace asked.

"I'll be okay."  She responded.

"Your first anal experience, how nice."  Bailey then commented.

"Shut up."  Deanna said pissed off.

"Aww, poor Deanna."  Candace tried to comfort her, but kind of teased her too.  "You want us all to take it up the ass also?"

"Leave me alone."

Emily came out after hearing the scream.  She had been working on her paper the entire time.  "Is everything all right."

"Yeah,"  Candace explained, "Deanna, just accidentally had her first anal experience."

Emily grimaced, "Ouch."

"We're all going to make her feel better and take it up the ass from Party Crasher over there."

"Maybe you two are."  Allison said talking to Candace and Bailey, "But Jason isn't putting his big dick in my ass."

"Lame."  Candace responded.  "What about you Emily?"

She looked over at me.  "Yeah, anything from Jason, why not?  I'll give it a try."

Allison was a little dumbfounded.  "You know what, I'm game too."

"You need to get over here."  Candace said getting out of the pool.  She got on all fours on the towel she had been laying on to tan and began to pull down her bikini bottoms.  Her tits swayed back and forth as she did so.

I rinsed off the suds from my body and shut off the shower head and headed over to Candace.  I got on my knees behind her and enjoyed the view of her pussy from behind.  She had a small patch of pubes just above her clit and that was it.

"I'm warning you right now, if you cum in my ass, I will break your dick off."  Candace said seriously.  She had grabbed the bottle of lube that Allison and I had used and was squirting it in her hand.  She reached behind her and coated her asshole.  She then took some more and spread it on my cock with a few hand jerks.

My heart was racing from sheer horniness, this was fucking hot.  I got a little closer so my cock touched her ass crack and she the arched her back so the cheeks spread a little bit.  I did the parted them the rest of the way using my hands and observed the little muscle known as her sphincter.  I placed the tip of my cock on it and slid my dick halfway in.

"Mmmmm!"  Candace moaned.

I slowly pulled out a bit and the pushed forward sinking a little deeper.  Bailey had gotten out of the pool and removed her bikini bottoms also.  She sat down on her towel.  Her wonderfully massive boobs hung there for me to stare at.  "Don't worry."  She said, "You don't have to be gentle with her ass, she loves that shit."

"So do you bitch."  Candace retaliated.

Just as she said that, I slammed it all the way in her.


I thrust again and again.  I could not believe what I was doing.  Her fucking asshole felt so fucking good.  Maybe it was just the naughtiness of it, but my dick had never felt something so sensational around it.  No pussy in the world felt this good.  And to increase the sexuality of it all Bailey spread her legs and began to masturbate while watching me ass fuck her friend.  As I pumped she rubbed her clit in a fast circular motion.  I keep pumping in and out of Candace, each time trying to go deeper than the last, wondering if it was hurting her, but she never complained.  She only let out sounds of pleasure.

I soon realized I was ready even though I'd only been going for about a minute, and I still had 3 other girls wanting me to do this too them.  One more thrust and I'd be done.  I don't know how, but I resisted that thrust.  I pulled out of her ass and said, "I've got to stop."  I quickly grabbed a hold of my cock and squeezed in an effort not to cum.  I also jumped in the pool.

"Awe come on dude.  You better not have."  Bailey said disappointed.

"No, I didn't, but I may need a minute."

"Don't worry, I'll get her warmed up for you."  Candace said grabbing the lube and hopping in the pool herself.

As if this had been done before Bailey scooted up and let her legs dangle in the water and laid back.  Candace went between her legs and licked her wet bald pussy.  Doing so as Bailey moaned she squirted more lube on her hand and pulled Bailey forward more, so her ass was hanging over the pool and only her back was on the edge.  Candace took her index finger and inserted into Bailey's ass.  Bailey moaned in pleasure as Candace ate her out and fingered her asshole.

Candace pulled up from her friend's vagina, "Are you ready yet?"  She asked me and Bailey slipped into the water.

Without a word Bailey swam up to me, kissed me with her open mouth tonguing me hard and deep and wrapped her legs around me.  She wasn't wasting anytime either.  She grabbed my dick, positioned it, and lowered herself onto me.  My cock easily accepted her warm pussy.  Candace came up behind her and re-inserted her finger into Bailey's ass.

In the pool we vigorously fucked.  We splashed around and made waves.  Bailey's tits smashed against my body and I took them in my mouth.  Candace took her free hand and turned Bailey's neck so they could tongue and bite each other's lips.  Not much more time passed before Bailey tilted her hand back and tried to make a moaning noise, but nothing came out.  She squeezed hard with both her legs and arms bringing herself into me and came.  He pussy recoiled so hard it pushed my dick out of her.  She then released her grip and fell off of me and drifted away.

"Was that good honey?"  Candace said smiling at her friend, kissing her on the mouth one more time.

"Mmmhmm."  She just smiled.

I kind of got ignored at that point.  I still needed to cum.  Emily had went back inside at this point and Allison was with Deanna by the lounge chairs.  I watched Candace get out of the pool and walk over by the shower.  Her body was something else.  The tone of the girl was jaw dropping.  The star tattoos on her hip lines might as well have been arrows pointing down saying fuck me.

I got up out of that pool, marched over to her, spun her around, and shoved my tongue down her throat.  I took her curly hair which was somewhat straightened from being wet in my hand at the base of her scalp and pulled her head back running my tongue down her neck, tasting her skin as I bit it.  I reached around just below her ass and lifted her up.  She helped out and wrapped her legs very willingly around me.  I thrust for her pussy, and in doing so my momentum sent us into the wall of the house.  Her back struck it firmly, but it was perfect as my dick found her entranceway and sank into her pussy.  I pounded her hard, as hard as I could, because I knew I wasn't going to last long.  I just wanted to get off.  I took her pierced nipple in my mouth and yanked on it with my teeth.  I noticed my hands were holding her up by her ass cheeks.  I had a strong mark-leaving grip on them and they were spread probably as far as they could be spread, so I inched my finger closer to the little asshole I just fucked and pushed it in.  As soon as I did so Candace came, and came hard.  I didn't stop though, I keep fucking her pussy and fingering her asshole.  I think this caused her to cum again, I'm not sure, because at that time I pulled out of her came myself.  My cum, the little that came out being by third time today shot between us, and onto our stomachs as our bodies were pressed together.

Having climaxed I just held her there.  Me not wanting to move, her not wanting to move.  My teeth had made their way to her chin and were lightly clamped down in it.  My finger was still in her asshole.

"Wow."  She exclaimed before we gathered ourselves and re-grouped.

I must admit after that, I was done, I was sexually exhausted.  I cleaned up and returned to the pool finding a beer and a raft and chilled.  Only Bailey and Deanna stayed by the pool.  Bailey never put her bikini back on and floated around naked while poor ass scarred-for-life Deanna had put her suit back on and was back in the pool cooling off from the hot sun.  Their naked or clothed bodies really didn't mean much to me anymore.  I was out of sexual stamina.  The day was winding down.

About forty-five minutes later I became bored with the pool, so I got out and went inside using a real shower to clean up.  With my swimsuit still up on the patio roof I wrapped a towel around my waist and went searching for some old clothes of mine that my friend might have hung onto.  I entered a guest bedroom and found a guest there, Emily.

She was lying on her stomach, propped up slightly typing on her laptop.  Her backside curved up and down and back up again.  Her bikini digging in and outlining her firm butt.  Her smooth legs bent upward swaying back and forth until she noticed me there.  She closed her laptop, spun around on her stomach, and sat up.  Holding the towel around my waist I closed the door as I entered.

"So, I bet you had fun today."  She said with her chipper sweet voice.

"That I did."

"And just think, you have the whole summer to go."

I shrugged, my whole wanting this to be the best summer of my single life thing had kind of changed perspectives in the past few hours.  I just wanted to be with Emily now, and not just in a sexual way for those of you thinking that.  The summer had been reduced to one day.  "I know I've come off as a man slut today, but I'm really not."

"Please, I know that.  My friends are the sluts.  You just happened to be in their way."

"Hope that doesn't make you a slut."  What the fuck was I thinking?  What kind of question was that?  Opportunity in my hands and I fucking blew it.

Emily however reacted differently than I expected.  She played it off as a joke, which it was, but still something I shouldn't have said.  "Of course not.  I am good girl."

It was just the type of person she was.  She could take jokes like that, where most girls couldn't.  And that was awesome, so I continued to banter and tease her.  "A good girl doing naughty things to me in the pool."

She smiled devilishly, "Yeah, I kind of started the whole thing didn't I?"

"You sure did."

She shook her head jokingly, "And I didn't even get any."

"Days not over yet, and finally there's no one to interrupt us."

She seemed shocked and didn't believe me.  "I am leaving in a few minutes, and there is no way you'd be able to perform."

"Hey... if it was meant to be right?"

"Right."  She responded back trying to eye to see if I had an erection under my towel.

I didn't know if she was just curious to see if I was turned on or if she really wanted me, but I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass, especially when the anticipation sky rocketed with just a few seconds of silence.  Both of us could feel that, so I let the towel drop to the ground and exposed my fresh erection that came to life while we hinted at each other's sexual desire.

"Wow, you must really like me."

I got cheesy.  "Oh I do Emily."

She laughed and ran her teeth side-to-side over her bottom lip, and then became giddily excited and smiled, like she just realized I was really into her.  "Get over here."

I walked my naked self over to her and she sat me down on the side of the bed and got up herself.  She stood in front of me and undressed.  First she reached behind her back and pulled the strings to her bikini top and it dropped to the floor exposing her breasts to me.  I had gotten a glimpse of them before, but this was the first time I really examined them, and the perfect thing about them was that they weren't perfect.  They weren't some perky, perfectly symmetrical areola, pointy nipple dye cast.  The were larger so they hung a little bit but kept their shape.  They were pale including the tips of her nipples, and they were further apart than most, which was seriously hot for some reason.  Maybe because larger breasts tend to touch each other, while these didn't.  It must have been because she worked out or something.  They were big and separate, no need to get scientific about it, after all she was slipping off her bottoms now.

The had a light patch of pubes covering the top of her vagina.  Her labia pushed her vagina together causing folds of skin to slightly protrude out from her opening.  I wanted to gaze forever at it, but that didn't happen.  She quickly climbed on top of me initially putting her breasts in my face.  She then settled down lower on my lap, her body sitting on my thighs, and kissed me.  We made out and my penis responded, returning to a full erection that even I was surprised about.  I gently pushed her long auburn hair aside and grabbed the back of her head pushing our lips tightly together and sinking our tongues deeper into each other.  I bit her lower lip and she tried to pull away, so I clamped down harder on it.  That little move was the straw.

Emily raised her hips up, inched her groin as close to mine as could be and gently lowered herself back down until my penis touched the outside of her vagina.  She wiggled her hips around and the tip of my penis settled upon her opening.  I felt it and she felt it.  And then with our lips still embraced she sat down and I sank into her.  Her juices lubing me up as I penetrated her.

We both gasped and stopped kissing at the same time.  We just stared into each other's eyes staying silent, not fucking, bouncing, grinding, swaying, ramming, or even moving.  We just sat there, me inside of her, my arms had found their way around her back.  I wrapped them around her as far as I could and held her close.

Staring, that's what we did, for at least a minute, and then I gently kissed her lips.  She kissed back harder, and I did the same, and then she returned another kiss until we were tonguing again.  She slightly swayed her hips forward and back allowing my penis to move out and then back in to her, deeper this time.  Just like the kisses, the sways gradually got more intense and we had a nice rhythm going.

I ran the tip of my tongue over her nipples gently, hopefully tickling her with the cool moisture I lathered onto them.  I then took them into my mouth, but only the nipple, and I lightly bit down on it still passing my tongue over it.  I graduated from there and took her breast in my mouth biting down on her soft skin pressing my tongue against her nipple.  I then tried her other breast, this time not working slowing.  I just bit down on it and played around with it in my mouth.  I took one hand and started playing with the nipple I had just had in my mouth, using my salvia as lube to really tweak it.

Her sways became bounces and I provided little thrusts from my seated position.  We found our groove and my penis hit her in the right stop with each deep thrust.  She controlled that with her bouncing.  She took herself all the way onto me hitting that spot most of the time, but sometimes she would only go down halfway.  Her arms rested on my shoulders for leverage holding onto the back of my neck, and my one free hand tugged at her hair by the base of her scalp.

We went on for a while, and it gradually become more and more intense until both of us were ready.  We didn't switch up positions or movements.  My mouth went to her mouth to her breasts to her mouth and so on.  It was the only thing that really changed.  We were into what we had going on.  Sweat and her natural lube caused a massive wetness around our groins.

"I'm ready baby, I'm going to cum."  I told her.

She bounced harder because of this.  Me saying that invigorated her even more, and I swear she because wetter.  She moaned hot air not making a sound over and over again.  "Me too."  She slammed hard onto me, and again, and clenched my skin with her nails.

I tried to pull away from her, but she wouldn't let me.  She raised up one more time and slammed down hard orgasming.  Her quivering vagina brought me to the end and I shot my semen into her.  I was hesitant at first, but when she didn't care and seemed to welcome it, I relaxed and waves of semen burst into her.  I fell onto my back and she fell with me.  Our movement caused my penis to pull out about halfway sending an intense and enjoyable shiver through my body, and I small final spurt shot into Emily.  Who knew I had that much left?

She laid on top of me, not wanting to pull off me, and me not wanting to pull out of her.  We kissed again, our bodies lightly covered in sweat, our crotches drenched.  I went soft inside of her as she rested her head against my chest.

"Thanks for today."  That was all she said, that was all she needed to say.  It was romantic.  It was perfect, right from the creepy guy I punched to our love making experience we just had.

A car horn honked outside in the driveway.  Almost asleep, Emily perked up.  She smiled at me, and kissed me again.  "That's my ride."  Emily got off of me, pulled on her bottoms, tied her top, shoved her laptop in her backpack, and zipped it up.  I rolled over on my side as she slung the backpack over her shoulder.  "Sorry to be such a guy and run off on ya."

I smiled amused, "It's okay.  We'll have plenty of more chances."

"I'm going to have to do something about that cocky confidence of yours."  She teased and walked out of the room.  I sat there in my thoughts, my wonderful thoughts of Emily.  I heard the other girls say bye to her and then heard the car door open, close, and the car take off.  I got up wrapped the towel around me, and headed downstairs.

My thoughts of Emily raced.  When was I going to see her again?  When was I going to talk to her again?  I still didn't get her number, but that was okay.  I know her friends, they should be able to give it to me.  If not, there's always MySpace or something.  Getting a hold of her shouldn't be that hard.

I ran into Allison.  "I was wondering where you were."

"I've been around."

"Haven't gotten your swimsuit back yet I see."  She said looking at me in the towel.

"I'm gonna leave the retrieval of that up to you, since you're the one that threw it up there."

Allison smiled.  "Well, I may want to leave you pants-less for a little while longer."

I grinded my teeth into a smile.  "I think I'm done."

"Oh come on, you've rested, you've showered, you should be ready again."

"Yeah, but I kind of ran into Emily."  I smirked.

Allison stopped teasing.  "Oh no, tell me you didn't!"


"Tell me you did not have sex with her!"

"Why not?"

"Because her boyfriend just picked her up."

My legs went weak, well weaker I should say... it had been a long sex day.  Her boyfriend?  She had a boyfriend?  How could that be?  And then it dawned upon me how realistic that actually was.  That's why she didn't give me her number.  That's why she didn't care if I had sex with other girls.  That's why the other girls kept pulling me away from her.  Allison wasn't jealous of her over me, she was keeping her friend from cheating on her boyfriend.  "She has a boyfriend?"


Okay I was crushed, but there was something very hot about how we just had amazing sex with each other and then just after, she leaves with her boyfriend.  My semen still inside her.  It was so so wrong but it was hot.  "Why would she do that?"

"So you had sex with her?"

"Yes."  I said.

"Oh great."

"Well she's obliviously not happy with him."  I defended her.

"That doesn't matter.  Both of you are fucked!"

"Don't worry.  He won't find out, she won't tell him."

"Are you kidding?  Of course she will!  She's Emily!  There's a reason you fell so in love with her in just a few hours.  She cute, nice, honest!  She's an awesome girl, and getting drunk and cheating on her boyfriend will eat away at her.  She will tell him, so she has a clean conscience.  And he's the type of guy that gets jealous.  He's somewhat crazy.  He'll come after you.  He may come after her too."

"She really wasn't drunk."  I defended.

"You're missing the point."  Allison freaked out, but calmed down.  "I'm sorry, it's not your fault.  It's her fault.  She should have told you, she should have said no.  It's our fault.  We should have told you, but we didn't want to embarrass her...  And god damn Jason.  We fucked your brains out.  We did some naughty freaky shit, and you still had enough stamina for one last hoorah."

"What can I say?"

"Just leave her alone.  Don't try to contact her, don't try to find her.  Just let it be, and maybe this'll blow over."  Allison demanded.

And with that, the story ends... but you know I'm gonna have to find her and talk to her myself.