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Preacher-man Ch 5, Mother-daughter-threesome!

He could not believe, how aroused, and uninhibited her mother was.
“Oh me too. Cindy, I wonder if the Reverend’s father is still living and single?”

She rolled her eyes; “Here we go again, my mother the match maker.”

Cindy took pride in her appearance. Her five, foot-five 40D, 34, 44 stats would make any man drool. Her greatest features are her long red hair, button nose, ruby-red lips, and captivating emerald-green eyes. She also has a voracious appetite for sex. Her actions often caused a lot of friction between her and her mother, a religious fanatic who often called her a whore and a bad sinner.

Her mother, JoAnne is more petite, five, foot, three, with a sexy hourglass figure. At 65 she considers herself ‘one hot momma,’ with an insatiable sexual appetite. She has short Auburn hair, green-eyes, a great smile and a witty sense of humor. She is also a widow.

Mother and daughter recently discovered they were having a sexual affair with the Reverend Herb Caldwell.

At first Cindy was horrified, and hurt because she felt that she might be falling in love with the man. She was ready to tell the hypocritical preacher-man off, and would have walked out of his life completely, if he had not stopped her and confessed his own love for her.

They had just spent the night talking things out and decided to remain boyfriend, girlfriend and see what happens.

“Momma, what do you think?”

“I think we will have one hell of a night this coming Friday!”

Cindy just happened to have a four-day weekend. She agreed with her mother, but emphasized the need to be discrete. It was essential to make sure no one from the church found out. Adding she wouldn’t want to see the good man’s goose cooked.

She stretched, and yawned. “Well momma I have not been to bed yet, I spent the night talking to Herb, and discussing out possible future.”

“Oh sweety, I am so glad you two got together, maybe one day I will have grandkids to spoil.”

“Don’t rush it mom, I am not ready for the pitter patter of little feet.”

“Ok, well you go home, get some rest and I will phone the preacher and set up things for Friday night.

Cindy puts her cup in the sink, walked over, and hugged her mother. “You know I really love you.”

“I know dear, now go get some sleep. I will call you later on.”

“Okay mom.”

JoAnne could not remember the last time she was this excited. She had always had a secret fantasy about doing a threesome. One where the women, drives the man wild, no lesbian stuff, the mere thought of it makes her cringe.
Her nipples and clit were screaming for attention. She wanted to rush into the bedroom, find her toy, and cum like crazy. However she decided to make arrangements for Friday night first.

She would make a list of what she was making for dinner and what she needed to get at the market. Wondering if wine would be acceptable, then decided not to get any as she did not want to dull any of her senses.

She then walked over to the recliner, sat down, and dialed the parsonage. Her hands were shaking so bad she almost dropped the phone.

After a few rings the preacher picked answered.
“Hello Reverend, this is JoAnne. How are you doing today?”

“I’m fine, but a little tired. Have you spoken to Cindy she was headed your way a couple hours ago?”

“Yes, I am so happy for the two of you. That is one reason I am calling. Are you free Friday night, and Saturday? If so, Cindy and I would love for you to join us here at my place, for dinner, and some sexy play, maybe even a threesome.”

She paused to hear his reaction. After a moment she didn’t hear anything. “Are you there Reverend, Oh I sure hope you did not pass out.”

“No, I’m here, just a little surprised. Are you sure you want to do this, I don’t want you to feel pressured into something you are not comfortable with?”

“Oh I want to do this, you see it’s always been a secret fantasy of mine to do a threesome, where two women drive the man wild in bed. My late husband, bless his soul, never wanted to even try. So shall we expect you around six pm Friday?”

“Sure, I’ll bring dessert, it will be a surprise.” He yawned, “Sorry but I need a nap, as you already know Cindy and I spent the night talking about everything.”

JoAnne laughed. “Just talking huh, I know better, and please spare me the details. Goodnight Herb, take care.

She hung up the phone then headed toward the bedroom, her aroused body would not wait to be pleasured any longer.

Later on that day, she called her daughter telling her everything was set for Friday night.

“Oh good mom, want me to bring anything?”

“No, but you can come early maybe around four and help me prepare things.”

“Okay, see you around four pm Friday.”

The rest of the week drug by slow, Cindy tried to keep busy and not think of the upcoming event. Every night she lay in bed, masturbating, and anticipating what would happen.

Friday finally arrived. She waited till the afternoon to shower, and dress. She wanted to choose a dress that wouldn’t make her look like a tramp in her mother’s eyes. She decided to wear her favorite short, blue sundress, it clung to all her curves, and was sexy and alluring.

She then called her mother and told her she was on her way. Asking if there was anything she needed to pick up.

“Not that I can think of Cindy, see you soon. I am more nervous than a teenager on her first date.”

“Aw don’t worry mom, you’ll be fine. I just know it will be a night you will never forget.”

“Okay honey, see you soon, I need to check the oven.”

Cindy arrived on time. She greeted her mother with a hug, and then took the initiative to cut up food for a relish tray. After that she set the table.

“You are such a big help,” her mother said when things were done. Just in time too, the reverend should be here in about twenty minutes.

Cindy smiled, and trembled lightly, hoping her mom would not notice. “I wish I had a glass of wine to settle my nerves.”

“I thought about it dear, but didn’t want to dull any of my senses. I want to thoroughly enjoy tonight. Let me get us both a cup of coffee, and we can relax for a bit.”

“Sounds good, you always make good coffee.”

They sat there for a bit, sipping their coffee, and noting everything looked very nice. Her mom broke the silence and asked. “I wonder if Herb is as nervous as we are.”

“I bet he is, he’s been talking about it all week. He wondered if it’s the right thing to do. I told him not to worry, just let things happen, tonight was about, sex, fun, and our future.”

“Oh honey I love your attitude. I am sorry I misjudged you, you have a good head on your shoulders.”

“It runs in the family I think.”

They both laughed. The joyous mood was interrupted by a knock on the door. Cindy winked at her mom and chirped, “The festivities have just begun!”

Cindy opened the door and greeted the preacher with a hug and kiss. He was trembling and she whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry everything will be fine.”

He nodded his head. He then reached out to her mother, and hugged her hello.

JoAnne smiled. “Welcome, to my home.”

“Well ladies I brought dessert, a cherry cheesecake which by the way is one of my favorites. You might want to refrigerate it.”

JoAnne took the item and spoke. “Let me take that, and then we can sit down to eat everything is ready. Except for getting you something to drink, which will be coffee, tea, or ice water?”

He told her he’d like coffee.

Cindy stated she would prefer ice tea.

They all set down and enjoyed the meal. The conversation was light, with no mention of sex. After all there would be time enough for that later.

About an hour later, her mom asked, if they were ready for dessert.

Cindy winked at Herb, and spoke first, saying she was stuffed and would maybe have some later.

JoAnne then said, “Well let’s go sit on the sofa for now, and get comfy.”

The two women decided to sandwich the preacher-man between them. JoAnne started the conversation off by talking about her favorite fantasies. Which was the usual heterosexual things, adding something she always wanted to do was a FMF threesome.

The preacher spoke next and stated that he always wanted to have sex with two women at the same time. However he had never had the opportunity to do a threesome until that evening. He hoped no one would back out of the plan now, but if they did he would understand.

Cindy’s eyes lit up, and she squealed excitedly. “Baby, I am more than ready. Momma how would you like to join me in lighting Herb fire.”

She winked at her daughter and replied, “I thought you’d never ask.” She reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants, noting it was already hardening. “Oh Cindy, he is already excited.”

Cindy kissed him hard then asked, “What else would you like to do to me?”

He sighed, and gave them a devilish grin. “I would love to have you sit on my face, while your mom sucks my dick for starters. Are you sure you want to go through with this, JoAnne?”

JoAnne stood up and hissed, “Oh yeah, I am sure! May I suggest that we all head for the bedroom where we can strip and start having some hot sexy fun?”

The preacher-man winked, “That’s the best thing I have heard all night, lead the way ladies.”

There was a blur of fingers clothing and bodies until the three were sitting naked on the kind sized bed.

The preacher-man made his move; here he was in heaven, and between two beautiful women, to say the least.

He leaned over and kissed Cindy hard, while his hands roamed her body. Oh god was she wet! While he did that, JoAnne was fondling his cock, which was rock hard and raring to go.

After a moment, he stopped her after a few moments. “Not too much doll, I will shoot my load before I am ready.”

He turned his attention to JoAnne. He could not believe, how aroused, and uninhibited she was. While he did her, Cindy caressed his body, turning every inch of him on with her lips, tongue and fingers.

“Okay ladies, I want Cindy to sit on my face, while JoAnne sucks my dick.”

JoAnne rolled her eyes, “Oooh yum you know I love to suck cock. Are you going to cum in my mouth baby?”

“Not this time, while Cindy rubs her pretty lil cunt all over my face, I want you ride my dick.”

They all moved, and soon the two women were moaning, and trembling with lusty desires.

JoAnne had a wild look in her eyes and bellowed, “I did not know this would be so hot. I love it. It’s too bad this will be our last time doing this.”

Cindy purred, and quivered hard close to cumming in his mouth. “I’m not what Herb will think, but I would not object to doing this more than once.”

Herb shook, and could not believe his ears. “If he had his way, there would be more fun like this.”

He reached down and begun to rub JoAnne’s clit as she rode his cock. He knew of her actions, it would not take long for her to cum. He continued to use his mouth worked its magic on Cindy.
Cindy yelled out, "Eat my pussy! Make me cum! Your lips and tongue feels so good. Oh god I'm-- oh-- oh-- I'm cumming!"

He held onto her as she flooded his mouth with her sweet juices filling his mouth.

All of a sudden JoAnne started shaking all over. “Oh My God, fuck me hard baby. Yeah, just like that, I’m cumming!”
He held onto her for dear life, as her climax surged through her.

He knew he was about to blow and he bellowed, “Where do you want my cum ladies?”

Cindy moved, kissed him hard, and said, “My mother deserves this one, cum inside her pussy baby.”

He held onto JoAnne’s hips and came so hard he thought he would pass out.

The three lay there in each others arms for a moment, basking in the afterglow.

Cindy giggled and said, “I’m hungry, anyone else want dessert?”
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