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Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes a little practice paves the way for some other things…
Practice Makes Perfect

Coffee isn’t really my thing. I say that a lot, and it’s mostly true, even though I stop to pick up a latte on my way to work, every day, at the same coffee shop. Sometimes I sit in the coffee shop on the weekend too, just to get out of the house while I work on a few things, using their wireless connection. But really, I’m not big on coffee. I guess it’s easy to think otherwise, but I never have more than one a-day. Well, two a day, at most.

The best thing about getting my coffee every morning was Sue. Sue’s smile charged my day every day, setting me off to work with a happier demeanor than I’d woken with, without fail. Smiles can do that and Sue’s smile was friendly, radiant and a sight for tired eyes.

Sue looked to be in her early thirties, older than the rest of the staff, but her mature beauty was a stark contrast to the tattoos, piercings and unnaturally colored hair most of the employees used to assert their individuality. Sue’s individuality was classical good looks that were hard to ignore. Her hair was light brown and naturally wavy. Her eyes were blue, her mouth lush and inviting and her skin was a slight olive color that exuded health. It was her smile that created my attraction to her though. Ever-present and warm, Sue appeared to be genuinely happy to be working in the shop and helping the working masses in her small way.

I’d never exchanged more than a few words with her in all the months she’d worked in the shop, the only reason I knew she was “Sue” was her name tag, but every morning I looked forward to seeing her smile and secretly harbored a wish that there’d be an opening to get to know her better. When she wasn’t there during my morning stop my day started a little heavier.

I was a realist though. The chances of something like that happening – me getting to know Sue better – were slim to none. Barring some intervention by fate…

I certainly wasn’t expecting fate to be friendly that Saturday when my Internet connection dropped at home and I decided to head to the coffee shop for a couple of hours, hopefully while the cable company fixed the issue. I got there shortly after lunch and found a nice soft armchair with a small table next to it – home from home for an afternoon.

It was an hour later and I was starting to think about a second latte when Sue arrived. Rather than walk in with her work apron in her hand, she wore blue jeans, a lime green summer top and carried a laptop bag. After she’d greeted all of the staff she looked around for a seat and decided on an armchair a few feet from mine, sharing the table. As she unpacked her laptop and plugged in the power cord she looked over and smiled a silent “hello”. Leaving her laptop to boot up, she went behind the counter and fixed herself a drink, then came back to settle in to whatever task she was here to pursue. Without as much as a word from Sue my Saturday just got better.

And essentially that was where my work finished for the day. Sure, I continued looking at my documents, surfing the web and generally looking intently at my screen, but I wasn’t working. I was thinking about Sue, wondering what she was doing and hoping I got the chance to talk with her some more.

After a while I left my seat to get a fresh latte. When I got back Sue was watching me and I took the opportunity to open the conversational door. “Aren’t we supposed to get away from work on the weekend?”

Sue beamed that wonderful smile at me. “We are, but I’m just making use of the facilities.” She nodded at her laptop, obviously indicating Internet connectivity. “I just moved into a new apartment and don’t have Internet yet. At least, not when my neighbors protect their wireless I don’t.” She smirked playfully.

“Understand.” I nodded knowingly. “Hope you get free coffee too.”

“Just let me know when you need another one,” she quipped, “I get my own.”

“Where were you five minutes ago?” I held up my fresh cup.

Sue looked sheepish, but her face still beamed.

I didn’t want to let Sue’s attention go to waste, so I asked her what she was doing, not wishing to pry, but wanting to keep her talking. Fortunately for me she was only doing a little research into possible college courses she might start in the fall. The follow-up was much more interesting – that she was looking to start college again because she’d just got divorced; a year after her marriage fell apart. Since then she’d been living in several apartments and the job at the coffee shop was currently more about keeping her from becoming a recluse, rather than a career.

Sue gave no sign that she wanted to return her attention to her laptop and as our conversation continued she began asking questions about my background and joking that I shouldn’t be there on a Saturday either. Normally, I would have agreed with her, but today, I was happy being where I was.

She was as easy to talk to as she was to look at. After a few minutes we both started to enjoy the conversational interaction and it was good to see her relax as we talked. I felt more at ease too, up to a point. More than ever I wanted the opportunity to get to know Sue better, and that desire always brought a little tension to my consciousness.

I was given hope that Sue was thinking the same when she turned towards me in her chair, twisting to get closer to facing me while we talked. I also noticed that several of her hand gestures and the timing of her smiles and laughs mirrored my own. It wasn’t cause for too much hope, or relaxing, but it certainly helped me by understanding that Sue appeared to be enjoying the company as much as I was.

We had both put away our computers after an hour and Sue got our drinks replenished as we drifted on the afternoon and deeper into learning about each other.

“Your nails?” Sue nodded towards my right hand as she sipped at her drink. “You play guitar, right?”

I glanced down at my hands. The nails on my right hand were longer than those on my left hand, a dead giveaway. It wasn’t the first time someone had noticed and I shrugged playfully. “I play a bit. Not too much these days. The nails are an old habit rather than a necessity.”

“I’ve been learning to play for a few months. Had lots of time to practice.” Sue smirked. “I’m not very good, but I enjoy it.”

“That’s the most important thing.” I agreed with her. “Enjoy it and Practice. Practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect.”

Sue laughed at my impersonation of a strict music teacher. “Don’t think I’ll ever be perfect. I just want to play a little, be good enough to play something recognizable.”

“Not everything I play is recognizable.”

Sue asked if I played in a band, or with other musicians, but it had been a while since music had been anything other than a hobby for me.

“I’d like to see you play.” Sue casually commented. “I’m sure you’re better than you’re saying, and I’m sure I could pick up a few tips from you.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. The door was open for me to make a suggestion to Sue but I looked long into her eyes and saw only a giddy excitement that made her appear much younger than her age. I offered, “Well, you can come round sometime and I’ll show you how inept I am, on the guitar.”

“Deal.” Sue accepted immediately, thrusting out her hand to me to shake our confirmation. Her hand felt soft and warm, echoing her face’s homely, excited smile.

I left it at that for a moment, not wishing to push too hard. We went on to discuss some of the music she liked, and naturally on to books and movies. It was almost a shock when I realized that it was after four in the afternoon already, the time had just slipped pleasantly away.

As I started to think about wrapping up my afternoon I looked over to Sue again and simply offered, “Hey, you’ve probably got plans for this evening, but if you haven’t and want to play a little guitar… I only live a mile away.” The words came out naturally, like it was the expected progression of the day, rather than the crunch question it probably should have felt like.

Sue’s eyes lit up as the offer sunk in. “I’d love to. You don’t mind?”

“Hardly.” I laughed. “I have no plans, and you’ve made me want to pick up a guitar for the first time in weeks.”

“Let’s go.” Sue was now ahead of me, already reaching to pack up her bag.

We got in separate cars and Sue followed me to my apartment block. Once parked, I ushered her up the single flight of stairs to my apartment, opened the door and allowed her to walk into my life. A life, that had, thankfully, been tidied that very morning. I led her past the bedrooms, swiftly indicating what they were, and on to the open lounge, kitchen, dining room area.

“You have a lot of guitars.” Sue almost shouted with excitement when she emerged in the lounge. I had four guitars on hangers decorating the wall. All of them were a little dusty, but very useable.

I put down my backpack and reached up for an old Yamaha acoustic. “This is what I play in here mostly.” I told her while I plucked the strings and listened for the tuning. Once I was sure it was playable I handed it to Sue. “Here, play this while I get you a drink.”

“Just some water please.” She took the guitar without hesitation, sat on the sofa and let it rest comfortably on her knee.

As I went to the kitchen and pulled two bottles of water from the refrigerator, I heard Sue form a couple of chords and slowly strum the strings. I could hear that she was playing pretty basic things, but her fingers were moving well. She was a beginner, but had obviously been practicing hard.

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” I told her truthfully, handing over one of the bottles.

“I’m getting there.” She seemed to appreciate my opinion. “I want to get to the point where I can play lots of songs, and a few styles. It seems slow going at times.”

“It will be,” I assured her, “but one day you’ll realize you can play things you never thought you would, then you’ll realize you can play most of what you want to. It’s a bit like that when you’re learning.”

Sue held the guitar out for me. “Here, play something.”

I’d heard those words countless times over the years from friends and acquaintances alike. “Play something.” It was kind of a catch all demand to show that you really could play. I took the Yamaha and fingered a G chord, checking the tuning again. I sat next to her and quickly ran through a bunch of options in my mind, searching for something Sue might recognize. Because I was holding the acoustic and making a G I picked out the first few bars of John Mayer’s “Why Georgia”.

Sue’s eyes widened visibly as I played through the intro and first part of the song. When I stopped she gushed, “I love that song! You play it so well. Is it hard to play?”

I showed her slowly that the chords were fairly basic and that the trick was knowing which strings to pick, with which fingers. I knew she wouldn’t be able to play it without lots of practice though. “I can write it down for you, and then you can learn slowly, at your own pace. It’ll take a while to put together and get the timing right.”

I was impressed when she asked for the guitar back and formed the first chord. She tried three times to make just the first three notes, each time completely missing the subtle hammer-ons with her left hand fingers. Rather than show frustration, Sue laughed, looked up at me briefly then went back to concentrating on the fret board and trying again.

Her fingers looked petite and were occasionally slow as she tried to improve her coordination. I watched carefully as she bent over the instrument, giving me an unexpected view of her cleavage between the V of her green top. Her flesh moved against the guitar as her hands moved, bunching up her breasts and making them bulge against her bra. Her skin looked sublime, and I imagined a better view, just managing to avert my gaze to her fingers before she looked up and caught me staring at her boobs.

“I can’t even get the first part.” Thankfully, Sue was laughing.

“You’re nearly there.” I got of the seat and kneeled down in front of her. I reached up to take her hand and adjusted the position of her fingers slightly. “If you start like this, it’s easier to make the next change.”

Sue tried again, almost making it. “I see what you mean, but I just can’t make my fingers work.”

“Practice.” I reminded her, reaching up to correct the position of her fingers again.

This time Sue looked at me, not our fingers. The look in her eyes was suddenly intense and the temperature in the room soared even before she said, “If I take the guitar away, would you keep your hand there?”

I resisted the urge to swallow and simply nodded.

Sue carefully pulled the guitar away with one hand and placed it next to her while I remained on my knees and kept our fingers entwined. Her eyes never left mine.

“I’ve not been with anyone since I was divorced.” Her tome was almost confessional. “”You touch… your fingers… felt so good. I hope… you don’t mind.”

“No way.” I pulled her had towards me and lightly kissed the back of it. Her skin was warm and soft. “It’s nice to meet you Sue. To meet you properly.”

I reached out for Sue’s other hand and brought that one to my lips also. When I looked up at her face the intensity was still there, her eyes slightly watery now and her skin flushing with the new heat. “I… it’s been so long. I’m… not sure I know what to do… how this works again.”

I smiled and pulled on her hands gently to come and join me kneeling. “You don’t have to worry about that. It’s nice that you’re here. Beautiful that you’re here.” I dropped her hands gently and wrapped my arms around her in a hug.

Sue seemed to relax a little as I held her, enough at least that I felt safe to ease away from her and come face to face. Sue’s eyes flickered away from me uncertainly, then came back to hold my gaze. I eased forward an inch and kissed her on the nose. Her eyes closed now, comfortably. I eased my lips to hers. Not so much kissing her but just feeling them with the lightest possible touch.

When I did start to make small kisses on her lips, Sue immediately responded, wonderfully soft and with a building erotic tension as we explored each other’s lips intimately. Sue’s lips opened invitingly for me but before I pushed my tongue inside her I pulled gently on her upper and lower lips, pinching them playfully between mine. I could feel Sue’s passion rising as she reached to hold my hand and felt her tongue start to come out to play with mine.

It was a restrained urgency we were feeling. Sue delicately kissed me as her hands felt around my torso and hugged me. I mirrored her actions until we were kneeling, facing each other, kissing tenderly but with a rising passion.

Her tongue reached deep into my mouth, enjoyed an erotic, playful exchange and then withdrew as she broke away from me slightly. Sue was smiling, a little shyly, but definitely smiling. “Are you… are you okay here, or do you want to go to… bed?”

I couldn’t avoid a short laugh but Sue understood as I pulled her closely and hugged her tightly. “It’s okay,” I whispered, “it’s just nice to be with you. Wherever you’re comfortable.”

Without a word Sue stood up, pulled my hand and led me through to the bedroom. When we got there I pulled the drapes, leaving the room dim, but with plenty of light to see each other.

Sue had climbed onto the bed and was kneeling when I eased over and climbed on to join her. She quickly started to pull at my shirt, wrenching it from my waistband. Her passion was erotic and feeling her want me was just plain hot. When she had freed my shirt, she paused before pulling it over my head. “I…”

I brought my finger to her lips and smiled. There was no need for excuses or explanations; this was a time for enjoyment, pure and simple.

When my shirt was gone Sue let her fingers wander over my bare skin, tenderly tracing my body’s contours as the electricity between us built. She kissed me and her hands pressed harder into me. When we broke the kiss this time I reached for her and started to pull her top over her head.

Sue’s eyes were closed when I rolled the top over and off her arms, then they opened, smiling as usual. I barely had enough time to take a good look at the white bra that contained Sue’s breasts before she reached behind her back and undid the fastener. The material fell easily away, revealing her ample breasts and quarter-sized nipples in all of their sexy glory.

As soon as I touched her breast, rolling my fingers along the bottom curve of her form, Sue made a delicious gasp and closed her eyes. With the lightest of touch, it was easier to feel the weight of her, just by pushing up gently on her soft skin. I let my fingers ease up over her curve and discover her nipple. Her bud was already swollen as I squeezed it gently between my fingers. Sue’s eyes remained closed, her body surrendering and her face showing delight.

I moved my mouth down to kiss the nipple of the breast I’d been holding and at the same time brought my hand up to play with the other one. Sue groaned, a low, sexy groan that made my cock pulse in my pants as a squeezed her nipple gently between my teeth. I sucked hard on her next, feeling her back arch as the pleasure shot through her body.

I tried to continue my attentions on her breasts with my hand and mouth, enjoying the sensations of her excited nipple as I played with it, rolling my tongue around it and sucking, but Sue was now highly excited and needed more. I felt her hands come to my chest and start to massage my skin, already working down towards the waistband of my jeans. While I continued to suck and nibble on her nipple Sue pushed her hand down inside my jeans and underwear. I closed my eyes involuntarily as I felt the skin on the back of her fingers rub against my erection as she pushed down. When her hand reached the bottom of my shaft she twisted it around and gripped my cock hard. It was my turn to groan with pleasure.

Despite the confines of my clothing Sue managed to work me with several slow, short strokes. I lifted my head from her breast, looked into her eyes and saw the playful fire of a very sexy woman intent on giving and receiving pleasure. “Your hand feels so good.” I told her.

“Your cock feels good in my hand.” Sue smiled and stroked me again. “I think it needs to come out to play. Take these off.”

While I leaned back on the bed and slipped off my jeans Sue slipped to the edge of the mattress and pulled off her jeans down. I caught a glimpse of some pink panties for a second or two before she also pulled them away. When she turned her attentions back to me I tried to get a look between her legs but her thighs were closed as she leaned over and reached out to grab my hard cock. I moved across the bed to aid her quest and my solid member bobbed straight into her hand.

Sue’s grip on me was firm and as we maneuvered back to a comfortable position on the bed she made a few long and delicious strokes along the entire length of my cock. The pleasure sensation she created in my body slowed me down momentarily and distracted me from my quest to find what heaven was between her legs.

We were kneeling in front of each other again and while she continued to make those wonderful movements up and down my shaft I reached between her legs. Sue’s face burst into a smile as I found her soft, wet and hot pussy. She was soaking wet, all around her pussy lips, and I delighted in the silky feeling of her folds. I felt her trimmed pubic hair with my hand as I explored her with my fingers. I knew I’d found her clit when Sue’s head slowly rose up and she sighed. I watched her face as it contorted in pleasure when I pushed my middle finger up inside her. “That, feels, so, good.” She said in slow, breathy words that came from deep in her belly.

Sue’s hand left my cock and she leaned her whole body back, almost pushing herself onto my finger as I worked it around inside her heat. I brought my thumb around to find her clit as I kept my finger moving in and out as far as I could go. It was fascinating to watch this beautiful woman lose control this quickly as she panted and gasped while she moved and my fingers pleasured her. Sue was a sensual creature and seeing her pleasure escalate was one of the hottest things I’d ever encountered. Between my legs, my rock hard cock hardly had enough play in it to move from its erect position as my body moved, pushing my finger into Sue.

She grabbed for my cock again, forcefully. “I want you inside me. Now!”

Sue held my cock and pulled me over her as she lay back on the bed. As I maneuvered between her legs Sue opened them and allowed me to look down and see her swollen lips, inviting me to sink inside. I reached down and touched her again, delighting in her wetness as it covered my fingers. I pushed a finger inside her again and she squirmed. “I love feeling you.” I told her, watching my finger as it slipped in and out of her.

“I need you.” Sue almost growled at me as she wriggled off my finger and pulled my cock towards her wide open and slick pussy.

We locked eyes as Sue pulled me and I lowered my body towards her. When she got the head of my cock to her pussy she rubbed it up and down a couple of times, making sure I cold feel her opening and coating me in her juices. When her hand let me go I paused there, watching her eyes and the pleading look on her face as she wished for me inside her. I felt her pelvis rise to me, trying to engulf me, but I pulled away, keeping my cock touching her pussy lips, poised for entry. When she lowered her body back to the bed I followed that movement too, but this time I kept pushing down.

I entered her with one long push, slipping into her hot depth with ease. She was so wet and warm I sighed with satisfaction to simply feel her around me. Sue gave a long gasp as I entered and opened her eyes when I settled inside. Her face softened, that moment’s desire fulfilled. “Nice,” she whispered, “you feel perfect in there.”

I wanted to bask in that glow all day, soak up Sue’s beautiful face, her tender words and the heat of her body. There was no way my body would let that happen though. I pulled away slowly, until the head of my cock was almost out of her and then slid back inside. I did the same again, looking down at the silhouette of my cock disappearing inside Sue’s pussy.

Sue’s hands came around my back to grasp my bottom and immediately started to help my thrusts, pulling me into her and making sure that I ground against her clit in just the right way. I kept my rhythm slow and my strokes long as I looked down at Sue. She tried to keep my gaze as our excitement mounted but it was almost like she sighed with each stroke. I constantly switched my eyes between Sue’s face and the wondrous sight of my cock moving in and out of her.

I was just beginning to feel the sensations and think about coming when Sue wriggled beneath me and my cock slipped out of her. I think she quietly said, “from behind,” as she turned around and offered me her pussy from the rear but no words were necessary to explain that move. I quickly brought my cock up to her pussy lips again and pushed gently inside. I looked down and got an even better view of my cock sinking into Sue’s pussy, this time just under a tight little asshole and between her round butt cheeks.

As soon as I started thrusting into her, Sue began pushing back hard onto me. I could feel that her excitement had reached a new level and my body responded by feeling the unmistakable renewed signs of an oncoming climax. I raised one leg from a kneeling position and placed my foot on the bed, allowing me to thrust with a more upward motion. Sue spread her legs further apart in response and immediately I could feel my balls slap against her damp flesh with each thrust.

As the slow burn of coming orgasm started I reached between Sue’s legs and found her clit. It was swollen and soaked, but I heard her gasp as I left my fingers in place, moving slightly with my body as I thrust into her time and again. I tried to keep my rhythm slow, long and steady as my desire to plunge into her and make myself cum rose through me. Beneath me Sue was panting now, obviously close to climax herself. I pushed a little harder on her clit with my fingers, trying to synchronize climaxes.

It was Sue’s reaching back to me and cupping my balls with her hand that did it. As soon as I felt her squeeze I knew there was nothing I could do to hold back and the hot flush of orgasm reached bursting point. She squeezed harder as I made a final thrust inside her and I felt the climax push and take over my body, rushing through my veins and burst at every nerve ending.

I grunted and pushed into Sue harder than ever as I came. As the first spurts of cum shot along my shaft and out into her pussy I pressed hard against her clit and rubbed, willing her to cum with me. Just as I felt her pussy get slicker than ever with my juices, Sue obliged. Letting go of my balls, she switched her hand to hold my fingers into her, ensuring they were clamped there as she came hard.

Sue let out a small scream as her climax peaked. I tried to thrust into her again but she gripped my hand tighter, urging me to stay put while she came. I felt her whole body shiver twice, then a huge contraction of her pussy muscles. Sue stopped breathing while the orgasm possessed her, then sighed and slumped onto the bed when it was done.

I slid on top of her, my cock still inside her. We were both breathing heavily.

If I thought that I would slip out of her and we could recover together, I was wrong. Sue slid to her side, my cock came out of her, and she started to settle, lying on her back. She grabbed my hand and led it back to her pussy. “I can cum again,” she urged, “I need to.”

I kneeled up again, gently rubbing Sue’s pussy as she lay back, closed her eyes and enjoyed my work. My fingers dipped inside her, played with her lips and rubbed up and down the length of her opening. I watched her face as it gently contorted with my movements, and I suddenly had the image of playing Sue’s body like it was a perfectly tuned guitar, my fingers controlling the tune and bringing the music to a crescendo.

Sue started panting as I plunged my finger in and out of her, pushing me hand into her clit as I worked. Her legs came up, wide open with knees on the air. She pushed down with her feet, raising her body off the bed as I continued to play her with my fingers. Sue grunted a few times as her moment got close and finally pushed further up off the bed, forcing my finger deep and my hand against her clit. I felt her heat as she flushed around my finger and after a few seconds she slumped back to the bed.

I lay next to Sue, my arm draped across her body, feeling her nipple against my skin. Her first reaction was a girlish giggle. “God, that was good.”

I leaned over and kissed her lips softly. Looking into her watery eyes I said, “Felt like you needed that.”

Sue smirked and nodded. “You noticed.” She switched to lie facing me, our arms around each other. We kissed. “Felt like you needed something yourself.” She smiled.

“You felt wonderful.” I reached up to brush a stray hair from her face. “It was good.”

“Not what I had planned this afternoon.” She kissed me again, then backed away to look into my eyes. “But some things work out for the best.”

It was hard to argue with that, so I didn’t. I pulled Sue close and kissed her hard, letting her know that despite the quick pace of our passion, I felt that our coupling was more than two needy people falling towards each other.

“I still want you to write that guitar part for me.”

I hesitated before answering. “No. I’m not going to.” She puzzled at my words. “I think we should get together for some more lessons, until you can play the whole thing, at least.

Sue smiled and kissed me again. “Fine with me. But I’ll warn you… I can be a really slow learner.”


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