Preacher-man ch 2, The Prayer Meeting.

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Her mother blurted out, Have you decided to join our congregation?
Cindy smiled and asked, “Oooh good idea, when is our next prayer meeting?”

The preacher looked at her and suggested, “Meet me here, 8pm Monday.”

Cindy said goodbye and told him she would take a cab home. She didn’t tell him she had many things on her mind to think about. One thing she did not want to do was see her mother, JoAnne at this time.

All the way home Cindy wondered how her mom would take the news; that she was going to start going to church.

She chuckled and whispered, “Oh won’t that nosy busy body be surprised as to the real reason I am going to church.”

I can see her now yelling, “My daughter is a whore,” before passing out.

Oh hell the old prune is too fucking religious to realize sex is a natural phenomenon and should be fun.

When Cindy got home she changed into her baby-doll pajamas, with bikini panties. Then crawled under the covers and tried to fall asleep. However, the visions of what she and Reverend Caldwell would be doing all week made her clit throb.

She turned on the soft light next to the bed, and threw back the covers. She reached for her 8 inch vibrator in the bedside table, and removed her panties. She turned the toy on high she ran it across her swelling clit.

“Oh preacher-man, I wish this was your tongue tantalizing my hot clit!”

Cindy has not felt this alive in years. Oh god, the preacher-man made her so fucking hot. She removed the rest of her pajama’s, climbed out of bed, and walked over and opened the curtains of her big bay window. She then proceeded to masturbate calling out the preacher’s name repeatedly.

With one hand she brought her hard nipple to her mouth sucking and biting it as her other hand was on the toy fucking her twat. Hell she did not care who saw her, she needed to cum.

Cindy plunged the toy deep and shrieked, “Fuck me Reverent Caldwell! That’s it; ram your hot, hard cock into my cunt harder! Oooooh my god, yes! I am cumming!”

She climaxed so hard her knees almost buckled. She then went back to bed without putting anything on and fell asleep with her hand in her pussy.

Monday morning, the ringing of the phone awoke her, and when she looked at the clock it read, 11:30am.

Reaching for the phone, she uttered a sleepy, “Hello.”

Her mother’s voice, responded. “Rise and shine sleepy head! I need to ask you if what I just heard is true.”

Cindy cringed, oh god here it comes both barrels loaded. “What is it you heard mother?”

Her mother’s voice paused then she blurted out. “That you have decided to join our little congregation. Is it true?”

Cindy fought the urge to laugh. “Yes mother it is true. Reverent Caldwell convinced me I need a little religion." While in the back of her head, and some stiff dick in my life.

Cindy had to hold the phone three feet away because he mother yelled. “Glory be, thank you Jesus, my prayers are answered!”

Cindy then softly spoke into the phone. “Don’t rush things mother I am just trying this religion stuff to see if I like it okay? Goodbye mom, see you Wednesday night.”

“Ok dear, see you then.”

Cindy was so excited about what had happened Sunday night that she could hardly wait until the 8pm prayer meeting. Her clit was throbbing again and she knew she needed to calm down and save her energy for that night. She took a cool shower donned her jogging suit and went for her daily run, maybe a good run will clear her head..

Well the run did cleared Cindy’s head for about two hours. When she looked at her watch it read 2pm.

“Why in the hell must time go slower than molasses when you want to have some fucking fun!”

She was all hot and horny again, but decided to try and ignore it. She went about changing clothes and doing some housework, that always made time go by faster.

When Cindy glanced at her watch again it read, “6:00 pm. Oh good now we are getting somewhere. I wonder if the Reverent Caldwell would mind if I came by and hour earlier? I bet he would not, that man is probably as hot and horny and raring to go as I am.”

Cindy took another shower, applied a bit of seductive makeup, and dressed in her conservative black suit. The skirt was longer than she preferred, but she figured if she ran into any other church members she would look presentable. When she was done pampering she noticed it was time to go.

“Girl, you had better get your ass to church you don’t want to be late for prayer meeting.”

Cindy called a cab and headed off toward the church hoping she would not look too nervous.

As the cab pulled up at the church she noticed there were two cars in the parking lot. She figured it was just someone else who needed the reverend’s counseling.

She then paid the driver and walked toward the front doors of the building. She tried the door and found it unlocked and presumed that the preacher-man was already for her.

Cindy opened the door and went inside. She began searching for Reverend Caldwell; she wanted to see just how ready he was.

She chuckled. “I bet he is sitting naked at his desk lazily stroking a hard cock, just waiting for me to come in and see him.”

Cindy made her way toward the office, and all of a sudden stopped dead in her tracks. She heard something that totally took her off guard. She moved closer, quietly, because she wanted to make sure of what she just heard.

His office door was open a crack and Cindy could not help but look inside. She gasped, as there was her mother, but ass naked on her knees.

“Oooooh Herb you have such a beautiful cock. I cannot wait to suck it deep and swallow every drop of your cum.”

What the hell, her own mother was giving the preacher-man a blow job.

It appeared that Reverend Caldwell did not think anyone would be watching. “Oooooh JoAnne, I love the way you suck my cock. Aaarrrggghhh, that’s it momma, just like that. Oooh yeah, for an older woman, you really know how to suck cock!”

Cindy froze dead in her tracks, she did not know what to do, or did she?

After thinking for a moment, she came up with the idea to proceed with the prayer meeting as planned. That way, she can have him do whatever she wants, when she tells the hypocritical Reverend Caldwell, that she saw him and her mother in his office that day.

One thing Cindy would do was tell either of them that she was going to serve up a double dose of revenge. She was a writer and planned on penning down the details of this torrid, true tale of her adventures, and posting it online.

She moved out of sight for the moment.

When it was 8pm; Cindy knocked on the door of the office, and was greeted by the preacher-man.

“Good evening Cindy, I am glad you came to your prayer meeting. Shall we begin?”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply as his fingers caressed her wanting body.

Cindy returned this kiss and in her mind stated. “Wonder what mother would do if she could see me now?”