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Preacher-man Ch 4; The Devil has Blue Eyes!

This blue-eyed devil pulled at her like a moth to a flame.
“Doll, that won’t be hard to do, because I have fallen head over heels in love with you. You are my angel in disguise.”

He guided her over to the futon, and unfolded it. The two of them climbed onto it, curled up in each others arms and then talked most of the night. It was kind of weird as no man had ever just talked to Cindy before. They all couldn’t wait to get into her panties.

She curled up closer to him ran her finger across his chin and asked, “Where do we go from here Reverend?”

His blue-eyes met her seductive emerald-green eyes. They seemed to shimmer with flecks of gold. This blue-eyed devil pulled at her like a moth to a flame.

“Cindy, call me Herb. Where do you want it to go from here?”

“I’m not sure, but I do want to take things slowly and get to know you more, out of bed.”

“May I suggest coming to the real prayer meeting every Wednesday night for starters? We have a pot-luck dinner followed by small groups for prayer. I just know you’d like the group with women your own age.”

“I could, but might be shy at first. Tell me something, what is your favorite activity to do besides having sex?”

“Well I love to play miniature golf, go sailing, and visit the theater. What do you like to do?”

“I love playing miniature golf, have never been sailing, but would try it. I also love to go to a dinner theater. My mom and I go every now and then. I also love museums and the zoo.”

“Well now, I see we have some things in common, we can have a lot of fun getting to know one another.”

She sat there thinking for a moment, what on earth she would tell her mother. If she mentioned she had sex with Herb, she would never hear the end of how she is a real bad sinner.

“Cindy, a penny for your thoughts.”

“Oh I was just thinking of what to tell mother when I visit her this week. I know she will have a million and one questions.”

“Just be open and honest, and remember not to judge her too harshly. After all she does love you. Well I think it's time I took you home don’t you?”

“Hum, not just yet,” she purred as she ran her hands across his chest and began unbuttoning the buttons. “I have some unfinished business to take care of.”

“Oh yeah, what kind of business,” he teased as he reached for her and pulled her close.

She flashed him a devilish smile, and started removing her clothing. “It requires the two of us to get naked. After all even a preacher needs sex.”

“I love your way of thinking.” He stood and removed his trousers, shorts, socks, shoes, and shirt.

She ogled him. Oh he was so handsome. It was apparent that he took care of his tall, tanned, body from his broad shoulder, down to his firm stomach. When she looked down further she gasped, oh my god, he was hard already.

“Oh honey, it looks like something is raring to go.”

He walked over to her, and ran his hands across her velvety belly, up to her breasts, down her arms, and took a hold of her hands. “Has anyone told you that you are beautiful?”

“Flattery will get you anywhere with me honey.”

“I mean it, you’re not too skinny, and your voluptuous body has curves in the right places. I hate toothpick women; they slip through a man’s fingers like a bar of soap.” His whole body ached for her.

Cindy climbed back onto the futon, and motioned for him. “Come here you sexy thing.” She wanted to excite every inch of his body, make the moment special since they had confessed their love to each other.

Her angelic voice mesmerized him, clear to his soul. His heart skipped a beat as he climbed up next to her, and lay on his side facing her. He could smell her sex, it's alluring perfume permeating, his senses, and going straight to his cock making it as hard as steel.

He pulled her into his arms, and they kissed, long, hard, and deep.

She kissed him back with all the passion she could muster. While pressing her large breast into his chest she ran her fingers down his side, with a light feathery touch. She felt him quiver with desire.

When the kiss ended she was barely able to utter, “I don’t want to fuck, make love to me Herb.”

“Oh my sweet Cindy, it will be my pleasure.”

He held her sweet body as he started kissing her from her ruby-red lips downward. When he came to her breasts, he nibbled, suckled, and pulled at one than the other.

She felt euphoric, as his kiss, set her skin ablaze with desire. With each touch of his lips, she quivered, and felt her juices run down the crack of her ass.

As his mouth worked its magic Cindy reached for his erection, and began caressing it, softly at first then firmer with each stroke.

“Oh darling, squeeze it, hold it, stroke it, this dick is all yours from now on.”

“You mean that, don’t you?”

“Yes I do, why do you ask?”

She paused watching his face to gauge his reaction then spoke. “I was thinking maybe that you can have one last tryst, mother, me and you.”

For a moment she thought he was going to pass out. “Herb, are you okay?”

“Let me see if I heard you straight, before I answer that one. You want us to do one last rendezvous, a threesome with your mother. Correct?”

“You heard me right; I want her to know that I hold no ill feeling for what she did with you. If she will do it, she is kind of weird, and may not.”

“Well there is no harm asking, now hush baby, I need to make love to you before this dick explodes all over this futon.

They made love for a couple of hours, and then decided it was time to go home.

When she glanced at her watch she noticed it was almost noon when he lead her to her car kissed her goodbye.

She was too elated to sleep. She drove directly to her mother’s home, and knocked on the door.

“Well isn’t this a surprise, hello Cindy. What brings you by this early in the day, aren’t you suppose to be working?”

“I was but traded with Renee so I could have the day off.”

Cindy walked into the room sat down, and with a stern voice requested. “Put the coffee on momma, we need to talk.”

For a moment, JoAnne just stood there, wondering where this female hides her real daughter. Then gathered two cups and poured them each a cup.

She gave Cindy an awful look and with a gruff voice, asked. “Sounds serious, you’re not pregnant are you?”

“Mother, please, why must you always think the worst?”

“Maybe it’s because you have never given me any reason to think otherwise.”

“I know, but for now, just shut up and listen for a change; can you at least do that?”

Her mother rolled her eyes and under her breath said, “Here comes the bad news.”

“Go ahead dear talk, but watch your language please.”

“I’ll try okay. First off I want to thank you for introducing me to the preacher-man. He isn’t that bad, and I kind of like him.”

“Well bust my britches, finally I found a man she likes.”

“Enough mother, now try to be calm and don’t blow a gasket but I want to tell you something you might not like.”

“Well then spit it out honey.”

“The other night, I was meeting with the Reverend to pray and talk about my life. I saw something that upset me terribly.” She took a sip of coffee swallowed hard, and told herself, “It’s now or never.” I decided to go a few minutes early. The rectory door was open and I saw you with Reverend Caldwell in a compromising position. I didn’t know women your age could give blowjobs.”

“Well I never,” she went on to say, but Cindy raised her hand and stopped her.

“Mom, let’s not argue, let me finish then you will have time to speak, okay.”

Her mother took a sip of coffee and if looks could kill Cindy would be dead. “Please continue,” she huffed.

“I know you miss dad, and I suppose like any wife, you miss the sex too. I’m not judging you, mother, I just wanted you to know, that I saw you, and I totally understand.”

Her mom looked around the room and under the table, “Ok where did you hide my real daughter?”

“Cindy, how dare you snoop on me like that, I taught you better than that”

“Good grief, I was not snooping!”

“Okay, now I suppose you are going to tell all your girlfriends and use this against me. I knew I should not have done it, but he is so handsome, sexy, and I am always so horny. Don’t look at me like that, I may be 65 but I still have sexual urges.”

Cindy reached out her hand, and grasped her mothers. “I know, and if you don’t remember anything else about this conversation, is that I totally understand. Just be careful, next time it might not be me that catches you.”

“There won’t be a next time; I will use my toy from now on. Now can we please change the damn subject?”

She giggled, and gave her mother a weird look. “Mother, you are swearing, I never knew you could.”

“Enough already, now what do you want to keep this from going throughout the whole congregation?”

“Nothing mother, I do have some good news too.”

“Oh Lordy, here it comes, you're pregnant.”

“No, I have fallen in love with the Reverend Caldwell, and before you get your bloomers in a kink, hear me out.”

“Blessed be, finally maybe now you’ll settle down and I can have a few grand-babies running around.”

“Whoa momma, not so fast. You see you were not the only one tempted and allured by the handsome blue eyed devil, called Reverend Caldwell. I have slept with him more than once, and before I realized I was falling in love with him.”

“Oh sweet Jesus, I hope the woman’s auxiliary don’t hear about this!”

“They won’t but I have a plan that will end it all and make us all happy, if you're up to some sexy fun.”

“Oh Cindy, anything sexy if fun in my book after all I am not a prude. I cannot wait to hear this.”

“Let’s get another cup of coffee first, then I will tell you what is on my mind.”

Her mother poured the coffee, and moved her chair close to Cindy. Her whole body was alive with desire, and she didn’t want to miss a word.

“Well mother here is the plan; I thought maybe we can invite the good Reverend over for supper some Friday night and we can all spend the night together. You get one last chance of sexy fun, I get my sexy fun, and we can call it a going out with a bang party, just the three of us.”

“Oh my goodness I can hear the church women gossiping now. We cannot do something like that,” she rolled her eyes and continued, “Can we?”

“It’s your call mother, I think we can, and don’t worry I am not a lesbian, I prefer men with stiff cocks.”

“Oh me too. Cindy, I wonder if the Reverend’s father is still living and single.”

She rolled her eyes; “Here we go again, my mother the match maker.”

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