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Port Visit, Palma

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A port visit to Palma turns into a night i will never forget

I first met Lisa in Palma Spain. I was walking along the beach in a pair of blue jeans and a gray button up shirt when I saw her from a distance. She caught my eye right off the bat. 

Now Lisa's about 5' tall so for me to see her at a distance is remarkable to say the least. But there she was, sitting on a white lounge chair over looking the ocean. Her light brown hair was blowing softly in the wind. She was wearing a silver bikini that accented her golden brown tan and ample bosom. 

I decided to be up front which is not at all like I am usually.  I walked over to her and sat down at one of the chairs beside her. "There must be a reason why you are sitting alone. And I think it will bother me all night if I don't find out why." It was more of a statement than a question and I almost felt panicked that I had made a fool of myself. It was a weak line. But as I had found in the past, a weak line with a confident smile can make all the difference.

She slowly closed her book and looked at me. "It's quite simple really; I guess no one wanted to talk to me. You're the first!" she said with a smile. My heart slowed a bit. "Well I don't get it. Most people go on vacation hoping to meet someone new and interesting. And as near as I can tell you fit both of those. My name's Dave."

I reached to shake her hand. She took my hand and began to shake it as you would someone of the same sex. "No, that's not how you do it." I protested. I took her hand and poised it palms down then lightly placed my hand around it. "Here, like this!" I smiled shook it lightly. "OHH, and why is that?" she asked playfully. "Its how you show respect to a woman's grace. It comes from a time when men use to escort women around by the hand." It was bullshit, or at least it sounded like bullshit, but then again it was good bullshit! "Well it's nice to meat you Dave, my names Lisa. It's not often I learn something new and met someone at the same time." She leaned forward a bit. "What's say we find somewhere to get a drink and get to know one another a bit shall we?" I thought for a second and I stood up. "I have just the place! It's down the beach a bit. But it's a great place."

I held my hand out to help her up and she placed hers atop of mine. When she stood, the motion made her rather large breast bounce and my eyes flickered to the motion and then back upward. She adjusted her top and we began to walk down the path. "I saw that you know!" she said playfully. "Saw what?" I asked, trying to make it seem like I had no idea what she was talking about. "You know what, that little bat of the eye."  I wasn't sure what to say at this point. Her smile grew at my silence. "You’re speechless huh!" she said.

I figured at this point I should just be honest, the worst it could do is leave me high and dry. "Well I am only human." I said. "I didn't say I mind, I just said I saw it! There’s no harm in looking now is there."

I looked over at her smiling at me and I said to myself that I should just push my luck as far as it will go tonight. If it held out, this could be the best port of call yet…

We walked until it was almost dark when I pointed out a little place on the beach. "The daiquiri palace huh! That sounds like my kind of place."

We took a seat at the outer most tables we could find. She sat down as I went to order us some drinks. I quickly returned with our drinks. "This is a nice place, how did you come about it?" I thought on how to answer that question. "In my line of work you always here about the best place to drink." She looked around at the people that surrounded us. "You're with the convention aren't you?" I smiled, "you got me, and we are only in town for a few days."  She sat back in her chair. "That's nice, I am in management myself. We are always heading to this area and I never usually get to have any fun. It’s all work and no play for this old girl." She took a hard drink from her glass. "Hard life huh, well you can leave all that shit behind you tonight and just let us go were ever the wind takes us." Her eyes widened. "And were does the wind take us? She asked inquisitively. "Well let's see shall we."

I took a handful of sand and tossed it into the air. Then I pointed to a set of rocks overlooking the sea. "Over there, let's see what happens when we head over there." She quickly grabbed her drink and took off toward the rocks. It was as if the idea of not having anything planed was just what she needed. I grabbed my drink and took off after her.
I didn't catch her until she made her way around the edge of the rocks. She had found a little cove in between the rocks. ‘Wow, you are really fast!" I said slightly out of breath. "Maybe if you're lucky!" the said with a teasing grin.

She walked over to a small rock and straddled it. She placed her glass in between her legs. 

I took a long look at her. Her breasts were heaving from the run and her nipples were erect from the evening air. I found myself getting aroused by this whole situation and I quickly decided to act. I walked over to her and looked down into her eyes. Leaning forward I kissed her lips and hoped for the best. I could taste the richness of the drink on her thin lips. The kiss lasted from a little bit and I could feel the heat rising off of her. Finally we broke the kiss. "Mmm, strawberry!" I commented. “You like strawberry
Huh, here have another drink.” She leaned the drink inward and spilled it over her chest. "OHH no, I've spilled it!" she said innocently.  I leaned over and began to kiss on her chest. She leaned back a little so that I was leaning over her.  I found the string to her top and pulled it off of her. "Be sure to get it all." She said. I momentarily stopped and looked up at her. "Yes ma'am!" I said before quickly and returning to the task at hand. I firmly grabbed her breast with my right hand and kissed her erect nipple.  She let out a slow sigh.

I took the glass from her and quickly removed her bottoms. I went to my knees and took a moment to admire her shaven pussy. Apparently this bit of foreplay had made her extremely wet. I moved in and placed there tip of my tongue on her clit and worked it in small circles. I pressed it between my lips. Lisa leaned back and moaned, placing her legs over my shoulders. I worked it a bit more with my tongue. I placed a finger in her slowly and she began to gyrate back and forth. I worked in a second finger. She braced her self up on the rock and said "Let's not make me cum too early, it's my turn." She slowly backed me away with her foot. Then she got up and pressed her body onto mine. Unbuttoning my Shirt she pulled it away from me. She moved down to my pants and rubbed on the outline of my cock then she unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them with her teeth, pulling my dick out with her hand. She grabbed my glass and poured a little on the edge then she licked her lips and then placed them over the head of my dick. At first she went shallow and slow, but eventually got deeper and faster. I could feel myself getting ready to cum. She pulled me on top of her.  I slipped my cock into her soaked pussy. It was easy because she was so wet.

I started to move slowly at first; Working with the rhythm a bit... but soon I picked up the pace. Her moans quickly turned into commands. "OHH goood, harder, OHH yes pound me!" I pushed into her as hard as I could. Her legs were arched up on my side and clinched against me. Suddenly
She pulled me toward her by the neck and flipped us over without missing a beat. She leaned back and pushed inward to try to get deeper on me. I felt the muscles on her tighten up and I knew she was about to cum... Then as if the wind had been knocked out her, she slowed down. I supported myself up and wrapped my arm around the small of her back. I kissed on her neck as she leaned forward onto me "are you o.k.?" I whispered into her ear. "Yeah, it's just been long since I .... I have done this, sorry it was so short. But if you let me I...I want to make it up to you.......

Eventually we got up and prepared ourselves to return into the public eye. It took awhile because Lisa was still unsteady. I took her lightly by the hand and we walked back to the main beach. "What shall we do now?" Lisa asked. "I don't know.  We have all night." I stopped and turned to her. I brushed her hair away from her face. She was glowing. "I don’t want the night to end to soon." Her smile widened. "Well we could go back to my room; the only thing is that I have someone staying with me." I leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. "I guess we will just have to be quite about it then!" I whispered in her ear. “I don’t know if I could manage that.” She teased.

She pulled on my hand. "It's this way." She said nodding her head. We quickly made it to her hotel and into her room. It was in a very nice hotel, and the room was incredible. We entered into the common area that separated the two bed rooms. A large plush couch sat in the middle and on the far end was the bathroom.  "Nikki, are you here?" Lisa yelled walking though the common area. She cracked open the door to the right of the room and peaked in. after a moment she turned around and slowly closed the door. "Nikki is in her room for now so we have the run of the place. I'll be back in a moment I am going to slip into something a little more suitable. Make yourself comfortable."

I walked into the room and sat down on the couch as Lisa made her way into the room on the room on the far left. I looked around to for a moment and see a bottle of water on the cabinet in front of me so I grab a cup and poured myself a glass. I go to pick up the cup when I hear the door open behind me.  I stopped to turn around and look at her.

"Well how do I look?" she asked. I looked her over from head to toe. Her light brown hair was pulled back slightly away from her face which seemed to bring out the true brown in her eyes. She was wearing white, silk, night gowns which perfectly accented her well rounded breast. It fell just above her knees and there were two slits that came clear up to her thigh.  The color looked amazing against her tan skin.  " look unbelievable." I said with a shudder. She walked over to me and took my hand. She ran it down her thigh. "Doesn’t that feel so soft against your skin?" She said quietly. "ummmm hmm!" I moaned.

At this point I don't think I could have very much. I was already hard and ready to take her right there. She walked over to the couch seductively and sat down. You could tell that she enjoyed the idea of me being there and I must admit that I could not think of anywhere else I would rather be. I walked over to her, trying to act calm as I sat down next to her. "Well you don't look comfortable at all." she said in a playful voice. "Here, let's just see what we can do about that, shall we!" she looked up at me with a devilish grin on her face.

Lisa unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my raging cock. She let my Pants fall to the floor and I quickly took off my shirt to match. Her hands slipped to my ass and pulled me toward her. She took my head into her mouth and teased the end of it with her tongue. I placed my hands on the arms of the couch and leaned toward her a bit which allowed her to
Go further down on my cock. She started to gag a little then placed her hand around the base to help steady it. Her motions became more rapid. I felt myself clinching up when suddenly a sound caught me from behind.

I resisted the urge to turn my head quickly but slowly tilted my head to look over my shoulder to see what was making the sound. The door to Nikki's room was open just enough for me to see Nikki lying on her bed.  She didn’t notice me looking because her eyes were closed.

Nikki was an average height with red shoulder length hair. She was wearing a dark blue tank top and a pair of men's
Boxer shorts. One of her hands was under her shirt plying with her perky breast and the other was placed in the fly hole of the pants, rubbing her clit vigorously. I turned back to Lisa who was still in the mist of what she was doing. I tried to get mad but it felt so damn good that I could only think of the pleasure that she was giving me. I moaned Lisa's name and she looked up at me. I motioned behind me and she replaced her mouth with her hand to look at what I was motioning to. 

By this time Nikki was too far into her self enjoyment to notice that we were staring at her. We stood there for a moment watching her as she bit her lip and leaned against the door frame. Lisa slowly stood up and whispered to me, "I had no idea, what should we do?" she asked. "That depends on how far the wind takes us." She looked at me to see if I was serous and smiled. "Would you mind, I have never been with another girl and I have always wondered what it would be like." I didn't think that a guy would have to be asked that question.  "Well let's go see how she reacts, and we will go from there." We walked around the couch by which time Nikki had given up on standing altogether and had laid out on the floor. "How hot
Is this?" Lisa whispered to me. She slowly crept over to her side and knelt down beside her. She leaned over Nikki and kissed her on the lips ever so slightly. This scared Nikki and she sprang up "whaaa...." I placed my finger over her mouth and smiled. Nikki looked up at Lisa and there gaze spoke volumes.

Lisa took Nikki by the hand and led her over to the bed. She laid her down on the bed and then lent over her kissing her again and again. I stopped just short of her king sized four post bed.  Lisa reached out and grabbed Nikki by the neck and pulled her closer. She kissed her passionately and at first Nikki tensed up. But soon she gave into the desires of the night. I sat back and watched as the there hands explored each other's bodies. Nikki's quickly found Lisa's full, poised breast and rubbed her nipples with her finger tips. Lisa's hands slid underneath her boxers and grabbed Nikki by the waist.

It wasn't long before Nikki decided to slide Lisa's cloths off. She leaned over and started to kiss on her breast, giving each one the attention that it craved. Lisa noticed the motion that I was just watching. "I want her tongue. I want her to savor me." She whispered, kissing me on the ear. I looked into Nikki's emerald eyes and smiled laying her back on the bed. I walked in behind Lisa who was staring a Nikki. Placing my hand on the small of her back, I moved her closer to Nikki and she took the hint. She climbed over Nikki's face. Nikki took her fingers and rubbed her clit. It was already moist so she inserted a finger into her slit. Lisa moaned and leaned forward onto the head board. I leaned over to Nikki and whispered "just do what feels natural." With that she kissed her clit which ran shivers down Lisa's spine. She flicked it a few times and then started to tongue fuck her. This drove Lisa wild and she started to motion back and forth on her tongue. Her moans quickly turned to all out screams. She moved back and forth over Lisa’s eager mouth until she exploded in sweet release.

Lisa lounged against the headboard to steady herself as her strength started to fail. Nikki decided she wanted to feel kind of intense orgasm that she had given Lisa. She pulled Lisa back from the headboard and laid her down on the bed pulling her to the bottom side of a 69. Lisa attacked Niiki's pussy like an animal and so both of them were in the heat of passion. It did not take long until Nikki to had her moment of ecstasy.

The two of them took a second to recover. From such a tense moment and I finally decided it was time for me to join in on the action. Lisa climbed over to the edge of the bed to meet me. Pulling herself up on her knees she wrapped her arms around my neck. "Aww is somebody feeling left out?" she said smiling. I just smiled a nodded. "Baby just watching you is enough for me. Nikki moved over to Lisa and wrapped her arms around Lisa's waist. "Well there's always room for one more, although I must admit this was my first time with a woman." I looked over and placed my hand on her cheek. "Well let's hope it will not be your last!" I said.
"Hell yeah, I'll see to that!" Lisa chimed off enthusiastically. "I leaned over and kissed Nikki, Lightly touching her lips.

"Now let's see how we do this with a man in your mist." Lisa and Nikki pulled me onto the bed. Nikki found her way to my lips while Lisa found her way down to my cock.  "Now go easy with me. This is my first time with two women and that thing is already ready to explode." Nikki smiled "easy isn't in our nature sir." She said quickly before kissing me again.  By now Lisa was bobbing up and down on my manhood as it was getting it ready to explode. My hands found there way to Nikki's breast and began to rub them. She took her hands and places them over mine getting me to rub her nickel sized nipples. I reached down to kiss on one and she began to breathe heavy. Hearing her moan sends me over I start to cum in Lisa’s mouth. Lisa pulls her mouth off and replaces it with her hand as streams keep shooting into the air and on to her mouth and chest. “My that thing was loaded.” She says as she wipes her lips.  Nikki pulls me over and lays me down. "I want some of that." She says seductively. She kissed Lisa deeply, no doubt exchanging my fluid between them. After a moment she breaks her kiss and kisses my body down to my member. She joined Lisa who was already working my dick back up to hard again.

They sandwiched my dick in between there lips and swirled their tongues around it. By then I felt myself get hard again. They broke off of it and Nikki mounted herself on my cock and slowly slid her tight pussy over it. Lisa straddled over my head and faces Nikki. Lisa leans forward to kiss her and she grabs Lisa's breast.

I took the moment and slide my tongue across her slit. Finding her button I press on it with my thumb as I begin to tongue fuck her. Our moans and screams mold into one orgasmic symphony and the moment seemed to last forever. But eventually Lisa couldn’t take the assault any longer and gave out, slumping back behind my head and leaning against the headboard.

I looked up at Nikki. Her eyes were locked onto Lisa’s as she rode me for all it was worth. But eventually she two gave out and collapsed on my chest in one final thunderous orgasm. Lisa joined us on the bed, each one taking a side and cuddling up with me. We laid there not wanting the moment to end, talking about our experience.

Eventually Nikki drifted off to sleep, then Lisa. As I started to fade myself I noticed something in the mirror that reflected into the closet "what, an officer’s uniform..........HOLY SHIT!!!"

I laid awake for another hour and thought of that same line over and over again. "I want to tell you something Danny and listen up 'cause I mean this: You're the luckiest man in the world.  There is, believe me gentlemen, nothing sexier on earth than a woman you have to salute in the morning. Promote 'em all I say." It pored though my head over and over again.

"How could I pass this chance up? Besides, if she was on my boat I would have defiantly noticed." I reasoned to myself.

Suddenly Nikki began to stir. "OHH what time is it?" she asked pulling herself closer to me. "It's about 6 in the morning. Nikki began to lift herself up from the bed. She half heartedly walked over to the bathroom across the room and started the shower. The sound of the shower woke Lisa up and she pulled the covers around her and sat up. She turned to me and kissed me on the cheek. "Morning lover, how did you sleep?" I thought about that for a second. "How could I sleep with the two of you were with me. I was afraid that I would wake up and it would have all been a dream." Lisa looked toward the bathroom and saw the steam flowing from the shower. She covered her face and smiled. "Ummm I actually did it, didn’t I? How was I?
Any good?" my smile grew. "You were astonishing, incredible, even miraculous I would say!" she kissed my full on the lips. "You’re so sweet. We have a few hours before we have to be on the move. Care to join us for
Breakfast?" I slid closer to her and wrapped my arm around her. "Of course!" she looked into my eyes and I brushed her cheek.

"Come join me bitch!" Nikki demanded. "Is she talking to you or me?" I asked Lisa. "Do you mind if I have some time with her, alone. I want to do this on my own!" my eyes narrowed and I leaned forward. "Not at all but you have to be loud enough for me to hear you!" I said. "I don't think that will be a problem." she hoped up. "Good then I will get breakfast started."
I walked to the door I picked up my shirt. I turned and looked back at Lisa. She was practically skipping to the bathroom and I just shook my head. “Now wash my tits” I heard as I walked out into the common area.

They were in there for about two hours. I could hear there moans, and eventually, their screams of ecstasy and I couldn't help but get worked up over listening to them in the other room.

Just as I thought they were never coming out the door cracked open and the two of them came walking out.
Lisa was in a loosely tied robe. So loose, in fact, that I could tell she was wearing my boxers. Not that I minded.

Nikki however was in a black lace bra and panties combo. It seemed to make her skin look so smooth it was almost hypnotic. Like satin, hell it felt like satin. They booth sat down with grins plastered on there faces. They dove into the meal I had fixed without a word between them. "I love pancakes." Nikki remarked as she used her fork to pull a few onto her plate. "Me too, especially with peanut butter on them" Lisa chimed in. "well these are my special morning after pancakes. I hope you like them.” Nikki tore off a piece and looked at it. "What’s the difference?" she asked. "Just try them" I smiled.

She placed the peace in her mouth and her eyes lit up. "OHH my god these are so good! You have to taste this!" she took another peace and placed it in Lisa's mouth. Lisa took the piece and sucked on her finger. "Mmm, this is amazing! Where did you learn to make these?" she asked not really caring how I answered. "It was on the Enterprise" I answered. Lisa's flinched at that answer and that confirmed my fear.

We sat in silence as we ate. I could feel our night together was going to leave on a bad note and I just couldn’t bring myself to let it end this way. Then my ear caught the sound of a song on the radio. "I like the way you do it right thur!!"

I walked over to the radio and turned up. I picked up the spatula form the counter and picked up where the song was at. I figured I had a slim chance to end it on a good note so I broke into an improvised song and dance. "I like the way do it now." The two of them begin to smile and move to the music until the song came to a close. But I wasn't satisfied. Then I heard another high tempo song come on and I pulled the girls up to dance.  "Don't ya wish your girl friend was hot like me" the radio was playing as they started to dance seductively. I leaned back on the counter as the two of them proceeded to dance for me. They started to strip each other as they danced. Nikki worked Lisa's robe off and slid her hands around her. She slowly worked down Lisa's body as she lowered my boxers to the ground. She worked her way back up to her then turned round. They grinded on each other and continued on until they were both nude.

The song ended and was replaced by a slower one. They approached me and pulled me in between them. They got real close to me as the radio played. "I won't talk, I won't breath, I won't move till you finally see that you belong to me." There is something so erotic about the whole moment. Lisa, who was in front of me, kissed me on the lips while Nikki kissed my neck. As soon as we broke the kiss Nikki turned my head to kiss me. The two of them moved there hands over my body and I could feel the heat come from them. It was like an aphrodisiac, enticing me to let go. To give them total control.

Lisa moved her hands to my manhood and started playing with me. Nikki unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall to the floor. She pressed her firm breast against my back as she pulled my head back to kiss me again. Lisa motioned to the couch and she led us over to it. She had me lay down and had Nikki mount me gently she moved behind her and sat over my lower legs she grabbed Nikki by the hips and started to move her back and forth on me, matching Nikki's motions with her own body. I was in a total state of ecstasy. I grabbed Nikki's breast and rubbed them as she moved faster and faster. I could hear Lisa whispering in her ear, "that's it love, let yourself go." She started moaning, rocking back and forth. I could feel her tighten up around me. "OHH, uhhh, uhhhhh!" she let out as her body started to shake from elation. Lisa kissed her on the neck as she laid back on her. "I want to taste both my lovers." Nikki exclaimed catching her breath. Lisa looked at me and nodded. "Sure love lay down for me", Nikki then slipped onto the couch and lay on her back. Lisa got into a sixty nine position. I moved behind her and pressed my dick onto her moist womanhood. I slid in slowly, shallow at first working my head gentile in and out of Lisa. Nikki’s tongue found her clit and began working on it vigorously. I could feel her tongue graze me as I began to thrust into Lisa harder.

By this time Lisa was breathing deeply and working on Nikki's swollen pleasure spot. Nikki was humming. The vibration felt incredible and I could feel it would not be long before I would explode. I gripped Lisa's hips and began to pound her. This drove her wild and her moans became screams. I felt her clinch up as she started to cum. "that's it cum for me!" Nikki said in delight. The taste sent Nikki over the edge and she moaned loudly "mmm I'm Cumming!" that was all I needed. I pulled by cock and dipped it into Nikki’s mouth before cumming myself, just once deep in her mouth and the a few more times on her face. Nikki pulled my cock into her mouth and sucked on it. Savoring the flavor of her two new lovers. I shot on last load in her mouth.

We laid there holding each other for a small time more before it was time to leave. I am keeping your boxers.” Lisa announced as she was getting ready. “O.k. but you have got to give me something in return.” I said playfully. She reached into her bag and pulled out a black lacy thong and tossed it to me. They smelled of her perfume. I stuck them in my pocket.

Nikki came out in the same blue top from last night and a black skirt. I looked down to see that she was also wearing black high heels and a sparkling anklet to match. I admired the outfit for a moment as she joined us in the common room. She punched me in the arm “stop looking!” she teased. I noticed the edges of her nipples starting to form under the shirt. “How could I not, I bet you get stared at all the time.” It was most likely true. I took a moment to picture her in uniform and wondered how hot it would be to have sex with her in it.

We left the room and walked to the elevator laughing and teasing each other. We entered the elevator when suddenly Lisa had a thought. “You haven’t gotten a souvenir from Nikki yet!” she exclaimed. Nikki looked at me. “So we are giving out souvenirs now are we? What should I give you?” she thought for a moment. “I know, you can have my anklet but you have to work for it.” I folded my arms across my chest. OHH really, “how so” I inquired. “You have to fulfill one of my greatest fantasies. Are you a fan of Bon Jovi?” I needed no more explanation. I pushed her up against the back of the elevator and unzipped my pants. I picked her up and slipped in quickly due to the fact that she hadn’t worn any panties. I spared no time going genital as we only had ten floors left. I pounded her ruthlessly. “OHH yes fuck my pussy. Fuck it hard.” She cried. The dirty talk was making her more turned on than I was. Finally she came with only two floors left.

I pulled her off of me and set her back on the floor. I had just enough time to tuck my cock back into my pants before the elevator doors opened up again.

Nikki and I walked out in front of the hotel while Lisa went to check out. I pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips again. In fact, we made out until Lisa joined us outside. I broke my kissing and knelt in front of her. I took off the anklet and placed it around my wrist. I stood back up tracing my finger up her leg as I stood.

Lisa turned me around and kissed me again. After the kiss broke I pull the two of them into my arms and whispered so that only the two of them could hear. “I will never forget you two. Never!!”        

Hours passed as I made my way back to the boat. I thought of my weekend and how the songs would forever remind me of the things that had happened that morning and the two hot women whom I had the pleasure of being with. I check into my division when I went to my rack to get some shut eye because tomorrow we would leave Palma, and as always work would be hectic the next day.

My dreams were of my two lovers. I dreamt that I would see them again and that they would fulfill my every fantasy. Especially the one about authority figures. And I work up with definite need to be with them again.

Quarters that next morning was the typical morning after port muster. Most of the people there were hung over and loud. The division's leading chief petty officer walked down with a bull horn (as he has been known to do) "quite bithces!" he bellowed getting every ones attention. Once the room was quite he spoke with a calm voice. "You know we were expecting a new division officer at the end of this month, (no) well as it turns out she's already checked on board (IT Can’t be) and will be conducting meetings with each of you later this week." (This can’t be good)The word she rang in my mind and my heart got moved into my throat. Just then chief spoke again. "I want ya’ll to meet LT.  Nikki McCoy." The group quickly formed up with me on the front row and as she passed the doorway I knew it was her. The only thing I remember thinking was "OHH shit...”


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